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John McAfee / Future Tense and Etransfr Unveil Chadder private Messaging App

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, May 2, 2014 – Future Tense Secure Systems (FTC) in partnership with Etransfr, today released CHADDER private messaging APP at the Imagine RIT festival. CHADDER is a free messaging application that allows anyone to send private encrypted messages.

“CHADDER is an unprecedented messaging platform. We have developed this highly secure system with an extraordinary  team of developers at the prestigious RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) “said John McAfee, Founder of  FTC. “CHADDER is a fun and easy to use messaging App that happens to keep your communications private. So private that we can’t see it ourselves”

CHADDER  keeps your information safe by using key server encryption. When you send a message, all CHADDER can see is the encrypted text. No one has the key to unlock your message except the person receiving the text, making your communication private again!

“The social media industry is built around the consumer also being the product. CHADDER is here to prove that young people want privacy just as much as adults do. The application is simple and straight forward with a lot of power given to the user.” said Lexi Sprague, Founder of Etransfr . “At the end of the day it is about giving privacy and control back to the user without scaring them off with complicated log in and messaging processes. The team behind the program CHADDER believes there needs to be a balance between usability and privacy!”

CHADDER Android version  is available for Download on Google Play and Windows Phone Store , IOS version is currently being tested and will available on ITunes in the following weeks.

About Future Tense Systems

FTC is a software development company offering innovative mobile and web applications with the highest degree of security and privacy. Founded by software pioneer John McAfee, founder of McAfee Anti-Virus and Tribal Voice, which developed Pow-Wow, one of the first instant messaging programs. FTC products include  DCENTRAL1CHADDER, and numerous other privacy and security solutions are under development.

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  1. Snostar Avatar

    Install it on the droid…hurry up, I want to shake some trees! Got nuts?

  2. sandwillow2 Avatar

    I think this will get my tree back.

  3. sandwillow2 Avatar

    I have no compatible devices? I have a droid but no tablet. Guess I’m out this time

  4. Tobias Weisserth (@polarapfel) Avatar

    Nice initiative. I took a first look at it on both Windows Phone and Android. I don’t understand yet how you manage encryption keys. Since there is no pass-phrase required to open a message at the receiving end, I assume you use public and private keys. With that being the case, how does the receiver know he can trust the message to come from a sender he trusts with his identity? Can you elaborate more on how you implemented this service end to end, what encryption standards are used and how key management works please?

  5. Snostar Avatar

    No apologizies….I usually disconnect by that time (EST)…we’ll catch each other…. and then……you will just owe me 2 very deep and dark ones 😉

  6. Shivany Avatar

    Yikes! Busted…

    Yes Snostar, my apologies. I kept getting distracted and my Tablet was dead. I’m still not in the habit of charging everything.

    I will be on Chadder this evening if you still want to “play”. Probably around 7pm Pacific time.

    Apologies again, now where did I put my car keys? Oh yeah, I don’t use keys…lol…

  7. Snostar Avatar

    You stood me up…didn’t you!…Damn, I guess I have to keep looking forward to my first date with another woman ;)….I had issues in it yesterday login stuff….

  8. Wez Avatar

    Can we please have a version for the ‘proper’ versions of Windows i.e. versions that don’t have the no.8 in their title and that will run on a Win 7 desktop machine. Please.

  9. Shivany Avatar

    Ooooooh a sekrit?

    I want to know teh sekrit… I’ll be on Chadder after I order my Pizza 🙂 Then you we can do sekrit Chaddering lol

  10. Snostar Avatar

    I hope Aryeh joins…cause I have a secret to share! 😉

  11. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    Congratulations on the launch of Chadder!

    Do you have any plans to make it backwards-compatible with PowWow?


    Aryeh Goretsky

  12. Shivany Avatar

    OK, I shoulda googled Mesh Network first 😛

    Blushing, but hey, it was a long time ago that I took that networking class. We didn’t really have all the fancy schmancy wireless stuff back then 🙂 I think I was still using a modem. Ahh yes the electronic handshake, brings back such memories.

  13. shivanyShivany Avatar

    Yes I saw that Snostar, thank you.
    @Dark_Shroud, maybe that could be the next project? Anything is possible. I just can’t wait to see what John McAfee has next…

    And Congrats to the Chadder Team for their awards at imagineRIT. Etransfr will be a company to watch.

  14. Dark Shroud (@Dark_Shroud) Avatar

    Now if only there was a Mesh network feature in the phones to have the option to run this over.

  15. Snostar Avatar

    Sweet!…it was the first time I tapped “Trust” in DCentral1…added you shivany 😉

  16. shivanyShivany Avatar

    Awesome App. Can’t wait for more people to sign up on it so we can all play with our shiny new toy…and chadder away!! Feel free to add me as a friend. Now if only i can remember my user name LOL