How to Get Free Laptop with Food Stamps?

Do you know that you can acquire a laptop for free, or at least, at a tremendous discount if you are on the Food Stamps program? Currently, there are numerous non-profit organizations, giving away laptops to low-income households and extending help to those in less fortunate economic circumstances.

In the current age of technology and development, laptops prove to be incredibly valuable. Whether you need to send a job application, make notes, gather information, or just connect to someone, a laptop can accomplish all of that. What’s more, thanks to their portability, you are not confined to the desk anymore; use them in parks, cafes, or university classes.

Let’s explore further and find out how to get a free laptop with Food Stamps. 

Can You Get A Free Government Laptop With Food Stamps?

Make no mistakes; currently, there is no government-run program that directly distributes free laptops with food stamps. The initiative, which now has been rebranded as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), provides financial assistance to low-income households to purchase food, medicines, and other essential items.

The purpose of the program is to support less privileged families in maintaining their proper nutrition and health and meeting their daily necessities. Food Stamps program does not allow any other type of purchase except food essentials. 

However, numerous non-profit organizations have been working tirelessly to supply affordable technology, such as gadgets (laptops, smartphones, tablets), internet, and other telecommunication services to economically disadvantaged families. If you are currently on the Food Stamp (SNAP) program, you can establish your eligibility to receive a complimentary laptop from one of these organizations. 

How to Get A Free Laptop with EBT 2023 (Food Stamps)?

To get a free laptop with food stamps, you must prove that you have an income below Federal Poverty guidelines. Now, mind you the minimum income threshold may vary according to your family size and the state you belong to. To know the Poverty Guidelines in your state, click here

1. From Private and Non-Profit Organizations

Since the organizations only support low-income individuals, most Food Stamp participants automatically qualify for the majority of such giveaway programs. If not, you can simply use proof of income to demonstrate your eligibility and claim your free laptop. 

In the next section of the article, we will take a look at some of the leading NGOs and non-profit organizations that offer free laptops to underprivileged students, private workers, veterans, and unemployed individuals.

2. Through the Affordable Connectivity Program

Another method you can try is participating in federal-run communication initiatives, such as the Affordable Connectivity Program, where the government provides cost-effective broadband and devices to financially backward households through third-party providers. 

All Food Stamp (SNAP) holders are eligible to register for the Affordable Connectivity Program. All you have to do is look for a provider in your area that’s offering a free laptop. There is a good chance you might be able to grab a decent deal, or even receive one for free.

Important Note: While the Food Stamp program is a great opportunity to secure a free laptop, please remember that the available resources are very limited compared to the number of applicants. The organizations administering these programs have a very strict qualifying process, just to make sure that the help reaches the right hands only.

So, it’s a good idea to apply to multiple programs simultaneously, as it will increase your chances of acquiring a laptop through one of these programs.

Where Can I Get A Free Laptop With Food Stamps?

Here you can get a free laptop with food stamps in 2023.

1. PCs for People

Contact – 651-354-2552

For 25 years, PCs for People has been America’s top nonprofit enterprise that delivers low-cost laptops, PCs, and the Internet to low-income individuals, families, and other nonprofits. As Microsoft’s certified refurbisher, the company recycles and delivers top-quality refurbished laptops to those in need. As of now, the company has delivered over 250k computers and laptops, helping nearly 100k households. 


  • Microsoft-certified refurbished Windows laptops and PCs.
  • Supports individuals on Food Stamps or other government assistance programs. 
  • Up to $100 discount on all laptops and PCs
  • Free shipping across the US
  • Lifetime customer support
  • 30-day return 
  • One-year hardware warranty 

2. Everyone On

Contact – 877-789-9889

Operational since 2012, EveryoneOn began as a public awareness program for K-12 students which provided affordable internet to low-income families. Since then, the organization has delivered over 6000 computers and laptops as well as complete digital training to kids from economically disadvantaged families.

EveryoneOn is delivering its services in over 50 states to households having the minimum income as per the poverty guidelines of the state. The company also accepts used computers and peripherals and refurbishes them to construct a fully functional one. 


  • Receive up to a $100 discount on the purchase of a laptop.
  • Enjoy a $30 subsidy on monthly broadband expenses. 
  • Unlimited LTE network across the United States. 
  • Unlimited hotspot access for a one-time $80 payment.
  • Cost-free in-home Wi-Fi installation.

3. World Computer Exchange

Contact – [email protected]

World Computer Exchange is a global organization that supplies affordable computers and accessories to low-income institutions in other developing countries. So, if you are a nonprofit entity looking to supply computers outside the US, World Computer Exchange is the right place for you. All you have to do is visit the official website and fill out the form explaining your budget, intended purpose, and other requirements. 


  • Order as many computers and laptops as you want (more than 500 per order).
  • 10% discount on refurbished computers and laptops.
  • Each laptop comes pre-loaded with educational programs and content.
  • Get free peripherals and network gear with each computer. 
  • Free online training in networking, troubleshooting, social media, and more. 

4. Computers with Causes

Contact – 888-228-7320

Computer with Causes is another nonprofit establishment focused on helping those in genuine need of a computer or laptop. The company distributes used laptops to students, foster homes, low-income private institutes, individuals with disabilities, shelters, teachers, and military people across the country.

To apply, visit the official website, fill out the form, and tell the organization about your background, financial status, and your computer needs. The company does a stringent background and reference verification and if you get approval, you will receive a call from them. 


  • Get refurbished laptops from top brands like HP, Lenovo, Apple, etc. 
  • It will take up to 30 days to receive a laptop (if approved).
  • 48-hour application process time.
  • Free delivery across the US. 
  • Individuals with Food Stamps are given preference. 

5. Computers for Kids

Contact – 208 345-0346

California-based Computer for Kids is another nonprofit organization that’s working towards bridging the gap among segments of society by advocating educational equality. To achieve this, the company distributes refurbished computers and laptops to kids from poor financial backgrounds.

Computer for Kids accepts used computers, laptops, and individual parts as donations and refurbishes them to make a perfectly working machine. As of 2023, the company has given away over 55,000 computers to smaller nonprofit entities, private educational institutes, and individual K-12th grade students. 


  • Get a free laptop with food stamps (SNAP)
  • Refurbished laptop or desktop for K-12th grade students. 
  • Get free tech support for one year. 
  • Each laptop comes pre-loaded with the Windows 10 operating system. 
  • Microsoft Office 2010 is installed on each machine. 
  • Each computer and laptop is equipped and licensed as per Microsoft’s refurbishing standards. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Get a Free Laptop with Food Stamps?

So, what are the eligibility criteria to apply for a free laptop online? As I highlighted earlier in the article, your income will serve as the primary evidence that you are an eligible applicant to receive a free PC or laptop. If you are a Food Stamps beneficiary with an EBT card, it will further solidify your application status. 

The organizations may use your existing SNAP participation as proof of your income or may request you to submit additional documents, such as recent pay stubs or other sources of income to determine your eligibility. 

Mentioned below are the two key eligibility criteria to get a free laptop with Food Stamps:

1. Eligibility through Income

To participate in the free laptop program, your income must be below or equal to the Federal Poverty Guidelines applicable in your state. Please remember these programs are exclusively for individuals or households with limited income or resources. 

Apart from following the Federal Poverty Guideline, the organizations may conduct their background checks to determine whether or not you genuinely need a laptop. A crucial point to note is that the poverty guideline may be higher or lower in different states. While you are free to apply from other states as long as the organization accepts your application, you may need to pay extra for shipping. 

2. Eligibility through the Affordable Connectivity Program

Individuals with income falling below the Federal Poverty Line can participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which will directly influence your application. Some organizations are distributing low-cost internet along with complementary laptops through ACP. So, if your income is below or equal to 200$ of the poverty guideline, visit the ACP website, and apply for the program. 

3. Eligibility through other Government Assistance Programs

Although your Food Stamp participation might be sufficient to establish your eligibility for the majority of the programs if you are a beneficiary of other Federally or state-supported assistance programs, it may boost your likelihood of qualifying for the free laptop. 

If your income is below the poverty line, you may apply for numerous assistance programs. The documentation stating your participation will serve as additional evidence of your limited financial resources. Please remember that you need to do your best to prove that you are the right candidate to receive a free laptop and the additional documents will only make your case stronger. 

So if you are receiving benefits under any of the mentioned programs, you can attach the relevant documents when applying for a free laptop:

  • TANF or GA Financial Assistance (necessary document needed with a date)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Section 8
  • The National School Lunch Program’s Free or Reduced Lunch Program
  • National School Lunch Free/Reduced Program
  • Affordable Connectivity Program
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Social Security Disability (SSD)
  • Pell Grant (for students)
  • Lifeline Assistance Program
  • Veteran Benefits
  • Head Start
  • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)
  • Adult & Child Mental Health Case Management
  • Foster Care Program

4. Other Requirements

Some programs may have specific requirements such as:

  • Students, private employees, or caregivers must work for at least 30 hours a week. 
  • Individuals or households applying for free laptops should maintain a minimum balance of $2000 in their bank accounts. 
  • Senior citizens and physically challenged individuals must have at least $3500 in their countable resources. 
  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of the state from where he/she is applying. 

How to Apply for a Free Laptop From the Government?

To avoid any inconvenience, you must understand the application process correctly. Any inconsistency in your application may result in a temporary or permanent disqualification from the program. 

Before you start filling out the form, conduct good research and make a list of all organizations and providers in your state. To learn more about the program, visit the official websites or contact them via email or phone call. 

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Gather Your Documents

First and foremost, organize all the necessary documents before beginning the application process. In the next section, I will highlight each type of document you can use to prove your eligibility. Try to arrange as many documents as possible to increase your chances of getting approval for the program. 

Please remember that all organizations giving out free laptops usually collaborate with other private/government agencies to perform thorough background checks on each applicant. Please refrain from using any forged documents and maintain honesty throughout the application process. 

2. Check the Federal Poverty Guideline in your State

Next up, find out the Federal Poverty Guideline applicable in your state, or the state from where you are applying. Make sure you have the necessary documents, pay stubs, tax papers, mortgage papers, etc to validate your qualifications. 

In case you have applied for the Affordable Connectivity Program, visit the National Verifier website to ensure you are enrolled in the program. In case of a pending application, extract the necessary documents to prove your participation. 

3. Pick the Program and fill out the Form

You need to choose a provider or private/non-profit organization that’s offering a free laptop. Please note that some organizations are catering exclusively to students, senior citizens, people with disabilities, etc. Pick the provider that aligns with your eligibility.

My advice is to apply for every program available in your state to give yourself maximum chances to obtain a free laptop with Food Stamps. 

Once you’ve selected the provider, visit the official website and carefully fill out the application form. Before the final submission, verify that every bit of information is correct as per your official documents. Don’t leave any stones unturned. 

4. Select the Model

Usually, the provider has the available laptop models listed for giveaway. Choose the one which fits your requirements, but, keep in mind that there won’t always be a free laptop available and you might have to pay a fraction of the original price to receive it. 

Carefully check out all the available deals and make your final decision. If you are satisfied with the form, submit it and wait for official confirmation. If you are allocated any application token number, save it for future reference. 

What Documents Do You Need to Apply for a Free Government Laptop?

To prove your eligibility, you must submit supporting documents alongside your application form. Keep in mind that different organizations may request different types of documents. 

Here are the documents you may use:

Verification of Identity Passport – Birth certificate Driver’s license Government or state-issued ID Tribal ID Permanent Resident or Resident Alien Card Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of U.S. Citizenship Foreign passport
Proof of Residence Driver’s license Government or state-issued ID Tribal ID Paycheck stub Current income statement Current mortgage or lease statement Copy of utility bills
Income Verification Current income statement from employer Paycheck stub Federal tax return documents from previous year Workers’ compensation statement Tribal tax documentation Veterans Administration statement of benefits State tax return documents from preceding year Statement of unemployment compensation
Participation in Government Programs Documentation confirming enrollment in federal support program Verification of participation in Tribal support program Official notification of inclusion in an eligible state program Statement detailing benefits received from federal, state, or tribal programs Official document serving as proof of government program participation Documentation providing evidence of participation in the qualifying program


1. How do I get a free laptop with food stamps near me?

Search for the NGOs or Private organizations offering free laptops in your area and apply with the proper income proof. 

2. Can I get free internet if I get food stamps?

Yes. Every Food Stamp holder can get free internet through FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. 

3. How can I get a free laptop for students?

EveryoneON, Computers with Causes, and Computers for Kids are popular nonprofit establishments that offer free laptops for students. 

4. Is it possible to get a free laptop with Medicaid?

Yes, you can apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program and get a free laptop with Medicaid or Food Stamps. 

Final Word

If unfortunately, you fall into the less fortunate category of people, it’s time for a positive shift. As a Food Stamps beneficiary, now it’s possible to acquire a free laptop and open the doors to employment, education, communication, and skill development. A laptop, thanks to these generous nonprofits, is no longer a luxury or a distant dream. So what are you waiting for? Apply to all the above-mentioned companies, get your hands on a laptop, and pave your path to a brighter future. 

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