Police Press statement

Raphael Martinez:

“When it comes to the case of McAfee, the latest information from San Pedro Police Station is that he’s still at large and he is still  wanted for questioning. Once again, we appeal to the general public and  his friends to come forward and encourage him to come in so that we  could put this case to rest or answer some questions regarding the  murder of Mr. Faull.  We believe that he is a person of interest based  on the proximity of where he lives and who he associated with, that he  can help in the solving of this crime.  The dogs were exhumed and the  slugs were taken out indeed and basically it’s just to match the slug  that was found in Mr. Faull to ascertain—we have not gotten back that  information as yet. It’s being done through our forensic people and I’m  not really sure exactly how long it will take regarding that but I hope  it will be really soon at least we have something tangible to go buy.   We have this operation going and this operation will be running for at  least two months. We are not on a nationwide manhunt, but of course we  have informed all the subunits throughout the country to be on the  lookout for him and if he is seen, he will be detained for questioning.  Coming back to whether or not he is on his compound, as was rightfully  mentioned earlier, he has actually allegedly reportedly said a lot of  things. We’re not really sure exactly how to take them, but police  actually visited his compounds just to find a whole media circus  waiting. I’m not really sure what his motive is, but we went there, we  visited, we checked as soon as we get the tips but there’s only so much  we can do when it comes to him reporting where he is. So we’re not sure  exactly what to take as truth and what to take as fictitious.”

I’m not sure from this statement, but it appears that the Police are waiting for me to report where I am.  And I am not sure whether I “actually, allegedly reportedly”, in his words, didn’t actually tell them.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. John McAfee Avatar

    That is the mildest of their perversions.

  2. GLK Avatar

    Another weird story about DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal
    and GSU’s Marco Vidal


  3. John McAfee Avatar

    The release was not translated – English is the official language here and must be used in government communications.

  4. jsk846 Avatar

    The entire police statement is bizarre at best, poorly translated at the worst.

    I think the phone call idea is a good one…. Even if it isn’t productive some fun could be had.

  5. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    Dr. McAfee has noted that the blog was under development for another project. Events being what they were, he launched it prematurely in order to handle the current situation.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  6. Karen Mathison Avatar
    Karen Mathison

    Belize Police said tonight that they have Not received the ballistics information as of yet and when they do, they will not be making it public. The reporter then asked, “If it comes back as a match to Mr. McAfee’s gun or a match with the bullets from the dogs, can we expect that he will go from a man you want to question to a man wanted for murder?” The Police stated not necessarily and that he did not want to comment on that aspect of the case.

    That’s Odd to say the least. He did mention that they do not know if you left the country as they can not seal every inch of the border, but he believes you are still in Belize. Keep Exposing them, they are some pretty shady characters!

  7. fendidonna Avatar

    Hehehehe of course John is a libertarian!

    He’s probably the best “practical” example of a libertarian that I’ve ever seen in my goddam life.

    And a true inspiration to libertatians around the world, if I may say so too.

  8. Hh Avatar

    Fantastic post.

  9. John McAfee Avatar

    I have not. They don’t want answers. They want the “corpus”.

  10. The Heff Avatar

    John, thanks for the response. I am sure you have plenty to deal with presently so its nice to have your thoughts. Very fair argument that of the local law enforcement having telephones – have you even been afforded the opportunity to answer their questions telephonically?

    Does make you think!

  11. Antonio Avatar

    There is nothing in the water in Belize. People are just much more open in developing countries. I am from Brazil and we let it all hang out as well. If you ever go to Rio, you will see it. John deserves a medal for what he is trying to do up there in little Belize. I hope he wins. Too many criminals in the politics over there (just like most places) but they sound worse in Belize. Leave the guy alone and steal from the IMF like other politicians!

  12. Lam Avatar

    Cool; thanks for the reply!

  13. NunyaBiz Avatar

    I’m starting to think there’s something in the water in Belize, ‘cos all the parties sound nuts to me at this point. Seriously, the hell is wrong with everyone? Teens and old dudes hookin’ up, police that act hella serious just to ask some questions from a man who is clearly states he doesn’t know anything about his neighbor anyway, a neighbor who was allegedly charged with d.v. and then murdered, an old dude that starts a blog and lets his freak flag fly. Seriously, God Bless America. ‘MERICA!!!! FUCK YEAH!!! Never thought I’d be stoked to be American. Seriously, though, everyone… where the hell did Gina go? I really just come here every day to see if she’s posting more desperate comments. Girl needs to get laid like whoa, clearly.

  14. NunyaBiz Avatar

    Dude must answer this question a million times a day. He won’t leave, because he considers Belize home. To each their own, I guess. I would get out of a place, if I thought I was going to be murdered (regardless of whatever emotional attachment), but hey, not everybody uses sound logic. Honestly, this whole thing is feeling more and more like a pissing contest each day.

  15. Kelly Avatar

    The US is no safe haven from Belize. Both countries signed a mutual legal assistance treaty that allows for extraditions. If he turns up in the US and the US knows he is there after Belize files a request for his extradition, the US government could not reasonably refuse them. After all, Belize ships extraditable people off the the US when the US asks them to, so how could the US not do the same for Belize? John might tie them up in court battles for a long time, but it would just be delaying the inevitable. His best bet is just to stay in hiding until something big happens that changes all the equations and their possible outcomes.

  16. Britney Avatar

    I would tend to hope that John can cause something big to happen in politics as usual in Belize and open a road to a better tomorrow. I know that sounds cliche but it would be the best solution for everyone, including the average Belizean. If he wants to keep Belize as his home, he will have to fight for it and he has begun the opening salvos in the war already. It remains to be seen where it will all lead, but I hope he can win this thing and live in Belize happily ever after.

  17. John McAfee Avatar

    Of course. My point entirely. The GSU does not operate on principles of truth, but on principles of perception.

  18. John McAfee Avatar

    Even here in Belize people have phones. I’d be more than happy to call them and answer whatever questions they would like to ask. If it was only questioning they were after, they would have thought of this long ago. Makes you think doesn’t it?

  19. Alex Avatar

    Why don’t you try to leave the county? From the U.S. you could operate, and they wouldn’t /couldn’t turn you in! In Belize you would have to hide for months!
    But anyways, stay save and don’t let them get you!

  20. Tom Tom Avatar
    Tom Tom

    This police statement is quite easy to interpret:
    If they (police in Belize) want to solve the case and need information from you, there are many ways to find to ask these questions, get the answers while you are where you are, and all this as well with the needed privacy.
    If they don’t need the answers, but want you, they will insist in asking you only at Belize.
    You and every blog reader understands this in think.

  21. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    excuse me moderator, I am an old woman and not use to blogging as you can tell.
    My intent was to post as one comment…
    So I will try again:

    The “Who is John McAfee” Jungle Game, Hinterland.
    So , as I understand it, the purpose of the ,The Jungle Game , the mystery to solve, the questions to answer are:

    1. “Who Is John McAfee: ?”
    Is he as .. the Press Poster Boy Photo depicts?….A Buff Bath Salt Junkie, fully armed, holding a Gun to his head, blue eyes blazing, piercing directly ahead.? A “Bonkers” , narcissistic , sociopathic, psychopathic , bath salt junkie, media whore murderer? (hey, those are the more flattering posts)
    We must be mindful that “Their” labels, impressions, projections, judgements are filtered through their own eyes, having never meeting the man … or met briefly in passing…
    “You are not under my skin, even though you may think you are, I am the only one who lives here.” John McAfee
    Is ,”Who is John McAfee,” a kind, generous and compassionate man? who treats those on the “payroll”, beggars on the street ,life time confidents, friends and Lovers all the same. There is no one special in his eyes.
    “Love is Not One Directional ” John McAfee

    Is He a Paranoid Bath Salt Junkie?
    It would appear that he holds the integrity of a healthy mind and perceptive awareness in high regard. It is possible, but highly unlikely, that he would risk his Mensa mind for such “bath salt” foolishness. ( Perhaps? Paradise and 17 year old maidens can do that to a man. I have no way of knowing, I am not 17, nor a man, nor in Paradise, nor under his skin) His narrative certainly sounds lucid and eloquent
    Is His Reasonable paranoia due to his present life style ,( it would be Crazy not to be paranoid in his present life circumstances)
    “Sometimes a little discomfort is necessary to reveal the True circumstances of your Life ” John McAfee

    2. Who Is Mr. Faull ? and Who Murdered Him?

    Is it as ,”Who is John McAfee”, says to be True?….that the GSU is a private brutality force, under the bidding of “The Powers That Be”, who are persecuting not only Him but those more invisible to the Eye ? Did they assassinate the wrong white man thinking it to Be ,McAfee?
    The saying in Belize is: “You can have whatever you want in Belize, but if its worth having, You have to pay someone to keep it ”
    Even if it’s your life and freedom. Perhaps Mc Afee’s subscription just ran out and they are submitting their bill?
    The “Jungle Game” in Belize is not a Gentlemen’s game. The “Powers that Be”, don’t ” play”… fair or nice with others . ” Belizeit”

    Or…Is it? the “GanstaGang? ” and/or Bitch Dogs Who Bite ?
    Overestimating their importance in his life, the “Ganta’Gang and Bitch Dogs Who Bite” might “think” they are protecting “Who is John McAfee” from big bullies..and may do things without being asked, as misplaced loyalty , as a means to impress, receive attention, promotion, “propina ” or pat on the head? .
    It’s the Way of the Jungle. Primal Jungle Wars: who has the biggest apes, the most coconuts, weapons , or biggest Dick.

    Or… are they one and the same? The “Powers that Be” and the “GastaGang”? (In the Belize paper,the question of the week was: Should the government ( and people ) continue to pay well known local gangsters a salary for protection and snitch duties?

    “You can ever trust another, you can only Trust Yourself” John McAfee

    Or…Is it a real estate scam gone wrong? between Mr. Faull and unknown parties? Perhaps it has nothing to do with “Who is John McAfee? and more about
    Mr. Faull ‘s alleged bully, wife beating , drunken behavior? ( I am sorry if this is disrespectful, but there are police reports of his misbehavior in the U.S). Coincidences and Likely Stories.

    Or … Is it the Mennonites? coveting Mr. Faull’s laptop and iPhone? hey, its against their religious law to buy them.
    (This is my best guess, isn’t always the ones we don’t suspect ?)

    3. Who Are the Media Whores?
    ” Those that know the most say the Least , and those who know the Least, say the Most ”

    Will the World Press tell the True story? hiding in plain sight , right in front of their very eyes? or continue to chase the sensational….young nubile maidens, illusionary bath salts and looking for “Who is John McAfee” buried in the sand with a cardboard box over his head, or elaborately disguised selling tourist trinkets to ABC reporters?
    ( come on, ya gotta laugh )
    Will the ace reporters enjoy their press junkets tours conducted by the Minister of Tourism, showing the Blue Hole and the Mayan ruins? or will they be taken off the beaten path to the “Other side of Paradise” revealing the True Belize?” Will they take a boat trip up the New River and show where the “incident” occurred last May Day, when The Belize Gang Suppression Unit conducted the infamous raid and were in total control of “Who is John McAfee’s life and sustenance for over 14 hours in the tropical Sun? Then a night in hellish detention in Jail…..and it took just one dog killed to make their point . Will they show a photo of Mr. McAfee, handsome him, handcuffed, disheveled, with his beloved dead dog at his feet, surrounded by 40 swat team members? It might be a good poster boy image for their Tourist brochures, with the caption reading, ” Come to Belize. This Too Could Happen to You.” “Beliezeit.” .. (by the way, all charges were dropped,even though their speciality is planting evidence, no illegal drugs or firearms were found, strange? )

    4. Who are, “Who isJohn McAfee’s ?” friends and associates and why are they being detained and on what charges? are they bait? and will they be released ?
    Those now detained in custody or in danger , on his behalf , caught up in a karmic tsunami wake, are people “Who Is John McAfee” has befriended, some on his payroll, some in his bed. He appears to feel a loyalty to them, compassion for them ,for whatever the reason Why, and is bringing “Belizeit” to the attention of the world They may be the innocent, or not so innocent, but regardless ,there is due process and justice of the Law.

    5. Things Are Not Always as they Appear to Be

    Is it all a diffusion and illusion? is , “Who is John McAfee”, drawing the attention away from him ? Shining a True light to the Injustice of Belize ? , a small country of little International status or need

    Is it all a mind fuck shell game, to illustrate that that Things are not always as they appear to Be?
    What we see ( or think we see) is not necessarily True. It is in the eye of the beholder.

    Is “Who is John McAfee” , Now , “in hiding”, at a Ritz Carlton someplace in the world, sleeping on 1000 count sheets, ordering movies and room service ,with a bitch dog who bites, orchestrating the choreography, in bath salt vibrant chaos … the trickster,laughing all the way….?

    6. Who Am I? , and Why Do I give a fuck “Who is John McAfee?”
    that is the True mystery to solve and question to answer.
    Why am I writing into the ethers of Cyberspace about ,”Who is John McAfee”, … when I haven’t got a Clue?
    He is invisible to the eye, unknowable to all who know him ( or may think they do)
    “You are not under my skin, even though you may think you are, I am the only one who lives here.” John McAfee

    I must admit, I am fascinated, hooked by “Who is John McAfee?” and the Jungle Game, Hinterland
    I love that it is written “in his own words” …(a great idea by the way…it’s a good read)
    .( P.S. I was disappointed to see that Sam’s so very dear, earnest , primitive story was deleted from the blog.
    I wonder Why?)

    FYI…..The Hinterland, ( land behind) a remote land or district behind a coast or the shoreline of a river. A further sense in which the term is commonly applied, is in talking about an individual’s depth and breadth of knowledge of other matters (or lack thereof), specifically of cultural, academic, artistic, literary and scientific pursuits. For instance, one could say, “X has a vast hinterland”, or “Y has no hinterland”.

  22. Lolo Avatar

    I was witness to how you were treated by the locals on Molokai….”The friendly Island” so I think I can understand how you feel about not being run out of your new digs….many have said just leave,start somewhere else.You just did that! It ‘s not easy no matter what your resources are and I get that.You never even got to live on your home on Molokai.So only you know what’s really going on as far as the spot you find yourself in now .But I think I get it when you say your Home is now Belize.To many people have built houses but few have ever built a HOME.

    Malama Pono

  23. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    The “Who is John McAfee” Jungle Game, Hinterland.
    So , as I understand it, the purpose of the ,The Jungle Game , the mystery to solve, the questions to answer are:

    1. “Who Is John McAfee: ?”
    Is he as .. the Press Poster Boy Photo depicts?….A Buff Bath Salt Junkie, fully armed, holding a Gun to his head, blue eyes blazing, piercing directly ahead.? A “Bonkers” , narcissistic , sociopathic, psychopathic , bath salt junkie, media whore murderer? (hey, those are the more flattering posts)
    We must be mindful that “Their” labels, impressions, projections, judgements are filtered through their own eyes, having never meeting the man … or met briefly in passing…
    “You are not under my skin, even though you may think you do, I am the only one who lives here.” John McAfee
    Is ,”Who is John McAfee,” a kind, generous and compassionate man? who treats those on the “payroll”, beggars on the street ,life time confidents, friends and Lovers all the same. There is no one special in his eyes.
    “Love is Not One Directional ” John McAfee

  24. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    The miracle is that he has launched the blog, “Who is John McAfee ” .. with all the modern technology, bells and whistles ,around the world, in less than a week, while being on the lam, “in hiding”, moving every four hours, prancing in disguise and talking non stop with the world press. He has accomplished this feat
    “in vibrant chaos ” for all the world to see and experience.
    (Ya gotta give him his “propers” for that alone. )

  25. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    I have been stalking “Who is John McAfee”, since its inception
    We are watching a real time, real life, reality show… a murder mystery or psychotic breakdown unfold…. right before our very eyes, in the Present moment .
    Now written and produced by its Creator, John McAfee, “It is a ” As it is ” documentation . …written “In his own words”,recorded in “his deep, baritone voice” , telling his tales as only he can do…and perhaps ? revealing…”Who is John McAfee?” It’s a good read, and a great idea.

  26. Bobby Brasco Avatar
    Bobby Brasco

    C’mon Mcafee, lets kill all these fuckers… How many R15 you need??

  27. The Heff Avatar

    Does seem a little bit of a manhunt doesn’t it?

  28. The Heff Avatar


    Just took a look at the blog and tried to educate myself a little bit in regards to what is going on. Might be presumptuous of me to ask, but do you intend facing questioning at some point? Obviously, provided that its in a safe, fair and transparent manner. I apologize if the question seems pedantic but naturally one has to allow you the opportunity to tell your story as well as those investigating and Mr Faull’s family an opportunity to tie up their loss as well. I hope for the best, whether that be you leaving the country or helping with the investigation.

    Regardless, this blog is turning out to be something remarkable – I encourage you to keep sharing the experience with us. I am sure that both supporters and detractors would agree that all we want for all parties involved is fair investigation and for the truth to come out.

    Might want to elaborate a little more on this Wired Magazine predicament, again I am either completely uninformed, naiive or perhaps ignorant to the entire story. Would be good to understand how that plays into the greater situation.


  29. Connie Avatar

    “Police authorities say McAfee is a “person of interest”, while the Gang Suppression Unit boss Marco Vidal has called him a “prime suspect” in the homicide of 52 year old Gregory Faull who turned up dead in San Pedro.”

  30. Paul E. Jones Avatar

    It seems that every time the police use the word “compound” to describe a person’s property, they’ve already decided the person is a criminal. Now even I would be wary.

  31. Lam Avatar

    Unrelated, but I read somewhere you were a libertarian, John. Is that true?

    No worries if you want to keep your politics secret; just curious.

  32. Connie Avatar

    This was the from the same article above:
    As for young men who are detained, a Guantanamo-like base will be placed in a mountainous area of the Cayo District where they will be taken and “disciplined” by Belize Defense Force personnel.

  33. Connie Avatar

    Excerpt from The Belize Times 11/7/2012 entitled “The Good Will Suffer”. But what exactly are the Police authorized to do? In the words of the Minister of Police, “the police and B.D.F. have the power to search any and all houses in the area without the need for a warrant. This declaration will also allow the police and the B.D.F. to restrict movement in and out of these areas. These areas will be cordoned off and every person entering and exiting the area will be stopped and searched and a systematic house by house search of these areas will be done with immediate effect”.

    There is more. Saldivar declared that preventative measures will also be taken. Persons of interest to Police “will be detained and held for questioning as often and as long as it takes”, he said.

  34. russle Avatar

    It’s not going to be much of a “questioning” if they get ahold of him.. the. GOVERNMENT is after him. He has death threats from many. Keep in screwing with those monkeys..

  35. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Hey John … I know we are all sounding like a broken record telling you to get the #&ck out of Belize. Looking at the big picture and the long term, leaving Belize forever is your only option. I just cannot see how you will be ever be able to resume a safe enjoyable life there. Unfortunately, you are going to have to start over and leave everything behind.

    Even your friends and employees probably realize they most likely will never see you again … when they are finally released from prison (and I do believe they will be released in due time), they will see how much you care for them with your unprecedented attempt to expose the corruption. As much as you hate the thought of not being able help them … the reality is, you will not be able to help without paying with your own life. I know my posting is not the most encouraging, however I just want you to know what I feel is the inevitable outcome and think the only way to help the people you care about is from afar.

    Your friends will eventually find out the battle you have waged for their freedom … unfortunately, you have to be prepared to never see them again face to face.

    One last thought for you to ponder … be leery of the GSU arresting someone still unknown in this case and then trying to play nice to lure you out. If they try this, it will only be a trap.

    Stay strong John.

  36. McAfee4President Avatar

    They are running in circles so pissed not knowing where you are! Oh to be a fly on the wall in that office.. Haha. Keep em guessing John! 😉
    Hopefully once they get their “results” of the ballistic evidence it will take a little heat off you but I think we both know that wont be the case!
    I’ve never seen such a manhunt conducted just for “questioning”… You know that basically means “we’re gonna charge you with anything we can once we catch you”..
    No matter what happens I sadly don’t see this ending in your favor. I think they are set on pinning something on you and this won’t be over til that happens.
    Again, as always, the best of luck to you John!
    Stay safe.

  37. Joe Avatar

    It’s absolutely ridiculous… We all know that no matter where you go it’s guilty till proven innocent… It’s sad to read these and here about your friends I have no idea what else I can say that could help but to hang in their I know it’s cliche but I hope for the best if you were guilty you wouldn’t care about your friends the way you do… They would just move on

  38. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar

    Reversing Johns’ psychology is not easy 😉

    Maybe it is time to buy freemcafeenow.com