The Panic

I have posted enough supporting documentation – audio tapes, photos, for those involved to realize that I really do have everything documented.  As with all unfolding stories, it’s the folks at the bottom who panic first.  Amy Chawla (Arthur Young’s – the young man killed by the GSU – ex-girlfriend) – who only briefly appeared in this blog, (and just as briefly involved in my life), and in no very incriminating way, just posted this message to my Facebook:

To my knowledge, Amy Chawla had very little involvement with what was happening, maybe even no involvement.  The mere mention of her name in my blog, however, elicited this veiled death threat.  Amy did time in jail once for stabbing a girl in the face with a pair of hair scissors.  She described to me how pulling them out was difficult because the spurting blood made the scissors slippery.

Again, this will not be investigated by the police.  Wait and see.

As an aside, you may recognize film director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger) at the far left.  I suspect he will see the humor in this.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

I regret I have no photo of William.  He is a young Brittish gentlemen – Ex Brittish Army.  He has a wife and a newborn child.

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. Pirateblood Avatar

    To Another Old Timer’s question about Belize sending US forensic team to deal with the neighbor: It was probably the family of the deceased that requested this, as he was an American citizen & Belize doesn’t have a forensic pathologist nor any form of homicide investigation other than marking & counting bullet shells.

  2. Ed Avatar

    Hey John,

    Even Rogan disparaged you after your interview…YOU are so blatantly honest and forth coming in all your writings and interviews…I wish people would quit wasting your time asking or saying the same wrong things over and over…this is YOUR time to talk and we are fortunate to watch from the comfort of our homes…Bro, I pray this all works out for you…I have been following from DAY 1….BE SAFE and you are Blessed having Samantha…she is a dream woman…it shows that what is on the inside is most important…Prayers for you both! John, BTW…WHICH section is BEST to follow you at on this Blog? I try and keep up through the day…do you post to all at the same time or do we need to read each section? Your Follower From Day One!

  3. Mark Stevens Avatar
    Mark Stevens

    I was joking as well, read your MDPV article, I find myself getting sucked into this story… hope you’re innocent & good luck

  4. rogue trader Avatar
    rogue trader

    Hit the Belize Government where it hurts: Suspension from the Commonwealth of Nations as they are in breach of their duties.

    Millions of taxpayer dollars misused or not accounted for since 2006 when Zenaida Moya and the UDP took over City Hall. Full independent investigation on all Government officials please.

  5. Kelly Avatar

    Love ya John, your the best!!!

  6. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    oops! I meant You and Sam.

  7. KK Avatar

    I’m also old and living in a tree house without benefit of glasses. This is NOT easier on my eyes…but addictive none the less.

  8. Elizabeth Avatar

    Too damn funny + “Damn, not around.” What took you so long to loosen up? Hmmm, probably people like me. :O)

  9. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    No s***t Sherlock

  10. Mike Diamonds Avatar
    Mike Diamonds

    Time to monetize! A few credit card adverts should recoup anything you have lost over the last few weeks!

  11. Ed Avatar

    Hey John, Stay strong and clear…I know too well how hard that is to do on the run…you sound very clear and NOT whacked out… I too had been on the run with my father who was railroaded through a “trial” if u could call it that against the well seated greedy in New Mexico. He was diagnosed with colon cancer during the trial and saw that he was going to be buried through a corrupt Judge and system so he fled and I chose to be with him to help care for him during this time. He eventually passed and I surfaced. It cost me $400k to clear my name and avoid jail for harboring. I wish u well and am praying for ur safety. It is no fun what u r doing now. Scared every minute of the day by every noise and every look…that u have been found or recognized. Line up the attorneys. The day will come when it will end. All my best. Know people are praying for the truth to come out…w trust that you were not involved and will be cleared…some day a drink together…??

  12. Some guy in the Midwest Avatar
    Some guy in the Midwest

    Hey listening to you now on Alex Jones! You couldn’t have chosen a better outlet to use. I’m so sorry to hear about your dogs. Wish there was someway I could help you out. Love listening to Alex and hope all the best for you and how this all turns out!

  13. John McAfee Avatar

    DNA, to the people hunting me, means – “Damn — Not Around” – usually muttered after a bogus tip on my whereabouts has been checked out.

  14. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    logic is a way of determinging the truth of anything. jus sayin’ : )

  15. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    do you ever worry that the people hunting you have samples of your dna and are useing dna traceing technology to find you?

  16. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    john, you should pay for me to come to belize….im just an average american….completly anonymous nobody…..i could film your daily life on the run and make it into a movie for tons of money. you could always take me hostage if things went bad, im white.

  17. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    John, So looking forward to the the interviews today. It is past time for the American press to get off their A$$ and report on this story, instead of ‘parroting’ second hand BS. Rant over. I do hope you and Amy will soon be in a more comfortable place …with great food and no scorpions!!
    we have a saying here in the South that seems to fit all the work that you have already done and will continue after the storm- KICKIN ASS AND TAKIN’ NAMES.
    Go get ’em, John!

  18. Connie Avatar


    Glad to see the sense of humor is back. LMAO! I’ll be listening to you today. You’ll do fine I’m certain of it.

  19. John McAfee Avatar

    I feel pretty together. I’m not sure a 67 year ass could actually take bath salts, by the way. The question makes me want to experiment purely for the sake of knowledge. 🙂 For my multitudinous detractors – most of you without a stitch of humor – this is what is referred to as a “joke”.

  20. Elizabeth Avatar

    I should be one to talk. I’ve had some crazy, & I mean crazy friends & associates in my other life. I’ve led the most incredible, unbelievable life, so I guess that’s why I’m here. Just drawn to it & always have been. Gotta go. If I miss the podcast, will I be able to listen to it later? I’m freaking out, because I have got to work, but hate missing anything. Bye now.

  21. Elizabeth Avatar

    Well, I’ll keep my thoughts mostly to myself, but I’m pretty sure she could’ve talked one of the guys into it. For some reason, she’s the one out of all of them, that caught my attention, even before the blog started, but then, I only knew her as Amber One. Was she there when you got up on Sunday & when did she leave?
    Gotta take a break. This is only the second blog I’ve participated in in my life. Not sufficiently interested, until now…..

  22. Elizabeth Avatar

    Oh, now that IS funny!!! I got a good laugh out of that one… OMG, throwin in the dogs. I am punch drunk from reading this ****. And I gave up drugs years ago, but you’re turning me into a junkie all over again (heroin was not my drug btw) with your blogosphere! I needed that belly laugh.

    eBay is not ready or suited for your property or anything half as nice. I mean, they bid & win, but then it’s like doing a complete real estate closing, including attorneys, title insurance (if there’s such a thing in good old Belize). I’m afraid you’d get peanuts, as most of the listings are repos & foreclosures in Detroit. That is not an option. I’m thinking Christies, but I’d have to call them or one of the other large auction houses. I know most of them, but you’d have to give a power of attorney to someone for the legal side, unless you plan to be at the closing, etc. I swear, I haven’t worked in a week, thanks to you, and this is my best time to sell, so I have got to get something done! Bills are way overdue. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. It’s kind of a touchy property right now, if you know what I mean… But I am willin’!

  23. Mark Stevens Avatar
    Mark Stevens

    John you seem pretty together for someone that puts bath salts up his ass.

  24. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    That seems like a lot of money to me

    Should the “truths” coming from yourself being so hard to determine?

  25. John McAfee Avatar

    If you find a way of determining the truth of anything, let me know. I promise to cut you in on half of the billions we will make from it.

  26. John McAfee Avatar

    Both Amy’s were not there that night. Only Amy One – the 17 year old. She was also the one that I was concerned about in your question. I knew amy Two for only a few weeks – turbulent weeks I may add, and I am in no way close to her. Amy One does not now carry a gun (else I would have been dead many times over since our original “disagreement”). She was staying at my house because she and Keith frequently stay there. Amy still has her own room there. I do still care greatly about Amy One.

  27. Jimmy Hamborough Avatar
    Jimmy Hamborough

    Most murderers don’t have 7 people staying in their house who can be alibis for their whereabouts. And for someone to have the mental sharpness and clarity to do all of this after killing someone borders on the impossible. A murderer would be racked with doubts, wanting to move on and cover up everything, and would not attract so much attention to all that he/she is doing. There are exceptions to every rule, but McAfee does not appear to me to be a murderer.
    From the details of who he was mixed up with, however, I tend to draw many conclusions. Any one of the gangsters surrounding his life could have done it, either to frame him out of revenge or spite, or to curry favor with him by getting rid of his purported enemy. Government agents could have done it as well. Since they are complete corrupt incompetents in Belize, they may have thought that Faull was McAfee. Also, they may have been trying to frame him so they could extort him for a huge sum of money once he was captured. There are many twists and turns to this whole adventure, but I would not throw out any accusations at John right now . And it seems there is a lot more to come.

  28. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    John, with all due respect, How would we know that this time, this time you will be saying the truth??!!
    Or just take your word for it…

  29. John McAfee Avatar

    The full property have a dozen or more bedrooms. I do not need them. I am selling the Northern of two lots. Divesting myself of half. The price reduction is due to my present circumstances. I will even throw a dog or two into the deal.

  30. Paul Avatar

    Sorry about the huge photo! Didn’t know it would take up half the page. Hope it doesn’t do that every time I post. How do I disengage it?

  31. rogue trader Avatar
    rogue trader

    why is your house for sale?

    is the price reduction due to “negative energy” from surrounding properties?

  32. Paul Avatar

    Fabulous remake! Absolutely love it. May the games begin.

    John, a few questions before the onslaught begins. I feel like you may be too busy to reply to your dedicated friends once it starts. Hopefully not. Here goes:

    Were both Amys in the compound that night, & if not, then which one was there? Does Amy 1 still carry a gun? Which Amy were you referring to when you told someone on the phone that she was upset & not doing well, Amy 1, or Amy 2?

    Thank you & wishing you the best.

  33. John McAfee Avatar

    Adam Thomson from the London Financial Times came to visit me two days ago in Belize. He will publish his story on December 7th. You can be right until then.

  34. John McAfee Avatar

    I will be on the move the entire time. Far out at sea.

  35. Bill Hicks Avatar

    and I’m one of the best comedians of all time. Back from the grave to slog through all this shit one more time.

  36. Bill Hicks Avatar

    Chad do you need help moderating?

    I have a lot of experience with wordpress and other technologies.

  37. fendidonna Avatar

    Great new look to the web site. Congratulations on pulling it off so quickly…

    …and good luck for tomorrow John! You will be fabulous!

    There are a lot of people on your side.

  38. Gaby Avatar

    John and Chad,

    Thank you for the redesign of your blog. As a person that has followed you from day 1, I think that the links will make it much easier for people to read previous comments and posts and hopefully be better informed about what has already been said.

    However, that being said, there are always lazy ones and after your interviews today, I can only imagine that the same questions that you have answered will pop up again.

    Good luck on the interviews today and with the slam of activity here afterwards.

  39. Tony Man Avatar
    Tony Man

    Nice work .. Looks good.

    wishing you all the best John.. I hope you are innocent John, or you will lessen my belief in the human spirit..
    Om Shanti

  40. Johnny Avatar

    Are you concerned that phone tracing experts with sophisticated equipment could trace phone calls back to your location during your lengthy hour-long interviews with Alex Jones and Joe Rogan on Nov 27th?

  41. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    In Creole she would be ‘peppered up’.

  42. Chad Essley Avatar

    The new server is in place. We should be ready for the oncoming storm tomorrow.
    Also, we’re updating the look of the site to be a bit easier on the eyes, easier to navigate. Stay tuned! -Mr Chad

  43. NotaDog Avatar

    Arthur Young Cremated, Pinky Tillett Buried, What Next?

  44. USweedhead Avatar

    Totally agree…

  45. Pedro Avatar

    Mr. McAfee. I see through you. You are not in Belize anymore, but living incognito in nearby Mexico. You say you have no money! fake ID’s and wire transfers to mexico! This is gonna be a bestseller and a great movie one day. Good way to get your lost belive investments back. I believe the 5 years in belize were boring for you and all this is the excitement you need. You crave attension. 7 or 10 girls couldn’t cut it! If I were in your shoes I would do the same things you are doing with a the end I would muzzle it and disappear. You have beautiful samantha and money..what else do yo need! Talking too much is a garanteed path to prison. Do not forget about Interpol and the CIA! goodluck and keep Low.

  46. stand for what you believe in Avatar
    stand for what you believe in

    Placencia police dropped the ball … a 24 year old woman was stabbed; but the suspect walked free while the police did nothing. sick sick sick

    a post from a woman, yet many agree with similar views….
    I have listened and discussed and asked question, and I have come to the conclusion that what they are saying is right. We need a new Constitution. That is the only way we will get the laws and the system that governs us to change. As our laws stand now, twisted and convoluted, by laws that have been added so that they contradict/conflict with laws already on the books. So the only way to fix the
    law is to throw out the constitution and start with a clean piece of paper and create a new constitution and new laws. I see no other way. The constitution is the foundation of how we are governed. The UDP will not like it, nor will the PUP. This kind of fundamental change will threaten them and the way they run our country. We have a Patron system that is rotten to the core, and their off spring defile and kill at will, with little or no consequence . We have a drug trade that is turning our young women into prostitutes and our young me into drug pushers and gang members. We the people must say Enough is Enough! Stand up and unite for a better tomorrow for our children and Grandchildren! Let our color be PURPLE! United we have the power!

  47. stand for what you believe in Avatar
    stand for what you believe in

    I have been reading and doing a bit of research. Its quite obvious how the media has portrayed.. If everyone would click this link and read a page or two down. You can see for your self whats really going on. These comments are from the ppl in Belize. The post show how the police are beyond corrupt and the violent malicious attacks on inoccent ppl on a daily basis, as the police turn a blind eye.!/pjonesbz

  48. Bill Hicks Avatar
    Bill Hicks

    Pass the popcorn

  49. McAfee4President Avatar

    So both are tomorrow! Glad I saw that. I must have misread Joe’s twitter. My mistake. Can’t wait!!!

  50. Lonerfirst Avatar

    You’re going down. It’s just a matter of time.

  51. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    Love it …great description o

  52. SL Avatar

    She looks like she has street smarts. And she didn’t quote Shakespeare, she parroted back something she probably heard somewhere. American television uses this bastardized phrase all the time.

    It actually comes from a play called the “The Mourning Bride” (1697) by William Congreve. The complete quote is “Heav’n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn’d, / Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn’d.”

    I don’t think this Amy is a good suspect. Women don’t usually kill “execution” style. While they prefer poison, Amy sounds like a passionate woman. It takes raw rage to stab another girl with scissors. I would be more worried of who she would send after you.

    If she were an ex-girlfriend and upset with you, then yeah… not sure if her veiled threat would be much more than words. With a history of violence, and that she was only peripherally associated with you, that’s a lot of anger for someone who you didn’t actually harm or wrong in any way.

    Be safe sir, and I look forward to hearing your interviews. I sincerely hope they treat you well and don’t try and sensationalize.

  53. Ralph Guanci Avatar
    Ralph Guanci

    This blog is supremely entertaining. However, something just doesn’t add up. For every murder there is a motive. You are spinning a great tale of conspiracies and 3rd world political corruption. I guess that could be a motive. The more likely motive is revenge for someone poisoning someone else’s dogs. If you are truly innocent and truly feared the Belize government you would have left the country by now and sought asylum elsewhere. Hell, with your money and means, you could have made it back to the US. WIth the publicity you have created with this blog and the intriguing tale you are weaving you would be guaranteed to get a fair shake. Corrupt governments make people disappear all the time. But they are usually poor and anonymous. It’s a little harder to make a rich and famous person disappear in this world of media sensationalism. Even the clowns in Belize would think twice of doing anything to you now. The whole world is watching. Yet, you are still in hiding. Why? Because in a fit of rage you killed Gregory Faull. Now you are attempting to rewrite history with this blog. Maybe someday you and OJ can go out looking for the “real killers.” Until then we will be entertained by the new reality series “Who Is John Macafee?” But you know the truth of who killed Gregory Faull. You were there……

  54. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    How did Belize get a team of U.S. forensic experts to investigate this case?
    We cant get our cases solved here in the U.S.

    “a team of U.S, forensic experts arrived in Belize, and apart from examining Faull’s body at the KHMH Morgue, they travelled to San Pedro and processed the crime scene.”

  55. John McAfee Avatar

    Tomorrow I appear on the Alex Jones Show (Infowars) – the most listened to newscaster on the Internet – at 12:00 Noon Central time. Live. One hour. Two and a half hours later, I appear on Joe Rogans podcast (10 million listeners per month). Again, one hour hour. Can’t do much better. Both have agreed to publicise the blog and the officialmcafee Twitter account. We should be rolling by tomorrow night. The current traffic is so huge that our server swamps a dozen times a day. We are moving to a larger server tonight and to a new format. It’s happening. just takes time. For everyone’s interest – we had 9 million page views in the first 5 days that this blog was operating. It has skyrocketed since.

  56. Owl Avatar

    Sorry for the misspelling of “McAfee”

  57. Owl Avatar

    Dear Mcaffe I’d like to say a few things. The first is that, for me most part, I believe the majority of what you’ve said (however, taking anything anyone says and blindly believing what they say, I believe, is a form of idiocy that can’t be forgiven, as history has shown to many times to count.Nor can I 100% believe this blog is posted on by the legitimate Mcaffe but for now I’ll entertain that thought) Now that that’s out of the say I’d like to say a few things. I’m amazed at how you’re on a proverbial “war” with Belize’s government and, somehow, seem to be “winning” (can’t exactly call your situation as winning nor can you call it a war per-say) I respect how you’re trying to back up everything you say with evidence, however the credibility is lowered being it comes from yourself (I can see you’ve been trying to avoid this as much as possible). I’m also glad to see you’ve covered your bases so that in the event that Belize does get a hold of you your story will still be published you’re a wise man for this and I commend you. I’m glad you admit to your past and use the knowledge you’ve gained and put it to good use. The post about “Documentation” was particularly informative, it could very well save some uninformed tourist a lot of hassle some day. Should this situation diffuse for you and you are able to live freely again, it might be a notion worth pursuing of writing a book about such things, it could help many-a-non-streetwise person, however only time will tell. Books about such things have been written and if you have free time (or in the future, as running from the police can be time consuming I’m sure…) I’d direct you to a book called “Essential Underground Handbook.” It shows such things have been written about. Also, I’d like to inform you that I have not seen any news broadcasts on your story recently, it would seem that Belize is probably trying to cover this all up (as you before mentioned, more than likely to keep tourism up). I’d advise you to devise a way to get this blog on national television in some way because all media I’ve seen does indicate you as a “madman” (it was actually me not entirely believing the few reports I saw that led me here, they were just to sketchy in my opinion), how I couldn’t begin to conceive though. Oh and on a quick note you and I have a similar since of humor, I chuckled a few times reading Rebbecca Moss’s story. Lastly good luck in your endeavor, one can only hope more people stand up against a corrupt government as you’re trying to do. Bueno suerte.

  58. getrealeh Avatar

    Maybe the members of the GSU will be unemployed and seeking work as security guards in the private sector.

  59. getrealeh Avatar

    This may be the beginning of a whole new genre–the interactive serial part fiction part non-fiction docu-drama.

  60. John McAfee Avatar

    I wish I was writing the characters. I would make them behave a bit better. On her other website, as someone pointed out earlier, she claims to have a masters degree.

  61. Hulk Avatar

    That movie ends with Bruce Banner working as a doctor in a jungle in a Latin American country. He is being harassed by some persons with guns.

    Puny Humans stop hounding McAfee!

  62. Elizabeth Avatar

    Wow! That is hysterical. If you click on her photo, it’s of her with her arm around another man. Threesome, maybe? And she’s Arab, born in Belize. I guess she doesn’t know English very well, even with her Master’s Degree, because it was a little difficult to understand. Watch out, John. She’s 5’11 & kicks ass at boxing. I’m just glad that I’m far, far away.

  63. John McAfee Avatar

    Please, everyone, read the posts. This is fifth time in one hour the same questions has been asked. Answer – no. The devices disappeared 5 weeks ago which is why I fired my entire security staff, which I why I hired the new bodyguard – William, which is why he is in jail, etc…… Please start at “Introduction” and check in when you get back here again 🙂

  64. Elizabeth Avatar

    Whoops! I thought there was only one Amy. Good God. So, the “other” Amy from Carmelita carries a gun & tried to kill you…. And THIS Amy is just the ex-girlfriend of Arthur Young, the deceased, former leader of one of Belize City’s most notorious gangs. Hmm, I’m not sure which is worse. Lovely company you keep.

  65. aug4343 Avatar

    totally. when ang lee put his mitts on the hulk i walked out wishing someone would sic the belize police on him.

  66. waverider77 Avatar

    John, has anyone been able to review recordings from your property perimeter cameras the night of the murder?

  67. John McAfee Avatar

    You’re getting the Two Amy’s confused. Take a deep breath, bite the bullet, and start with “Introduction” and come back when you reach here again 🙂

  68. waverider77 Avatar

    Has anyone been able to view recordings from your security cameras on the perimeter of your property, of the night of the murder?

  69. BelizeanManatee Avatar


    The whole “hell has[sic] no fury like a woman’s scorn” was a little over the top. You really need to get into the mind of the characters you are writing. Remember, she is an uneducated Belizean street kid, that can barely put a sentence together. Quoting Shakespeare may not have been the best choice.

  70. Dan Quinn Avatar

    Ang Lee, the only man that can kill the Hulk

  71. Elizabeth Avatar

    By the way, why would the police investigate this? She didn’t threaten to kill or harm you in anyway. She just says you’d better run, cause she’s pissed, & she’ll find you. I’ve said that to most of my boyfriends & I always found them & they’re still alive!! You’re the one who didn’t report it when she took a shot at you. Well, you did take away her tv & phone. I’m sure that taught her a lesson. OMG.

  72. Jimmy Avatar

    Hell, she sounds like the one that killed Faull. You are going to need all the security you can get when you go back to your house after all this resolves itself. That chick sounds like a nasty piece of work.

  73. Elizabeth Avatar

    But those were aliases, made up names, in order to protect the innocent(s)…. Tiffany is Timesha. I think Betsy is Samantha. You need a code book & key to play this game!

  74. Elizabeth Avatar

    You had to delete my post concerning someone angry enough & upset enough about the dogs, to want to kill Mr. Faull, because I got Arthur Young mixed up with Mac-10, when I mentioned that Amy was the gangster’s ex-girlfriend.

    Anyway, when previously asked how Amy was taking the killing of the dogs on that Saturday, you answered that she was not doing well & you made it sound as if she was extremely upset. Then sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning, Mr. Faull was murdered.

    As I recall, Amy is the one that carries a gun & even shot at you one night while you were sleeping at your home in Orange Walk, in a plan to kill you & steal all of your money. The bullet went into the pillow & she ran & locked herself in the bathroom. Her punishment was having her phone & tv privileges taken away for a week.

    So she definitely has a propensity for violence & is a very tough girl, ex-girlfriend of one of Belize’s most notorious gangsters. It’s also been said that she accepted $100,000 from the GSU to inform them of his whereabouts, when he was wanted for his last murder (and was killed during his apprehension). Afterwards, not one, but two of the major gangs had contracts out on her, Arthur Young’s & the gang affiliated with the man he supposedly killed. (Pinky?)

    And she was staying in the compound the weekend when all this went down & she carries a gun & she was angry…. And WHY do you surround yourself with people like this & hire dangerous gangsters to be your bodyguards? Ones who have allegedly killed people? Your life is my worst nightmare! Talk about paranoia, I’d have to sleep in an steel box. No wonder your neighbors were freaked out. You know what they say, you invite danger in…. and in your case, it broke down the door.

  75. theseeker Avatar

    To Mr. McAfee,
    I realize that you are currently hiding from the Belize police. Do you believe that eventually they will stop pursuing you? Or do you plan on leaving the country of Belize in order to remain out of capture? And if you gather enough information to prove you were not responsible for the murder of your neighbor Mr. Faull, do you think it will be enough to call off the Belize authorities searching for you?

    There is without a doubt corruption in the Belize government and many countries like it and I support your goal to expose this corruption and wrongdoing to the people of the world.

    Happy hiding and stay stealthy,
    -A curious onlooker

  76. John McAfee Avatar

    No?????? Just wait a week. The story has barely begun.

  77. Lolo Avatar

    I thought Amber Two was Aurthur Youngs ex
    And a paid informant seeking sactuary with you with
    a price on her head.Oh what a tangled web…..

  78. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    John, it could be worse at least you do not have any drug Cartels breathing down your back..

    At least you are getting wise and media smart about this..sometimes I get the impression that media at least US media is just an updated form of Yellow Journalism and muck-racking that we saw play out in ealrly 19th century

  79. Highrise Avatar

    Dear John,

    your post are coming thick and fast, keep up the work.

    I go back a little to note you mention on the night of Mr Faul’s demise you were with friends, seven of them I think you mention.

    You’d be foolish to not think it was possible to have one of your associates or friends pull the trigger on your behalf, after all a rich man can afford not want to get his hands dirty.

    Its also possible that someone in a police uniform shot Mr Faul, after all I have seen nothing about forced entry, footprints, fingerprints, robbery.

    I also note that the only issues that may have been behind the death of Mr Faul, are disputes with his neighbour, YOU. Of course this is not proof only circumstantial evidence.

    In any case what have your private investigators turned up.

    Take care, regards to all.


  80. John McAfee Avatar

    Read the blog please.

  81. OBanter Avatar

    Arthur Young?

  82. McAfee4President Avatar

    Wow I’d say she’s pretty fired up…

    Looking forward to hearing you tomorrow on Infowars and Wednesday Joe Rogan!!