The MDPV/Bath Salts Connection

Much has been said in the press (and many questions in this blog) about my alleged use of MDPV (bath salts).  it’s time to put that issue to rest.

Pure MDPV is the most addictive substance known to man.  Erowid ( is the the largest repository of drug usage reports on the Internet.  Drug addicts, casual users, scientists and researchers post information about known drugs – the drug side effects, subjective experience, behavior modifications and addictive qualities.  If you log onto to Erowid and go to the experience archives section you will find many posts about pure MDPV.  The following quotes are verbatim from that site:


“Wickedly addictive”

“I don’t know why I’m posting this. Maybe it’s from coming down from something I told myself I’ll never use again, and yet I keep the little baggy hidden away. I tell myself I will not use it again, but I can’t prove it to myself by making it impossible. 

As I wrote that sentence, I was telling myself that I kept it to prove I wouldn’t use it, but I know that I’m just lieing to myself, without consciously realizing it.”

“Warnings on the compulsive nature of MDPV are plastered all over the internet. In my head, I thought I knew how to keep it under control.”

“My recommended precautions for (first time) MDPV experimentation: Write a contract for yourself to abide by. Grab a piece of paper and while being completely honest with yourself write out your exact intentions for using it and commit yourself 100% to abiding by it. Also due to the uncontrollable nature of it, write out steps you should take if you find yourself not sticking to your pledge. If you break the pledge, you will truly know it isn’t you in control any longer and you should brace yourself for a stroll through your own Chapel Perilous with MDPV as your new god.”

“In two months I was so fucked up I couldn’t function at work and lost my job.   I mumbled freaky shit and yelled at strangers in the street.  Everybody was covered with rats, worms or other disgusting filth.  I masturbated in public.  I was no longer human.  But stopping was impossible.  If they didn’t commit me, I would have died.  It was seven months before normality returned.”

“MDPV calls the shots now, and I can’t keep myself from using it. It’s there to help me, right? That’s what I’ll believe anyways, when it’s right in front of me. I don’t know what to write now.. I’m going to try to rest for a class in 4 hours, hoping to rescue myself from failing this semester. All the time I spent thinking about drugs has been switched out with me wondering why I started using them, I obsess over it. I hate myself for allowing this to happen, to make myself so weak, and I still obsess over it. I am thinking it right now as I write this.”

It is clear that MDPV is over top in its addictive qualities.  It’s also clear that returning to any semblance of normality will not happen overnight once a person has become addicted.

I have a highly addictive personality.  That’s one of the reasons I do not drink or do drugs.  If I had been on MDPV, then I would still be on MDPV.  If any of you have heard me on Alex Jones, or Joe Rogon (total – one and a half hours of talk time) then you will be in a good position to judge whether I sound like someone on MDPV, or someone who has been on MDPV within the past few months.  I have not eaten anyone’s face yet, and, with the single exception of the rats jumping out of my cell phone while speaking to Joe Rogon, I have not experienced anything strange, excluding of course the events unfolding around me now – which, I am told, appear to be real.  The rats jumping out of my phone, by the way, since many here seem humorless, is a joke.

Next, we have the infamous Bluelight Thread which has been attributed to me.  It was me, under the name – Stuffmonger.  It was a hoax.  I claimed to have re-discovered a mythical drug called “Tan MDPV”, which appeared in the drug world news about ten years ago, got unbelievable reviews, and then disappeared from the face of the earth.  It was the “Lost magical nirvana drug”.  The original postings about the discovery of “Tan”, was itselfelf, I believe, a hoax perpetrated by some very clever Brittish gentlemen.  It caught my prankster spirit. I have consistently directed my detractors to read the thread  – “Hello and an MDPV Question” at  No-one seems to have gone to the trouble, so I am posting comments from Bluelight here, today.  Bluelight has a sophisticated search function so you will have no problem authenticating these comments.  I have edited none of them.  The comments are from some of the hundreds of Bluelight users who finally picked up on the hoax (none of the following comments were mine):

“Most fraudulent thread ever”

“It’s bullshit mate, i tried twice didn’t work exactly same problems and the guy works for amhico. Was all bullshit. Nobody else bar his own posts made through a proxy have succeeded.”

“It just doesn’t add up”

“This thread has turned into a complete useless mindfuck. In my opinion Stuffmonger is a fictional character”

“If it is all a scam then I am big enough and ugly enough to apologise to anyone and everyone who thinks I’ve slighted them or their integrity”

This is the most fascinating thread I think I’ve ever read anywhere. Who needs books when you have a real-life interactive mystery novel unfolding here on bluelight.

The truth really is stranger than fiction.”

“Is there any truth to this thread?
Has anyone reputable been able to produce “tan” mdpv?
Has that material had different effects?”
Has it been sent in to be tested anywhere to find out what it is?

Not yet.
Who knows?

“Don’t prank with a prankster”

“Glad to see that Codders finally figured out it’s all bunk BS”

“I really wanted this to be real”

The final post, by the thread’s moderator, just before the thread was closed:

08-03-2011 13:19
This thread is over 1k posts so it’s off to the archive, it’s either bullshit or synthesis (the chemical is claimed to be a seperate substance not just a base/different salt) but it has been an entertaining and confusing wild ride. Unless there’s any actual breakthrough etc I don’t deem it worthy of a new thread so PV discussion can continue in the megathread, back to business as usual.

I am a prankster.

For example. Some three months ago, a journalist named Rebecca Moss called me late one night to ask my opinion of the highly publicized lawsuit between Bikram Chowdray and Gregg Gemuccio.  Gregg Gemuccio had been one of my yoga students in Colorado about eight years ago, and Bikram had become angry with Gregg over his disloyalty (can’t serve two masters).  Gregg split from Bikram.  In any case Ms. Moss was serious and focused.  I don’t dig serious overmuch so I tried to lighten the tone with humor.  At one point Ms. Moss asked me what I was doing with myself.  “Observational Yoga Studios” was my reply.   I went on to explain how we discov ered that watching people do yoga imparts as much benefit as actually doing the yoga.  I expected a hearty laugh, but instead got a very serious “Really?”.

“Yes”, I said.  I have studios here where clients sit in easy chairs, with their feet up, being served grapes, snacks, and wine, while they watch professional yoga instructors do yoga.

Still no laugh.

I went on to say that we were also opening observational weight training studious so that people could increase muscle mass and decrease fat by watching people lift weights.  “The test results have been astonishing” I told her.

Still no laugh.  So I ran with it.  I did mention at the end that we had tested observation concert pianist programs with little success.  “People just simply couldn’t play the piano after a session” I said.  She published the story.  You can read it here.

Last month, on a bet, I contacted a Chinese electronics manufacturer in Kunshan to enquire about manufacturing my new invention.  I had invented a new type of universal remote control, I explained, that had a “Change Actor” button.   The button would bring a selection of alternate actors for a given TV show.  If you were watching “Out of Africa”, for example, and Robert Redford didn’t suit your mood, you could press the button and replace him with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or Omar Shariff, among others.  “Would you be interested in manufacturing this device for me” I asked.

The bet was that I could not get a prototype built by the company (I have supplied them with the hardware schematic – a schematic for an old voice recognition board I designed in 1986).  A bonus would be paid if I could get the company to re-imburse me for losses when I tried it out, wrote back, and said “The f—-ker doesn’t work”.   Any amount of re-imbursement, no matter how small, would win me the bonus.  The bet is currently in play.  I have six months to get the prototype built.  So far, from my received correspondence, the bet is mine.

I am 67 and have a lot of time on my hands.  If the press had bothered to read the Bluelight thread instead of jumping on the bandwagon – “THE BLUELIGHT THREAD IS REAL”, then the hoax would have been obvious.

Enough said.  I will not continue to answer ridiculous questions about Bluelight.  I have wasted over 7,000 words so far answering these questions.  If the above is not sufficient, then we will just have to agree to disagree.

I will take a posting break for a while.  I am preparing a rebuttal to the upcoming “Wired Magazine” story, Due out on the 15th.  I believe it must have gone to press by now, so, fortunately, it can’t be retracted.  In it I intend to show the true face of Josh Davis, and by implication, the face of modern journalism.  A taste:

Josh called me a few days before the publication of his eBook.  Instead of asking “what did you say to the officers when they showed you the search warrant claiming that you were operating a meth lab?”, he said “Didn’t you say to the officers – “That’s an interesting hypothesis.  I haven’t sold drugs since 1983?”

 I replied – “Uh…. Sure.” 

 I was in full “play along mode” by then.

 It was not until the eBook came out that I understood his need.  He needed a convenient segue between the account of my arrest – the opening account in the eBook – and his jump to my drug dealing days that ended in 1983.

 I didn’t mind this fabrication.  It made his story even more ridiculous.  I ask my readers to imagine yourself rousted from bed at 6:00 A.M., naked, slammed up against a wall, manhandled, fearful, confused and then saying – “That’s an interesting hypothesis ….” to a man whom you knew for certain had never heard the word “hypothesesis” before (Creole speakers, remember).  Maybe you might have said it.  It certainly could not have occurred to me.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:


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  1. Justin Holloman Avatar
    Justin Holloman

    Can I have a job? Doing whatever? Working for you in some capacity would be AMAZING!

  2. Acetylate Avatar

    Trolling BlueLight in regard to the very same activities the Belize government accused you of seems like very poor jimmy rustling…

  3. NYC electrician Avatar

    I always drink a glass of milk and a bottle of Pepto before I snort bath salts. That way when I eat peoples faces off I do not get indigestion.

  4. volcati Avatar

    Sadly, Mr. McAfee sounds a lot like me or anyone else I know–just enjoys fkng with the press and anyone else who will listen. It’s fun to goof off and watch people believe absurd chit.

    I don’t know much else, but safe travels — sleep, eat, and meditate!

  5. Brian Avatar

    point taken, you must be safer safe soon.

    I give you not my wishes, I give you my hope you are safe.

  6. Alex Avatar

    Lie detector test are unreliable. Psychos can easily pass them while Catholic raised send them bonkers (must the booth confessions).

  7. Alex Avatar

    Keep rockin’. The sampling of your posts I have read indicate sanity. The media is insane. The American electorate is delusional.

  8. Alex Avatar

    Keep rockin’. The sampling of your posts I have read indicate sanity. The media is insane. The American electorate is delusional.

  9. Monstaz Avatar

    Observastiobal yoga! Thank you for the laugh! I am sorry you are in the situation life has placed you in. I hope you can rise above this corruption and then move the hell out if that country. Fuk them if this is how they treat you….and r.i.p to your fallen comrades , I was so sad to read all of your beloved dogs have died. 🙁

  10. David Avatar

    goodluck dude. where’s anderson cooper when you need him?

  11. Emmie Avatar

    Josh Davis reminds me of the nerdy kid in high school who had no friends but grew up to have some kind of access to those he views as the cool kids, putting him in a position where he can falsely befriend them and then twist information he’s gotten to tear them down. Despite a poor self image, this is the only thing that truly makes him a loser.

  12. Joe Avatar

    What about mine? One of the chemists you engaged with at bluelight for a couple months?

  13. formerlytest Avatar

    Maybe something is not working on my end but this blog ends with three consecutive posts from John without two of the posts he is replying to.

    John, how about taking a lie detector regarding the murder – not from the police, of course, but from an independent and respected polygrapher. I am certain you would pass it (and if you don’t, keep the results confidential – they are known to wrong sometimes).

    Just don’t take one regarding bathsalt use because my money is on a failure to that question and it’s irrelevant anyway.

  14. John McAfee Avatar

    The police have not asked for it.

  15. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    are you worried that the authorities may have taken samples of your urine and/or feces from your septic tank or toliet(s) and tested them for bath salts? Also, would you be willing to send a sample of your hair or urine to an independant lab to have it tested for bath salt useage? that to me seems like it would be an effective way to really put this issue to rest and enhance your defence. i realize its a violation of your privacy but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  16. John McAfee Avatar

    I just checked the logs. You have only made one post. Who are you and what are you trying to do my freind?

  17. John McAfee Avatar

    Which unfavorable posts. I have deleted none of your posts Doctor B.

  18. Doctor B Avatar
    Doctor B

    You delete all unfavorable posts. This board is a sham

  19. John McAfee Avatar

    Don’t like politics. Money is a curse.

  20. Joe Blow Avatar
    Joe Blow


    Have you ever considered running for political office?

    Also, is being a Billionaire all that it is cracked up to be?

  21. GLK Avatar

    Learn to backup guys ,-)

    The blue mods got the blues they are spying whenever you connect Anti Flood Security Gateway Module works fine.

  22. John McAfee Avatar

    We have over 2,000 comments on this board. Your comments pertaining to whether MDPV is a good drug or a bad drug belong more on a drug forum than they do here. I am trying to keep the blog focused on The corruption in Belize. I apologize if this offends you.

  23. Joe Avatar

    John you deleted them again? Just mine. The telling questions. My questions have been answered thank you.

  24. John McAfee Avatar

    I have no personal experience. I am relying on what I read. But both Erowid and Bluelight experience reports claim it is one of the worst drugs on the planet. If your personal experience is different, please feel free to post it.

  25. John McAfee Avatar

    I accidently deleted the entire post, which deleted all comments, the overwhelming majority of which were favorable to me. Feel free to re-input.

  26. Joe Avatar

    John you deleted all my comments. Perfect! Give no answers, delete the questions that make it damn clear MDPV is a big player in all this. Restore em please, if a ” technical glitch” is to be blame. This isn’t papyrus after all.

  27. SL Avatar

    I read that entire thread. WOW.

    I must say sir that the pictures were very convincing. I think I may have recognized some of the substances you used for props.

    You used just enough terminology in an appropriate way to make it seem believable. You were a little too attentive to the thread which was a giveaway that you were more interested in the thread than answers to your questions.

    You really do have a complex and very active mind my dear 🙂

  28. John McAfee Avatar

    I hoax whatever is handy. They were handy. It was very intimate in my dealings with the Government, since they are accusing me of drug manufacture/use.

  29. Yum Cimil Avatar
    Yum Cimil

    Will you restore them?

  30. Mandy Avatar

    This may have been answered in a prior post, don’t yell at me, I’m a working woman I cannot read everything. But how did anyone believe you and what made you want to hoax the drug world? I understand you have time on your hands, but why not take up something more intimate to your dealings like the corruption in Belize?

  31. Nick Avatar

    This story is so fascinating, you sir are a badass. I love how you trolled that reporter about the yoga. Your story is like something from the movies

  32. Nick Avatar

    Wow, you sir are a fascinating person. This whole story is movie worthy, literally is some crazy stuff. I love how you trolled that journalist about Yoga

  33. John McAfee Avatar

    Technical glitch – my bad.

  34. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    There was a bunch of comments here earlier. Hope they’re not lost.

  35. Refugee Avatar

    What happened to all the previous comments in this section?

  36. Lili C. Love Avatar
    Lili C. Love

    John: I am behind you and Sam…. Good luck in your adventure…