The Girls


I thought I would do a brief introduction to some of the the girls who, by and large lived with me full time.  Without the assistance of these girls, It would have taken years to prime the socially engineered system that I put into place in Belize.  Sam was central in helping me manage and control the network.  She got along with all of the girls and her superior intelligence and quick wit usually allowed her to anticipate problems and head them off before we reached the danger point.  She is alo like a chameleon:  She can look and act any part:


I teamed her up with other girls many times – usually when I sensed a problem brewing.  Her playful nature generally diffused any tensions:


Amy is more experienced than Sam, but not as tolerant of human nature and people’s mistakes as Sam is.  But she is incredibly smart.  The three of us – Me, Sam and Amy were the central core (Amy and Sam are now safely hidden out of the country, by the way – their visas are pending):


Other girls came and went – sometimes staying a month, sometimes 4 or five months.  Angie came and went a number of times:


So did Marcia:


Others were transient, staying a few weeks at a time and then returning to the field:


I encouraged all of the girls to hang out together and become friends, where possible.  It was easier to keep tabs on someone’s actions if others were watching, or if a shared comaraderie encouraged the sharing of intimate secrets.  All the girls told me the other girls’ secrets.


Paz was instrumental in helping me find appropriate assets:


Paz owns Lover’s Bar in Orange Walk and is known throughout Belize as a master at locating human resources.  I would tell Paz the specifications: level of intelligence, education, cultural refinement, family connection, age, looks, experience, etc., and Paz would locate for me.  I would then feel the person out, and if comfortable, explain the project and hire them.

This is the briefest of introductions.  I will soon go into details about how each girl worked.  Many knew everything.  Some were told nothing and simply given a free computer and sometimes a phone.  Sometimes more than one, if a father, brother, cousin or boyfriend was of interest to us.

Of note is that over 80% of our electronic network is still operable and providing constant information.  My next post will explain, with photos and voice files, how we avoided detection for so long.  On October 11th of last year it was discovered that we were accessing secret government information, but until my January 3rd post, no-one within the government had any idea how we were doing it.  Most of our “donated” government computers have since been brought down, but the domino principal of viral social engineering had allowed us to infiltrate five times as many “unknown” computers as the number that we donated, and the number is growing.

The core seven:



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  1. Jonathan Avatar

    As someone who has spent some time in Belize, I am very happy to see you expose a lot of the government bull-shit! I have been to all of Central America and have to say that Belize is the worse when it comes to government scams and extortion! Most people in the states have no idea of just how crazy it can be and have never lived in a system like that. Through your dynamic and sometime over the top approach, you are making Belize a much better place! So many North Americans move down there and try to make things better for the locals. You are the first one to really make a change in the system that causes so many problems. Good luck and don’t forget to smile and laugh at it all sometimes.

  2. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you my friend and Captain. You are forever welcome.

  3. buay res u self Avatar
    buay res u self

    saw your “problem child” a couple of days ago, loved the interview in Guatemala with dateline guy…deadline Might just see you in Portland for that cup of coffee, stories and of course laughter.

  4. Sharen Sierra Avatar


    Many throughout the world watched in voyeuristic pleasure as your story labeled bizarre by some and unbelievable by others unfolded and still does. It is not for me to judge. What I can share with you and the world as until you walk in another’s show you never know. Until 2.5 years ago I might have also have been a NAYSAYER. I found myself along with my now ex living in fear for our lives after a dangerous coup in a different Caribbean Nation in the Greater Antilles. A larger country but full of strife, poverty, greed and corruption. Many of the locals unaffected but yet many are including the 10 armed gunmen and leaders including a member of Parliament and a position equal to Chief of Police and a Reported Garrison Gang tried often for murder and extortion as they attempted to take over the business. We lived in hiding for 10 days going from lodging to lodging including brothels with armed gunman sleeping just feet away from our bed. I went from dining out with leisure to cooking on hot plates, washing clothes in a bucket, taping messages of love and good-bye to my family and friends and fearing for my life every second of every day. Never knowing which paid armed guard or employee might be plotting our death or kidnapping.
    I am far from a Billionaire wonder kid..just a girl from the mid-west Ohio, But I know first hand.

  5. Susan Avatar

    John, I watched your story on Dateline NBC and found it very interesting. I thought the fact that you were hiding under the very noses of the police amusing. You story will be a concern of mine, for some time to come. You have added some excitement to my boring Canadian winter. Good luck in your future endevers. Keep the stories coming. Oh, and by the way , are they still looking for the killer of -whoops- forgot his name, oh well you are far more interesting.

  6. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    “everyday people” What?? Your a huge Mis-representation of what that name imples. And, Yes, I thank God for that.

  7. hello kitty Avatar
    hello kitty

    enjoyed dateline last night… not sure why so many have their panties in a knot about you… if you can afford to do what you do and you aren’t harming anyone then cheers to you… i am very sorry about your dogs that were poisoned tho… all of my pets are rescues as well. Good luck McAfee

  8. M Avatar

    Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Never a good plan for anyone. But I don’t believe Mr. McAfee has any reason to consider harming himself anyway. He’s not a killer.

    As for you, perhaps remember “we are not punished for our anger, we are punished by our anger.”

  9. everyday people Avatar
    everyday people

    Leave it up jag off

  10. everyday people Avatar
    everyday people

    If you kill yourself it could definately boost the likelihood that someone would make a movie about your life! Also you could get Gods opinion about your win situation I’d say..

  11. Mr809 Avatar

    I love u man. Lol. U got my respect since day one.

  12. Mandy Avatar

    I don’t know where people should post about Dateline tonight, so I thought I would post here. I did not see any mention to corruption in Belize in the terms of hezbollah. This could be selective editing by NBC, or… I love how media (you included) never tell the truth. It’s all a web of lies and half truths. Please tell me, Mr McAfee, you had nothing to do with Mr. Faulls death, and your internet hoaxs were just that.

  13. Jag Avatar

    I should qualify my statement regarding the Anon hacker group. They are not ‘morons’ so much as they are naive in their belief that they can freely cause havoc without the possibility of being caught through an imaginary veil of “anonomous”.

    These guys are a vigilante group with no real direction. A good example of that was the high school footbal kid in Ohio who was target by Anon for an alleged rape. Even though the only evidence was a high school kid bragging to friends, Anon escalated the issue into a lynch mob.

    It’s very possible that this high school football kid is completely innocent, but just because of his bragging caught on video, Anon escalated the situation into “judge jury and exectioner” without any regard to any actual evidence that any crime was committed.

  14. Jag Avatar

    Good luck with that request :).

  15. Jag Avatar

    I hope you’re girls are all safe and away from the corrupt forces that may endanger them. The wisdom of posting their actual pictures online is questionable to the casual observer, like me.

  16. Jag Avatar

    Brandon, when you have money, the girls just come. Why would you think a guy like that would have to photoshop girls into his photos?
    Try reading the article too, or do you just look at the pictures when you “read”?

  17. BD Avatar

    Mr McAfee I would like to make a request or proposition to you. Not sure if you will even read this but if you do email me and I will explain my idea to you in a return email and you can ponder it over.

  18. ELLEN O'ROURKE Avatar

    @WEB Thanks. Jeremy Irons could handle the comedic and serious sides of the story with the right manners..though as he has lived it I’m sure JM has felt like Devito and the media portrays that side. Thanks to JM for sharing important info with every day people.

  19. Brandon Avatar

    This is fake, it has to be, I say photo shopped pictures or paid actresses.

  20. Aaron Avatar

    You’re a crazy fucker and so far I’d have to say “Well played.” If you ever want to find out about the crazier side of this town you now call home, hit me up.

  21. WEB Avatar

    oh, good choice Ellen.

  22. Jag Avatar

    Anyeay, I do believe you regarding Belize. You were smart to get out there and your information will hopefully bust that whole country.

  23. Jag Avatar

    Your experience does make a great movei.

    You are the guy who invented anti-virus. And also the most expert person with using those viruses for your own means with minimal invasiveness, IE it doesn’t damage the host computer.

    That is a powerful weapon. I hope you are ok with America and honest people in general. 😉

  24. Jag Avatar

    John, BTW, don’t ever take credit for Anon hacker leadership. Those guys are morons in general and openly break the law.

  25. Jag Avatar

    So where are you really?
    You’re story is amazing so far, and as long term James Bond fan, the girls fit right in to your story.

    My opinion is that if the Americans really thought you were guilty of murder, you would have been arrested by now. The fact that you are not in jail is verification that what you are saying is actually believed by the American authorities.

  26. Ricardo Avatar

    Kudos to you for avoiding fascist government pigs wherever they may lie. And congrats on the chicas. My S.A. wife is hot and young and I am the one with the athletic drive at 20 years her senior. BTW, now that you are in my former Puddletwon, do go to Oba, Pho Van & Fratelli in the Pearl.

  27. ELLEN O'ROURKE Avatar

    Danny Devito, lol, ok. Maybe Jeremy Irons? The real live thing is better anyway.

  28. Hatari Avatar

    I would not believe one damn word John McAfee says. He is so full of BS and is playing all these gullable fools just to boost his own sick ego. I really feel sorry for for the girls. Just simple little village girls being played by a very sick man. Sad to say the least. In the tropics they come and they go and we are so glad that he is GONE!

  29. SL Avatar

    The use of the word “illegals” is offensive.
    And in this case also inaccurate. Sam did not come to Miami with John because she needs a visa even to visit.
    There is no evidence that Mr. McAfee plans on bringing all of these women into the United States. Even if he did, he would do so legally and I would assume he would take care of their needs. So they would not be sucking up whatever precious resources you think they would be sucking up.
    And what’s wrong with a nice California Girl? or a west coast girl, or even a Texas girl since Texas is not part of the midwest, right 🙂
    So please try and open your eyes and be a little more tolerant of others…K? Thanks, Buhbye.

  30. Tracey Avatar

    I sent you an email, If you are staying in Portland….lemme know! It would be a blast to help you find a house.

  31. Sandwillow Avatar

    Thanks for the apology.

  32. YC Avatar

    This story will continually captivate me.

  33. holysmokes Avatar

    You sir, are true gangsta. Respek!

  34. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    Where is the big Reveal that we were promised on Wednesday ? We have been patient but thus far there is nothing in this blog other than garbled audio, obtuse references, unsubstantiated evidence
    No wonder the world is getting bored with john mcafee .. And his bonkers antics this all there is ?

  35. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    john, could i please have your autograph? i will pay all shipping costs and pay for the autograph itself if necessary. would be ultra cool if you signed some type of item of personal signifigance……heres my address, 4256 north st. Apt #4 Blasdell, NY, 14219. if yes, lemme know how you would want to recieve payment.

  36. Connie Avatar

    Smart woman who figured that one out.

  37. TexasgalforMcafee Avatar

    John- find yourself a nice Midwestern girl and settle down. !!! Jeez…. Maybe those gals in Belize helped you do whatever you were doing- but why drag them to US? There are thousands of people patiently waiting to come here legally! We don’t need more uneducated/ non producing illegals over here sucking our resources.

    Leave them where you found them please

    Best Regards

  38. Connie Courtney Avatar
    Connie Courtney

    cannot wait to tune in! You’ll give Dateline their best ratings in years!

  39. Connie Courtney Avatar
    Connie Courtney

    If you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, i would love to treat you and any of your ladies to lunch. In all seriousness. Looking forward to Dateline and your continuing saga. You are a legend. Not often that someone like you come along.

  40. John McAfee Avatar

    I apologize if I offended you by using the term “librarian”. I could equally well have said unattractive skateboarders, or unattractive waitresses. I used Librarian because of experiences I have had in the past with particularly unatractive librarians who had read every romance novel in the library as well as every “how to” book in the library and had fantasized forever about their next date — and had waited a dozen years for a man to recognize the “sensual being” inside of them. I always tried to be that man. When I did luck out, it was always hot. just my experience.

    Beautiful women, by the way, never have to learn the subtleties of sex because sex comes too easy for them.

  41. Connie Avatar

    Hey John,

    You only show pics of girls, but you mentioned that the PM liked the opposite. Were you able to get any guys to play the pillow talk game?

  42. Sandwillow Avatar

    I don’t know this reply is in this spot, it wasn’t where I posted it. It belongs under the comment John made about somone using the term Bimbo.

  43. Sandwillow Avatar

    I think your comment about unattractive librarians was equally dense. Haven’t been in a library in while have you?

  44. Bewitched bothered and bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched bothered and bewildered

    We have witnessed in his life and choices that
    McAfee is not a shallow man
    He sees what is invisible to the eye
    That these young women are not as we see as
    Conventional beauties he sees deeper into their
    Perhaps Their hard knocks life have offered them a deeper knowing of self and a survival instinct and intelligence that we will never know
    If they give him joy and comfort who are we to judge from our shallow hearts and mind
    I wish him Love in whatever form it may take
    He knows himself like no other

  45. Connie Courtney Avatar
    Connie Courtney

    John, I have been following your story with fascination, and those young ladies were very, very lucky!

  46. Zorro Avatar

    Why all of the random ideas for people to play John in a movie about his life? John should play John! He obviously “looks the part” and he wouldn’t need to act … even though we know he’s a great actor. I’m sure his on camera “give ’em a little crazy” ad-libbing would be amazing.

  47. SL Avatar

    The malaysian government has the ability, by law, to nationalize any company operating within their country. This is a huge risk to anyone starting a company.
    That being said, in response to your post… all your answers and more can be found within this blog. Starting at the beginning is best, and you will find it interesting reading.
    Many of us have been engaged in the story for 2 months.

  48. Connie Avatar

    I think Johnny Depp should play JM in the movie.

  49. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Mathew McConahey or Dennis Quaid

  50. cama Avatar

    Well said. People are so vain and shallow!

  51. John McAfee Avatar

    Please read the last few posts.

  52. iceesurfer Avatar

    DeVito should play Elodio, The Hapless Police Chief.

  53. thetrystero Avatar

    What is this ‘socially engineered network’ that you speak of and what does it have to do with your work on bacteria? Were the girls officially employed as computer programmers? Why would you live in an environment which requires you to carry a gun and lose sleep all the time? If you’re after tax breaks, nice weather and technical ability there are many other places in the world to go to. I live in Malaysia and it never made sense to me why Americans would head to such places.

  54. Mary Scottsdale Avatar
    Mary Scottsdale

    Mel Gibson, G.Busey’s not good looking enough!

  55. John McAfee Avatar

    Quality is in the eye of the beholder. I wish all women, and men for that matter, had the guts, the intelligence and the drive that these girls have. I am proud to know them.

  56. Cosmo Avatar


    Considering how much you’re worth, I was thinking that you’d be able to pull some better quality women.

    Just sayin’.

  57. Rod Avatar

    Ah, that’s one of the things that makes this story so great: there’s something for everyone!

    And let’s not forget that Piers Morgan was a columnist at the Mail 🙂

  58. cama Avatar

    I’ve read articles on you via DailyMail and thought I’d finally visit your blog. Your life seems very stressful. Hope you find some peace.

  59. John McAfee Avatar

    I don’t mind it either. It entertains me to see how easily a point can be missed entirely. 🙂

  60. fendidonna Avatar

    To Rod:

    Thanks for the link. Honestly, don’t mind the Daily Mail (UK rag).

    The readership is sterotypically right-wing xenophobic, anti-personal-reponsibility, anti-individualism, pro-big-government social-straight-jacketeers and are outraged by…oh well…by pretty much everything 😉

    The readers will all be enjoying synchronised sharp intakes of breath as they read that article, I can assure you. And quite right too 🙂

  61. John McAfee Avatar
  62. John McAfee Avatar

    No book yet. 🙂

  63. Jackietreehorn Avatar

    Hey, what happened to the Vice documentary? I thought it was supposed to come out weeks ago?

  64. Connie Avatar

    “I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.” RF

    Thanks for taking the road less travelled.

  65. Connie Avatar

    Love it!!! LMAO

  66. yarply Avatar

    Poor guy looks exhausted.

  67. Mentor Avatar

    So, about those autographs. I do recall you saying you would and anywhere. Any thoughts on doing a book signing tour or similar?

  68. Emmanuel Avatar

    hello John, I just saw ur interview on bloomberg channel, googled you and found ur blog..congratulations on ur escape from “hell”. people with no hands on experience of a third world country dont understand how corrupt and wicked they can be. I live in west africa myself also lived in the Uk for 5yrs.
    from ur pics and the whole story its obvious u were a victim of a conspiracy that is common place in these kind of environment. Without the media interest and ur deft skills the worst could have happened..Stay blessed!!

  69. Rod Avatar

    Here you are John, the type of coverage to be expected when you put up a posting like “The Girls”:

    Crazy reporting I know, but one would have to be crazy to expect anything else these days.

  70. Jackietreehorn Avatar

    I’m thinking Gary Busey….or maybe Mel Gibson.

  71. Oz Avatar

    Very nice ladies. You’ve given me an idea to open a glamour modeling agency studio south of the border. =)

  72. fendidonna Avatar

    I’m happy to hear they are all safe and to see that you seem a bit more settled too.
    It takes great courage to stand up to corruption and I applaud them all.
    Great news about the visas.
    Stay safe and best of luck.
    I look forward to learning more on Wednesday.

  73. Luis Avatar

    …u are the best!!!! Waiting For wednsday …..
    God bless

  74. WEB Avatar

    The hardest part is remembering not to engage..

  75. WEB Avatar

    Thanks Gaby, it was helpful wasn’t it? lol 😉

  76. Chris Avatar

    John McAfee is not what I would think of as a stereotypical computer programmer. By that I mean somebody who doesn’t have so many girls! John McAfee’s story intrigues me because the story that he tells about corruption is believable. I wish the American government did more to alert American citizens of the dangers of traveling overseas. There are literally thousands of American citizens that are serving life sentences in foreign prisons all over the world that do not get a fair trial. American citizens are being tortured in these prisons but the American State Department keeps silent. The U.S. government and the media need to do more to protect American citizens that have been imprisoned overseas for not paying bribes to corrupt officials.

  77. Gaby Avatar

    @Web…Well not everyone.. see RG. I just read the description of trolling, not being familiar with that, however seeing people accused of it. Thanks for the informative article.

    Not to be another troll and off topic.. John, the update is appreciated and I am so glad to see you commenting again. I look forward to Dateline. Good luck.

  78. John McAfee Avatar

    Believe me, it is happening. There’s more to the world than meets the eye.

  79. nora hahn Avatar
    nora hahn

    adventure, intrigue, very interesting, and you
    do have a beautiful, cheerful smile, hope to see your smile more often.
    cheers and all the best to you !

  80. John McAfee Avatar

    I think the Warner movie will be an entertaining movie. Not at all factual, but entertaining. Only myself, the girls, Chad, the screenwriter and the production company have all the facts.

  81. John McAfee Avatar

    You clearly didn’t read the post. I stated that we are still listening and that the government does not know ehere the computers are. It’s coming out on Wednesday. be patient. The girls are safe. 100% safe.

  82. North Avatar

    Good work John. I admire your natural instinctive actions..
    Seems like Im going through the same games north to you.
    You are crazy for disclosing your location( I know your more intelligent than that)
    All the best!

  83. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    danny devito is an excellant choice tho, one of my personal favorite actors…although im thinking al pachino looks alot more like you and isnt half your height but hes not very funny..well who am i to judge, if i had millions, id prolly do crazy drugs and bang young girls too. ps. feel free to invite me to do so 🙂 seriously, invite me on your next adventure, give me free money, ill be your puppet and/or jester

  84. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    wow, this is all starting to make sence…..would i be crazy to think this is your preemptive strike against people saying you were abusing young girls and perhaps even running a prostitution ring? by spinning it as them being your spys rather then your victims? jesus….you can fool most people most of the time, but you cant fool all the people, all of the time. ; )

  85. tommybelize Avatar

    Good luck with the visas. I would be astounded if it happens. The US has denied visas to tons of Belizeans wanting simply to come to the US for a visit. I would think with everything that has transpired and been reported by McAfee and others regarding these two, they would certainly not be on a short list for a visa. But who knows, again, good luck Mr. McAfee.

  86. Dave Avatar

    Keep the faith John —
    And making the system work for you
    Brilliant stuff guy

  87. DB Avatar

    It is a great relief to know that the ladies are safe, with visas pending, thank you very much for posting this information. I look forward to the explaination on the part played by each of these ladies. I admire your stubborn fortitude John, but I doubly admire these courageous women who were willing to assist with this project. We know that Sam is intelligent, brave, and has a stubborness to match your own, but to read that these other beautiful ladies were also involved, is mind blowing. Best wishes to all of them. Enjoy your new home, and stay safe.

  88. Mike Avatar

    So these are your “operatives” and you publish their pictures online and claim they are safe? How could you possibly know this? You know you’re safe and now put these people in danger it seems. Couple months ago when Giz wrote about this they blacked out the faces but you didn’t think that’s necessary? Why are you keep talking about the details of your plans and execution? If you were telling the truth about the 75 laptops, why would you publish your trick and not continue collecting information? What’s to gain from this other than bragging rights? Don’t you need to listen anymore since these people are after you? How about these people you’re publishing online? If they are the ones who gave the laptops, are they also getting visas? Or a detailed plan to sneak to Guetemala perhaps? If you’re not getting them out of Belize or giving them new identities, you just cabn’t be certain they are safe. Clearly you did neither. I think you’re not being honest about things John and being selfish. I was interested in this story because I believe you didn’t kill your neighbour and someone was trying to pin this on you. I still believe that but since your escape the way you handled your interviews and information truly turned me off. I hate to say it but you came out as the uncool guy afterall. I’m done following this story. I suggest you to keep quiet and die in peace somewhere and stop hurting people who may or may not care about you at one point.

  89. Rod Avatar

    You’re correct John, it was dense of me to call the women bimbos but I was at a loss for another word to describe them as they’re displayed here in all their finery. And at a loss as to why you’d display them at this point of time. Delay? Distraction? Color? Just another spur of the moment tactic, seemed a good idea at the time?

    If your statements on the Belizean government/police are to be believed it seems almost incredible that the “girls” have been safe all along and have not been hassled or threatened. I look forward to your Wednesday posting.
    Of course you’re not obligated to explain anything, but that leaves the question as to why you started the whole dog and pony show in the first place. Wouldn’t your escape route have been just as/more efficient without your highly public pronouncements?

    Do you have a comment on the Josh Davis/Wired/Warner deal? —

  90. SPmQQse Avatar

    hmmmmm… i expected the xpose` of the GOB….on this site…. and hopefully some gleened info about my personal crap from the sp police….forthcomming…ior not…?

  91. WEB Avatar

    bahahaha….now there’s a slice of crazy. Have you seen this before? Very funny.

  92. John McAfee Avatar

    Sam and Amy’s visas are assured. I’m not obligated to explain to you why or how. As to bimbos – the seven are the smartest collection of women I have ever met (I have discovered in my 67 years, by the way, that people who use words like “bimbos” tend to be the more dense element of our society themselves). All the girls are safe and have been all along. None have been hassled or threatened by the government. My next post (Wednesday night) will explain all of this.

  93. WEB Avatar

    Interesting read, although it looks like most of the ones who were here have left…..

  94. John McAfee Avatar

    I suspect I do have a bit of crazy. But the story is nonetheless true.

  95. John McAfee Avatar

    In my post “A clear and Present Danger” ( I lay out the social engineering project through which I discovered the Hezbollah threat. Thease girls are my social engineers. Each one played a part. In future posts I will explain their parts. They are all safe.

  96. Eliot Avatar

    Having just left Belize after 4 years, I believe you have TRULY done the United states a service by exposing what is going on there. a true AMERICAN patriot, you are also doing good for BELIZE too. Nice job

  97. athena Avatar

    I’m curious why you’re sharing this.

  98. Louis Smith Avatar
    Louis Smith


    The media is trying to potray you as crazy, I stick to my mantra when called crazy “I would rather be crazy or weird then be like all the other sheep”. John your my idol, absolute legend! All the best from the UK

  99. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Oh, and congratulations on Dateline. Dang, I should have gotten your autograph sooner…

  100. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Good morning John. You just took this story up a notch, lol. SMH!

  101. Greg Avatar

    Something not right in that kitchen

  102. Scooty Avatar

    Hey John… Dont poody when you scoot.

  103. Rob Avatar

    More than twice the team of “Charlie”! So they are John’s angels! You know we all wait for the movie “from a real story”! Now if this ever happen, who would be your choice of an actor that could impersonate you?

  104. Rod Avatar

    Really? I find this hard to understand. Perhaps I’m stupid. Could you explain how this won’t hurt Sam’s and Ami’s chance for visas?

    Admittedly, while Sam and Ami’s visa considerations by the US State Department should be viewed under their own weight, you really think this photographic collection of bimbos from Sam and Ami’s “sponsor” (you say you’re working on the visas) “won’t hurt”?

    And this post (given your dire words on Belizean authority) won’t hurt those pictured women left in Belize?

    Help me John, I’m lost…

  105. John McAfee Avatar

    I don’t miss programming.

  106. John McAfee Avatar

    It won’t hurt.

  107. Rod Avatar

    Thanks John. This post makes it clear what happened to Sam (and Ami).

    “Waiting for visas for Sam and Ami.” You think this post will help? (Genuine question.)

  108. Osi Avatar

    Have you thought about getting back into programming? Do you miss programming?

  109. WEB Avatar

    lol 😉

  110. John McAfee Avatar

    Dateline is doing a two hour special – I think on the 18th. Should be a winner. I did my best crazy for them.

  111. WEB Avatar

    Thanks for clarifying John, they were in the Gizmodo article. Forgot to ask earlier, is there going to be an upcoming Dateline NBC expose`? Hope so. So I hear you’re enjoying the cold……. really? We’ll be moving out west this summer, and after 25 years in the sun I’m kinda freakin’, lol.

  112. John McAfee Avatar

    I don’t know the AKA names you mentioned – Amber, Anna, Marley, Tiffany, Jane…. I think those are names that Joel Johnson made up when he stole my diary. Sam, Amy and Marcia are obvious – they are named. So in Angie.

  113. WEB Avatar

    You’re rubbing off on me, lol. I’m very happy “the girls” are all ok, but the ‘core 7’ have me confused. Clockwise from left:
    Amber Smith aka Amber 2
    Marcia aka Anna
    Angie aka Marly
    Sam aka Betsy…my favorite.
    “And there is Betsy. Betsy hunted me down two years ago to complain that one of my dogs had eaten one of her chickens. She weighed 85 pounds and had the attitude and temper of a wolverine. She said: “Just because you’re the fucking White Man doesn’t mean I have to kiss your fucking ass! I’m not your fucking bitch!” I liked her immediately. Betsy moved in 10 months ago, stayed two months and left, and then moved back in 5 months ago. Things seem more stable between us now”
    That’s got Sam written all over it, lol.
    ‘The names have been changed to protect the innocent’????

  114. John McAfee Avatar

    On my list. thanks.

  115. Name ..jaybird. Avatar

    John, any thoughts or remembrance on
    Life and Times of Aaron Swartz. The two
    of you together had to be awesome.
    He had all the great computer skills of a
    hacker legend but certainly not the cajones
    to face death and spit back at it.

    Hope you will include in your revelations ,
    your thoughts on government sponsored
    attacks as alleged of Iran,
    and government attacks on hacking,
    conspiracies experienced by Swartz and
    efforts by Wikileaks.

  116. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    that is great John … hope you have a chance to chill for a while in Portland.

  117. Anon Avatar

    Saw the previous comment when I posted. You may want to indicate they are all safe at the start of the post.

  118. John McAfee Avatar

    They ar all safe.

  119. Anon Avatar

    Belize is a small country.

    Seems like you just put these girls in danger.

    If you haven’t already done so, I hope you are now making plans to get them out.

  120. John McAfee Avatar

    They are all safe. I’m waiting for visas for Sam and Amy.

  121. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    are all the girls safe?