The Girls – Part Two


This part two post will itself have to be divided into two parts.  It turned out much larger than I thought

The photo above is of one of the American women working both in Miami and in Belize.  Frequently government ministers and officials flew to Miami (two hours from Belize City) for business, pleasure, parties or what have you.  I needed resources in Miami to keep tabs on targets.  Nicky is prepping a few computers for delivery to “friends” of hers in Belize.  She told all of her targets that she had a friend in the computer sales business and that the friend could provide computers for $100 each.  Even government officials like a good deal so the computers were easy to place.

Before I get into how the girls worked, you will need a brief overview of the principles of Social Engineering.  These principles have been used successfully for thousands of years:


Attention, in repetitive situations, wanders.  Universally.  It seeks environments and situations offering diversity.

Fear, lust, curiosity and pleasure seeking trap attention.  Boredom frees it.

When attention is gained, a person is open to motivation.

A good social engineer must know how to get a person’s attention and keep it.


Most people are curious about anything new, anything out of place or strange, or anything that stands out from the background.  Many people will go out of their way to check out an object that catches their attention.

A good social engineer will use a person’s curiosity as one means of getting their attention.

Preconception and belief

A person’s prior beliefs will color any new information received by the person.

Knowing a person’s preconceptions allows us to predict, to a larger or lesser degree, a person’s behavior in reaction to an event or situation.

A good social engineer creates situations in which the subject’s behavior can be predicted.


Fear is the most powerful social motivator.  Creating fear in someone’s mind generally produces immediate results.  It is the easiest social motivator to implement.

A good social engineer discovers the things that the subject fears most and plays on those things in order to control behavior.


Lust is another powerful motivator, but its overt actions are not as immediate as actions inspired by fear.  Lust does, however, cause immediate, and hopeful, planning in the brain.

A good social engineer observes a subject’s behavior relating to sexual issues and inserts the necessary elements into the subject’s environment to assist the subject in planning to assuage lust.


No matter how much a person owns of a valuable commodity, the person generally wants more of that commodity (money, houses, cars, etc.), unless the commodity has become a financial, emotional or physical burden.

A good social engineer discovers those things that the subject deems of value and mentally assists the subject in his or her desires.

Pleasure seeking

Humans seek pleasurable situations.  Pure and simple.

A good social engineer never forgets this.


Any display of trust from a given person elicits a reciprocal sense of trust.  For example: Sharing a secret with someone is an indication of trust in that person and generally motivates the revealing of a reciprocal secret.  Asking someone to hold your money or something valuable is another indication that you trust someone and will help make the person believe that they can trust you.

Carefully listening to someone creates trust within the person doing the talking.

Being helpful to someone elicits a sense of trust within that person.

Flattery and admiration frequently elicit trust.

Smiles elicit trust.

Friendly gestures elicit trust

The more time spent with a person, the more trust is generally gained.

When trust is created, a person is open to motivation.

A good social engineer will, as the first step in contact with the subject, attempt to elicit trust.


In a choice involving no physical or emotional reward, people generally choose the most comfortable option.

Discomfort motivates action.

Fear, boredom and unrequited lust quickly create discomfort in a subject.  A good social engineer creates situations that allow the subject to escape discomfort.


Boredom attenuates fear and accentuates curiosity, greed, pleasure seeking and lust.

Boredom is fertile ground for planting new ideas (an idle mind is the Devil’s playground).

In a boring situation, attention is directed toward potential excitement.

A good social engineer will be adept at recognizing boredom.

 Adherence to moral norms

Given the desire, the right opportunity (and potential partner) and the assurance of being undetected, many men will stray.   Many women will too.

The majority of people will lie in situations in which telling the truth will negatively and severely impact their lives, providing that they believe the lie will not be caught.

Few people will outright steal.  The exceptions are items of perceived very low value (a pencil for example), items of perceived extremely high value involving no risk of detection, and thefts that can be morally justified (a bag of hundred dollar bills sitting on a sidewalk for example).

A large percentage of people will participate in financial cheating if they are dealing with a stranger, are not in the company of friends, and if fear of detection is low.  If given too much change when purchasing an item, for example, half of the people will pocket the change without alerting the sales person.

Moral justifications free people to do immoral things.

A good social engineer is aware of these things and uses the knowledge accordingly – most specifically in helping the subject to find moral justifications for actions deemed necessary to the operation.

 Adherence to social customs

In the absence of social chaos (a nuclear bomb strike, for example), civilized people will generally adhere to the day-to-day customs that make life tolerable.  For example:

An item of little value left in someone’s office, or on someone’s desk, will, generally, remain untouched and will be freely returned if the owner asks for it.

An item of clothing left on a table or the seat of a booth will generally prevent someone else from sitting at that table or booth.

Even a stranger will seldom decline a favor requiring no effort or cost.

Providing assistance to someone in obvious need will seldom be declined if the person assisting is not placed in a position of fear or discomfort.

Even a stranger who is approached in a friendly manner will generally pause what they are doing and respond to the person approaching.

A good social engineer uses social customs in all aspects of the work.


Tools of the Trade

In addition to the computer element of the network, each girl was trained in using a variety of surveillance tools:


This pen has a pinhole video camera and a microphone.  It will pickup conversations as far as 20 feet away.  It can be left on someone’s desk, in a chair. on a shelf – anywhere that is convenient.  Collecting it later is simple.  “I forgot my pen, is it still here?”

alarm clock

This travel alarm clock contains a video camera and microphone.  It can be placed beside the bed, facing the bed, and will record – in low light – everything.  The resulting videos are useful in gaining co-operation from unco-operative subjects, as well as documenting any phone calls made during the session.

car keys

This fake auto remote control contains a camera and microphone.  It can be left anywhere and will record non-stop for 24 hours.


These polarized sunglasses will record everything that the wearer looks at, with audio.  Their potential applications are obvious.  They are activated by pussing the logo on the side.  It is actually a button.

mp3 player

This MP3 player looks and acts like any MP3 player.  it has a video camera and an audio recorder.


This waterproof wristwatch contains a video camera with audio.  It is activated by a button on the side.  It will only record a total of one hour, but it is useful in recording events on boats, in water, etc.


This mini recorder will record many days of video and  audio.  I can be inserted into anything.  We purchased these recorders by the hundreds:


Here is Nicky wearing the video sunglasses and holding her two favorite items:



The second half of part two is coming.  Sorry it’s so long.


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  1. OriginalWomanIsA-BlitheringIdiot Avatar

    OriginalWoman, you are a self-righteous, snob with a massive inferiority complex.

    You also have a stunningly bigoted attitude towards women who’ve had difficult upbringings, situations and circumstances. You’d love for us to believe that the women of Belize conform to some idiotic Western fantasy of how women should be, but it doesn’t wash with reality: the Hollywood/CIA programmed feminist propaganda stereotype of the ideal women is a fraud. Many women, who are probably more capable than you or your nieces, have had to live in a totally different reality, and you do not have the right to judge them.

    Also, it is very likely that John McAffee helped these women better their situations. Who the Hell are YOU to judge them or him.

    You really need to grow out of your third-world shame-complex of being in denial of the real state of the country you left behind. Stop trying to press-mold a 1st-world mask onto the 3rd-world reality of your homeland. (Before you make a moronic accusation my way, I too originated from a 3rd-world country, so I’m quite familiar with people with your type of complex (i.e. trying to paint lipstick on a Pig).) ).

    If JM is cavorting with young women: GOOD FOR HIM! I hope he never stops if for no other reason than sticking a sharp poker into the collective eye of both hypocritical puritan conservatives and the even more hypocritical Liberal idiocracy of the US mainstream media.

    Neither should JM ever apologize for this behavior, he should realize, that in the morally upside-down American pop-culture the idea of an old Hag female bagging a 20 year old boyfriend is celebrated, yet the more evolutionarily natural scenario of an older man with with a young woman is suddenly being demonized (Unless that man happens to be a bastard Liberal insider like Hugh Hefner).

    Your hypocrisy is stunning.

  2. Jag Avatar

    SL, thanks for clarifying that. I did not follow that bath salts thread, but from the impression left by the press, I had the impression that it was not anonymous on JM’s part. Obviously that was not the case.

    Anyway, that whole issue is a joke. JM can afford any drug he wants, no reason to mess with “bath salts”.

    The part about sticking the stuff up one’s ass is especially funny, no matter what the drug was. Anyone who followed that advice had to be a real moron.

  3. Max W-F Avatar
    Max W-F

    How did you become so familiar with the concepts of social engineering? Did you undertake study/research in the area or have you simply accumulated a familiarity with it from years of experience? In particular your use of misdirection is impressive.

  4. WEB Avatar

    Thank you David. I didn’t know about the minimum number needed to search. Is there a ‘contact us’ button that might be used to ask about the missing signatures? I know it won’t make much difference at this point (unfortunately), but the principle of it …. It really does suck that we can’t get more, especially since we got in under the wire, and the criteria has now increased to 100K. There’s a petition to change that too, lmao. You have obviously tried very hard, and definitely don’t need to feel bad about anything. I’m sure John appreciates your efforts very much. 🙂

  5. Max W-F Avatar
    Max W-F

    Inspiring stuff! Keep up the good work and dont let some of these comments get to you, clearly some people are retarded.

  6. SL Avatar

    Talk about your conspiracy theories….
    I was able to get to the petition using the link. They are not searchable unless they reach a threshold of signatures.
    David, while the petition was a nice idea, it is not accurate. Belize is allegedly allowing in members of Hezbollah into the states using Belize Passports. Hezbollah is alledgedly manufacturing Ricin in Nicaragua. The Zeta cartel is alledgedly assisting them with the transportation of the ricin.
    Your petition makes it sound like the Belizians are making Ricin to poison America. You may want to edit it to reflect the facts that John has laid out.
    I do not believe that any of these petitions are being filtered out. It is a difficult process to sign one so it is quite possible that people who say they did, actually did not. I would believe that before believing that the government is somehow against petitions associated to John mcAfee… I mean Really?

  7. SL Avatar

    He did post anonymously and if you read the thread, he tried to not give away too much info so people would know who he was.
    The ONLY reason that thread is associated to John is because Jeff Wise stole information from a private site of John’s. He had used the stuffmonger moniker there so Jeff then went hunting for anything else by stuffmonger.
    Without that connection, we would not be discussing the whole bath salts thing. After all, the GSU raided John’s Orange Walk place because they suspected him of cooking Meth, not Bath Salts.

  8. Blue-er Avatar


    As per your java script errors, see this as you are not alone but just one victim of an epidimic.

    Mr. McAfee, in addition to creating/promoting natural cures, a special hobbie of mine as well, you might consider reclocating to Iceland where there is freedom of the press and more freedom to ‘create’ unhindered by statues, codes and other gatekeeper schemes that ensure that the multinational oligopolies receive no fair competition. NWO eugenics unfortunately a large part of that agenda. One the positive side, there is a mass awakening going on just in time, by design, I would suppose? Disclosure just around that corner folks!
    lOl though true.
    See ya-latA, don’t be a hade-A.
    ~Out Here~

  9. Jag Avatar

    John, You have a great sense of humour, but most people make those kind of jokes anonomously.

    You have so much confidence in yourself, that you didn’t care if they know who you are,
    I have a lot respect for that kind of humour and self respect.

    Your behavioiur corresponds to mere mischevious playfullness. And I still believe you are not involved with the death of Faul.

    My only advice, is if you are interested, is to make sure you have state certified lawyers that have a chain of custody with any surveillence evidence you have regarding the Faul case.

    If you wanted to be a real hero, you may even be able to bust the individual yourself. You may have a motivation for that since this has caused you so much trouble. Not to mention it would make a great end to the movie version 😉

  10. WEB Avatar

    good point

  11. Sandwillow Avatar

    Dateline chose to not add a lot of things.
    This murder is unlikely about the dogs. A person seeking revenge against a guy who killed their dogs would have shot the birds (in my case let them go) not Fual.

  12. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    I wondered the same thing. Other petitions I have been made aware do exist on the petition site if you have the link but do not show up in the results if you search the site. Like the petition to impeach Obama. It existed, it was well over the threshold of being searchable and still could not be searched using the we the people search engine. Even after it reached the 25,000 threshold still not searchable. I do think these petitions are being filtered out somehow. I have also had people message me saying the link was dead and messages with people saying they signed the petition and the site says “You signed this petition but their names did not show and the count stayed the same. This has been recently brought to my attention. I know my petition should not be searchable on the we the people site as it has not reached the 150 signatures. And now I’m starting to see why. For a long while I was aggressively advertising this petition on facebook and twitter and posting the link on different forums. My wife has around 3,000 facebook friends (farmville of course) and she posted to them to share, like and sign the petition. Many of them liked and shared but still we only have 12 signatures. At first I thought this was because peoples lack of willingness to go through the trouble of registering on the site to be able to sign petitions. But now I am thinking differently. I promise I did expend allot of energy into popularizing the petition to get the word out (Not really expecting a real response from the white house) in order to help educate more people on the threat. Makes me think that maybe since I linked to this blog in the petition it made it easy for them to filter out unwanted subjects. Keywords like impeachment, succession, secede, John McAfee, Alex jones probably sends them a text message soon as these words are present on their site. Only half way joking saying that really. And of course only the ones that has received public media attention ends up in the “we don’t like it but I guess it has to stay” Category. And as I was writing this I looked back at the petition to check signatures and do not see my dads signature nor my cousins which I know for sure they signed it…I guess we cannot find it strange we cannot trust our own government. — Doesn’t surprise me them being the type of people that would place a suggestion box label on an office shredder. oh well. I did try. I’m sorry it is not turning out the way I envisioned it. Seems my hands are still tied as tight as they have always been after all.

  13. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    yes, but as distributors, not producers
    However, Distribution is very important and they have international connections and access to funding
    I am sure he has chosen well. $28 mill is not for budget but there have been huge Box Office success with much smaller budgets. Roger and Me.. Supersize Me, Blair Witch

  14. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    sorry, I was trying to be brief for once. Thank you for the correction

  15. imacmungerr Avatar

    According to their IMDB they are pretty good

    Hurt Locker, the expandables, passion of christ, my big at greek wedding, just to name a few ..not bad for light weights…

  16. len Avatar
  17. len Avatar

    Another possibility is annie encountered a experimental malware warning page on trying to access this site. I think it is hosted by Dreamhost and they offer the Cloudflare service. If you try and access it from a blacklisted IP address then you may see such a page. Most likely if you were assigned a dynamic ip that was previously used by some hacker or person with infected pc.

  18. SL Avatar

    Hmmm 9mm used to shoot the ex-PMs house. Sounds like a weapon of choice.
    If you are going to quote lyrics… put them in the right order, tht stuff make my eye twitch…
    There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware

    I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

  19. Robert gemerek Avatar
    Robert gemerek

    gold, first off im 27 and I live alone and support myself. You are misinformed to put it nicely. If your going to insult someone, u shld have the balls to use your real name. All I want is an autograph, I see nothing crazy about that.

  20. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    gold, i dont know where you get your info but im 27 and live alone and support myself. my shit is completly together… sound misinformed to put it nicely.

  21. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    I certainly understand your distrust of mainstream media, and you have shown us brilliently that they are not to be trusted..
    But even the less mainstream, as Wired and Vice have also betrayed you .. People that you invited into your life, confidence and most tender secrets. Hopefully you have entrusted wisely with the movie and book team. You will know soon, before you give them your all.

  22. Connie Avatar


    Thanks for clearing this up for me. I stand corrected. Sorry for the accusation.

  23. Mark_13 Avatar

    OK, sorry. Please get a grip. I personally haven’t made it easy for you I guess, alternatively supporting then attacking you. I assume you actually saw the exerpts I’m referring to, in Part 7 of it, and the Dateline narration of it. Even with knowledge of the Bluelight thread — and I did look at every page, didn’t read every page, and I understand you did mock ups and everything — that portion of the Dateline episode still seemed very damning, so that’s why I asked about it. Now I really will leave you alone. My only question is, in retrospect was this funny joke worth it in the end? If you had to do it all over, would you do it again?

  24. WEB Avatar

    My favorite part from the link you posted:
    ‘ Has the security software guru become a gun-toting, paranoid killer who says strange things and bends reality? Is he a genius that has just saved America, while exposing one of the biggest scandals of all time? Or, has he just acted out the greatest mindfuck of all time?’
    lmao 😉

  25. SL Avatar

    When I was 12, I was going to make my own invention..all the spices as one “all spice”. I poured a bunch of them together and kept them in packets, labeling them like a good little scientist. I told everyone not to eat them since I did not know if they were ok to consume.
    Woul you think I was some kind of drug cook?
    Oh yeah and I use to do weird things with my chemistry set stuff, I was a very curious person. I also once had a baggie of oregano that I told people was marijuana so I would seem cool. You have made no point and the whole bluelight thing is a red herring.

  26. John McAfee Avatar

    The joke was not a public joke. It was intended for, and posted on, Bluelight – the world’s largest drug forum, and populated by the world’s most serious druggies. No non-drugged up person would be on Bluelight to read it if not for the press. If you have a problem with me playing a joke on drugged out tweakers, then so be it. I do not have such a problem.

  27. John McAfee Avatar

    Jesus!!! read the Bluelight post!!!! There were hundreds of photos I posted of the “impossible” process. Where was I going to get the photos????? I did them myself. Amy helped me. There were brown substances, white substances, clear substances, cloudy substances. Burnt baking soda – Acetone and sugar from the lab – dozens of substances to make it look real. Amy is bright but clueless. I always told her the stuff was poison (most probably was) and not to put them in her mouth (which she did with almost everything – like a two year old). How can you talk about something (Bluelight) when you have never read the full posting on Bluelight (400 pages)? If you want to post any more negative stuff about something you have never read, seen, or know nothing about, then at least read it first.

    So no, I have nothing more to add. There is nothing to add, and there is not now, nor has there ever been, a discrepancy.

  28. Mark_13 Avatar

    Now I lied, because I said I wouldn’t post again. But I said that because I assumed you would truly be undone by these detailed admissions on camera by Amy about you making this substance. And I assumed that now you really were in hot water, as to your fundamental credibility, and I just wanted to assure you that I for one wasn’t throwing everything out. And I was leaving to avoid witnessing the bloodshed on here.

    But you’re brushing it off as if its nothing? I don’t understand that. I understood perfectly well your detailed explanation previously that it was a hoax. I bought that it was a hoax. But please explain how these admissions now by Amy do not clearly implicate you, and establish that it was *not* a hoax. Are you saying that it was purely an editing job by Dateline, to make it sound the way it does?

  29. SL Avatar

    @len, I bet you rad the last chapter of the book first, or maybe the cliffs notes?
    * You would make a terrible confidante, doyou fnd that people don’t share secrets eith you? this is probably why. People who d this have the need to portray their own self importance.
    Micro-SD cards typically come packaged inside SD card shells, because of theor sze and so that they can be used as either.
    It may look out of place in a hotel room but not a women’s bedroom. Also, don’t you take your own clock when you travel, I do.
    I am unfamiliar with the preformance specs of these devices but I do nknow you can alter them in many mways including providing n external power source and storage location.
    It is quite possible these photos are staged representations. That does not make the story more or less credible. Perhaps John did not photograph all the devices at the time and now to aid his story he is showing a facsimile. You will belive or not believe what you want.
    Curiosity is good, however more evidence is required before we suddenly yell Hoax.

  30. SL Avatar

    It sounds like they will do your story well, unlike wannabe Josh Davis who is still trying to prove himself, still trying to make a name for himself. He must have been quite envious of you John, you who possess all that Josh woul like to have.

  31. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Meanwhile…back to Belizeit

    “Somethings Happening Here”
    we better stop , hey, whats that sound
    Everybody look whats goin down
    What it is ain’t exactly clear.

  32. WEB Avatar

    now that’s some scary shit.

  33. SL Avatar

    I’m thinking he may mean the analytics stuff which is present just about everywhere., If you are that paranoid dude, use Tor. Otherwise… what is your real motive> Do you wish to discredit r. mcAfee?

  34. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    what was I “thinking” , of course you Knew what you wanted
    Sorry for my rush to judgment

  35. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Unknowingly you could have installed adware or spyware programs on your system in these ways:
    By visiting some websites and clicking on a link to a page that contains adware or spyware programs
    opps! we are busted!

  36. John McAfee Avatar

    As I distrust the mainstream media, I also mistrust established studios. A strong independent studio is what I wanted.

  37. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    I stand corrected … again
    I did more research and Impact Future Media has done some interesting Documentaries
    The front photo of McAfee, eye emerging from the shadows, is the best yet . Once again
    Things are not Always as they Appear to Be
    They may be even better suited to tell the real story than Oliver Stone or Sean Penn.
    McAfee does has his own Way with Things, and with Words, and how he gets mission accomplished. Who are we to Say? He might just pull this caper off. Stay tuned

  38. Gold Avatar

    First off, Robert Gemerek you are 28 and live with your father. Worry about getting your own personal sh*t together. You sound like a nut. John, keep on keeping on. The story so far is great, and I’d say you are certainly winning, in the short term anyway.

  39. John McAfee Avatar

    I know now that other dogs (other than mine) were poisoned the same night mine were poisoned. I know that one of the poisoned dogs’ owners left the country the day after Faul’s murder. Greg’s property manager knows who it is and the full story. All the neighbors know this. The police know this. Yet no-one has contacted him, mentioned his name, or asked him any questions. This is an easy claim to check out. Greg’s property manager was interviewed on dateline but if he mentioned anything Dateline chose not to air it.

  40. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    I stand corrected sir, as I said I am no techie

  41. John McAfee Avatar

    I am too old to start an AV company.

  42. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Well done Original Woman.. You Rock!

  43. John McAfee Avatar

    I allowed Len’s comment because he is correct about the exif data. But the data is meaningless.

  44. John McAfee Avatar

    I have explained the Bluelight thread in great detail earlier in the blog. Amy even helped me with the hoax. Go back and re-read the post.

  45. John McAfee Avatar

    You are confusing Amy-1 With Amy-2. The Dateline interview was done months ago.

  46. John McAfee Avatar

    There is nothing here that is spying on people.

  47. Ricban Matthews Avatar
    Ricban Matthews

    Johns house on Ambergris Caye is up for sale for 1,2 Million by the local Remax.

  48. WEB Avatar

    David, I wondered if you have tried to locate the petition without the link? On site I attempted to find Belize and Ricin both, and no petition pops up for either of those searches. I thought that was odd, as I could easily find many other petitions by searching just a word. New to the site I’m not aware of any restrictions that might be imposed on a search, ( even though there should be none ).
    Why would zero results come up for an existing petition? Going even further, why did I not see the petition at all when I scrolled through all 276 they say exist. This is extremely suspect.
    If I have somehow screwed up, and you are able to locate it with a search, please let me know.
    But I wonder…..what possible reason could there be to censor this petition from the general public?

  49. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered
    Hollywood Reporter
    Equinoxe Films , To produce “Running in the Background ” movie about McAfee from childhood to present. Equinoxe is a
    Montreal production and primarily a distribution company.
    Their past projects are not very impressive, never heard of any of the films they produced .
    I am told by friends in the film industry that these guys are real light weights . So much for our Oliver Stone, Johnny Depp fantasies .. Possible but not probable .

  50. Sandwillow Avatar

    @Connie and Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered:
    Interesting observations.
    I started reading this because of the dogs story. Then became a bit confused by the young women, then baffled by the police in Belize, shocked by the ricin and terrorist story and agahst over the devices that could so easily destroy my privacy.
    Now , I wonder about myself, why am I still interested?
    I think John Mcafee is a pied piper and I’m just worried if I’m one of the rats.

  51. jerome Avatar

    Hi, just wondering where i can order some of the devices you show us in that post ?

    Keep it up !


  52. annie Avatar

    Mr. McAfee,

    Is it a habit of yours to snoop on everyone coming to this site, or is this another paranoia element – in case most people dont know this yet, I see that you employ a java spy when people visit your site. I can also imagine how cooly you will respond to this comment.

  53. Gaby Avatar

    Amy seems to be quite relaxed at your beach home. Isn’t she in Honduras or was this interview well before she ran? She is not protecting you with comments about your drugs, changing the story of where she was, ect.

    Also, how will the US give a Visa to someone who has, at least three times(twice to you) and once in prison with sissors, atempted murder?

    The Belizian police have questioned her? She has the motive, the ability,the courage, and the mentality to have expressed her revenge for the actions of Mr. Faull. It was her favorite dog,that was poisoned by Gregory Faull and everyone on the island, it appears, knew it was him. He bragged about it and they found the poison in his home. Poison tortillas. It was a 9 mm, Amy’s favorite gun. Any other country, perhaps outside the thrid world, would have put this together and at least made her a person of interest.

    I know that you wish to distance yourself from this murder but it will be a futile task. If the murder had not happened, you would not have the publicity that you now have. Your fame has come as a fuguitive from justice, not necessarily from political persecution. While the press is not always right, this is reason they have followed you. They have given little creedance to your flight from a corrupt government..they chalk that up to crazy time and time again, and I have read most of the articles (most are just parroting another with a little barb or opinion throw in)

    We who have followed you and supported you from the inception, wish you well but are becoming disillusioned by all the inconsistancies of your statements and your explainations to explain them. The question is, are you playing another Bluelight game, this time with another social medium?

    I speak for only myself, perhaps the others feel otherwise. I still wish you well but implore you to reread your blog carefully before posting, listen again to your past interviews, reread the articles where you have been quoted and present the information in a more straight forward and consistent way. The general public is not as gullible as you think. Even if we do not know you, you have put your life up front and center for all to see, the emperor’s robe, so to speak. When you you do this, you let us in for exploration, curiosity and unfortunately, like all human nature, at the end, judgement and critique.

  54. OriginalWoman Avatar

    It was stated on Dateline that the “age of consent” is 16 years old in Belize and that is untrue. Yes, there are “girlls” who would “consent” to you or any other man, if the price was right. They live in ALL parts of the world, even here in America. I have two neices living in Belize, both are graduates from the University of Belize a.nd pursuing their Masters degree. They are not the excecxception, just visit the University, if you ever get the chance to go to Belize again. You will see many young girls, preparing for their future there. The people you surrounded yourself with in Belize are “streetwise” and you are exposing them as if their lives were so horrible and you became their savior in so many ways. I doubt that any of them even finishef high school. They come from poverty and are the kind who would definitely “consent” to you, because you are their ticket out of poverty. You are making it seem as if, all Belizeans condone the kind of lifestyle, you ourself lived and experience. But yoi chose people who have a lot of problems

  55. Fiona Avatar

    Dateline did definitely not shine a positive light on JM. More harmful than helpful for him.

    And Josh Davis acts and looks like the type of guy people made fun of at highschool. JM really does give the strangest people the time of day – Amy comes to mind as well. The interview just underlined my opinion of her – streetsmart and apparently proud of her badassness. There are plenty of those chicks around in not-so-nice Hispanic neighborhoods in Texas for instance. No need to bring in more, just hang out in “bad neighborhoods”, John, plenty of Amys there :-O.

  56. Padraig Avatar

    Awesome! McAfee movie in development:

  57. Dave Avatar

    Noooo Vigo mortesen is the man to play this role He would to justice to johns persona See him in the movie History of Violence

  58. Iken Avatar

    Did someone slip him some scopolamine?

  59. Jag Avatar

    As I remember, John was replying to a question from the interviewer that , paraphrased is “.. so half the people on the blog think you are crazy..”
    He was responding regarding the negative feedback, not towards the people who support him. At least that was my impression.

  60. Jag Avatar

    John, are you working on starting any new anti-virus companies? Mcafee A/V is completely screwed up since you sold it.

    Mcafee and Symantic are way over bloated and too invasive these days.
    There is an opportunity for a credible A/V product to take that market over.

  61. Mark_13 Avatar

    No, you need to watch it again.

  62. Mark_13 Avatar

    I really wish you well dude. You’re a good guy. That’s probably all from me for a while.

  63. Jag Avatar

    When is the 2nd half of part 2 coming again?

    With all that surveillance activity, you still don’t know anything about the Faul murder? Would that not concern you since that’s the whole reason you fled the country and caused you all this trouble in the first place?

  64. Mark_13 Avatar

    So Amy says you made a brownish powdery substance that you put in little packets and they were left around, except you told her don’t take them, and she says you seemed serious about the chemistry you were doing, and she remembers you reporting about it on bluelight. Care to comment? No one seems to be talking about this. How could it hurt to just go ahead and level with everyone about this. I guess they may quit believing you that the Belizean government is corrupt to the hilt but anyone that matters probably still does.

  65. Ole Avatar

    Mac I ain’t no stranger and I won’t be approaching you in the street but I can dust you off if you decide to get back in them funny looking planes. I can teach you a thing or two you don’t know yet too.

  66. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    I am no techie so can not substantiate the claim by Len 1/19 , that the photos taken of Nikki for JM ‘s this last post were taken 1/16-17 , long after he left Belize. It might not really matter, it doesn’t mean that the evil deeds were not done while in Belize and this is just a redo photo opportunity .
    The more interesting question is why JM allowed , cleared Lens claims on the blog/ comments… It might have outed him …but it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been outed by observant eyes and ears on this blog and elsewhere…It’s part of the mystery to behold and truth in lies and lies in truth …

  67. SL Avatar

    Joh Davis is not a jrnalist and to delve into the real story of corruption and intimidation was too “hard” instead he stuck with the personality piece.

    In Dateline he said he pulle dit 5 times, then one more, then shot the ground.
    In the eBoolk he claims he shot it 5 times then many times then later, shot the ground.
    The point of the excercidse was lost on dateline. It was not, hey look what a badass I am”, the point was, you ahave a perception of reality tht is flawed, let me demostrate.

    That behavior is dramatic but not unhinged.

    I’m glad Joh Davis cut his hair. He looks less slimy. he is stil not a journalist. John manipulated him an he is too stupid to notice.

  68. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    With respect , Connie ( I always enjoy your insightful posts)
    ” those of us who believe him”
    That may be a slippery slope
    I personally don’t believe a word he says, I question it all .. He is a trickster and a prankster, above all . Things are not always as they appear to be, there is Truth in Lies and Lies in Truth… Maybe that is the point he is making ?
    Question everything… truth can be an arbitrary experience , and we can only be true to ourselves . I might be wrong, but he is not asking us to Love him or hate him, or even to believe him … it matters not. He is just telling the story…in his own words, in his life and times.
    Is it a fiction piece, autobiographical or just passive entertainment ? And will we ever really know ? Possible, but not probable

  69. WEB Avatar

    lol…Did you get a different Dateline in France? 😉 I just watched it again, and Davis does say he pulled the trigger five times…..but then he says John pulled a sixth time, and JD said ‘oh, its a trick’, JM said ‘no, maybe your perception is wrong’, then opened the door and fired a seventh time, where a bullet went into the sand.

  70. SL Avatar

    This is a good article, thank you WEB. It kind of flies in the face of Gregory Faull’s father claiming that Belize had a low crime rate and that was one reason he wanted to retire there.
    I believe that many of the ex-pats interviewed said the things they did because either they are naive and live in an ex-pat bubble or they don’t want to admit how bad stuff is and therefore risk revenue to their businesses.
    When considering this story, you need to take into account where it happened. It was not some gated community in the Midwest.

  71. WEB Avatar

    Thank you Noneya, I always appreciate the posts of Belizeans…..they remind me how little I know about your reality. 🙂

  72. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    He does have a valid point , Connie
    I question myself why I participate in the mystery unfolding and spend my time exploring Who is John McAfee? The better quest is to discover Who Am I ? and why do I give. F?!$& who is john mcAfee
    That is why I am Bewitched bothered and bewildered … Still answering that question but in the meantime, it’s an interesting read

  73. Schadenfreude Avatar

    same thing happened to my pharmacist, but in Atlanta

  74. Schadenfreude Avatar

    watch it again

  75. John McAfee Avatar

    I was talking about the strangers who approach me in the street.

  76. Connie Avatar

    This is the second time that JM has said something negative about those of us that believe him. In Miami he was quoted as saying something about us living our lives through him and then on dateline he mentioned that 1/2 of us “love him” and that we were basically crazy because we haven’t ever met him. Just because I support most of what you say doesn’t mean that I love you.

  77. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    Enjoyed reading this post

  78. ger Avatar

    Yeah, Charlie Rose – I agree with BBB – Bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

    Iffa you liv in Seine Bight – with the Garifuna – one knows bewitched bothered and bewildered

  79. SL Avatar

    Labels are for people with no imagination.
    One can not fit another person into a neat little box and say you are that.
    That website describes just about every successfuol American Bisinessman in one way of another.
    That description does not substantiate murder though we know many sociopaths are guilty of murder, some of them many.

  80. OriginalWoman Avatar

    What is obvious is that there seems to be different accounts of Amy & Sam s whereabouts the day and night of Faul s murder, depending on who you ask.

  81. Todd Johnson Avatar
    Todd Johnson


    My fiancé and I fully support your mission to find out the truth and we both feel the government did mistreat you all the way. You truly are a man of your word and always do what you say your going to do. We wish we could shake your hand in person, but don’t think your planning a visit to cold Michigan anytime soon. Good luck on your pursuit for justice and peace.

    God Bless.
    Todd and Krista Johnson

  82. Gaby Avatar

    @len….Sometimes the date that shows up on a photo is when it was last modified and not when it was originally taken. I think this must be the case here since, as you may have noticed, this post was posted on January 17. He may have dated the blog on the 17th and published it actually on the 18th. He mentioned that these officials reguarly traveled to Miami. It makes since that he would have planted some there as well. As I am not familiar with all the other equipment, I have no comment on that.

  83. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    i emailed chad like you said, thank you for being kind enough to agree to my request for an autograph. also, whats with this aculpoco kev person? i noticed he seems to be out to get you….has he ever worked for you? do you even know him? this story still has so many mysterious aspects…before you die you should write a first hand, completly raw and uncensored account of your life….the good, the bad, and the ugly….after your dead nothing really matters anyway unless your concerned with your legacy but still i think if you wrote a hunter s. thompson like story of your craziest times, im sure it would be a hell of a story. it must be nice to be as old as you are and still have so much to do and be getting so much attention. if you wanna be the coolest dude ever you could autograph a bag of bath salts or something from belize…..i dont ever plan on selling it, i just want to be able to say i have some unique piece of your life….you would really blow my mind if you sent me some tan mkpv or the recipe……i would never tell anyone, it would be our secret. just sayin……also from what ive read it sounds like greg faull admitted he poisioned your dogs……honestly the guy looked like an asshole and probably was.

  84. Isibella Antionette Avatar
    Isibella Antionette

    Hey John I think all your girls seem lovely ^^ I hope that your able to get the VISA stuff sorted out for some of them. Your pretty much living a James Bond-Esque lifestyle ;p Spy girls are hot, but cute spy girls who know how use guns and have plush animals are hotter. Just stay safe, ok? Isi x

  85. Gaby Avatar

    @Mark_13. watch again. He said he pulled the trigger five times.

  86. WEB Avatar

    Nice 🙂

  87. WEB Avatar

    Wow, talk about not understanding the message. I was talking about perception….Perception is reality.
    I have been very vocal about John’s innocence in the murder. Multiple times I have posted this. After John’s reply I tried to post a response, but it is still sitting there, from 433 pm yesterday where I guess it will stay.
    None of these omissions have changed my opinion of John, but I wasn’t talking about me. The rumblings about the discrepancies were a good example of “perception is reality” that’s it. Man, talk about jumpin’ somebody’s shit….LOL

  88. Casanova Avatar

    I’m guessing Belize has little interest in solving the Faull murder. How much money would that bring in? Seeing that the drugs and terrorists flow freely is where the money is.

    /armchair cop

  89. Schadenfreude Avatar

    If only!
    (good post.)

  90. ricardo Avatar

    I once had a friend in Belize who spent some times in mexican jail in Chetumal for smuggling indians in the back of his van. During 2 years he sold vegetables in the prison yard. Finally they threw him out of prison. By the time he came back to Belize city his buisiness partners had left the country with all his company assets.

  91. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Synopsis of the Matrix: Thomas A. Anderson is a man living two lives. By day he is an average computer programmer and by night a hacker known as Neo. Neo has always questioned his reality, but the truth is far beyond his imagination. Neo finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus, a legendary computer hacker branded a terrorist by the government. He owns a nightclub named Club Hel, as a reference to the Nordic guardian of the afterlife, Hel.( McAfee Club 54)
    The Merovingian provides a safe-haven for exiled or obsolete programs in the Matrix, as an alternative to deletion.
    There is not much revealed about the Merovingian’s origin, but from what both he and theOracle say, he was a program made to regulate behavior amongst the “Bluepills” and report back with results. ( mmm social engineering?)He is seen as a hero to exiled programs and as an impulsive and selfish opportunist to others. ( the duality that we see) He is disillusioned by the idea of choice amongst humans, and, in a speech to Neo, Trinity and Morpheus, he relates that everything occurs due to cause and effect, and that there is no such thing as choice.
    Interesting analogy , Elcenobita…
    My guess is that the Matrix is one of McAfee’s favorite movies

  92. Jag Avatar

    John, you should do an interview with Barbara Walters or Opra. Either of those two would give you the chance to tell the real story without sensationalizing.

    Dateline definitely left viewers with the impression that you could be guilty of murder even though it was with inuendos and not any real proof of any kind.
    The Belize police have an obligation to investigate the murder and not just drop the case because they can’t detain you. From what I am gathering, if it wasn’t you, it was an iinsider of the Belize authorites that commited the murder, and that’s why they are not pursuing the case with
    you gone.

    The Belize are not even pursuing a charge against John because they don’t have any evidence. And at this point, even if they did file charges, it would have to be pretty convincing proof to grant an arrest warrant or an extradition order. It would cost the Belize millions of dollars in legal fees as John’s lawyers would challenge it for months if not years.

    John, so what is your theory about the murder? Or do you not care anymore? I personally, give you the benefit of the doubt that you are innocent because so far I have not seen any proof that you are guilty in any way.

  93. Mark_13 Avatar

    More random comments on Dateline:

    Its a kind of a hit job, although ultimately not real effective, pulling its punches, its half-hearted sensationalistic intentions kind of transparent. There is deference shown to Belizean officials who understand that, and are all on their best behavior. No attempt to dig deeper with them. Everyone except John is portrayed as reasonable.

    Shots of Apocalypse Now???? Is this a joke?

    Morrison: “Searching for a renegade genius who’d somehow slipped societies bonds and become a law unto himself.”

    Wow, The Belizean Gang Suppression Unit is now “society”? When did the instinct of the media become to automatically kiss up to any borderline authority figure.

    Amy describing you making a brown powdery substances that you direct her never to sample?????

    (Although I guess it could have been some random chemical you were using just to photograph and so naturally no one should sample.)

    earlier impressions of mine from the episode:

    Faull was killed less than six months after arriving? Did I get that right? Its interesting that as an absolute newcomer, he immediately started throwing his weight around with McAfee as far as his loud and repeated complaints about the dogs (even though he lived 300 yards away?)

    Also, everyone said that Faull was a heavy drinker, so McAfee got that right.

    And finally the report tells us that McAfee’s response to the complaints about the dogs was to build a higher fence and start tazing some of the dogs that misbehaved. This shows obviously that he was a responsible and conscientious member of that community.

  94. Mark_13 Avatar

    John – had only watched the second half of the dateline before my comments yesterday. Watching it now online, so wanted to make some general random comments regarding it. (probably followed by others later.) Don’t have to print this necessarily. Just wanted you to know I’m still on your side.:

    Josh Davis – “The Jungle infected McAfee like a virus”. Wow that sounds really objective and journalistic.

    Don’t understand how the report could describe and acknowledge a brutal raid on your compound and then just abruptly drop the subject and switch to interviews of Josh Davis calling you paranoid.

    Josh Davis give the account of “Russian Roulette” to ostensibly show you’re unhinged, but acknowledged it was a trick, because he says you pull the trigger six times and nothing happened (and then a shot on the 7th round.)

    This report in the end is just sort of dopey sensationalism, using the impressionable, wet-behind-the-ears, Josh Davis as their source

    Josh Davis doesn’t even have a coherent story. He doesn’t even actually have any story. All he has is a series of disjointed semi-sensational anecdotes, some of them he himself implicitly acknowledges were practical jokes on him by McAfee.

    Some shots of Amy she’s really lovely. Others kind of chunky.

  95. Noneya Avatar

    You clearly know nothing about this third world country! There are stray dogs roaming the entire country and especially this island! The local government regularly – yes, regularly – poisons the dogs.

    This country doesn’t care what you think is propery or neighborly behavior. If that is your expectation – stay home.

    Home breakins occur daily! Yes, daily. That is why there are so many dogs. The native Belizeans have dogs, but they are not treated as pets. They are not spayed/neutered; they are not vaccinated; if there is a choice of feeding their family or feeding their dogs, the family is fed. That is the reason they are called “potlickers”.

    John rescued all of these dogs and gave them a better life than they would have otherwise had. They weren’t raised from pups and trained. You want the dogs barking at strangers!

    I’d say it is admirable that John believes that Greg F didn’t poison his dogs, that Greg F is an animal lover. Now there is clear evidence that Greg did poison the dogs. So what. That is probably the only evidenced that was collected at the crime scene and, guess what. It was discovered by the Property Managers! The police in the entire country are not trained and are not equipped to do any kind of forensic testing. It’s laughable if you even ask what the police have discovered! They haul the dead bodies out of the house, usually in a bed sheet, and toss it in the back of a pickup truck with about 5 policemen and all of the contaminants on their boots, already in the truck bed, and probably leftovers from the prior dead body.

    This is the facts of the case. Period.

  96. SL Avatar

    That Dr Adonizio had rented the house had been uncovered months ago.
    The media can twist things all they want. People can trust in John’s version of events or not. Anything John says would not really make a difference.
    Why does John selling his things have any bearing on any of this? He is within hi rights to sell things he no longer needs and since he will not be going back to Belize, should he have just left it all and not tried to recoup his losses? Does that make him seem more innocent to you?
    People will believe what they want. It has been my experience in life that a single fact can be used to bot prove and disprove a theory. The rest is just noise.

  97. DB Avatar

    As John pointed out in the interview, primarily what the media sells is sensationalism. For some reason, the majority of the media would rather focus on John being a crazy. drugged up, paranoid millionaire, who probably committed a murder and got away with it, than focus on the sensational corruption in Belize, of which he was the target. There would plenty for them to report, if they chose to do real investigative reporting. It didn’t help that Josh Davis contributed his small bit to the program. We all feel for the Faul family, that part of the program was disturbing. The police never did a real investigation, it was all focused on John, either because they do not have the training and capability to investigate, or that they were involved, or they believe it was John. We all have our own opinion on which it could be. Why would John, who has reached safety in the US, with authorities in Belize stating that they would not file for extradition, continue to grant interviews, especially when the media continues this negative portrayal of him. Ego? Maybe, or just maybe he is truly attempting to reveal to the world the injustice to be found in Belize. All he can do is tell us his side of the story, provide documentation, and then leave it up to us to decide. As far as I know, he has not offered up kool aid to anyone, which leaves us free to form our own opinion. He still has more information forthcoming, so maybe we should practice some patience, and wait for the conclusion.

  98. Joe Kazmierski Avatar
    Joe Kazmierski

    John, buddy – one of your recent youtube videos has um, 169 Views. Let me repeat 169 views. I’m laughing at your joke but you failed to anticipate something you can’t control. Me. I’ve having as much fun as you are bud – keep up the medium work.
    You know whom

  99. NorthernBelize Avatar

    Hi John,

    I had originally been following you regarding . I know you came close to developing some good natural antibiotics esp for
    Helicobacter pylori . I know many people haven’t realized what you where developing and the good it would have been for the human race. I personally have been interested in natural medicine and cures and was told that this bacteria has been mutating and is the cause of most cancers. Have you taken in consideration that big pharma was out to stop your work? I am still interested in these natural medecines and would like to know when they would become available and if when will they be in belize sine im currently living here. I hope that you can continue your work and that maybe after government changes you can come back and continue. Im pretty sure the UDP government will not be in power in the next couple of years. I do hope you can communicate with people of the PUP even though you don’t know play politics maybe they can help you come back and work on those natural antibiotics for the sake of the human race.

  100. Sharleen Avatar

    Connie, if I ever get into a crazy type of situation “inna foreign” .. I hope and pray that I have a friend like you are to Mr. McAfee.

  101. Blue Avatar

    The security technology I listed above was a more appropriate solution to the ‘too many dogs’ issue of which I could understand both sides. Mr. McAfee took in stray dogs he had felt a connection to and his heart was struck with ‘attack’ when the dogs became an issue.

    I will continue to support Mr. McAfee in the journey one day at a time as we create reality… day at a time. Let us be the archetecture of life than that of death and destruction.
    L8ter folks.

    and so on…..

  102. Blue Avatar


    Hahah, good one!
    Staying tUned.

  103. SPmQQse Avatar

    when you live there…as i do…. you know that every body has dogs…and everybody hates them barking… …it’s accepted there…!!
    we all dislike the dogs that are within a 1/4 mile away.
    at least when they bark at know it’s not your house that is being thieved…!!!

  104. Blue Avatar

    I haven’t posted in a while though have read every word since the blogs inception.

    I’m currently watching the NBC Dateline coverage of the saga in motion. Much truth will come to fruition from all of the drama. Creativity is a wonderful thing when used responsibly and for the benefit of mankind. Ricin, another dominoe that doesn’t have to fall in line if consciently and responsibly ‘prevented’ from be-ing.

    One thing that could have been done to prevent the tragedy to have been exploited for what it was, is to have installed a laser light security system with motion detecting cameras wirelessly emitting the video data streams to a DVR (digital video recorder) that is programmed to zero out the video data automically via datascript once a week to clean up the diskspace. I writing this out so folks can understand…..that this technology is easy to set up and very inexpensive to install and manage today. This spring the US dollar could very collapse/reset due to various ‘constraints’ on da systhim causing martil law/pOlice state to fall to your nearside.

    I’m starting to ramble…..

  105. SPmQQse Avatar

    i believe they rtied to kill me too…
    2 raids on my house… then 42% of my upper scull smashed in/left for dead….and house break in..everything of value gone…
    and they know nothing….hahahhaa

  106. WEB Avatar

    CW, I pulled this off the Ambergris Caye Forum. It actually sent shivers down my spine.
    ***People, please do not loose site of one of the root causes of what has happened here.
    He failed to prevent his dogs from biting people on several occasions.
    He is an irresponsible dog owner.
    He failed to respect his neighbours reasonable wishes, which was for him to control his dogs. THESE ARE FACTS
    Stuff like this always ends badly.

    Edited by Safecracker (11/21/12 03:11 AM)
    “Life goes on despite others attempts to ruin it”***

  107. OzKiwi Avatar

    You would not have a story if there was not a murder.

  108. Sandwillow Avatar

    I think it should be Leonard Nimoy.
    Live long and prosper.

  109. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    the person to talk with is Charlie Rose, trust me on this….in its own time

  110. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    What will be “Who is McAfee’s” next Win?
    Will the Big Win be Revenge ? a Revolution in Belize and full disclosure of the Powers that Be?
    Is it the Primal Jungle Wars, A pissing contest . the biggest and baddest dick in the land claiming territory… winning it all , be it property, money, girls or narcissistic attention

    Will it Be ? A Harem of young Nasty Girls: Bitch Dogs who Bite Cooperativo all living happily ever after in a condo in Portland ?
    (and even if the Nasty Girl Cooperativo and Visas does not work out
    there will always be a gaggle of girls that surround him,they cant help themselves… like flies on dung,like a moth to a flame, like fireflies toward the light .
    His looks and charm not withstanding, money and sex is his game, his bait and his curse.

    Will it Be? Financial gain from books and movies. Why not? it is his life and times that seems to have some commercial value and interest

    Will it Be? classic Sociopathic Behavior:
    (Did you know if you google Sociopath, the first thing that comes up is an article and blog written by a… McAfee
    I’m not saying it is “Who is John McAfee” who wrote it , it does not identify the author other than the name , McAfee, but it is the most comprehensive article of sociopathic behavior that I have ever seen and certainly some traits could apply co psychologist and no special expertise in the subject. I

    Or could it possibly be ? A win for McAfee has a more simple intent …
    to Illuminate the Truth of It, No matter what the cost and personal exposure, without shame or embarrassment or another thought. To Show us what is Real. He has illustrated that to us thru the exposure of the main stream media and their mis-reporting, mis-information and true intentions.
    He exposed that Paradise and the perfect Life is not all that it Appears to Be, nor is Government , a Belizian passport, sunglasses, a key chain , an iPod, bath salts, castor plants, a body double, social engineering , the “Girls” , a disguise.. or even…
    Love and Beauty …as we know it .

    We will never know his true intent… nor may He …but somehow I think he knows himself pretty well when he is being True to Himself. Im going to give him the benefit of the doubt for now , and even if all the above is true, Sociopath, opportunist, pedophile, Bonkers Bath Salt Junkie… so could it also be true that he is asking us to remove the veil and see the true circumstances of our own Lives.. and ask Who Am I?
    “Who is John McAfee” is not a question we can answer…not ever.

  111. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    And to touch on one comment made. I have made very extensive attempts at popularizing the petition. I have posted it on facebook, Twitter and have had many many people share it but not many people actually sign it. I do believe johns claims but I think it just doesn’t peak peoples interest because it sounds far fetched. Often things do until something happens. I do appreciate all of john results from his work though his intentions were revenge the results have the potential of saving lives. I do think his wish is more for the people involved to be caught to punish them rather than they be caught to save lives. But many important discoveries were made in this world as a side effect of another investigation. I did get upset that he Sid not thank me or sign the petition but I do understand now why. Like another stated he does not need to attach his name to it just in case something happens. Like the creator of the petition going off loosing credibility like I did in an earlier post . So I hope john keeps going at these people to achieve his revenge and hopefully a side effect of his revenge be saving the lives of many and creating a less corrupt Belize for the locals to live with a bit more piece of mind.

  112. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    The person who should play McAfee in the movie matthew mcconaughey . “Alright alright alriiight”

  113. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    Last night I watched An evening of television circle jerking.
    Lance Armstrong/Oprah
    Charlie Sheen/Pierce Morgan
    Jerk off’s jerking off, for all the world to see
    Wanker Testosterone Wars …and we…their voyeur audience watching their peacock narcissistic display like a “ flasher” in a cellophane rain coat .
    The common thread of all it ..Testosterone Gone Mad. Narcissistic, sociopathic disorder on display and in full regalia
    As a friend said: “t Makes me think of a guys who have a great boat on a great ocean, and just insists on standing up naked and making a speech to all them waves.”

    So What is the commonality in the humanness or human frailty that they share? What is their Ultimate High?
    The Ultimate Win ning?
    Lance: Win….ning the Race , at all costs, whatever the price
    Charlie : sex , drugs and rock and roll prostitute style … Winning
    Mcafee: sex, drugs, rock and roll prostitute style and the Win ning…

    So, What is Win ning? for “Who is McAfee”
    First Win , done….Elvis has left the building and he is long gone from Belize
    (There is no such thing as a “safe place “ in life, but Portland may well be “safer” than Belize in his present life circumstance)

    Second Win, done…All Eyes are upon him, for the Good and for the Bad

    But with any addiction, a high or win is never satisfying, it keeps escalating and makes you “fiend” and crave for the next Big Win and adrenaline rush.
    What will be “Who is McAfee’s” next Win?

  114. WEB Avatar

    I’ve not thought you committed murder since about the second day of your blog, and have been pretty vocal about that. My point was perception, John. I can fully appreciate that the story you are presenting is not about GF, and as always, I look forward to more. If it was misunderstood, you have my apologies. 🙂

  115. John McAfee Avatar

    I didn’t mention it because it had nothing to do with my story. My story has little or nothing to do with Mr. Faul. You want it to be about the Murder. The media makes it about the murder. That is your issue and their issue. It is not mine. Your free to talk about Mr. Faul on this blog if you so choose, but I have no obligation to you or anyone to include information to make people aware that I know nothing about Faul or what happened. Your belief in my innocence or guilt s your concern. The police know I did not do it. That is all that matters to me.

  116. Name ..jaybird. Avatar

    Charlie Rose or Piers Morgan interview seems to be a long shot, now that you have
    openly expressed your disdain for the media.
    Dateline did you no favors in that piece.
    Bloomberg West seems the most positive,
    Your control of the media and network commander is your true calling.
    Waiting to hear an Aaron Swartz tale.

  117. SL Avatar

    Dateline didn’t “dih this up” it was mentioned in one of the earlier pieces abour John and Faull.

  118. WEB Avatar

    That may be true, but omitting that before makes it a stretch for some to believe now. It’s one of those details that should have been offered up with the rest of the story so you wouldn’t have to be explaining now. Morrison already tried to twist the timeline for your alibi, playing a ‘bit’ near the end, asking Sam if she was with you all day, but not if she was with you all night. Too many sheeple will hear nothing but you claiming to be together all day, and her saying she and Amy left to go shopping. They won’t go back to earlier in the show when Sam said you were together watching a movie that night. Perception is reality……
    While I’m on it, there were a lot of worries about you losing everything in Belize, yet we found out last night you have been selling things off since you left. Another tidbit that you might have shared with the people who showed concerned for you….not sure if they loved you.

  119. WEB Avatar

    I think he’s exactly where he wants to be, doing exactly what he wants to do, until the time comes that he wants something different, at which point he’ll go do that. LOL 😉 Of course, all this hinges on the fact that his world as he knew it blew to pieces………..

  120. Len Avatar

    Reality said:
    > Why cover the black chicks face?
    > The world has seen you with her in Miami.
    > Ex-sister in law? Whatever…

    Well click through to the original image of Nicky2 and you can see her face is not blacked out anyway. She does appear to be the same girl as pictured by the media with John in Miami.

    The camera used to take that photo is the same make and model as used to snap Tim7 in Belize. A rather expensive compact (Sony DSC-RX100). Perhaps Walter’s favorite.

    I keep an open mind – but I can’t help noticing the EXIF data of Nicky2 shows the photo was taken on 18th January 2013. She is in the same room and wearing the same clothes as the Nicky picture which claims to show her adding spyware to computers to be given as gifts… but this is rather after the phase of the operation when the gifts were being distributed. Is James now bugging Portland?

    The memory cards pictured are primarily SD cards – suitable for cameras but not smaller bugging devices which are more likely to take MicroSDHC

    The Clock camera does not have very good low light performance (I also found it rather unreliable).
    “The resulting videos are useful in gaining co-operation from unco-operative subjects, as well as documenting any phone calls made during the session.”
    What kind of ‘session’ would that be? It is going to look rather out of place in a bare motel room.

    In the light of that I am skeptical that the car key camera can record ‘non-stop’ for 24 hrs. 30-50 minutes is suggested by online reviews.

    The mini recorder (thumbcam) cannot record ‘days of video and audio’. The battery only lasts about an hour. It doesn’t seem to be possible to get it to work for longer with USB power (though it can be used as a webcam). The max? 8GB memory card only stores about 2 hours.

    EXIF data for various photos of the spy gear show them taken on 16th January 2013.
    So we are supposed to believe these devices were used in Belize?
    I am surprised they made it back to the US with original boxes intact.

  121. John McAfee Avatar

    The house was rented by Allison Adonizio – the Dr. In charge of my lab. I did not rent it. She lived there. I did not. It was rented through Jeff and Vivian at Rojo’s lounge. I did not deal with Greg or have any contact with him at all during the time the house was rented.

  122. WEB Avatar

    Wondered that myself Mark, and then when Amy said she was at her own home that night after Sam had said she was at John’s with them, well, that was certainly an interesting twist. Nothing like a little fuel for the fire. 😉

  123. Pixie Avatar

    Gotta say, I am a fan! Been following this right along for sometime now. Don’t think you killed anyone. Guess what I’d like to know is: Do you want to be glamorized or left alone to live your life as you see fit? Do you see this as opportunity or an otherwise pre-mature death. Cause if the Boogyman doesn’t get cha the stress of it all surely will. The later seems slow and painful and so un-necessary. If Portland gets to small, I know a place where you can just be… well, yes, just be.

  124. AG Avatar

    I was surprised that there was no mention of the “disappearance” of McAffee’s security cameras and footage on Ambergris…could it be to dispose of evidence of who came and went from John’s place on the night Greg died?

  125. SP Avatar


    We have an interesting connection. Greg caused harm to me also. Shoot me an email, I’d like to chat

  126. Brad I Avatar
    Brad I

    Cant wait for movie see end for the actor to play YOU! Next
    I love how you set em up GREAT JOB! I did not like the TV interview on the tube last nigh, My question to you what 3rd world country can you find to hang in ? The USA is going to tax the crap out of you and then throw you to the wolfs as the did to so many well to do in the past gangsters and all! I’m not saying your a gangster! My travels have found that any poor country is corrupt! and money works for a while till some one gets bent out of shape because they don’t get theirs! Greed, & lack of education fueled by more greed and arrogance! The Bahamas’ are that way and basically any third world country with poor.
    I got it by a island in the Bahamas!
    Good luck john! and I cant wait to see the MOVIE! I know who can play you in it! The actor from History of Violence see the movie I swear he could be you even has your voice, Is he a brother?

  127. WEB Avatar
  128. CannaWarrior Avatar

    Also, the History withrenting the Faull Extra room..? What for..? Left trashed..? Is that true..? Why did this not ever get mentioned before. -Guess I can see why…
    “I have spoke 50 words to the Man, total” Really..?
    Dateline did dig up some stuff we were not apprised of before by our humble Author.
    Selective Memory or Lying By omission..? Social Engineering..? Borders on Complete Deceit.

  129. getrealeh Avatar

    Interesting that Sam and Amy did not back up your account of the day Faull died. Amy claims she was not present the night he died. She also said on Dateline that she saw you cooking chemicals.

  130. CannaWarrior Avatar

    I am and have been on the “JM wagon” since the story first Broke. Independent-Thinking People are too rare anymore, We Must be appreciated..!
    Unfortunately, I do not see that the Interview went “Well.”
    Living in a Small-Town where Neighbors do NOT take care that their pets are staying on their property is a Stressor to Others. It is the mark of a Bad neighbor, and same CERTAINLY for Armed Guards intimidating people.. Gotta Say, that’s Rotten.
    I’d be pissed off too as a neighbor, even “Down-The-Beach.” I’d make the Problem Person’s life miserable if my House Guests in (relative) Paradise Could Not walk the Beach for fear of being bitten by a stray dog, or the chance of encountering an armed Thug. Attempting to keep People off the Beach in front of JM’s Property. — Pretty crappy.

    I had no idea that the Dogs were SUCH a point-of-contention. With Faull as well as others in the area.
    JM once said, “Of Course the Dogs were annoying, they annoyed ME..!” — Dude was taking care of those Dogs, His Resposibility, Stray or Not. They annoyed You, as well..? Why let this situation build..? That’s confrontational in itself, and did deserve an Accounting…

    JM had no right to spread HIS Drama to others in the area, They wanted Peace and Quiet in their investment Homes, as much as anyone, and had a right TO it. In a Quiet Area, these sort of activities, as well as cars in and out at odd hours, will NOT INGRATIATE ANYONE with their neighbors. And Rightly So. It ain’t Cool.

    If the Young Couple are accurate at ALL. That Dateline Piece really did NOT look too good for JM.
    The Piece with K Morrison, who I can certainly do without, as I did not like his questioning – it had a tone of mistrust – may cause problems down the road for JM. Amy was a Bad example of JM’s Choice of Associates. I’d meet her and walk away. Such a Chip on Her Shoulder the size of Texas, it cannot go well, unless you pay people like her ever-increasingly High amounts of Shutup-Money.

    Ya know, JM is coming off as a Cad, now. Bragging how an apartment in Portland was no where near sufficient, a 6-Bedroom House more like it, was quite the D-Bag statement.
    To Fill the new abode with a Bevy of Females, in Thrall due to Money..? What a Legacy. I met many Puppetmasters in my time living in Hawaii and NorCal. It’s also Drug Dealer Behaviour, which JM obviously never got out of acting like.. I have seen that before as well, when people quit Drug Dealing, they STILL treat people as Marionettes. Puppetmasters are not unlike the DANS in Jamaican Society. Or a Super Salesman, manipulating People as a matter-of-Course, in ALL interactions… Not just in a Business sense.
    None of this is Pretty, but if one is a beneficiary, it is easy to look the other way. And allow Oneself to be used.

    Good Luck out there, I think the Peoples’ View of JM as Killer has just been Ramped Up.

  131. Elcenobita Avatar

    You are the merovigian !!! (the guy from the matrix movie) 🙂

  132. MrMike Avatar

    John you rock. Fuck the haters, & welcome home!

  133. Mark_13 Avatar

    Amy>Sam, btw

  134. John McAfee Avatar

    Never sold one to Faul.

  135. Mark_13 Avatar

    You didn’t sell one of those laptops to Faull, did you. Wasn’t a laptop of his taken. Not turning on you John, just this stuff is coming to me this morning.

  136. Sandwillow Avatar

    I wondered if anyone cared that Greg Faull was murdered. I feel for his family dealing with a police force who’s methods and pace would put them under investigation in the US.
    I am a bit surprised that the violence that took place in the streets of Balize recently and the travel warnings weren’t included in this report.

  137. Mark_13 Avatar

    If the Faull family every files a civil suit against you, guess you could countersue for him killing all your dogs. Even if you say he didn’t, everyone on the island seems to say he did, according to that Dateline report, OTOH, they also said everyone on this forum thinks you did it, which clearly isn’t true.

  138. Mark_13 Avatar

    OK it just hit me. With all those scores of operatives you had skulking around, how can you affirm with any confidence that one of them didn’t kill Faull. You can’t.

  139. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Wasted days and wasted nights.

  140. rumsrite Avatar

    Holy smoke. This guys bonkers too. Now how u gunna get petition signatures if you’re crazy in the head? You being edp makes your petition null and void

  141. Ted Avatar

    It sure looks to me that McAfee murdered the guy who was sick of putting up the dogs. God will be McAfee’s ultimate judge. And that’s so inconsiderate to allow your dogs to bark and bite and disturb your neighbors. McAfee claimed on the Dateline interview that everyone complained about them–that’s awful.

  142. WEB Avatar

    Anyone who questions the crime and shoddy police work in Belize needs to read this article.
    What a poor excuse for law enforcement.

  143. WEB Avatar

    What’s bothersome about the photos is that they look so generic. They could have been taken anywhere at any time. Nikki is obviously in a hotel room – sitting on hotel linens, with a hotel dish and napkin next to her. They could have been taken when you both were in Miami. The best way to quash any question of the authenticity of your claims would be to show us some of the above items IN Belize… your house, on the beach, in your boat, something. It only seems logical with the other documentation you have that these pictures would exist.

  144. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    so this is Nikki’s debut 🙂
    on a more serious note now….I was thinking if Nikki is in Miami, even half of the time, why couldn’t she help John when he arrived there from Guatemala? Strange, as he had no money, no phone and no place to go.

  145. jimbo Avatar

    jan – you said it all… I watched that show as well and if I were john, I would watch my back. Not for the police, but for the dead mans family. They want Justice !

  146. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    back to the sunglasses for a second look…notice anything (or anyone i should say) in the lens reflection??…my oh my, you’re so sly!!

  147. Wisconsin Avatar

    Good good show last night. I have support for you and will now follow your blog. If you ever come to Wisconsin would love to have coffee

  148. KK Avatar

    The media referenced this site, but made NO mention of the concerns in “Clear & Present Danger”. They did their best to make John look crazed and eccentric. The sheeple of the world will take what the media gives them as truth. The wiser people will question everything and keep their eyes and ears open!

  149. SL Avatar

    He wasn’t out to break even or make a profit.

    These are considered Disposable items.
    What happened to the America I lovellll Where people are capable of critical thou

  150. Padraig Avatar

    Aloha Denise, John no longer owns the company, so uninstalling the software does not matter to him. He doesn’t even use it. LOL!

  151. WEB Avatar

    Is there any way of finding him and rallying together the people who want change? I have read countless posts here and on different Belize forums, and there seem to be a lot of fed up people. The video from the George St. massacre shows the degree of some of that frustration. I still can’t believe they responded to a thrown bottle with bullets. So they’re poorly trained, trigger happy and ill equipped to deal with crowds, or people in general. What a mess.
    Maybe the time has come.
    Viva la Revolution!

  152. WEB Avatar

    My heart breaks for the Faull family, who at this rate, will never know who killed their son~father~brother.
    This was a long time coming, and I was glad to see Dateline use the murder as the base line for the story, even though John consumed most of the airtime. 😉 I wish Keith Morrison had asked better questions to the police; about ballistics testing and a toxicology reports…. we know they dug up the dogs for both~but still nothing, or the possibility of the rampant crime~so well reported in the news~ being to blame. The SPPD should be ashamed if this is what they call police work, but the link I just posted shows this is the norm in Belize. No answers for the Faull family and a cloud of suspicion over John. What a cluster fuck.
    Anybody else find it interesting that the expats were so sure GF poisoned the dogs? If this reporting was done in Nov. & Dec. and ‘everybody’ knew, then why wasn’t that vocalized here by one of the many expats commenting? The disdain of some of them showed right through the smiles and veiled comments. I’ve been trying to put screen names with faces, lol.
    All in all, a little repetitive but interesting show, filling in some gaps that previously existed. I didn’t like the way Sam was asked about leaving at any time that day, but not about being home that night. That was shitty. I guess for anyone who doesn’t follow the blog there was a lot of information to digest, but I for one would have liked much more. No mention of any recent activity, save that you are in Portland, John. If the ratings are high enough, maybe they’ll do a follow up allowing you to expose your information. I noticed that KM wasn’t big on hearing the ‘government corruption paranoia fueled’ answers…but if he’s done any homework he’ll know there’s something worth looking into and you’re the place to start.
    Anyone able to attend the memorial for Greg Faull?

  153. WEB Avatar

    WTF does that first sentence mean???

  154. Dave Avatar

    Im very curious – Why is Nicky’s mouth censored?

  155. Greg Avatar

    hmmmm….. makes you wonder.

  156. Rikky v Avatar
    Rikky v

    mut = must my is sticky

  157. Rikky v Avatar
    Rikky v

    I watched dateline tonight and mut admit that you were impressive. I have followed your blog since the beginning, never commented but thought of you as a bit of a nut. Tonight you were sharp, concise and believable. I can see now how you made your fortune. You are a cleaver guy.

    BTW you interested in selling your express service? I am interested email me if you are.

  158. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    tell your husband to mind his own business and that he should not be telling you where you can post online.

  159. commenter Avatar

    um, one does not even need to be clever to answer that question 😉

  160. luvalakteacher Avatar

    Praying for you, John. Be safe.

  161. Jan Avatar

    I have been told never to post on here again by my husband and others higher up. Since this is my last post, your interview was interesting on Dateline. I feel they did not do you justice, they never mentioned the ricin. Never said a word about the illegal passports, or the government in Belize and the things you found out about them. My friend has an island 30 minutes off shore of Belize, and agrees with everything you have said. Watch your back John you have opened up a big can of worms. God Bless I will keep reading the blog when I can .

  162. Greg Avatar

    I began following your story around Thanksgiving and I flashed back to a time in my life when it seemed I was going through a similar situation except for I didn’t have to resources to continue playing. What ever it is I hope you continue this journey and find the answers you seek!

  163. ashley Avatar

    i could so be an asset ………how would one go about being one of your girls?

  164. Michael Avatar

    Denise, you don’t even know yourself. You already paid for the software. Who really knows ‘the public’ and who really knows ‘the private’? Do you think that John McAfee knew you (publicly or privately) before you (allegedly) uninstalled your computer protection software with HIS NAME on it? Nobody knows “the public” as “the public” is a mass and highly vague generalization. John McAfee continues to do cutting edge research. He is a first-rate academic and scholar who is not fettered by academia, scholarly journals, and IRBs. Enjoy your privacy.

  165. ashley Avatar

    i could so be an asset ………

  166. Michael Avatar

    I would also be honored to have any quote written by you. Keep up the great work, John!

  167. Michael Avatar

    I would also be honored to have any quote written by you. Keep up the great work, John!

  168. Denise Avatar

    You say you don’t know “the public” yet I have YOUR NAME on my computer protection software — which I am uninstalling as I write this. NOW, we truly do not know one another.

  169. McAfeefan Avatar

    I have read the blog post and now watching dateline on their story

  170. Name ..jaybird. Avatar

    Manti Te’o could be Adjunct Professor at the Mcafee School of Broadcasting.
    He has elevated social engineering to almost an art form.

  171. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Yes I read the article online. He organized a march protest against the crime and corruption. I was impressed with his efforts too.

  172. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    An interesting night of TV testosterone tonight

    Lance Armstrong /Oprah
    Charlie Sheen / Pierce Morgan
    John McAfee/ Dateline

  173. Connie Avatar

    Enough already about the accusations of JM in the death of GF. If JM was guilty of murder he would have been charged. This board is not about who killed GF. Let the Belizian police figure that one out, but as we know, many Americans have been killed in Belize and their murders never solved. Hhhhmmmm. I am sick and freaking tired of throwing that in all the time. If your trying to get a rise out of JM it ain’t working. I welcome you to start your own freaking blog about who killed GF. This ain’t it.

  174. WEB Avatar

    Yeah! You’re on a roll today SL, 🙂

  175. Chris Avatar

    You are a total badass.

  176. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Thank-you Gaby!!!

  177. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Sorry, your right. Each of you. Had a little bitch moment. Over it. Thx for the comments.

  178. WEB Avatar

    Great reference SL…..if I’m going to have a song stuck in my head, PF would be among my favorites. lol.
    Totally agree about being patient and waiting for the story to unfold at the narrators pace.

  179. Tom Avatar

    Amusing post. Nothing new, but amusing.

    Now. Why am I following this blog? Story?

    Two things:

    1- John Mcafee’s life story is very entertaining.
    2- He may have killed mister Faull ( And somehow got away with it . Or bye-bye interest).

    What about the corruption in Belize? Well, what about it? To the ones who are learning that there is corruption in Belize, I say welcome to planet Earth. If mister Mcafee has names, pictures, tapes, recordings, etc., I tend to find it, also, very entertaining.

    To mister Mcafee. Let me put it this way; If you have something to do with mister Faull’s murder and are free in Portland’s streets, I say; these things happen. Enjoy.

    Finally. A thought for the appallingly high number of innocent inmates not just in Belize but in the…USA. And everywhere.

  180. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    remember Arron thought that intent mater during plea bargaining evidently to DOJ it does not

  181. SL Avatar

    Good Lord!! Why do some people insist on publically disclosing things like this?
    Like those of you who tried to out John as being Harold. If you have had an epiphany, it is certainly OK to keep it to yourself.
    You would have come in handy on Cheney’s staff, he liked outing people too!

  182. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    John likely paid 200+ each for them … he recoups 100 and assures they will get eaten up by the targets he wants.

  183. John McAfee Avatar

    Email Chad with your address.

  184. KK Avatar

    I find the social engineering to be very interesting. I was never consciously aware of it…
    Your section on “trust” helps me see my boyfriend’s point of view regarding a recent disagreement of ours, though!

  185. Reality Avatar

    Why cover the black chicks face? The world has seen you with her in Miami. Ex-sister in law? Whatever…

  186. Fiona Avatar

    You’re probably a good-hearted person for initiating the petition. However, how can you trust someone just based on their blog and then be disappointed because they don’t react the way you would like them to? Mr McAfee seems like a volatile person. Extremely intelligent and charming, but still volatile. Don’t see why some people don’t seem to be able to pick up on that.

  187. Vas Avatar

    modern day Kunoichi (female ninja)!!! Sweet. And Scary. Cant wait for all of your media deals to come to fruition. Please post The Escape Part 2 soon!

  188. Fiona Avatar

    And doesn’t the petition pretty much reflect how many supporters are out there? There are 12 votes.

    Apparently, I am not the only one who won’t vote on this petition and who needs convincing evidence or at least the proper “gut feeling” to support a cause. There are much more worthy causes to put one’s energy in. Nevetheless, this whole thing is entertaining and John is very entertaining in his quest to gain justice for HIMSELF and – I guess – revenge. Whatever he uncovered seems like nothing new yet: We know that most politicians are corrupt and that people have affairs. What interests me the most at the moment is which visa category these chicks have applied for.

  189. Thadious Maxamillion Avatar
    Thadious Maxamillion


    It is interesting reading the posts of certian people whom feel the need to lambast you, Ha! The story, the blog, that we are all reading is your story, the story from your standpoint. This story is above all, very interesting. You have gone through great lengths to bring to light some apparent evil happening in Belize. I for one will not be traveling there. Readers need to relax, let the story finish and then express any concerns. I am finding many of the readers concerns have already been addressed by you in earlier writings. I applaude your efforts and hope, for the sake of the people currently experiencing the effects of corruption in Belize, I hope this information helps rescue them from harms way. As for your future, Oregon for now is safe but as I am sure you know, always be looking over your shoulder. I am sure someone will want to quiet the blogger… safe out there!

  190. SL Avatar

    You can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.
    This is the appetizer round, setting the stage, building the credibility.
    Good Lord does no one read a full book anymore?

  191. SL Avatar

    I have a pair of these glasses but mine have ear buds too so they are not as stealth. I used them to take pictures while walking around. I find people behave differently when they know there is a camera around.
    I wanted candid shots. I also used them at an airport to get shots of the armed guards above us without risking suspicion. No one notices an older woman just looking around while standing in line :/

  192. SL Avatar

    Sadly, our society has become impatient, judgemental and cynical. The internet has provided people with a place where they may say things they would never say in public..
    This is your story, and some of us want you to tell it in your way.
    I trust that you feel responsibility for the people in your hire, and that you will makesure they are provided for. I am certain the girls trust you as well.
    We do not know the who story and you have only identified less tan half of the people in your employ. I also would guess that you are holding back some details so that you do not compromise anyone. I trust you John.

  193. WEB Avatar

    Full speed ahead John! You have obviously considered any possible impact on your own freedom before posting, and I can’t imagine you purposely putting the girls in harms way. When your friends ended up as collateral damage after you left, you rallied everyone to write and get them released, which they were. It’s more logical from everything I’ve learned about you that the girls are safe. It seems like a lot of people can’t see the forest for the trees. If what you are able to expose creates change in Belize, then isn’t that what everyone wants? Any personal satisfaction you might gain is simply icing on the cake.
    It’s important to remember that NONE of the recordings took place on Government property, nor did anything occur in the USA against any US citizens or entities, Right?
    Personally, I think this is intriguing, and look forward to more….especially the part that implicates these Bezilean SOB’s.

  194. kalmi Avatar

    she is the mistery women one of the picture in Miami with MJ.

  195. Connie Avatar

    I think when the gsu raided your house on S.P. and stole your “gifts” that they played right into your hands. I’m guessing the gifts were set up ready to go prior to storage. Therefore, it gave you even more access. Am i correct?

  196. allison Avatar

    Fascinating that you could procure new looking laptops that could impress the Belzian authorities for $100. Care to share a link?

  197. Gaby Avatar

    Angie, Marcia, Nikki and photos of each…Paz who knows most likely, all 22? I would imagine the pressure for him to reveal these girls will not be small. And , Nikki, who also spends time in Miami? Was this the ex-sister-in-law you were pictured with in South Beach? I have no idea how you can protect all of these girls and Paz. It seems to me they are quite exposed but then again, we don’t yet know the whole story. Perhaps they are protected by what you could or could not expose?

  198. querrier Avatar

    good show.

  199. Connie Avatar

    All I can say is WOW. First let me start with the reaction on this board to the newly posted information. Did you think that JM (one of the premier computer experts) just relied on hearsay to get valuable information? You are being naive if you don’t think that he had to do some things that most of us would never have dreamed. I find it fascinating and brilliant. It was a game of SURVIVAL for him and he did it the best way he could. JM had to find out what they were up to because they raided his property in orange walk, put him in jail, killed his dog, stole his belongings without cause. He used his God given talents and found out more than what he expected to find about what they was really taking place. This information gained has helped save his life. I am sure that the girls were rewarded handsomely for their efforts. They are obviously very intelligent women well beyond their years.

  200. Nad Avatar

    you should organize all your posts together: post (chapter) after post (chapter) as a book with pages. And then, turn it into .PDF file . Upload this file to Google Books, it is free for you as an author, however it is sellable to the public and producers.. Copyright it.
    You need no wait for publishers or personal biographers. It is not just important as real life issues but is exciting as adventurous story of exceptional individual.
    Petition s a good thing. It can show again how two-faced and useless if not brainless those social engineers are, who hopefully temporary there on the top..

  201. Karren Avatar

    Something wrong with the claimed battery life of some of the gadgets you’ve listed.

    The 808 keyfob camera and the pen camera will only last around one and half hours from charge. Not days as claimed.

  202. Robert gemerek Avatar
    Robert gemerek

    One point id like to make…..alot of us have supported you to the best of our abilities and put our reputations on the line to support you and have done so since you started your blog and while you owe us nothing at all, it would be classy and nice to feel like you care about our struggles. We may not be on the run for murder but alot of us are in deep shit too and dont have your resources, all im saying is that maybe a thank you postcard or autograph would be a kind gesture of appreciation. Im even willing to pay money for it.

  203. Robert gemerek Avatar
    Robert gemerek

    Also, I apologize for being negetive in prior posts, was trying to be funny but in retrospect I see I was acting like a jerk. I would like to give your autograph to my daughter when shes older to inspire her imagination, my address is 4256 north st. apt 4, blasdell, ny, 14219. I will pay you for autograph, please consider, I would sincerly appreciate it. Would be ultra cool if you wrote on a book or something of signifigence to you.

  204. Robert gemerek Avatar
    Robert gemerek

    John, I am inspired by your quote, perception is reality. Would you be willing to write that quote with an autograph for me? Im willing to pay for it.

  205. Veruska Avatar

    Nice, point of view. 🙂

  206. John McAfee Avatar

    If I am going to be talking about what the girls do, and did, people will need to understand the tools and procedures that they used, and why, and how. If it gets boring, don’t read that section. Some here find it interesting. I have not named any of the girls in the field. I have not provided photos of any field workers. I have not described any of them, or given their ages, or ethnicity, or location, or assignments or anything whatsoever, other than they are girls. Sam and Amy, the only ones the authorities have an interest in, are safely out of the country, and have been safely out for over a month. When I insist everyone is safe, why do you insist they are not?

  207. seriously Avatar

    more like Gaugin, minus the art.

  208. WEB Avatar

    O.W. I posted this link before, hoping someone from Belize would see it. Have you heard of this guy?……he’s on a crusade to stop the madness of crime and corruption in Belize.

  209. Anne Prost Avatar
    Anne Prost

    Infatuated with your life and story for months now! You are the Van Gough of our time. BRAVO and thank you for sharing it with us all!

  210. SL Avatar

    David, the petition was a nice gesture. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Some do petitions, some write letters, some stand on a corner and tell people… The White House petitions were a good idea, unfortunately, they have become silly.
    Build a Deathstar? Secede from the Union? Deport Piers Morgan?
    Why do you assume our Government is not already aware of this? I would hope our “Spies” are good enough that they do not have to rely on a petition to gather intel.
    From where I sit, if John did sign it, then the focus would be on him. Did he start the petition, is this another media stunt, blah, blah, blah. This way he is not attached to it, so they can’t just write it off as the fantasy of a drug crazed, paranoid man.
    Let me be clear that I believe you when you say you have not done drugs or alcohol in over 30 years. I also strongly believe in your innocence in the murder.

  211. SL Avatar

    If it takes so little for John to lose your respect, your respect was not that valuable to begin with.
    Things are not always as they seem. All things become clear in their time, when they are ready.
    Your first clue was when John mentioned back when he was in Guatemala that he was just setting the table. Some of us are in this for the long haul, not the pretty little sound bites people want life to be.
    Relax, Chill, Savor the moments.

  212. SL Avatar

    Sadly, nothing anyone does will change the fact that a man is dead. How many more people have died in Belize since then? How many of those murders have been solved?
    2 months and the only thing they’ve got is, we would like to talk to John? In the US we call that a fishing expedition because they got nothing.
    Instea of continuing to state the obvious, Gregory Faull is stil dead, why don’t you state the truly criminal, They still have no leads or suspects in the murder?

  213. OriginalWoman Avatar

    “admiting to felonies by publisging these accounts…” Take heed, if you are willing to risk your life to expose evil and wrong doings, you do not want to appear cocky and egotistical. Just show the evidence, leave out these other details, if.nothing else but to help protect these girls. I think you are getting careless and going on a totally different path. I hope I am proven wrong.

  214. Hollywood Avatar

    Bond. James Bond.

  215. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Ok, 22 girls and all are safe??? I hope so for their sakes. As for the above information that you just posted, I think they were so unnecessary. Just get the point, which is the exposure of more corruption in Belize. No one really cares about how you did it to the point where you are showing what was used, etc. Show us the corruption. As someone already pointed out, you already “…are admitting to felony by

  216. inspector clouseau Avatar
    inspector clouseau

    Weird how some people expect john to do things or say things… Or else we dont like him anymore , my question to them is

    What have you done about it aside from reading his blog and bitching about what you expected from him … We live in a world were everyone expects everything to be done by others and then critic their actions

  217. John McAfee Avatar

    I stated quite clearly in “a clear and present danger” that there were 22 girls involved.

  218. OriginalWoman Avatar

    What is obvious is that many of those people, like myself who have supported you from the beginning of this blog up to now, are having a lot of doubts. You can tell by these reponses here that people are having second thoughts, not that you are a murderer. We know you did not kill Mr. Faul. But as David Snider said, he actually started an online petition fin support of your claims and requesting the White House to investigate. Now that is huge!!!! You have not acknowledge or thank him for his efforts, on this blog. You are exposing these girls and there is more to come, you say. And the girls are safe. How many more girls???? And you have given info regardging how they used the devices to get the info., the cost of the computers that were sold cheaply, you even showed what the devices looked like but, thegirls are all safe, I say again. You sound more egotitical than ever. You do not have proove how smart you are, that is obvious. You might not mean to do this,but you need to know how we are perceiving this now. Have you not noticed that most of your supports do not respond to your blogging anymore???? I have supported you from day one, and you know that I am a Belizean. I support your bravery to expose corruption. But not when your motives seemingly have changed….Food for thought…..

  219. Rod Avatar

    So John, it is Wednesday, when you vowed you’d deliver evidence of how Sam, Ami and other workers were safe. Instead you delivered Toys for the Boys. And another Babe.

    What should we make of this?

    Meanwhile, Greg Faull is still dead.

  220. inspector clouseau Avatar
    inspector clouseau

    David..really? Dont you think John has done more than enough .. Perhaps you are barking at the wrong tree.. And should be barking at mainstream media.. Perhaps you should be working on getting more signatures without barking at the man who gived you a reason to create that petition… Although its a nice gesture to create a petition do you actually thing the white house gives a shit.. Seem to me their petition form is just a guest book in order to say “we wont do shit” but we care … I would like to hear some examples of succesful petitions.. We all know that the brit from cnn was not deported as the “complete & succesfull petition” was filed

  221. Commentator Avatar

    Be aware that you are admitting to felonies by publishing these accounts.

    Any element of criminal hacking having taken place on U.S. soil (and there are some) is enough for a conspiracy charge and conviction in the U.S.

  222. WEB Avatar

    Nice breakdown John, although I’m surprised at some of the reactions. It’s not like you didn’t lay yourself out to us right from the beginning. Your skill at manipulation and ‘reaching the prize’ are why you’re in Portland, Oregon and not a jail cell in Belize. Quite frankly, while the terminology is different, the message is almost identical; I could have been reading Zig Ziglar (RIP). This is sales 201. Successful (sales) people have big egos, so I find it surprising some are just noticing yours now. 😉
    I agree that you and Chad should sign the petition….it’s bad form not to.
    Looking forward to the next part.

  223. Mentor Avatar

    Take that little yellow pill brah. You know, that mothers little helper in your medicine chest. Aint you never herd of doing it for teh lulz? Unplug from teh net now and save your moralistic bullshit for the next book you’ll never write.

  224. John McAfee Avatar

    They tried to kill me. It was war.

  225. stealthvisitor Avatar

    You’ve lost my respect. this isn’t social enginering, this is LYING & DISHONESTY. CBT & psychological programs are bad enough. I think if some one did this to me I’d be highly wary of it, I’d hate that person, I’d want to kill them & I’d bad mouth them to everybody. This I don’t agree with. Watch out some one’s beahviour is becoming arrogant, egotistical, bragging. I guess fame & money go to the head, body, corrupted soul eventually.

    Sure some of the stuff that’s happening “central americas” or Latin America or the Carribbean is cruel, ruthless, disgusting, nasty corrupt awful dishonest point blank MURDER & “homocide” yet greed doesn’t = greed. I’m not xian religious yet I have morals & ethics. Good luck on this

    Yet what I don’t see is that multimillion billion dollar kingdom building houses & schools & business for people. Taking a cut of their profits insteed of the government. Going OVER the government. Now I dislike this

  226. DB Avatar

    Interesting tools, thanks for sharing

  227. Schadenfreude Avatar

    No apologize, its an easy scan in < 2 mins, which IS a long time spent on any site these days. Many will think and say you are social engineering US (no shit). That's OK, it's a good one, for a certain crowd. Those thumb cams are cool. Whats going on with your home and property in BZ? and the hardware, storage, files and whoallknowswhatelse?

  228. fendidonna Avatar

    Love it.
    007 in action.

    If you haven’t already read it, The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene is fun and considers many themes related to social engineering. I think you’d like it 🙂
    p.s. all your ladies rock.

  229. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea


    I didn’t know these items existed.

  230. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    You know…I created the petition to the white house to ask that your claims be taken serious. How serious is anyone going to take it if it doesn’t even have the name John M as one of the signatures or Chad E? Your lack of concern makes me think differently about your claims. Your focus is more on gloating rather than the severity of your claims. Well At least now I feel a little better about the possibility of a Ricin attack. I actually had a real concern because I trusted you. I guess we all learn our lessons eventually.