Synopsis Thus Far

Some are having difficulty keeping up, and I cannot blame you.  More than 30 posts and more than 800,000 words, including comments.  That’s a sizeable novel.  Everyone cannot be expected to be thorough on a topic of passing interest.  So I will do a synopsis of what has been posted so far, with indicators pointing to the actual posts if you want more information.  I hope this helps:

In April of this year my property on the mainland was raided by the GSU.  My dog was shot and killed, my property destroyed, I was held in the sun handcuffed for 14 hours and released with no charges.  The posts about this are:

– Introduction

– Background

– How this began

I began speaking out in the press and demanding an apology from the Prime Minister (who said “Who does he think he is?”).  Posts about this are:

– Introduction

– Background

The Government began a campaign o charge me with anything it could find – running an antibiotics research program without a license. Next, hiring watchmen and security without a license. Next, Improper documentation for my security company.  All attempts to charge me failed.  Posts about this are:

– Introduction

– Backround

– How This Began

The Government then tried “Unofficial Harrassment” to get me to toe the line, or, failing that, remove me by forcing me to leave or “other methods”.  Posts about that are:

– Transcript of First Anthony Rhaburn Recording

– Transcript of Second Anthony Raburn Tape

– The Letter

– Harrassment

– Evidence Versus Paranoia

The govrnment begins a disinformation program painting me as paranoid.  I respond in the press unsuccessfully.  In this blog I post my first evidence of the absurdity of their stance, by divulging a plot to extort $150,000 from me – with photos of the event. Additionally, I post the the first two Anthony Rhaburn Tapes. Posts are:

– The Letter

– Transcript of first Anthony Rhaburn Recording

– Transcript of Second Anthony Rhaburn Tape.

In between these posts, I post day to day life stories to ease the tension:

– A small description of corruption

– Understanding the culture – part one

– Love and deception

– From Samantha

– Samantha revisited

– My life in Belize

– Prison Conditions

The remainder of the posts are about what has happened since the death of Mr. Faul and the arrest of my freinds, which is the greatest injustice.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. John McAfee Avatar

    Because it happend today. Are you are drugs or something?

  2. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Wow…how come we hear now about this John? You never said anything that police confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stuff….
    May i remind you to read the blog first…
    I know too many subplots…hard to keep up…eh??!!

  3. Seany Avatar

    Thats f’d. Are you rebuilding after all this? You should have some webcam’s installed around your San Pedro home and stream them live. Are reporters still flocking around your home?

    Sorry bout the double posts…

  4. John McAfee Avatar

    All of my building suffered serious damage. They busted down doors (unlocked I migt add) with sledghhammers, stole everythin not nailed down, shot and killed my dog, confiscated a few hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff, destroyed my electric fence and gate…….. you name it. i have never receive a penny in damages,

  5. Seany Avatar

    John, what property was detroyed of yours in Orange Walk? Your home?

  6. Seany Avatar

    John, what property was destroyed in Orange Walk? Your home?

  7. StuffMongerFan Avatar


    I told you to change your password….

  8. matt Avatar

    Hey John. Sorry to hear of the circumstances.
    Are you really in a tree? I kinda hope not. You couldnt get to your yacht in time?

    can you find any supporters willing to support you?
    Its a tall bill…I know.

    You need guns. Bring the war to their doorstep.

    This elizebeth and argon or whatever the eff his name is sound like two giant douche bags. I would say if anyone deserved to be bitch slapped repedatively its these two.

    Just ban their sorry asses.

    Wish I was just offshore on a boat…but im not.

  9. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    At least you are your own boss..

  10. Elizabeth Avatar

    I was wondering if you’d ever figure it out, as I was only gone overnight. I’m laughing so hard. When I was blocked, I was absolutely furious & just bound & determined to get back on! I am not a tech person AT ALL & am completely right-brained, but when I want something… So I googled & had no idea what I was doing, but eventually, well, here I am! Surprise, surprise! I’ll send you an email & tell you which persona is really “me”, but then how will you ever really know?! Smoke & mirrors…. Just kidding. I’m pretty good at disguises myself!

  11. Elizabeth Avatar

    Oh, God, I know exactly what you mean. My sole source of income is selling antiques & silver, mostly English & Asian, on eBay, & I haven’t listed anything for the past 10 days, only THE most important time of the year. Freaking out & broke, but still I cannot stay away from this. I swear, I feel like a junkie.

    I started with attacking him & demanding answers & accusing him over & over, that just got me thrown off. I’ve run out of approaches & I know his truth & the truth are miles apart on many things, but it will all come to an end soon. I just hope it’s not as bad as I think it is.

  12. Chris Avatar

    We all know where this is leading – the creation of “Mcafee Enterprises” and John’s very own Iron Man suit. Can’t wait.

  13. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Thank you for the reprieve John.

    Is it true that you hated Mr Faull?
    And would you care to share the reason?

  14. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    I shall take a leaf out of your book Elisabeth.

    Out of curiosity..why would ground Viagra?

  15. John McAfee Avatar

    So you are the one. Welcome back in your new incarnation.

  16. John McAfee Avatar

    My apologies. I was just set off by your presupposition that it was a medicant of some kind. I will, of course not ban you. I’ve only banned one person in two weeks – the man who kept calling Sam a wh-r-. And only after repeated requests for him to stop.

  17. Elizabeth Avatar

    Good one! I wrote the 2 responses & googled his name to curb the ugliness. Love the photo. Poor guy apologized for his spelling. I don’t like bullies.

  18. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    I try not to be Elizabeth. There are a lot of questions which I think needs explaining, not least that I havent done jack all at woork for the whole week, and neglecting my son and my wife!!!

  19. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci


    I really do not understand where your anger`s coming from man, seriously cant.
    I know that you are under a lot of stress, and bugs, and you`re on the top of the trees..etc etc, but cmon.
    I was just curious to know what is this GREY POWDER, which you do not recomend to take it!!!.
    And thats all man!
    I even said that you are vehemently against the drugs, so just wanted to know about that.

    If you thing that is rubbish,and unreasonable question, bearing in mind that Chris said”I am still very upset that he brought illegal drugs” …then of course you are the Boss, you can delete my account

  20. Elizabeth Avatar

    First of all if you’re thinking bath salts, they are not illegal in Belize. Or it could have been something derived from a natural plant like the Jurema that grows in that area, the inner root bark which contains DMT, although I highly doubt that John would ever take that again, but you never know. Hell, it could’ve been ground up Viagra, or it could have been something that John has used as a prop & has been carefully setting the stage for this insane, yet brilliant travelog we seem to be taking part in like a paranoid group consciousness. I think I know, but I have to say the gray color did throw me off….. maybe it just melted & turned that color in his pocket, WHATEVER it was. Smoke & mirrors. BTW, I was banned before, but I discovered a way to curb my aggressive intellect & just enjoy the ride. But don’t think for a second that I don’t post my true thoughts. I’m just a bit more autonomous.

  21. Elizabeth Avatar

    Don’t be nasty. I usually am the critical poster & am having a strange case of niceness. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  22. John McAfee Avatar

    This is what I said:
    “There indeed was grey powder – a lot of it, the consumption of which I do not recommend. But it was not drugs.”
    Why do you think it was a “medicament” as you call it? I would not adise consuming gasoline, bleach, aresenic, toilet bowl cleaner, rat poison, gun powder, and a thousand other things. Why on earth would you think it was a medicament? Wait for the f***ng story to be posted! I will respond to you no more. If you continue to post this rubbish I will delete your account. I’m sorry, but dude… get a clue. And learn to read.

  23. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    You see John, a drug in is a medicament as well, plus you mentioned that “you shouldnt be taking it”, so I thought it fair,ask you about it., and try to ascertain what that. was.
    And then,,you used the word drug in the first place
    As for my authenticity man, I am as authentic as many other people in this blogg. You can read my IP address..I have nothing to hide, nor do i have any beef with you Sir.
    Actually find you very engaging, and your story gripping….amongst other things.
    Its totally up to you if you will use your energy to answer me or not.

  24. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    You see John, a drug in is a medicament as well, plus you mentioned that “you shouldnt be taking it”, so I thought it fair,ask you about it., and try to ascertain what that. was.
    And then,,you used the word drug in the first place
    As my authenticity man, I am as authentic as many other people in this blogg. You can read my IP address..I have nothing to hide, nor do i have any beef with you Sir.
    Actually find you very engaging, and your story gripping….amongst other things.
    Its totally up to you if you will use your energy to answer me or not.

  25. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    So let me get this straight, to use Chris`s words despite “being found comatose in a pool of his own urine on our veranda” you were actually playing a ” prank” on him right???!!!

  26. John McAfee Avatar

    Tha above is not an account of what happened. It is an account of his opinion of what happened. What he said happened, did actually happen. His opinion is his own. I have no opinion of his opinions.

    I don’t know whether you have reading problems — but I categorically stated in my last response to you that it was not a drug. Why do you ask as if my previous reply does not exist. I am beginning to doubt your authenticity my friend. You may post what you want from now on, but I will waste no further energy nor time on replying to you.

  27. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    John, you said the Chris`s account is if his assertion below is true,
    “Mr. McAfee’s assertion that he was playing a practical joke on me by being found comatose in a pool of his own urine on our veranda doesn’t really “hold water” (pun intended), does it?”
    Then can we debunk the myth of the “prank” once and for all,and call it as, so many people will call it…just a plain..Lie.
    Would you agree with me on that?!

    Your assertion that the grey powder, (sorry when it comes to drugs am very green) and you shouldnt be taking it, do you imply here then , that you were doing something improper, and possibly against the law?
    Knowing that you are so vehemently against the drug use, would you consider this grey powder element to be a drug, ?

  28. John McAfee Avatar

    Mentally I feel fine. It’s the physical part which is difficult.

  29. John McAfee Avatar

    Well, today I go on Infowars and Joe Rogon, back to back. I’m sure things will hit the fan. Which sh– hits the fan, though, is anybody’s guess.

  30. Elizabeth Avatar

    John, if this gets to be too much for you, physically & especially, mentally, I hope you’ll call it a day. I think things are getting ready to hit the fan & just hope you’re ready for it. There’s only so much one man can do & for only so long.

  31. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci certainly are a funny girl Annette.
    The last sentence….hilarious IMHO
    Am sure John will find the funny side to it..

  32. John McAfee Avatar

    I have said two dozen times, the story is being written and all will be revealed. It is coming too slow for you and others, I do understand. But you will have to wait. I will say that Chris’s account is accurate – except for the drugs. There indeed was grey powder – a lot of it, the consumption of which I do not recommend. But it was not drugs. It’s been a while since I’ve taken drugs, but none, that I can remember, was grey. Any drug users out there? Can anyone correct me if I’m wrong?

  33. Annette Avatar

    I was trying to reply up above, but no space. I swear I have read so many interviews & reports & blogs, that my phone keyboard just automatically puts in McAfee the minute I type an M!

    I can’t remember, but it was in the past 36 hours, so when I have time & can face wading through the masses again, I will copy it to you. Would you prefer it here or to your email? Just lemme know. And would you like some mosquito repellent delivered via the Pony Express! Oh, I’m a funny girl.

  34. Elizabeth Avatar

    This site is so cool! I better watch out. I’m starting to be way too nice! And you’re a ripped-muscled, handsome older man & believe me, Sam will be spoiled, because she’ll never find a crazier, more adventurous, adrenaline-driven man, & would be bored silly. Besides, I think she likes you. See you at the races!

    Alright, that’s as nice as I can be for now, because I am sticking to what I believe & shall continue to make those posts that you just “love” to read & others can’t wait to attack!

  35. John McAfee Avatar

    I can see them. Try refreshing your screen.

  36. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    his was an incident I decided to keep confidential until Mr. McAfee told Wired magazine about it and posted it on his blog (I’ve shortened it for brevity):

    Josh Davis and Wired
    Posted on November 22, 2012 by John McAfee

    I stayed at a luxury condo and indeed climbed a balcony and lay on the neighbor’s porch. The neighbor, Chris Allnot, had sold me my house when I first arrived in Belize. I was scammed to the max on the deal and merely filed away in my mind that the score should someday be settled in an amicable and amusing (for me) fashion that benefited me in some way. When I called Josh in the morning I told him about Allnot and how odd it was that he “happened” to be right next door. I mentioned he was a real estate agent. Contacting him for verification of my madness would be easy. Admittedly, it was not much of a joke on Chris, other than I insisted on a cup of coffee to sober up and lingered way too long for his comfort, but his unease was payback enough. Four years is a long time to cool down over a real estate deal.
    In any case, very little that I have told Josh in the past few weeks has any authenticity, other than the huge laughs Sam and myself get.

    Then from Wired:

    John McAfee, Unhinged: His Bizarre Breaks From Reality
    • By Joshua Davis
    • 11.20.12
    • 7:47 PM

    The bootprint
    On October 20, McAfee was staying at a luxury condo development south of his villa. Around midnight, he heard the sound of the GSU engines again. Samantha, his girlfriend, heard it too and then they noticed that somebody was trying to open their front door. McAfee jammed a bar of soap between the door handle and lock and felt that that would hold them off for awhile. They went on to the second-story balcony, which was 20 feet off the ground. McAfee was desperate to get away and decided to walk along a narrow ledge to his neighbor’s balcony in the darkness.
    “This is way too much for someone my age, you know,” he said. “I was way the [#%!] up there.”
    He made it and laid down on his back. Samantha stayed out on their balcony and said men entered, breaking open the front screen door. She could see them inside, but they never came out to talk to her.
    “Why wouldn’t they have said to Samantha, ‘Where is he?’” I asked.
    “I don’t have a clue,” he responded.
    McAfee says there were 30 to 40 police, army, and coast guard personnel, but, as it got light, they disappeared. “These people slowly sort of evaporated,” he said.
    At 5:30 that morning, Chris Allnatt woke up to watch a soccer match and was astounded to find McAfee on his balcony. He opened the glass door and noticed that McAfee was lying in a pool of his own urine. His clothes were soaked. “What the [#%!] are you doing here, John?” Allnatt said.
    The two men knew each other: Allnatt was the real estate agent that sold McAfee his villa in 2009. Allnatt made McAfee a cup of tea and walked him back to his unit. Allnatt saw no damage. The screen door was intact. Nor did he see any sign of the GSU. Allnatt also checked with the building’s security guards, who reported nothing unusual.
    Allnatt returned to clean the urine off his balcony and discovered a small plastic bag of a gray powder hidden behind a pot near where McAfee was lying. Allnatt was sure it was drugs, which surprised him. McAfee has insisted that he has been sober since 1983 and has waged his own war on drugs in the small Belizean village of Carmelita.

    (back to my post): Mr. McAfee’s assertion that he was playing a practical joke on me by being found comatose in a pool of his own urine on our veranda doesn’t really “hold water” (pun intended), does it? A more likely explanation is the one he gave me that morning as I made his cup of tea: “I did it for a dare, my girlfriend dared me and I did it and was too scared to go back and I’m so sorry.” Add that to how addled his brain must have been on his mind-blowing drugs and you have a plausible explanation as to why he ended up unconscious on our balcony.

    It goes without saying that his statement about the GSU attempting to down the door that night as relayed to Wired magazine was false. No-one saw or heard any such activity and where I live we have four full time security staff on duty at all times. Right after John left our condo I called Reception and asked them to ensure that Housekeeping carefully inspect the condo where John was staying for damage at checkout – entirely for the reason that he looked pretty messed up. He and his girlfriend checked out early, before 6;45am, Housekeeping subsequently found no damage whatsoever.

    As I mentioned earlier, I had tried to keep this incident, which occurred on October 20th, confidential, until Mr. McAfee decided to relay it to the press. I am still very upset that he brought illegal drugs to my home. John was way out of order on that one. (“Wired” reported that I found the drugs…not quite true, I cleaned the urine from the veranda and my wife found the drugs in a zip lock bag about 20 minutes later while tending her plants. I flushed the grey powder down the sink..again I stress I was hoping to keep this confidential).

    I now think John McAfee in a bad way emotionally and is probably in less control of his actions that he imagines. I hope he gets the help he needs. At 67 he’s still young enough to go through rehab and therapy and live a full and happy life thereafter. I doubt very much such complex and professional help and subsequent fulfillment will be found in Belize. It’s still not too late to save what must be an incredibly beautiful mind. Let’s hope it all works out well in the end.

    (RIP Mr. Faull)

    The above is what C Allnott, had to say about the “prank”, and some more actually.
    John, do you still maintain that this was a “prank”.?
    Do you have anything to say to C Allnott allegations there?

  37. Elizabeth Avatar

    That is so sweet & a very unexpected & much appreciated reply. I’m beginning to think you may actually be human! I mean it. In the beginning, you were quite harsh & defensive, so obviously the iguana is having a very soothing effect… just what nature ordered, but perhaps not you!

    I hate to say it, but the thought of you stuck in a tree, covered in bug bites, with half-eaten fish bones & iguana skins dripping from the branches, is hysterically funny. Sorry, but it is. Well, things could be worse. At least you’re not in Syria (now those people are really suffering).

    Anyway, glad you are feeling more mellow. The apologies & kind remarks go a long way toward uplifting the overall spirit of things, even someone as hard-headed as me(I). Good juju. Keep up the good work & don’t fall out of the tree!

  38. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci


  39. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Am I being paranoid John, it seems my posts are not getting thru

  40. John McAfee Avatar

    I meant no offense. For over half of my exile I’ve been living in a f***ing tree. My cell phones all smell oddly of urine. I’m trying to type on a 13th century input device. The Beneficent Order of Mosquitos had awared me “Lifetime Blood Donor of the Century” status and my inflamed bumps now cover more body area than the remaining white skin. I sleep less than two hours a night. I have this blog in which people incessantly want me to do their work by them not reading and asking me to fill in the background (not intended for you alone, btw). I have been stung twice by two sociopathic scorpions (I did nothing to them) and became very sick both times. I have been eating raw iguana and fish for half of my diet. Sam is completely unafected by any of this and diss’s me constantly. I am 67 f***ing years old to boot. So please forgive my testiness at your questions.

    (Postscript Edit:)
    I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to Sam in this post. Her dissing me is largely in fun. I have asked her a dozen times why she still hangs with someone who (in this country) could be her great grandfather when every ripped-muscled, handsome young man in the world might cut off his foot to be with her – and in addition, as she knows, I would still take care of her financially if she ran off with one. Her answer is usually – “Maybe, but would they have the balls for *this*”. Her assessment of my “balls” is greatly exaggerated – it is only necessity that maintains me.

  41. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Sorry John, but i can not see my post, I submitted earlier.
    Any idea?

  42. John McAfee Avatar

    Amnd who said the armed guards made her uncomfortable? She helped choose them. Where did you get any of this information? Makes me want to laugh.

  43. sysop Avatar

    getrealeh – you are exactly what scares me about juries. Interesting how you jump to conclusions… instead of taking a moment to consider that both “misspellings” were were likely “typos”, especially if you consider that the “I” is next to the “O” and the “C” is next to the “V” and BOTH to the left of the correct letter in the words…. Could it be that he get’s paid the big bucks for something other than being a proficient typist? Like being a lawyer….!?!? hmmm… see how easy that was?

  44. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    Elizabeth and Michelle,

    They won’t Intervene but not at all for the reasons you suggest. The American ‘letter agencies’ are the ones that ‘enabled’ the GSU. It can’t appear that the US government is interfering with a democratically elected government of a sovereign nation.

    You should know that.

    Common sense will trump nonsense every stinking time!

  45. Annette Avatar

    By the way, I don’t think it’s very kind to bring up her sexual preference, especially as she did not say this to you, therefore you have no idea. One of the reasons she wanted to leave, was because John was continually trying to set her up with strange men & was touting the benefits of polyamorous relationships, among other things. Also the armed guards (some gangsters) made her increasingly uncomfortable. Listen, I have no judgments about John’s sexual interests or his way of life, but it is most definitely not for everyone, including me.

  46. Elizabeth Avatar

    Whoops! Not that it is the most likely scenario that John committed the murder, but the chain of events concerning the dogs. Please do not think otherwise.

  47. Elizabeth Avatar

    Not at all. I have left John out of every scenario & was only commenting on why the police could very easily see a possible motive & want to question him. I’ve never intimated that John murdered Mr. Faull, just that I feel it is the most likely scenario in my opinion . I hope it was a home invasion, but the chain of events leading up to his murder,always point me back in that direction.

  48. Elizabeth Avatar

    Thanks for that. Whenever the name Amy was included in anything I’ve read, there was never a last name or anything to make one understand that there were in fact, two of them. When I wrote my comments about “Amy” earlier today on the page with her Facebook comments, I had no idea. You suggested that I start from the beginning, but I think I’m doing fairly well with the enormous amount of print that I’ve read, both here & through many other sources. Doing my best, boss.

  49. Mark_13 Avatar

    OK, thanks.

  50. John McAfee Avatar

    Please read the blog. Five weeks ago the devices disappeared, which is why I fired my entire security staff … etc. etc.

  51. Jimmy Hamborough Avatar
    Jimmy Hamborough

    Sounds to me like Ms. Adonizio has an axe to grind with John over her lab gig falling apart. Anything she says is suspect. Apparently she also did not like John’s sex life and was undergoing an identity crisis over whether or not to be a lesbian, from what she has also told friends.
    Anyone who lives with seven other people and sleeps with at least one of them has a pretty good alibi for the night of the murder.
    Lastly, your claim that Faull was killed over the dog issue is completely unsubstantiated and a wild conjecture. He may have been a victim of a home invasion, he may have been shot by an assassin who thought he was John, or he may have been killed by somebody that he practiced domestic violence on in his former relationships. Those are just three scenarios and I think that you are well aware that there are many others. Who knows why Faull got killed and who knows if Faull had anything to do with the dogs. Nobody really knows. Your conjectures are very tainted with a desire to cast suspicion on John, but I think you are way off the mark.

  52. Mark_13 Avatar

    “I planted tiny POV video cameras and sound recorders on myself, some of my dogs, all around my property, in my cars, on my boats, at the Studio 54 bar in Orange Walk, on trees, in bushes, – everywhere I could.”

    Occurs to me just now — its amazing you didn’t know immediately who poisoned the dogs, unless it occurred at night, though presumably you would have night-vision capability as well, and recording it all. But possibly Faull would be the most familiar of anyone with your setup there and least likely to do something himself, though even he would probably pay someone to do it. But as you say, he was a dog lover himself. But it seems you must have had film on tape of someone giving the dogs something. It seemed they barked at everything, though — inside job possibly, and a payoff?

  53. chris rasmussen Avatar
    chris rasmussen

    Sorry for the misspellings and such, i was typing while sitting at traffic lights on the way to work.

  54. John McAfee Avatar

    There are two Amy’s involved (we called them Amy one and Amy two), the first, Amy One (Amy Herbert) was the 17 year with which I was found during the April raid. It was Amy One whom I called the morning of the abortive October raid. Sorry for any confusion. The story is complex enough.

  55. Johnny Avatar

    For reference, John brought Amy into his November 25th story “The Attempted Raid of October 15th” as he described what occured:

    “I then called Amy (I had my cell phone and my pistol in my shorts). Amy, even though she is with Keith now, still sleeps often in her room in my home. I told Amy to go to my room, put on one of my shirts over hers and walk north on the beach, talk to no-one and ask no questions. Amy has known me for over two years and detected the seriousness of my voice. She did as I asked. She was pissed though when I quietly hailed her. She is used to sleeping well past noon and early mornings are not her cup of tea.”

  56. another old timer Avatar
    another old timer

    I had to play engineer from 8 to 5 today and had withdrawals from this blog.
    An awesome story John, keep safe.

  57. Johnny Maddog Avatar
    Johnny Maddog

    Please Nancy, just a quick skim of this, just John’s comments and Samantha’s replies would reveal Sam’s veracity. My God – shes not a kidnap victim.
    Just READ!

  58. Johnny Maddog Avatar
    Johnny Maddog

    verbiage not verbage

  59. Mark_13 Avatar

    Didn’t mean to imply necessarily that Faull didn’t have it coming possibly, for poisoning all of his neighbor’s dogs, or whatever. Too bad dueling isn’t still legal, so men of property could settle their differences honorably.

  60. michelle Avatar

    “If the U.S. Government truly believed your assertions & that your life was in danger, then I am pretty sure that they would step in directly or through our Embassy, but they haven’t & they won’t”

    If they won’t, might it have something to do with that $5 million wrongful death suit waiting on US soil?

  61. John McAfee Avatar

    What post? resend.

  62. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Well, after you read it,and hopefully more people read that as well, I would like you to let me know if you still maintain, that that was a prank!

  63. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    What happened to my post John ?

  64. John McAfee Avatar

    Wish I had time to read right now.

  65. John McAfee Avatar

    I think it’s on-line. I’ve never read or listened to it.

  66. Nightrider Avatar

    I read the first portion of “The Crazy Secret Journal of John McAfee” on Gizmodo a couple of weeks back. Are the other (2) portions going to be released, or has something taken place to prevent this? Also would like to know if the Infowars interview will be available online.

  67. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    I have , just wanting some more confirmation here.
    I suggest you read what C Allnott wrote about it on the ambergris caye message board then.
    Just to save you time to search for it, he basically said that is Bullshit!
    This will make for a refreshing read John, especially the part , after he cleaned up the mess and come to discover some “stuff”
    Now can we agree that the so called “pranks”,are nothing but lies, lies and more lies?
    Oh, by the way ,somehow he agreed with the story run by Wired!
    Well I guess he would, wouldn’t he, he was bloody there when your “prank” unfolded.

  68. Annette Avatar

    Those posts were for Josh Davis.

    It is not as simple as “there were seven other witnesses”. Unless of course you were all sleeping in the same bed together & no one went to sleep (possible, but not probable). And the possibility that you asked someone else to take care of Mr. Faull for being the one most likely to have killed your dogs (although it sounds as if there were quite a few possible candidates for their deaths, as so many neighbors & workers were angry about them). Or it could have been someone in your own compound who, because of their love for the dogs, decided to seek revenge against the most likely candidate, in their eyes. It has been stated by Ms. Adonizio, the Harvard grad student who did bacterial research in your lab for 2 years, that there was quote “bad blood” between you & Mr. Faull & that you quote “hated him”, so I’d say that the police have an extremely valid reason for wanting to question you. I cannot comprehend why you refuse to admit this, but it seems that they have at least one, but more likely a few witnesses that can verify the animosity between the two of you. We don’t know at this point what your 3 friends have stated, nor the people who used to work with you, so it is possible that they may have given evidence that is not particularly favorable to the claims you have made here, & I am sure that a number of others have given statements, as well.

    What makes me really sick, is that an innocent man, who was getting ready to leave Belize to sail around the world, was killed because of a dispute over dogs. Dogs that you recently admitted, were not penned in properly, causing many complaints for scaring & even biting people, all because they were not kept responsibly on your property. Mr. Faull may have been a nasty customer (I don’t believe he was), but he did not deserve to be shot in the back of the head. He did not deserve to die. He may not have ever harmed your dogs & died for it anyway.

    Please get an attorney & set up a video interview. At least do this, before it gets any more serious than it already is.

  69. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    John , do you still maintain that what you did to C Allnott it was a prank?

  70. Michael Avatar

    The more I read and follow along the more I can’t help to think that the murder was orchestrated as a way to bring you in, used as a means to have you dealt with. With all the plotting to have you murdered and the corruption that is present it seems likely to me and others I’ve spoken to about it.

    I would also like to ask if you mind me handing out some posters I made or putting them around my town. While some of it comes off as a little extreme to me, I feel it does well to draw the attention of those who see it.

    Stay strong.

  71. John McAfee Avatar

    I was at home with Samantha that night. There were seven other witnesses.

  72. Mark_13 Avatar

    Regarding your comment below (?), I am not Josh, don’t know him either.

  73. Belizean Drama Avatar
    Belizean Drama

    From Mayan empires that slaughtered each other and practiced ritual self-mutilation to Spanish plunderers to British pirates to slavery and centuries of colonialism—— what fruit shall be borne of all this discord? Belize. Tremble before her and quake in fear from her corrupt innards. A story of dread and horror is woven in the tendrils of her natty tresses as a man named Barrow grasps for power and lurches after John McAfee with his foot soldiers of impending misfortune. McAfee counters his doom with verve and dexterity but Barrow, imitating the pirates of yore, pummels on, wroth and sorely driven to relinquish McAfee of his golden hoard. Murderous impulses lead to death and destruction, the die is cast, and the stage is set for a battle of wills that encompasses the whole of Belize. Who shall emerge victorious from this drama? And will justice be served for the dead and for the imprisoned held as pawns by Barrow? We shall see——

  74. Mark_13 Avatar

    Was wondering where the ‘Josh Davis and Wired’ entry fits into this ( ).

    For the record I did send a letter to I believe it was the Belize tourist office (which you had requested of us for some reason) requesting that those three employees of yours be released. I was very deferential, saying that Belize could demonstrate that they are and enlightened and reasonable government by releasing these three men pending actual evidence surfacing against them and also requested that they be lenient regarding those technical firearms violations. But evidently to no avail as yet.

    Also, I understand that the authorities in Belize wanting you for “questioning” can mean only that they want you for interrogation (and I’m presuming no right to remain silent in Belize) and that if they’re holding your friends indefinitely on purely technical violations, then certainly they would imprison you as well. So I understand you not turning yourself in, and I understand you wanting to stay in Belize if there is any way you can swing it. And I understand how you may feel you have the clout and resources to win a staring contest with the Belize government.

    However, its clear to me that your explanation of Josh Davis’ 25 minute recording of you wigging out at 3 in the morning is an elaborate lie by you. I do not believe it was an act by you to put something over on Josh Davis as you claim Why, in the middle of all your problems, would you want to give legitimate basis for anyone to say you were having a paranoid breakdown on drugs when you were not. And yet you say it was just an act by you, the same explanation you give for your realtor Chris waking up to find you sleeping on his balcony.

    I for one could handle the truth regarding these incidents, while still being able to process that Belize is in fact a lawless place that targets rich people like you. I understand perfectly well that people did show up on a golf cart with guns at your place expecting you to be there as you described yesterday. So, other people I think could process the whole truth as well.

    Regarding Captain Morgans, it could even be the case that you were not on drugs, but being in a completely unfamiliar place as you were, and on the run for legitimate reasons, you misinterpreted something and flipped out. Or, maybe the GSU was in fact messing with your head in some sort of operation that night. But what seems clear to me is that its was not a big practical joke by you on Josh Davis as you claim.

    So anyway, your lying to us as well to an extent, which I guess shouldn’t come as a surprise given your own admissions regarding other matters.

    Also, the sooner you can get to a detailed explanation of why you could not possibly be responsible personally for killing Mr Faull, that would be great. No you had a few comments much earlier, but a reiteration would be great. Don’t know why newcomers aren’t demanding this either.

  75. Elizabeth Avatar

    Then why, if you are innocent, are you refusing to at least respond to their request as the rest of the neighbors have done. You of all people had a motive, like it or not, & any police force in any country, would want to question you. You have mentioned having spoken with your attorney. Was his advice for you to run & continue running? This is just going around in circles & is seeming to make less & less sense, and has more & more to do with your perceived persecution by the government without any clearly definable proof of any such persecution. If the U.S. Government truly believed your assertions & that your life was in danger, then I am pretty sure that they would step in directly or through our Embassy, but they haven’t & they won’t. The proof is just not there & the fact remains, that you are wanted for questioning in a murder. Period. We can talk about the social injustices of Belize & Samantha & the bad press & the crime & corruption day after day, but the fact that there was a murder & their interest in questioning you about it, will not go away.

  76. John McAfee Avatar

    The “questioning” excuse the authorities are using is so obviously bogus. Anyone with sense would know that I would only talk with a lawyer present. Every lawyer in the world will tell you their their instructions to me would be “Say nothing”. The authorities know this, they are not stupid. So why the manhunt?

  77. Elizabeth Avatar

    The media has no way of verifying anything that John has posted on this blog, ie the letter, the recordings, etc. I’ve voiced my opinion about the recordings, as being incomprehensible, with no way to know who the 2 people are & who they are even talking about & how it even relates to John. Everyone is crying out for more responsible reporting, and yet expecting these issues to be reported on with no verification or even any possibility that there could be. Just because some people take what John states here at face value, does not mean that the Press is ready to take that leap of faith. And the condemnation of Joshua is a really good example of why most reporters have no desire. And then there’s the issue of John being wanted for questioning in a murder & his refusal to do so, but then many of us have just chosen to just sweep that little issue under the rug, not to mention that there are many other newsworthy events going on in this world that may just be a little more important.  

  78. Alex Avatar

    Better yet, why don’t you Google his name right now??!! First search, photo & all, Chris Rasmussen, attorney, Las Vegas. How’s that for proof? I feel that apologies are in order. At least John admits when he’s mistaken & makes amends for it. How unfortunate that you feel the need to do this, as this blog would be boring & unreadable without the many differences in opinions & personal insights. I hope in the future you will be more gracious with your comments.

  79. Alex Avatar

    And just how do you know that he’s not an attorney? Now you can see people through your computer & magically read their professions? Truly amazing. Why is it that some posters feel the need to attack the characters of others in order to discount their opinions? They have every right to them.

  80. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    The only reason John is still alive is because the Barrow squad is as inept as it is corrupt. Barrow should have stuck to stealing telephone and electric companies from their rightful owners.

  81. getrealeh Avatar

    Claiming to be a lawyer when clearly you are not makes your comments invalid.

  82. USweedhead Avatar

    Man I never knew the little nerdy name, in the bottom right corner of my pc screen, was such a Cool Adventerous guy..easily coulda been the most popular person in my High school…

    I mean…i literally heard about ur story on cnn..googled your blog and been reading this shit like crazy..luckily the first post I came to see was the travelors guide. After the first sentence I was hooked!
    Being a young black dude in tha states I actually, for sum strange reason, feel as if I can relate to your situation…if anybody has lived through poverty in the states then it shouldnt be hard to fathom the corruption and “documentation” you speak of and can only imagine how the third world operates.
    Only question..i know your a computer guru but…do u think this blog will eventually lead to your wereabouts? Ip addresses are no longer a secret so im not snitchin! Lol
    O well it im rooting for u whether you did it or not and will always look at my viruscan in a totally different light!

    Good luck brotha,
    -U.S Weedhead

  83. Alex Avatar

    Misspellings don’t make his comments any less valid.

  84. getrealeh Avatar

    Amnesty International has issues with Belize. How about appealing to them regarding the incarceration of the Ambergrise 3? They are very powerful and have a large following all over the world.

  85. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    When you write to the people in Belize via the email addresses John has given, I suggest you mention the aid Belize is receiving from the United States. One poster has put this amount at $400K a year with a request for $1 Million in 2013.

    I resent having my tax dollars going to a country that oppresses US and British citizens, not counting it’s own citizens. Obviously this money isn’t going to help the people of Belize but into the pockets of the corrupt officials.

    Please mention this and contact your US represenatives to get this aid stopped.

  86. getrealeh Avatar

    I think the bullets will not “match” and they will find someone else to pin the murder of Greg Faull on. They will just want Mcafee to shut up and get outta the way. Whoever Tony’s important relative is he will be looking for a new job soon. He is now a liability. The Barrows gang will try to cut their losses. It is not so much that Belize is any more corrupt than any of its Central American neighbours, but they are certainly more inept at extortion. Perhaps someone should start a school for effective extortion Belize and teach these fools how to do it properly. It is understandable that Baby Barrow got caught and convicted in the USA. Imagine growing up as a gangbanger in Booklyn and not even being smart enough to get away with a mere nightclub shootout. A reality tv show about life in Belize with the Barrows crime family would be hilarious. Even better than the Three Stooges or Growing up Gotti!

  87. Eric Macintosh Avatar
    Eric Macintosh

    After reading all that has been going on in this blog, I will be writing to the Belize Tourism Board to tell them that it is unsafe for me to bring my family to such a place. Until many issues are resolved there, it seems like a very immoral place with lots of gangsters running around wreaking havoc under the auspices of the security forces and the politicians. I hope that John can resolve his problem but I also hope that a country that depends on tourism for much of its economy can understand that these kinds of things will be detrimental to them. John is trying to fight an entire system of endemic corruption and I wish him the best.

  88. getrealeh Avatar

    compromised not comprimised

    sleep deprivation not sleep deprecation
    Chris R
    Which bubble gum machine did you get your law degree out of there in Vegas? The one for functional illiterates?

  89. John McAfee Avatar

    They were not unlicensed. They were all legally licenced. They were purchsed here in Belize.

  90. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Good morning John, I see several comments today questioning things you have already answered many times. I would suggest to anyone that has not, please START AT THE BEGINNING. It is well worth reading!

  91. Highrise Avatar

    Hey John,

    had a great day, watched the cricket, Australia and South Africa, draw, after 5 days, South Africa batted really well, how was you day?? Same same but different, as they say I suspect.

    Keep the news coming, any updates on Mr.Fauls’ killing, have the forensic guys matched the bullets yet?

    What about these unlicensed guns, were they bought locally or did someone bring them into Belize, if so who?

    What of your friends in goal, how are they holding up? Are they treated Ok or are they playing loud music to them all day long, leaving the lights on day and night, the usual treatment?

    Anyway, keep writing, its only worth reading when you comment, the rest could be fiction but I know you would not go to all this trouble if it was.

    Take care, next Cricket Test match starts in three days, lets hope Australia can do better.

    All the best.

    Highrise 🙂

  92. John McAfee Avatar

    Been answered many times already.

  93. nancy roberts Avatar
    nancy roberts

    Let the girl go why take down anyone besides yourself

  94. John McAfee Avatar

    The PM’s secretary was included in the list.

  95. waverider77 Avatar

    John, do you have the PM’s email address? Or that of his wife or admin assistant? I have mailed the others. Good luck,stay focused.

  96. John McAfee Avatar

    P.S. My email was also hacked and every email since January was deleted. If you emailed me and I did not respond I apologize.

  97. John McAfee Avatar

    Sometime this week. We will speaking by phone tis afternoon to discuss.

  98. John McAfee Avatar

    This is the first post I’v seen from you Josh. We’ve had server problems and one major hack. Tons was lost. Re-submit and I will see that they are approved. Scott james is head of the Belize Tourism Association.

  99. Chris Rasmussen Avatar

    As a criminal defense lawyer (in las vegas), I was intrigued by the story as depicted on CNN. I immediately began reading your blog to gather insight into this investigation.

    Two questions: 1. Have your sleeping patterns been comprimised prior to or after this raid?
    2. Are you self medicating?
    Many times clients with similar verbage tend to suffer from the onset of mental illness derived from drug use which leads to sleep deprecation.

    You should seek medical attention to rule out mental illness. I wish you luck, your story is well written, entertaining, and brings out the adventurer in all of us followers.

  100. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Everything in Belize is bought and sold now, even justice, even elections. When I was living there, I can recall that during the times leading up to elections, many people suddenly got small government owned land plots authorized to them by local party bosses. People who were immigrants from other Central American countries would have their papers suddenly fixed for them so that they could get their citizenship and vote in the elections (for the party in power, of course). Key supporters for the party in power who were having trouble in land disputes or other civil matters would have these issues resolved in a favorable way for them. Big parties with loud music, dancing girls, and free liquor became the norm in the weeks leading up to the election.
    Some very enterprising people who were not members of the two main parties even started campaigns as third party representatives. They were a great source of amusement because they would go around telling everyone with a straight face that they were campaigning to end corruption and to fix Belize’s broken system, and, on election day, they would sell their supporters’ votes to the highest bidder. The fact that their supporters generally found nothing wrong with this system (as long as they got a cut) is a telling indictment of the Belizean electoral mechanism.
    The most interesting things I heard on election day dealt with the actual sale of one’s vote. Belizeans are not averse to taking money directly for their vote on election day, cash in hand of course. In the old days representatives of the parties would fill their pockets with large denomination bills and wait outside the voting booths handing people cash who said they would vote for whichever party. This practice gradually refined itself over the years since, obviously, it was a matter of trust on the part of the cash giver that the person would actually vote for their candidate in the secret confines of the voting booth. Thus the party representative started having to hand everyone a cellphone with built in camera to actually take a picture of the completed ballot filled in with the proper voting information. Then, upon emerging and showing the evidence of their compliance, would the person be given the cash.
    Even this system degenerated into a bit of a farce after a while. It seems that the representatives of the parties were not very honorable at times and would promise someone 100 Belizean dollars for their vote and when they came out and showed the evidence, they would be handed only fifty dollars and told that that was all that was available. Since it is all illegal and nobody can go to the police to file a report about improper payment for bought votes, the rep would have the upper hand. But sometimes people get violent about things like that and problems started cropping up.
    To avoid these problems, party organizers came up with a new way of doing things. They would rip 100 dollar bills in half and hand half to the prospective voter, along with the cellphone camera, and, upon producing evidence, they would be handed the other half! This system was a great success until banks started saying that they were getting swamped with taped up 100 dollar bills and wanted to stop accepting them.
    So, for readers who do not understand Belize or what is going on with John McAfee, let this serve as a small introduction to the culture, a primer so to speak.

  101. Gaby Avatar

    sorry about the typos..ipad problem. See, everyone does it. I don’t judge.

  102. Gaby Avatar

    Thank you for the synopisis. I realize that you may not have the technical means to implement my folowing suggestion, operating from wherever you are, but perhaps Chad can put links to each post down one side of the page for easier acces. I find myself often wanting to often go back and reread your posts to understand better what you have described but using the “previous” and “next” buttons take forever so I just give up. Thank you in advance for listening to my suggestion. Perhaps it wiil help others as well.

  103. Lam Avatar

    Also, when I say “pretty sure” regarding the MDPV, that does not mean conclusive. As the general tone of the rest of the post indicates, we do not know all the facts yet; the story is still unfolding.

  104. Lam Avatar

    Heh, dude, the synopsis was supposed to explain everything. It started with the GSU raid (from what we know now; seems like the story is really unfolding in a way that would suggest the involvement started earlier. I await the coming posts!

    Also, regarding all this hater v. sycophants bullshit, count me out. I don’t pretend to know all the facts. I read the media and I read the blog. I know as much as we can know.and definitely suspect the story runs deeper. We have to remember, most of us have never met the man. We form our impressions through many news outlets, friends, personal likes & dislikes regarding lifestyles, wealth, and a host of other things. I am reluctant to comment on the mental state of a man I have never met, especially under his present conditions, as I am no armchair psychiatrist. I recognize that the image I’ve formed in my mind could be very different from the images others have and can very well be different from the reality. Basically, we all need to get some perspective. Ask questions. Research the issues.

    I’m pretty sure he was developing MDPV though, so I’m not taking everything he says at face value.. But, there’s a real story here; it is coming out. The evidence isn’t conclusive yet, but I am quite annoyed that the media has not attempted to verify any of these claims. I want the whole story and we’re only getting John’s side. Why has the other side not discussed the letter or the recordings? Why has the media not looked into their legitimacy? There is no easy answer. Are they lazy? Is the story over in their eyes? Are they pissed at John fucking with them? What’s up? Whatever the case, I cannot think of a legitimate or proper explanation for why none of this has been dissected by another party.

    And I know I’ve mentioned this part before, but the media honestly needs to start looking into the letter claims, the audio recordings, all of it. This is entirely irresponsible to run personality piece after personality piece when there is potential evidence coming out on this blog every day. This stuff needs to be vetted! It raises serious questions. If the story isn’t selling, drop it, but they’re not doing that. Every day a new article comes out with the same garbage; the same shit we knew 1-2 weeks ago! Yes, he’s on the run, yes he has a lot of guns, yes Sam is 17… okay, okay, but what about the letters? What about the audio? /rant.

  105. NoOneIsInnocent Avatar

    A Patch of Old Snow

    There’s a patch of old snow in a corner
    That I should have guessed
    Was a blow-away paper the rain
    Had brought to rest.

    It is speckled with grime as if
    Small print overspread it,
    The news of a day I’ve forgotten —
    If I ever read it.
    Robert Frost

  106. OBanter Avatar

    Hi John what date will your interview be live with Joe Rogan, I await it with much anticipation.

  107. B'sard Avatar

    Sorry about the typo
    Well if it was me i would get the hell out of that place, knowing what they want to do to you.not just now but ages ago..good luck anyway..

  108. John McAfee Avatar

    No. I put a small “Synopsis” toether. That should help.

  109. falafel Avatar

    so all this began when they failed to extort $150k from you?