Video 1 of Live Broadcast on December 9th at 7 PM

 PART 1 @ 7 PM


PART 2 @ 8 PM


John McAfee Hosts News Conference, Asks for Protection

Against Belize Government

GUATEMALA CITY, December 9, 2012 — John McAfee, famed antivirus software pioneer and human rights advocate, today announced that he will host a news conference to ask the world for its protection against the Government of Belize. On his official blog,, Mr. McAfee has exposed the widespread corruption that is currently taking over the small country. Because of this, Mr. McAfee feels that he will be in grave danger if he were to be returned to Belize.

“Because of what I have been able to expose regarding the Government of Belize, I am no longer safe in that country,” stated John McAfee. “My one request is that I be safely returned to my home country, the United States  of America!”

On Sunday, December 9, 2012, John McAfee will host a news conference in Guatemala Cityat 7:00 p.m. Guatemala Citytime via The news conference will be held in two segments; at 7:00 p.m. Mr. McAfee will broadcast a statement and will then accept questions from the media by email at [email protected], he will then broadcast again at 8:00 p.m. in order to answer those questions. For more information, or details regarding the news conference, please visit

Update : Please be advised that Questions are for Media outlets only , Media needs to send emails from a source that can be verified or Please email with your request with a copy of your credentials .

Any unconfirmed request will be ignored




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  1. Wilson Inagafa Avatar

    John…if you’re disconnected from the rest of the world then I’m assuming something your safety is not guaranteed out there, you’re 100% not safe. You can get shot and labeled you with some claus. You need to get out of there ASAP! somehow or allow yourself to be deported back to Belize and arrange for the US Embassy to meet you there to then escort you back to the USA since you’re not accused of any crime in Belize…this shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. ron Avatar

    Is that a joke or a threat?

  3. ron Avatar

    When your “source” is drunk, and you are not, the information comes at a cut rate price.

  4. ron Avatar

    Assange? I think parallels exist, but are non-obvious to the drones of the hive mind: the public. A wealthy person who doesn’t subscribe to the new “order of things,” as dictated by self assigned authorities, will feel the wrath as much or more than anybody else. Not everyone in the upper financial sub-strata is a dues paying members of “the club …”

  5. Chris Avatar

    Free John McAfee and Julian Assange!

  6. fencesitter Avatar

    Al I am saying is if he is smart enough to organise this blog he should be smart enough to organise a safe way of answering their questions.
    The world is now watching.
    Surely that’s not unreasonable.

  7. fencesitter Avatar

    Body Language people would have a field day with this, the signs say he is covering something up.

  8. Sara Avatar

    The hashtags in Twitter are #FreeMcAfee and #FreeJohnMcAfee

  9. Sara Avatar

    I wrote several tweets to @BarackObama and I asked him for reading this blog in order to bring back John to the U.S.
    If many people did this, I think John’s case would be best heard, because mass media are telling a lot of bullshit against him. I read an article in The New York Times yesterday and the bloke who wrote it was saying many lies and inconsistencies about him. The pity is that this article is been retweeted many many times. So I think we should do something in Twitter or in

  10. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Who did he pay off? For what? When?

  11. Yomama Avatar

    No Imnot jealous I think its sad that John complains about the corruption while same time paying people off in order to get special treatment. I dont have any sympathy for that because he’s looking like a hypocrite.

  12. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Damn, Yomama, don’t be so jelous that you are not him and you didn’t born with his brain.
    Why don’t you invent something too?
    John doesn’t need to face the music, if the police from Belize are sure he have something to do with the death of his neghbor, they can go to Guatemala and question him.

  13. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    John…you have given those Mexicans a way to “kill” you without getting caught. Now that you are labeled with “heart problems”…all they have to do is poison you and claim it was a fatal “heart attack”. You need to get out of there ASAP! Allow yourself to be deported back to Belize and arrange for the US Embassy to meet you there to then escort you back to the USA since you’re not accused of any crime in Belize…this shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. ideving Avatar

    USA tax,
    The answer is that John McAfee appears to be the only person visibly encouraging investigation of Gregory Faull’s murder. John has put his money where his mouth is. He has offered a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the apprehension of Mr. Faull’s killer. The reward is still outstanding. You can read the details about the reward, and how to collect it, by clicking on the “Reward” button at the top of the home page of this blog. Please do so.

    And to those unfortunate persons in Belize who knows something about Mr. Faull’s murder, I sympathize with you. I know that if you come forward, you will be risking your life. On the other hand, I am sure that Harold M will guarantee that your identity will never be revealed by John McAfee’s organization, and, if you’re like me, $25,000 would go a long way toward paying for things your family needs. Stay strong!

  15. WEB Avatar

    Very interesting….So now we get to decipher where you were lying….here on John’s blog, or on your own. You reference above how much money your family has….hmmmmm
    this is from your blog, you wrote it :
    “I just found a beginner recipe for ambrosia salad. I would like to make it this year and bring it to my sister’s house in my stone bread pan. I am not sure if I will have enough money. You just mix a bunch of ingredients … fruit, milk and cool whip and let it chill in the refrigerator. It is a no bake recipe”
    Liar liar pants on fire? ………’I’m not sure if I will have enough money’
    You’ve already exposed far more information than you should have about your son, maybe it’s time you stopped.

  16. ron Avatar

    The previous post is right on the dime. You may not have anything to hide, but you almost ALWAYS have something to PROTECT. You have a right to be free of the unwarranted false light of accusation, for one. The “you have nothing to hide” mantra is a sound bite used to institutionalize government imposed slave state mechanisms.

    I hope Johh has no big-time organized crime hit on him. These days, the neighbor/dog/murder scenario is not uncommon. Typically, some hired crime element incites discord between a man and another one (not atypically, a neighbor). The crime element then waits until the pot boils over, and there has been convenient witness to loud arguments or disagreements. Then, the crime element knocks off the innocent neighbor, the innocent other party goes to jail, and the crime element collects the other half of the hit money. This kind of hit happens in cases where the hatred in the person who hired the hit is so great that a simple kill is not good enough.

  17. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Obama won’t help me get my son back. Why would he help John?

  18. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean. They are very thick chips.

  19. Rob Avatar

    John McAfee, Julian Assange, and Kim Dotcom should open a club!

  20. Mike Avatar

    JM interesting presentation. You may have opened up further questions by your answers re drugs and drinks. A the end you stated that you don’t drink and don’t hang around drinkers. Yet lots of your posts and history seem to imply hanging around the pubs, bars and restaurants in BZ, where you met the different characters in your life there. That might need clarification… Eventually you will have to talk about stuffmonger and that side of your life. The pictures are clearly of your compound in BZ. But maybe that can wait till afterward when the book comes out?
    Good job with your post of your Portland buddy. News posts had him in Seattle.

  21. Bev Avatar

    She drank the kool aid.

  22. Tami Harcrow Avatar
    Tami Harcrow

    Due to the unfortunate situation John is experiencing, I feel I must inform society that this man is completely innocent. I am an old neighbor/acquaintance of Johns. I have property in Portal, Az . A few years ago, he informed me they wanted a new boat. Which he was more than happy to purchase for them. A month later when I saw him again I was under the impression they wanted more money, then more. It is apparent they are extorting way to much from John. He would NEVER do drugs nor HARM anyone. This is a very sad situation. It is a shame that our whole society is so corrupt and quick to judge someone they don’t even know. I am so sorry this is happening to you, John. Namaste

    On a different note:

    Hi Bill, I lost your number and as you can see, Johns busy. I want to go to the land and watch the meteor shower. Hope everything is great in New Mexico ! Call me

  23. Yomama Avatar

    Right that The blogging is a double edge sword. Its a bit of a slap in the face to us regular folk without a ton of money could never get this kind of special treatment. Why not go to belize and face the music like a man just like anyone else would have to. A free trip back to America only makes you look like a coward.

  24. ron Avatar

    This is off-topic, so the moderator is free to blip it. But – the reason I don’t watch much youtube is that over fifty percent of the material is copyright infringing (IMO). The little operators (file sharing) all get shut down, and go to jail. Youtube keeps on keeping on …

  25. ron Avatar

    Damned good chips. A little crunchy for my tastes (and old teeth) …

  26. Carlito Avatar

    The people of Belize are the victims in this saga. I have no doubt that tourism will drop due to this public episode of Mr. McAfee’s situation. I definitely believe his stories of corruption, I myself have lived them. The decreased revenue from tourism will effect the average Belizean, Barrow will be unaffected and continue to rape Belize for all he can get. Sad story all the way around

  27. ron Avatar

    Just finished viewing the two videos. I tryed taking them from Ustream yesterday, but I think maybe their servers were swamped at the time. What I observed in the videos, mostly, is that John is keeping a level head about himself … so important to do ,,,

  28. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Ha ha Deb. My family created Cape Cod Chips, Chatham Village Croutons and Late July Crackers. They probably have more money now than John does. I know something about money. Bon Appetite sweetie.

  29. ron Avatar

    When you make a place your home, you instinctively hang onto it, in the face of adversity. The boiled frog metaphor is somewhat appropriate, as the nemesis is fought, battle by battle, skirmish by little skirmish. A hope hangs inside such a person, for a better end to the war than what another individual, unconnected to the situation could sensibly calculate. It’s sentimentality, and emotional attachment. Belize is a pretty place in which to live, and John has friends, etc. I understand he stayed a day too long, back in November. Most people do the same in the absence of hindsight …

  30. Sara Avatar

    I believe all you say John, why don’t you try to talk to Obama? I think he could take you to the U.S.

    I will be tweeting to his account too.

  31. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I am so glad that you are feeling better. My boys grandfather in Texas is a tall man like you and he had a heart attack around 2004 or 2005. He had to have a stint put in and I believe that he worries about his mortality all of the time now. I only got to spend like 3 days with him on a ranch in Marble Falls, TX and I wish that Ezra and I could spend more time with him. Ezra is my 7 year old that I have custody of. Anyway, you came out of your health scare very lucky I think. Eat well and sleep well. You should think of yourself like a professional athlete right now. That is what I do. Eat for fuel.

  32. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I do not watch youtube, because I do not think that it is pure and I do not think that it is healthy. Why can’t people try V I m e o? Anyway I just had a thought. I know that you do not want to talk about murderer on here, but is it possible that you were framed by the politicians that were trying to get money out of you?

  33. ramster Avatar

    Thanks for the interview there is nothing like hearing you speak first hand it means a lot. I now feel much more of a connection to you as a person than i did by reading the blog postings. Keep the video posts going. Praying for justice to be done in this situation and that the truth will be revealed and that you will be protected.

  34. Anonymous Avatar

    This case is and always has been from the very beginning about three things:


    Sorry Belize, you aren’t grabbing any more of John’s money. Take a long walk off a short plank.

    I encourage anyone with good web skills to set up several web sites detailing corruption in Belize. I will never EVER go to Belize or any other banana republic ever again and will tell all my friends not to.

  35. Anonymous Avatar

    If the Belizean police had any shred of proof that Mr. McAfee killed his neighbor they would have an ARREST WARRANT issued a long time ago. They would have already contacted INTERPOL and formally requested Mr. McAfee’s extradition from Guatemala.

    You know what? Belize didn’t do any of these things because they don’t have any proof and they know Mr. McAfee didn’t do it. It’s really that simple.

  36. Jeff Cooper Avatar
    Jeff Cooper

    JOHN!!!!! So glad to see you. I was hoping to see you free but good to see you anyway. Ive been folowing since the begening of this mess . I belive in your innocence. My wife and I are praying for your release and Sam’s safety. Good luck John we’re with you!

  37. s.p Avatar

    There is absoluely no question he would have been hurt (probably killed) if the GSU or police or BDF got their hands on him. At this point, after all the media attention, things would be handled a bit differently I’m sure. Rather than killed, I guess he would have been sent to Hadyville Prison and would have sat there for years waiting for his case to be heard in front of a very very corrupt system. Having once lived in San Pedro Belize I get it. But it is almost impossible for people to understand unless they have lived there. As much as the people of power in Belize HATE all this attention and Bad press – long term I truly believe it may help the Country. For the Country of Belize to even possibly have a chance to move in a positive direction much of this needs to be exposed. The people of Belize need to ban togther to fight. It is quite obvious that prior to this the people on “their own” could not and did not do that. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom before they can get their shit togther. Beliize needs to hit rock bottom and almost start from scratch. The Country is so small that starting over and fixing what is terribly broken is possible. There are so many really great people in Belize. It is so sad that they are subject to live in the manner in which they live. I wish the best for Belize. And I wish the best for John.

  38. DJ Avatar

    You don’t just lawyer-up in Belize like in the US. Remember, there is no warrant, nor has Belize police said he is a suspect. I do know, as do most Belizean’s, that he was on the receiving end of the consequences for not supporting a certain politician desire for a large donation. That’s what can happen in Belize. You don’t know of the corruption and retaliation that goes on there. The police have not ID’d him as a suspect, no warrant issued. So why is McAfee reluctant to appear? By-the-way, if there is no eye-witness (which there is none in this case), there will never be a conviction. McAfee knows that also. So why not appear because they just want to talk to him? NOT IN BELIZE, do they just want to talk to you. They want to get their hands on him. And if they do, don’t surprised to see reports that suggests that while being detained (a word they haven’t used yet): he committed suicide, had a fatal heart attack, was shot by police in self defense, or another detainee killed him. That can be what is like there.

  39. loconutz Avatar

    The women posters absolutely adore John Mcafee!

  40. A Sauce Avatar
    A Sauce

    Hi John. You are batshit crazy. I don’t believe you are a murderer, but I do believe the decisions you’ve over the last 90 days have been really stupid. You should have come back to the US immediately. Best of luck to you.

  41. querrier Avatar

    As P.T. Barnum said about publicity, be it good or bad,” just spell my name right”. Yes, John is making the name Bellize known and it is being spelled correctlly and the reason he moved here is because it is a beautiful country. That being said, he is 100% correct in his alligations against the corrupt government here, and after living here for more than a quarter of a century I wholeheartedly agree with him. I know him to be an honerable and honest man and to have brought much to this country in many ways to try to “bring up Belize”. We will be loosing a good person who had/has helped many including the country. He has a generous heart and will be missed by many, not for his generosity, but but by his true friends for his humor and intelect/insight. Hope we can stay in touch John and know if there is anything I can help with I am here for you. Hang tight John and Sam and please continue to help in cleaning up this country for the rest of us. xo

  42. E. Avatar

    If he were broke he’d probably be dead.

  43. E. Avatar

    I sent all the requested emails to officials in Belize. None bounced back so I’m assuming they were delivered. I’ve read as much as I can on the site but it’s not well organized, for instance didn’t see any raid footage or links to. Not sure it would be worth the work to reorganize though because from the questions the journalists posed they obviously haven’t even been to the blog (can’t believe the loss of work ethic over the last 30 years!!).
    Otherwise, it’s so nice to see someone besides myself refuses to “play by the rules” (i.e., e.g. boot donation story). Just knowing you exist is a consolation.
    Do you want us to send out more emails and to whom?? Just say the word!
    Hope to hear you and Sam are back in the U.S. soon!!

  44. sysop Avatar

    So, why didn’t VICE get the boot back to Belize like they are trying to do to John? That’s where they came from. And, why have they given Sam a stamp in her passport to stay in Guatemala and not John’s?

    Seems like if Guatemala wanted to appear FAIR they would be treating ALL 4 of them the same… but they are not. Send them all to their home country or give them all stamps.

  45. sysop Avatar

    It it troubling when you realize how many people believe they are required to talk to the police. And, refusing to do so means, “there must have something to hide.”

    If the police ARE NOT convinced (by evidence) that you have committed a crime, then they will/can not charge you. Talking to them may change this circumstance based on what you say, so what you say CAN hurt you.

    If the police ARE convinced (by evidence) you have committed a crime, then no amount of talking will change this circumstance, so what you say CAN hurt you.

    Either way, What you say CAN hurt you. So why do people do it? Hope. Faith. Trust.

    This is a great video of an attorney and police officer telling you this same thing.

  46. Avatar

    Do you know the address where John is been held.
    Can he receive visitors
    I would like to bring to him some coffee , and maybe a pie.
    There is people out here that care for him.

  47. Avatar

    Dear USA Taxpayer:
    You are a jerk and an asshole, you are a troll.

  48. Avatar

    Is my understanding that they have posted a reward for anybody that have information about the killer of that guy, something not even his family have done.
    The way I see it, Harold is Johns friend.
    The family of the death man needs to open a blog, or why dont you open one and take stand for that poor guy that die (sorry dont know his name).

  49. Avatar

    If police from Belize wants to question him, they can go to Guatemala.
    What Belize wants is to keep him.

  50. Crystal ball Avatar
    Crystal ball

    I laughed out loud at his point of “: wouldn’t I take a better drug than bath salts? I certainly have the means to!” I hope that this be over and settled in three weeks to three months, with just one more paper obstacle to overcome, and then a much needed rest for yous 🙂 that is if you worried about your near future and did not live day to day …

  51. Leslie Sherman Avatar
    Leslie Sherman

    Good job on the conferences – now stay safe until you can get outta there and back to the US, and you can reconstitute your life and live your remaining days (I hope there are many) without so much drama and danger. Need lots of adrenaline? – you’ll find a way!

  52. lavender Avatar

    unfortunately I was unable to view live stream due to it’s removal…
    However, I do hope that John’s brought to America. It’s ridiculous how testimonies, video, and audio supporting the corruption of the Belize Government is written off as “paranoia”. I do not believe the Prime Minister will have a gentlemen’s sit down to discuss this matter, he is fully supportive of the “paranoid” John (as seen in interviews) and his efforts seem to only have John returned to Belize, under his government’s control. If he agrees to meet John it would certainly allow for an ease of his involvement.
    I see in previous comments that people are pondering if John would be in harms way going back to Belize since this case now has the media’s and our attention…. I just feel it should be said that without his release of evidence, speaking out, and escape making it to the news (or had he surrendered immediately) he could have been subjected to whatever “harm” they wished and simply covered it up to appear as though his harm or execution was of natural death, self inflicting, or self defense of the officers. The GSU has done it before and it is not a stretch to imagine they would have done it to him.
    So even now that he has wide spread attention and a lesser chance of being executed, why would he want to subject himself and to comply with the obvious corrupted judicial system?
    This is not only about John, but about revealing the injustice and corruption of the Belize government.
    Best wishes toy you John, I hope to see more video updates and your return to America.

  53. Petra Avatar

    So now that we’ve heard from the man himself, does that mean Harold M is out of a job? No more file releases? I didn’t really hear anything in the conference that is anymore than we’ve already been told so I’m hoping we’re not done getting additional information and evidence. I’m glad we got to see you John, up close and alive. Stay well and I’m looking forward to the news that your feet are firmly planted back on U.S. soil.

  54. LS Avatar

    I get it.

  55. godot Avatar

    The simple answer is that John is a valuable possession. Even though Guatemala and Belize may be on bad terms, and Guatemala would never return John to Belize as a favor, the fact that Belize wants John means that whoever controls John controls a valuable commodity. Everyone has bought time to assess the quid and quo of the potential deals. What can Guatemala get in trade for John? What is the best way for Belize to limit the damage to its tourist trade? (Maybe just be rid of John, and let this story die ASAP.) Not to mention that John is rich, and everyone wants to wring as much money as possible out of him before they pass him on to the next player.

    The “VICE guys” (who, through their incomprehensible incompetence, caused this debacle), and Sam are not as valuable.

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose:” If John were broke, he’d be a free man today.

  56. s.p Avatar

    I sincerely hope if JM is able to get back to the U.S that he continues to work on his quest to clean up Belize. Do it for revenge. But also do it for the people of Belize. There lots of good people that neither have the voice nor the education to make a difference. Having once lived in SP for many years I am haapy to share my horror stories. The Country is screwed!

  57. Chris Avatar

    Nice video Mr. McAfee. Hope you are doing well.

  58. Suzy Avatar

    John, I’ve been obsessed with your website and your current status and what is happening to you. I check it multiple times per day. I’m glad your able to communicate through your website. Hopefully you can keep doing this. Do you have family members??? Are you in contact with them?

    Also, you keep talking about how corrupt the Belizean government is. But I am convinced also that you were hanging around with thugs. From what I am reading and hearing, it seems like thugs were after you. Maybe they framed you? Maybe a bunch of street thugs were looking to cause trouble to the 2 rich single white american men on the island?

    What do you think happened to Gregory Faull?

    Also, I think you got mixed up with crazy, uneducated peasants / gang members / goons. You were probrably feeling generous and kind hearted by employing them and being friendly with them. But I really do believe that they are now the reason you are in trouble. It can happen anywhere in the world…You mix with garbage, your gonna turn into trash yourself.

    Anyway, like I said, I check into your blog multiple times a day. Keep us updated. Hopefully you get to the USA by the new year 2013! and dont bring Sam! She’s part of the problem…not the solution. Tons of girls here in the USA will date you.

  59. godot Avatar

    Fencesitter, you say, “…Belize would be foolish…to do anything other than progress this by the book.” So, if John is “shot trying to escape, or “found hanged in his cell,” someone in Belize would look foolish? The government already looks pretty bad. What have they to lose?

    You also say, “If he has nothing to hide he has nothing to worry about.” This is, perhaps, the fundamental fallacy of thought displayed in this blog. Representatives of the government of Belize have already held John prisoner at gunpoint for 14 hours, killed his dogs, raided his home 8 times, attempted to extort $2M from him, stolen $500,000 of his property, destroyed his real-estate, (at least temporarily) blocked access to his bank accounts, threatened his life, and deprived him of his freedom. His life and the lives of his friends are in danger, and, if he is lucky enough to make it back to the USA, many people familiar with the government of Belize say that the danger to John will continue even after he is back on American soil.

    So I say to you, au contraire, what else COULD John have to worry about?

  60. SPmQQse Avatar

    after 20+ yrs in san pedro…. ”u.s. taxpayer”…you can be assured the belize polititons, judiciary and police are as crooked as it gets….wild west type of crooked… and yes i do believe that john’s saftey/life is in jepardy in belize…!!!
    as may be mine !

  61. godot Avatar

    USA tax,
    The answer is that John McAfee appears to be the only person visibly encouraging investigation of Gregory Faull’s murder. John has put his money where his mouth is. He has offered a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the apprehension of Mr. Faull’s killer. The reward is still outstanding. You can read the details about the reward, and how to collect it, by clicking on the “Reward” button at the top of the home page of this blog. Please do so.

    And to those unfortunate persons in Belize who knows something about Mr. Faull’s murder, I sympathize with you. I know that if you come forward, you will be risking your life. On the other hand, I am sure that Harold M will guarantee that your identity will never be revealed by John McAfee’s organization, and, if you’re like me, $25,000 would go a long way toward paying for things your family needs. Stay strong!

  62. WEB Avatar

    Thanks. 🙂

  63. WEB Avatar

    ATTENTION URECOMMENDMEDIA…. it’s now 9:29 and the audio is still on.

  64. WEB Avatar

    yeah, me too. Just heard him try again. Do you still have audio but no picture?

  65. WEB Avatar

    HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!
    The audio is still on. Just heard John cough, and now it sounds like he’s drumming a beat on his legs. Please turn off the audio.

  66. WEB Avatar

    9:21 pm est. No video for several minutes, but still have audio. Right corner of box says ‘ off air’. Might want to turn it off.

  67. Dave Conta Avatar
    Dave Conta

    Old cringe man < young women $$$$$

  68. DB Avatar

    It is interesting that the cam is left on while you wait for questions, I suppose that is to ensure you do not lose the link. I wish I could get you a lighter!

  69. DB Avatar

    Best of luck on the video conference, your prepared statement was good, I only hope you get some relevant questions to answer from the media. Hopefully, there are a few reporters with integrity working on a Sunday evening.

  70. Mentor Avatar

    My thoughts also. Can you answer this Admin?

  71. Brandon Avatar

    Pm borrow’s brother is a judge. The family has high power in both the judicial and executive branches. Imagine what would happen if McAfee was tried in his court room.

  72. stuffyou Avatar


  73. lithium Avatar

    Awesome press conference.

  74. Movit Avatar

    Didn’t the VICE guys and Sam also enter GT illegally? How come they were not detained too?

  75. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    I do hope you get back to the USA safe per your wishes. So much different than in the beginning when no matter what, you would never leave Belize. “It’s my home”.
    Anyway, when back in the USA, I hope you start working on fixing the corruption here. You will be startled to see most of our constitutional rights are on a path to destruction, but it is so slow, the sheep here think its a good thing after the spin of it all.

  76. Gaby Avatar

    He has had several posts, which have subsequently been deleted. with apolgies…one to Jeff Wise , reporter, next one to his blog readers for being antagonistic, third to Vice Magazine reporters, and perhaps a few others. Actually, Harold M is much tougher than John ever was but then again, there are some comments here that I think merit some tough come backs.

  77. connie Avatar

    I don’t think he owes Belize an apology. They should be apologizing to him. That’s all he wanted from Barrow in the first place.

  78. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    Jessica, I don’t have the account number on your credit card in order to check out John’s assets. I am sure you will post it. Eventually. If you don’t mind please have your people keep an eye on his assets there in Belize. Isn’t it wonderful that he will soon be back In the USA !?!

  79. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    that would be Chad Essley

  80. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    This whole deal since November 12 is unnerving. John will have to plea bargain with the entire world to live.
    1. Corruption level Belize: Scary
    2. Corruption Level Corporations: Scary
    3. Wealthy People: Targeted Worldwide.
    4. Press: Lost to Corporate Greed
    5. Controlling the Masses: In process worldwide by any means necessary.

    Johns money is wanted in 3rd world countries.
    Johns company Quorume whatever may discover plants to cure all. Pharmaceutical Companies kill to stop that behavior. Oh, well their lobbyists spend billions to kill bills. Then they kill other stuff.
    John became a bit arrogant, and it pissed people off. Not that arrogance is a totally bad thing, money does stuff too, like just about anything I can think of, and the girls? Why everyone is free to choose, he did not kidnap anyone, and he does have relationships with elders also. Its a fun hobby if you have a sense of humor. Oh yeah, there is one thing that money cannot buy…Poverty.
    Looking forward to the conference. If it is as lame as some of these headlines I read, that would suck. John against the world on live TV won’t work. He had better have local Belizeans corroborating, otherwise he is going down. (sorry John, don’t take it personalty, wish I was there to help. I got connects too). The power is too large for one man alone to fight. Bele=izens, you better unite for John or you are just part of the problem. (unless you locals are bewildered by Johns claims and none of this drama and corruption exists)

  81. Mike Avatar

    JM, easy solution, just put off your return to BZ until after the 21st of December. The world is ending then and afterward there will be no reason to return to BZ. Easy, peasy

  82. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    According to the press a United States State Department spokes woman says that you have to follow Belize’s laws before you can come back.

  83. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    speaking of work..whoever is doing the graphics, Great Job!!

  84. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Check the next to the last post. Are you for real?

  85. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    He is not going to lose any assests. Check out my credit card. and use referal code Morrison53!

  86. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    i don’t know who is guilty, but for sure,, someone is guilty, and gaby stated he is not guilty,, mabye gaby has some evidence she needs to give police to clear John

  87. getrealeh Avatar

    nah Belise is an unstable country and it has recently confiscated and nationalized private businesses like the telephone company. No one with any business acumen would invest all his money in Belize. John, I am sure, has off shore accounts all over the world. How do you think he has financed his great escape? He was found in a Guatemalan resort frequented by the Yacht set. How do you think his Belize employees are being paid despite the claim that Belize has frozen his assets? Mexico did the same thing. It is another risk of living in Central America. They will just nationalize your business and you are SOL. Mxafee may be many things but one thing I am certain of he has business smarts. You can sell your property in absentia. Expats do it all the time.

  88. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    This forum is about government corruption?? you got to be joking dude,,,

  89. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    How do you?

  90. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    how do you know who is guilty and who is not?

  91. lithium Avatar

    Ron, thank you for the advice kind sir.

  92. lithium Avatar

    He has apologized Gaby? I’ve been reading his blog from the beginning and haven’t seen an apology. His tone has been antagonistic to say the least. Of course it’s just my interpretation and I may have missed an apology or two. I can’t see him apologizing to Belize but then again he’s done a lot of sh*t I thought I’d never see.

  93. ron Avatar

    Don’t use too much of that Lithium, or you’ll end up on dialysis later on. Just saying …

  94. lithium Avatar

    I imagine you’re right but he’s probably going to lose all his assets in Belize right? It’s certainly better than losing his life but to be completely financially exhausted must be a scary feeling.
    He alluded to the fact that all his wealth was tied up in various ventures in Belize.

  95. Mike Avatar

    Chad, you are doing alot of work for JM. And all the news media are mentioning that the blog is being maintained in Seattle. I think that you are in Portland, Or.

    I just want you to get some credit here….

  96. fencesitter Avatar

    I have to agree, surely this is so in the open now that Belize would be foolish, corrupt or otherwise, to do anything other than progress this by the book.
    They have a crime and the scene is close to Mr Mcafees property. 4 of his dogs were poisoned the day before the murder. If I were investigating I would want to talk to all persons in the vicinity leading up to and after the murder. I would especially want to talk to someone who goes on the run. If he has nothing to hide he has nothing to worry about. On the other hand if they have genuine evidence that makes him a suspect he needs to answer their questions. I wonder if they do have good suspicion ?

  97. SamIAmWithAWholeLottaTan Avatar

    Please give us updates on Sam!

  98. jj Avatar

    The US goverment is not going to require john to do any thing hes not legally required to do. No one is required to ever go talk to any police for any thing they arnt even charged with. and its just like in the us going to the police for some thing you say you didnt do is in its self a admission of guilt. Because if some one didnt do some thing wrong they should not have any valid thing to tell the police or need to tell any story or excuse to try and get out of some thing they did. In the us on arrest forms and the affidavits to support charging some one with a crime there is even a box that the police check off yes or no if the person admitted culpability by appearance. The police would like stupid pepol that dont know ther erights to think its ok to just go talk to the police by in the polices eyes ANYONE that goes to the police to try and straighten things out must have some involvement cause normal people that didnt do any thing wrong should not be trying to migrate any circumstances if they didnt do any thing. REMEMBER they arnt lying when they tell you ANYTHING you say will be used AGAINST. and nothing good an ever come out of some one talking to the police that are intrested in one thing and one thing only which is to build a case to arrest some one and if they police need to “talk to some one” Means they dont have any evidence to arrest the person and charge them and need the person to incriminate them selfs in some way shape or form. so they can arrest the person and charge them. the police even have a term for any one that trys to talk there way out of any thing thing and its called talking them selves in to a jail cell. In the us most dont get to ever see a day in jail even for stuff they did do in less they Help talk them selves in to jail instead of saying they didnt do shit and if the police think they did PROVE IT. Its never in any ones best interest to ever talk to the police esp if they are innocent. You could even say some thing really benign and some miss understands what you say or types it wrong, takes it in a wrong context ect ect. and your screwed. Like they could ask john his he likes his neighbor and in all honestly he ould say yes then the next thing you know they could be using just that innocent seemingly non incriminating lil answer as evidence he had motive. one other thing its the same there as here in th estates if the police are “asking ” some one to come talk to them means just that they are asking you to. Nothing more if you were required to they dont ask they come and just arrest you and stuff you and cuff you. its the same if they “ASK” Some one if they can search there house or car. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Get a fucking warrant mother fuckers is the only proper answer. Because if they are asking means they dont have a warrant or can get a warrant. Cause if they did they would not ask to search they just kick the door in and say they have a search warrant and Then you cant stop them.

  99. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Coming back to the US, is I believe,a very wise move. I do not see how you would everive,in Belize peacfully after this. You would always have to look over your shoulder. This srory has,got the entire world in attention. Good luck and stay safe and the USA sounds a lot safer for you!!!!

  100. lithium Avatar

    Sorry for the typo readers. It should read mankind, not manking. Apologies.

  101. lithium Avatar

    Lol @ human rights advocate. By using underprivileged girls in 3rd world countries for sex?! He knows they can’t refuse the food and safe lodging.

    Also, John said time and time again he absolutely did not want to go back to America.

    Harold is being trolled but it’s by John, not commenters on here.

    I gotta go guys. I’m advancing manking cause I bought a prostitute off backpage. See ya

  102. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    John has maintained his innocence and lack of knowledge about any aspect of what happened. I’m sorry for your loss, but this forum is about government corruption.

  103. USA Taxpayer! Avatar
    USA Taxpayer!

    i wonder harold ,,if you would advocate for the american that was killed as much as you do for John. Who is standing up for the dead mans rights to a fair investigation of his death? I wonder, would your view be opposite if a family member of yours had been murdered. If John gets out of this mess, a big kudo’s for his geninus!

  104. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    WhoooHoooo Go John !!!

  105. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    I dont have a question just want to send you and Sam blessings. Been following from day one and did my homework from the beginning like you asked. Honestly i hope you take the advise of the many that have your best interest at heart and just lay low, rest after this press conference. You shouldn’t have to waste your energy and sanity trying to help people understand. If they have not gotten by now they never will. Hoping that your hearing/case goes well and soon we will see you and Sam dancing again happily ever after…(I loved that) Take care, love & light.. B.R from (Portland Oregon)

  106. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    “…nobody seems to be accusing you of dodging questions…”

    * – Well, except for the obvious, of course, in Belize. I’d be nice if you could take some wind out of their sails.

    Then again, I’m sure you’re already familiar with the famous YouTube video which talks about the legal dangers of talking, even when innocent. Actually, they try to drive the point, especially when innocent.

  107. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    I’m sure you are already aware, but the media will sometimes ask stupid questions, at the very least, just to get a soundbite. “Did you murder your neighbor?” “No. Let me be clear. I had absolutely nothing to do with the murder in Belize.” (And that’s becomes the lead-in for the story.)

    I wish you could do some live Q&A, but I understand the desire for control here, which gives you the ability to write some really solid answers. I just wonder if privately pre-selected questions are a turn-off. But then again, nobody seems to be accusing you of dodging questions, and I’m totally interested in what you’ve got to tell us in a more formal format. If you haven’t considered it already, you might want to throw them a really solid sound bite or two that you know that they can use.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already considered all of this. 🙂 Best of luck at your conference, John.

  108. Gaby Avatar

    Just a side note, answer no more questions about Bluelight. There is nothing else to say, been beat to death and has little importance in the bigger picture. And stop apologizing ,defending youself. The best defense is an offense.
    . Since you are not guilty of the murder of Mr. Faull, no apology is necessary, only compassion for his family.

  109. loconutz Avatar

    The VICE wankers, it seems, got morally castrated and the boot back to the U.S. (sans evthg but their hides). Sam, unknown at this time.

  110. loconutz Avatar

    and the blog is on GMT (or 5hrs ahead of East coast U.S.)

  111. Gaby Avatar

    All the best John. Courage. It will be 3 am for me but I will set my alarm.! Just a question. Can you tell us what has become of the Vice reporters who also entered Guatemala illegally? And of course, Sam, whom we have heard very little about.

  112. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M


  113. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    Harold do nt feed the trolls or you will be here all day..we keep catching the tourism trolls here daily

  114. loose cannon Avatar

    Guatemala City is on CST

  115. Mentor Avatar

    8:00PM EST begins the conference. Guatemala is one hour behind EST. Google is wonderful. Try it.

  116. Harold M Avatar
    Harold M

    Absolutely not true that Mr. McAfee must do that before he goes to Miami. Belize doesn’t want answers. It wants to punish for this blog which is hurting the economy. Darn…. Ill never get any work done if I don’t stop answering…..

  117. Jenni Avatar

    What time zone are you in? and what is it equal to in the USA timezones?

  118. Nate Avatar

    Well, here goes again… Break a leg, snap a femur bone, suffer a compound fracture…of course through a theatrical state of mind. Time to shine.

  119. Bruce K Avatar
    Bruce K

    I’ll be busy, but it’s good that you aren’t dead etc. This is starting to look like a PR stunt, which is good, maybe everyone’s starting to gel and Belize is realizing they need to backtrack the whole 3rd world country cesspool image.

  120. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    The problem John is that the police in Belize want to talk to you about the murder. You need to just do that before you can go to Miami. I will support you whatever the outcome.

  121. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Ahh. I can not watch it because Flash Player is not working on my tablet. I am glad that you are feeling better John.