Why I refused to submit to questioning by the Belizean authorities

Now that a civil suit has been initiated against me for the death of my neighbour Mr. Faull in Belize, I feel that it is important to explain the single factor that makes me look suspicious — that is: why did I refuse to submit to questioning by the Belizean authorities.

The following video shows the GSU (Gang Suppression Unit) of Belize which was dispatched to my jungle compound on the 1st of May 2012 – 6 months prior to the death of my neighbour Mr. Faull.  They were dispatched to my residence because I refused to pay a bribe. They killed my dog (view picture), destroyed my property and kept me kneeling for 14 hours with my hands handcuffed behind my back – a common torture technique used throughout Central America.

(Video worth watching until the end)

After the assault on my compound on the 1st of May I went public with information about corruption in Belize to the International Press, including allegations that the Belizean government was selling passports to the Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. No one at that time believed me.  However, as the following news report from Belize will show, this was really happening been happening and is still happening today.

Please read the following links:  Saldivar Hands Over Nationality Documents To Police  (the name Zubair Kazi is worth a little research)

In light of my personal experience with the GSU and with the knowledge of political corruption that I possessed, I was not about to turn myself over to the Belizean authorities.  If you watch the above video you will be compelled to agree with me.

In addition there is a ling history of people who have injured themselves to death while in jail in Belize. The following example is of a Canadian man who taught martial arts – specifically how to safely fall down – who accidentally injured himself to death while in Belize in custody earlier this year.


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  1. SL Avatar

    Thank you.
    I try to be honest and post with integrity.

  2. icysurfer Avatar

    I love Your comments, SL… Such Depth… As for JM – You have a legion of Folks who – even though none of us are angels – are behind You all the way… Free Thought will always win..!

  3. Ted Mann Avatar
    Ted Mann

    I\’m a dramatist interested in writing about you and this. Shoot me an email if it holds any interest for you. Best wishes TM

  4. SL Avatar

    Regardless of what caused the original murders, look at the way they handle the bodies and the crime scene. Can’t Belize afford body bags? Tell you what, how about Dean Barrow stays in Belize for his medical care and with the money he saves, he can buy the country some damned body bags.

    Those are real bullets in those guns that they are just shooting into the crowd. In what reality is that kind of behavior OK? There are women and children in that crowd.

  5. SL Avatar

    The lawsuit is in the USA not the UK.
    It is a civil lawsuit, wrongful death. That is not a criminal proceeding so different rules apply. This is what people use as an end run around our judicial system, preferring cash over justice. They rarely get either.

    There are 3 plaintiffs, John being only one of them, Amy and Sam are the other two. Given that they are in Belize and Belizean citizens, our courts have zero jurisdiction.

    John has already stated that he is more than happy to give a deposition.

    The USA cannot compel the Belize authorities to do anything, including handing over what little evidence they have in the case.
    Now to get all CSI on you… They compromised all the forensic evidence including the body which, the family had cremated. It was a year ago so anything they may have had is severely compromised or invalid. Belize is notorious for unsolved murders.

    I feel for the family. It must be frustrating to not know the truth. They can join the hundreds of other Foreigners whose family members have been murdered in Belize and they still don’t know what happened. With Belize being the 6th most murderous country in the WORLD (this is per capita) it is not a matter of if but a matter of when. Especially if you travel and live alone.

  6. Not GSU Avatar

    I don’t think GSU had anything to do with those atrocities. According to some Rumour it was the work of Mexican Cartels in revenge of a fellow Cartel Member that was Gunned down by one of those persons that was killed there for an apparent bad Drug Deal.

  7. Bulldog Avatar

    Actually that video was filmed by channel 5 Belize in mid January after the murders of George Street, on and about the same date US foreign affairs issued a non travel advisory to US citizens and government workers to Belize , on a side note Carnival Cruises cancelled all dockings in Belize city for over a month , they have resumed to their usual docking for a few hours but they still issue a warning to travellers “AT YOUR OWN RISK” “WE SUGGEST YOU DONT”

    Its obvious you don’t read much since John has no legal issues in the UK , I guess you were assuming in the US which is a civil lawsuit , its worth the paper its printed on, I could sue you for confusing UK and US

  8. BBoy654 Avatar

    Those videos are from when Musa was still in power. I think we can all agree those were the dark days. Luckily, now that you are being taken to court in the UK, you’ll be able to stand trial without being able to stand by flimsy excuses.

  9. Snostar Avatar

    Sweetness, you are too much. I believe you, cause you can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

  10. SL Avatar

    Of special interest in the passport selling scandal is that the news organization chose to single out an american man.

    Photos of some of the documents in the case.

    He happens to be a notably wealthy immigrant. He also has ties to Pakistan and Iran. One has to ponder, why would a successful American businessman need to illegally purchase a Belizean passport?

    John McAfee was right about the passports. More recently he called it on the fraudulent healthcare sites. At the golden age of 68, John McAfee is more alert and aware than over half of the American population.

    Our media used to be called the fourth estate. They were the ones who fought for transparency, accuracy, honesty. Now all they care about is click throughs and ratings.

    Use the Google, do your own research. The truth is out there, it just isn’t going to be spoon-fed to you.

  11. James Flowers Avatar

    Very interesting blog post.

  12. Who is Web Avatar

    🙁 I’ve been wondering the same thing……


  13. Who is Web Avatar

    Holy Shit!!!

    Check out the whack-o GSU guy from 3:13 to 3:20 on the video. Now that’s some scary shit. If those eyes aren’t completely fucking crazy, my name’s not WEB.

  14. TeeOneZee Avatar

    The wise always seem crazy to the psychotic.

  15. g su Avatar
    g su

    An we need your help john minister saldiva is sending cops the people who do things like this john an who make post about them corruption on Facebook

  16. g su Avatar
    g su

    John your the boss the government of Belize don’t do half of what you did for the people an this country cause I was wondering how long we would of sit an watch them kill of the people

  17. g su Avatar
    g su

    Bun out some of them media personels to the government a murderer dean brow do noting more than send to kill the youths an me see a lot of youths get charge for weed an coke an all now then can\’t charge Penner for the passport