John McAfee is hiring – Wireless Communications Engineer

John McAfee future tense

Future Tense is on the hunt for the world’s greatest wireless communications engineer to take part in John McAfee’s quest for world domination (D-Central). If you consider your self a magician, guru, wizard, god, a super hero or even an evil genius in the wireless field we would like to interrogate you…

Future Tense can provide some of the following benefits…

  • Extreme danger
  • Interaction with a mentally agitated team
  • A very secure environment (we bullet proof everything…literally)
  • you can potentially make a shitload of money…(really)

Email resume and contact information to jobs(at)


8 responses to “John McAfee is hiring – Wireless Communications Engineer”

  1. Friend of Jimmy Z.. Avatar

    … I used to know this guy, Jimmy Z, from Put-In-Bay. He played a mean guitar, smart math guy, systems analyst type. Did you end up here Jimmy?
    If so, I spoke to Chuck last week. You would not believe what he is doing now!
    Hope it’s you…
    Be safe.
    Friend of JZ

  2. Mitch Avatar

    Wow, that was the fastest job offer i ever got!
    Thanks State Farm John!

  3. Mitch Avatar

    Of course, my comments will be private and encrypted, right? 😉

  4. Kim V Avatar
    Kim V

    This is what we need. Wireless internet that the government can’t shut down.

  5. fletcher christian Avatar
    fletcher christian

    the email works …just checked it …and i\’m less than all that and then some …stabien

  6. sandwillow2 Avatar

    I’m no expert, but if your trying to send an e mail with your resume to get a job in Wireless Communication… might not want to admit you can’t figure out how to send an e mail.

  7. g su Avatar
    g su

    Can\’t get true to the email