John McAfee detained in Guatemala

John McAfee has been detained in Guatemala at the immigration office by the S.P.T. (Special Police Task force)

Vice magazine has filmed the arrest, and will be posting the video shortly on their website.

This is not a prank or a misdirection.

Unconfirmed address of the immigration office:

Oficina Inmigracion Albergue Guatemala

6ª. Avenida 3-11, zona 4, Guatemala, C. A.
Apartado postal 01004

(Update – they are currently trying to wake up the judge, so that John does not have to spend the night in jail.) -Chad

( Update – John says that they are treating him “like a king” and he has already made several friends in jail. He has signed autographs for everyone as well. John says not to worry, everyone. ) -Chad


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  1. Mike Avatar

    The United States has like 60 million illegal immigrants but Guatemala can’t tolerate one US citizen? He should be returned to the United States and not Belize, if anything.

  2. Howard Crane Avatar

    I would have said something about not trusting any “official” governments…. but uh… who’d listen to some guy commenting on a blog and is barely noticed anyhow?

    Hindsight’s a bitch

  3. godot Avatar

    Viva La Revolución!

  4. M. Avatar

    CNN says that McAfee will be sent back to Belize tomorrow. Thought Belize had no extradition treaty with Belize. Maybe illegal enterers are not extradited. Maybe they will deport him to Belize because that is where he lives instead of to the USA. Has his request for asylum been filed?

  5. SL Avatar

    You are correct.
    He was born in England and grew up in the US. He has permanent residency in Belize. This was all according to John himself and his bio.
    I would assume his passport is for the US. He told his lawyer they had entered without Visas or stamps. Hopefully his lawyer can work the system so he doesn’t have to go back to Belize.

  6. bv Avatar

    I think he has US/British citizenship,
    with Permanent Residency in Belize.
    Not sure myself.

  7. Petra Avatar

    Ok, all we can hope for is the best from here. I stumbled across the video of his arrest and now I can’t find it again but I was comforted to see he went with calm and there was no drama on the part of the authorities. The only part that was a little disturbing was that the jackets of the authorities that took him away said Interpol and I read it was Immigration that made the arrest. I’m hoping he can maintain some kind of contact with you and we hear from him soon. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  8. Chad Essley Avatar

    Unsure. I believe John has dual citizenship. US/Belize. Don’t quote me on it.

  9. G. Zeus Kryste Avatar

    Hey I’m having trouble getting the latest version of my software to identify JavaScript risks. Is there a patch upcoming? Running XP thanks a bunch!

  10. Victor Avatar

    Just wanted to point out, that the bullet that killed Feuil was a 9mm Luger bulletin.

    Guess what gun uses that bullet? The Taurus sub machine gun that the GSU uses…

  11. James McAdoo Avatar
    James McAdoo

    He’s been behaving like a guilty man for weeks now. Belize may be corrupt and dangerous, but that doesn’t change the fact that McAfee’s outrageous behaviour makes him look guilty as sin. And considering his intelligence, he’s really not a very successful fugitive. But his reality show sure is entertaining! Too bad this is its last season.

  12. Petra Avatar

    Did he denounce his U.S. citizenship and become a citizen of Belize? I ask because if he’s still a U.S. citizen and there’s no Belizian or International warrant for his arrest, why wouldn’t they simply deport him to the U.S.?

  13. Keep the Fayeth Avatar
    Keep the Fayeth

    Sociopath is a term used to define someone as: “A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior. ” Errrm…..he sort of prooved THAT wrong by his public display of affection for his beloved and the constant partying with ALL HIS FRIENDS. Just saying to the mini troll up there, if you are going to use medical terms to label someone, at least use the right one. John is an exuberant. Loved the suit John! 😀

  14. Mark_13 Avatar

    AP cont: “[McAfee] told The Associated Press that he formally applied for asylum Wednesday. ‘Yes, we are presenting this, and I want it to be clear, because of the persecution, not because of the murder,’ he told the AP.
    Belizean officials have denied persecuting McAfee, and the country’s prime minister has said he suspects McAfee is mentally unstable.”

    The PM of Belize publicly calling McAfee mentally unstable before the world press seems to be a form of persecution, slander at least.. It could serve as the pretext for Belize to incarcerate him without charging him with an actual crime.

  15. Chad Essley Avatar

    I can assure you this is no joke, sadly.

  16. Allison A Avatar
    Allison A

    It is not my sense, but my experience, that tells me that McAfee is playing everyone out here – sad! but I think everyone needs a fair hearing.

  17. Mark_13 Avatar

    Maybe not:
    AP: “McAfee was taken late Wednesday to an old, three-story building used to house migrants who enter Guatemala illegally.”


    Good luck John! You will get through this mate, the truth will set you and sam free. Your blog and story have inspired me to speak up for what is right and never let anyone corrupt me. Thankyou for being you mate. Much love from South Australia. Rusty

  19. volcati Avatar

    (Reuters) – Guatemalan police arrested U.S. software guru John McAfee on Wednesday for illegally entering the country and said it would expel him to neighboring Belize, which he fled after being sought for questioning over his neighbor’s murder.

    McAfee, who had been in hiding for three weeks, crossed into Guatemala with his girlfriend, Samantha, to evade authorities in Belize who wanted to question him as “a person of interest” about the killing of fellow American Gregory Faull.

    “He entered the country illegally and we are going to seek his expulsion for this crime,” Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla said.

    Guatemala government spokesman Francisco Cuevas said McAfee would be expelled to Belize and he expected the process to be completed by early Thursday morning.

    There is no international arrest warrant for McAfee. Police in Belize say he is a person of interest in their murder investigation and is not a prime suspect.

    McAfee was taken to a residence belonging to the immigration department guarded by a small group of police.

    On Tuesday, McAfee said he would seek political asylum in Guatemala, which has been embroiled in a long-running territorial dispute with Belize. There is no extradition treaty between the two countries, and there is no international arrest warrant out for McAfee.

    McAfee says he fears Belizean authorities would kill him if he returned there for questioning. Belize’s prime minister has denied the claim, calling the 67-year-old software entrepreneur paranoid and “bonkers.”

    McAfee has been living in the tiny Central American nation for about four years.

    He was one of Silicon Valley’s first entrepreneurs to build an Internet fortune. The former Lockheed systems consultant started McAfee Associates in the late 1980s.

    McAfee has no relationship now with the company, which has been sold to Intel Corp.

    (Additional reporting by Sofia Menchu and Lomi Kriel; Writing by Gabriel Stargardter; Editing by Simon Gardner and Philip Barbara)

  20. Danman Avatar

    It appears John is going back to Belize. He should have just kept moving until he made it to the US.

  21. lanikino Avatar

    Can you link this please? I can not find the video you mention anywhere….

  22. Carlene Avatar

    Good luck John, Belize is corrupt, and you have embarrassed them with the truth, and people get killed for that.

  23. bv Avatar

    Let’s calm down.
    This was to be expected given the circumstances that his presence was given away prematurely. Notice no mention of Sam having been taken in (could also be because she had resided in Guatemala before). Needs to go through legal formalities.

    What is curious is that the news is out by every news group except Vice.

  24. Ericka Avatar

    It’s not for an Illegal entrance, he’s been arrested supossedly by a branch of INTERPOL, due to the requirement from Belize, but I know that this has more to be added

  25. Crystal Avatar

    John, we are still concerned about you.

  26. robin Avatar

    Tranquilos lo an arrestado nada mas por que supuestamente a ingresado al pais sin crusar alguna frontera, pero las leyes guatemaltecas lo protegen no va a ser regresado a belize.

    Quiet as nothing but an arrest that allegedly entered the country without a border crusar but Guatemalan laws protecting it will not be returned to Belize.

  27. Mark_13 Avatar

    From ABC: “McAfee was taken to a residence belonging to the immigration department guarded by a policeman ”

    So his not in general pop. needless to say. Could be a welcome respite, at least won’t have to move every 4 hours for a while.. I’m picturing incarceration like in Goodfella’s — Lobster, scotch, well, maybe not either one of those. Good luck McAfee.

  28. CaLifeLover Avatar

    you’re back in charge.

  29. Amanda Avatar


    Please leave this place, come back to the US!

  30. Ron Z Avatar
    Ron Z

    Good luck john and Sam. What ever I can to help.

  31. CaLifeLover Avatar

    Welcome back Chad!! This blog felt ungrounded after you left. Hope your back in charge.

    And thanks for the update. Looks like this is just a formality.

  32. Mynor Avatar

    Oh this thing is weird! I live in Guatemala and this page is block by my ISP…really don’t see why…

  33. Juan Travieso Avatar
    Juan Travieso

    I’m all for John, I live in Guatemala, is something I can do to help him? does he have a phone? Can I call to ask if he needs something or to just show support?

  34. Pedro Avatar

    illegal entry charge is a minor offence! he could be deported back to the good ol USA. FYI its the FBI that investigates murders of US citizens outside the states!

  35. Pedro Avatar

    Now this is some great news

  36. chopstick Avatar

    Damn, looks like the gestapo caught up to him. Guess Guatemala wasn’t as cool as he though. Good luck John hope you make it out of this!!

  37. Jenna Nicole Avatar

    Crazy. I guess the former AG couldn’t save him! I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  38. fendidonna Avatar

    Chad – thanks a lot for your updates.
    John and Sam – sending positive vibes your way. I hope this is a paperwork/processing issue and you can sort things out fast. You’re doing fantastic stuff exposing corruption in Belize, so of course you can expect hiccups en route. Stay strong and happy. Best wishes.

  39. s.p Avatar

    Sucks!!!! And althought most may not realize this it sucks for Belize as well. His story was giving World Wide exposure of the massive corruption in Belize. Even many many Belizeans were speaking out. Somthing which seems to be rare. It appears that some were banning together and finally speaking out. I beleive as time passed there would have been more and more and the fight against the corruption in Belize would get stronger and stronger. I lived in Bze for a number of years. The Country is a complete mess. Unless you have lived there it is something that cannot be understood. When I tell my friends and family of some of the nonsense that went on their they just could not imagine it. I am so Happy to be back in the U.S. But to be honest if Bze could get their SHIT together I would love to go back and dive from time to time, The way things are now I dont want to give one dollar to that economy. 99 cents would be stolen and go into the corrupt politicians to buy another house or support another mistress. The place is so messed up.

  40. Tony Avatar

    why would they arrest him? wouldn’t he be considered a refugee if he entered the country to escape a corrupt government? really stupid, the judge would really be in some sort of altered state to convict him of anything.

  41. NiggaPleaze Avatar

    This isnt an honest blog so I doubt this gets posted………..

    John is a fantastic salesman. I can see why he was so successful at business early on. He has essentially made everyone forget that his neighbor was killed execution style and he is the only suspect. He’s created this circus of corrupt government, yada, yada , yada, diverting everyone attention from the murder. When people found out his dirty little secret about bath salts and passing out high on his neighbors porch, he came up was a flimsy and unbelievable excuse which he successfully sold to a few people. He has a reward to find ” the killer” , similar to what OJ did. If he really wanted to find the killer he would help with the investigation, of course we all know why he cant do that. He lies constantly on his blog, in his video and seems to have manipulated many. One reporter sometime ago hit the nail on the head………………

    Sociopath. Charming , smart, but they only will every care about themselves. Its takes a while to uncover them. Its one of the reasons why he seems to go through friends and businesses so fast.

    The fact is ,a man was murdered in cold blood. Lets not forget this fact when we are listening to this sociopath speak

  42. RA Avatar

    We have a lot of illegals from Guatemala in the US and they don’t get arrested.

  43. Sam Tadlock Avatar
    Sam Tadlock

    Free Mcafee!

  44. Rob Avatar

    Out of the skillet, into the fire. He should have paddled his ass to Aruba. No one gets arrested there.

  45. Bobby Joe Avatar
    Bobby Joe

    Interpol assisted, the FBI should be there tomorrow, along with the Belizean Police.

  46. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    WTF … and Vice filmed the whole thing.

  47. Rusty Avatar

    He is being detained for entering Guatemala illegally. SInce he did not go through the usual border control and passport check, they will probably just make him pay a fine. He has a great lawyer and is seeking political asylum in Guatemala, a nation that is not too fond of Belize. My guess, is that this will be taken care of quickly.

  48. C Avatar

    The video is up. John tells the vice guys to call the embassy. Sam was on the phone, presumably with her uncle

  49. Eric Avatar

    Awesome!!! its about time that somebody shut this tweaker up

  50. Jerry Avatar

    I assume that is the normal procedure? They arrest John for entering the country illegally then his lawyer gets him out on bail. Then John applies for political asylum.

  51. Remy Avatar

    Karma > McAfee

  52. Erik Avatar

    What happend, I thought the whole point of going to Guatemala was that he was going to be safe there!??

  53. C Avatar

    Do they wake the judge up for everybody that gets detained?

  54. spenser Avatar


  55. Erik Avatar

    What happend, I thought the whole point of going to Guatemala was that wes going to be safe there!??

  56. McAfee4President Avatar

    Oh man… Not good.
    I was worried about this. Him saying where he is and setting up press conferences and everything.. Not to mention coming into the country “illegally”..
    This sucks..
    Good luck John!

  57. VRM Avatar

    You should have gone with my idea of an exfil team. Now you’ll have to get even crazier blokes to bust you out then get you in international waters. Well, good luck bud. Keep fighting the good fight.

  58. Louis Avatar

    I’m so sorry! What a setback. What reasons are they giving for his being detained? What about Sam? What does his attorney have to say? Please keep us posted.

  59. Refugee Avatar

    Hmmm…..Stuffmonger called his “Tan” “SPT” too….

    Weird universe….

    Hope this is a formality and you can grease the right palms pronto Stuffmonger! Buena Suerte!

    PS to blog editor: Did they get Sam? What about the Vice dudes?

  60. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea


  61. Petra Avatar

    Oh no! I thought he was safe! What can we do to help????