John McAfee / Future Tense Releases D-Vasive Anti Spy & Privacy App

John McAfee and Future Tense Secure Systems (FTC) today announced the release of D-Vasive & D-Vasive Pro Anti Spy and Privacy app at Chicago’s CIO Synergy symposium. D-VASIVE is the first Anti Spy app that will help users protect their privacy from invasive apps by alerting them if an application is trying to spy on their mobile device by using the phone’s Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections and offering the ability to lock them down. D-Vasive also lists running and installed apps that have access to tracking user location.

“D-Vasive is not your typical Anti-Spyware.” said John McAfee, Founder of  FTC, “Your Smartphone is the greatest spy device ever developed, and it’s you that it’s spying on.” continued John McAfee. D-Vasive offers a layer of protection that is in the control of the user. It operates in a unique way, allowing complete control in managing the mobile device internal hardware.

D-Vasive free version detects when an app starts your Camera, Microphone , when Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is activated and list which apps are tracking your location

D-Vasive Pro Version offers all of the above with the option to Secure the Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Pause detection alerts, Precise dial control, Silent alert mode and Increased amount of logs.

D-Vasive (Free) and D-Vasive Pro ($4.99) Android version are available for Download on Google PlayAmazon app Store and Opera Mobile Store

About Future Tense Systems

FTC is a software development company offering innovative mobile and web applications with the highest degree of security and privacy. Founded by software pioneer John McAfee, founder of McAfee Anti-Virus and Tribal Voice, which developed Pow-Wow, one of the first instant messaging programs. FTC products include  DCENTRAL1, CHADDER , QIKFUNDER and numerous other privacy and security solutions currently under development.

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6 responses to “John McAfee / Future Tense Releases D-Vasive Anti Spy & Privacy App”

  1. Grady Deal Avatar
    Grady Deal

    I have McAfee Total Protection now
    do I need to buy your D-Vasive

    I was born and raised in Mooresville North Carolina
    and have been to the Blue Ridge Mountains as a child

    I now live in Bangkok to escape the coming chaos

  2. Will Avatar

    Love D-Vasive awesome app thanks. Combine apps like this with some creative router scripting (Drop their packets at the router) and the NSA will have to actually have to get off their asses to Unconstitutionally spy on Americans.

  3. Mario Avatar

    Can’t wait for iPhone app to come

  4. Matt Avatar

    Any plans to release an iphone version?

  5. ed Avatar

    i use this app for over 2 weeks now!
    when i checked the logs i was really shocked!!!
    hundreds of attempts to switch on my microphone, camera, wifi, and bluetooth…!

    everybody should buy this app and support people like John McAfee who is risking his life for our privacy!

    do not forget Julian Assange en Ed Snowden! Same thing… They told the truth and now they are targeted!! Its a sick world!!
    I’m waiting to get droned now…….

  6. ed Avatar

    finaly an app that is usefull !!!
    i will purchase………………………..Today!!

    cheers ed

    John McAfee for president!!