John McAfee and Alex Jones live 10-21-13


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  1. MMM Avatar

    I believe in every single word that u said and I hope that u gonna see this plz don’t just ignore it u r genius normal people can’t play with ur mind so why u don’t look for something called Allah I’m pretty sure u heard of it but u have to know the truth Islam I garantee u that u gonna find something really will interest u plz don’t ignore it plz and take it as exploring new thing to know the mystery of life if u learn what the real Islam is really then u will find the piece that every one is looking for itsn’t as every one is saying about it is the real meaning of piece and love why I’m saying this to u coz I never thought that u have such a great personality not even the president can say such a thing not anyone else other than u .. U r really admirable person if u use ur mind u will know that the real Islam is in the same as position urs there is a lot of people who try to put it in an ugly awful and bad shape put believe me it’s not and we gonna live one life as u said u gonna lose nothing by trying to know it the real Islam
    Plz I don’t want u to go from this world without knowing anything about it and I really wish for u to live a very long happy life and fuck every one that says that ur crazy they r limited minded they r not like u !! U r not afraid from knowing the real truth I know u may doubt me Y I care about someone I don’t know I really watch a video about some secret organization so I kind of know what u r talking about but I never thought that someone would bother to say something about it and it hurts me to see some people denying and saying bad things for u while u were. Trying to open their minds and their eyes to see the truth saving them from the illusion that they r in I really admire u and I wish u all the best plz plz plz u have to know the truth behind Islam and I swear even with such people behind u wishing for u to disappear u gonna find the real piece I garantee u u just try it but be carful u have to find a real one coz these days their are a lot whom are fake just to prevent people from entering it and to continue the game of washing their mind u r intelligent and I’m pretty sure that u will know I hope all the best for u and to be honest I never ever thought that u were that great after seeing that nutty advertisement

  2. Ericka Johnson Avatar
    Ericka Johnson

    Hey John, fantastic interview! Nice to have found your blog today. You are definitely not the nut job the MSM has attempted to make you out to be. Please continue to stay safe, more sane & sober than our freaky politicians (whose singularity recall is nigh). I look forward to your product. Until then, Orbot is handy.Many blessings your way,Ericka

  3. Camacho Avatar

    I’ve listened to the video above for a few minutes now, but have to take a break because of the sound of Alex Jones. I do wish he’d hock up the jug full of mucous that his voice bubbles through.

  4. Donna Baker Avatar

    Most inteligent and sexiest man ever….Great information and intel on all covert ops in Gov. Agencies etc………………we are not alone….nor private…and forget Big Brother….it is no relative watching us…it is the Blackest of Evil watching we Americans….”US”. If I was not a nerd….I would still listen and watch John….sexy is smart and good looking, wow.

  5. Columbine Family Avatar

    Hi John,
    We heard you were in Colorado. Columbine victim/whistleblower was abducted and drugged in Colorado Springs. He needs your help. Keep up the good work. Google Columbine family request.

  6. Brian Jones Avatar
    Brian Jones

    Great show. john seems like a real man and has a very good grasp of the world today and great solutions to thinks like NSA spying and cant wait to buy his product. Alex and him did seem to have a lot of the same interests and it was very cool to see them bond in a mans way and go shoot the .50 cal together badass

  7. David Infinger Avatar
    David Infinger

    Great interview with Alex Jones. You two are just alike. Great to see you on his show. I want one of those gadgets that you were talking about. Get it out sooner than later and put in your will if something happens to you it will be put out on the web immediately. Get a back up to the backup but you already know this. Hope to see you again soon on the Alex Jones show.

  8. Aleb Avatar

    nice interview, I have great admiration for you John! I saw the whole thing on the internet yesterday… as a Brazilian I got really curious when Alex said “…we’ll get an update on Brazil…” @1:55 but throughout the interview there was nothing specific… so what about Brazil, is there anything other the NSA spying presidents? Thanks and greetings from Brazil.

  9. gisela wrage Avatar
    gisela wrage

    ….hi John….good created interview…like your behaviour…is how McAfee…*_*…you an label…or you are the same…your name is for every connected with you can help Obama and you will be more as social as Bill Gates….greetings from Gisla