With lots of time on my hands and very little to do with it, I’ve been reflecting on the recent detour my life has taken. How did I end up as a murder suspect on the lam?

The world press certainly has not helped. Autonomous and self-serving, the press does what it does best – sensationalize. And my character and the recent events of my life have been sensationalized to the max.

Take Jeff Wise and his recent posts to Gizmodo as an example. Jeff has made a life work out of smearing my character. Beginning with Fast Company some two odd years ago and continuing non-stop through the present, he has gone beyond the call of journalistic duty to bring my dark side to the attention of the world. You might think that moral duty or a search for the truth has been driving him. But, sadly, this is not the case.

Jeff’s first article about me was a piece in National Geographic Explorer about my flying adventures in New Mexico. He stayed with us for a week or so and went flying/camping with my pilot friends and I as part of his stay. One of those friends was a beautiful young woman named Goldy Ivashkov. The first day he arrived he ended up spending the night with her. While camping, their intimacy was flaunted to the point that around the campfire, the lap-sitting, face kissing, fondling was so intense that I jokingly and loudly said “somebody get pictures of this to send to his wife in case we get a bad story from him”. It was a joke. I joke a lot. Unfortunately, many pictures were taken and, as I am told, his wife did receive some. I had nothing to do with it. I could care less about who sleeps with whom, or where, or how — as long as it’s not in my own bed while I’m trying to sleep. Well, to be honest, not even in the same room while I’m trying to sleep. Barring that, nothing could concern me less.

Jeff however, I truly believe, thinks that I sent the photos to his wife. If I had done so, then I would deserve whatever wrath he chose to mete out. But seriously, it’s not my style. And if his mistaken suspicion is not the reason for his bulldog approach to sniffing out my life then I can’t even guess at what twisted motives move this man.

The net result of his stories, however, has made my life appear much darker than the mere “eccentricity” that most people, including myself, ascribe to me.

Then there’s Wired Magazine. Josh Davis approached me about five months ago with the idea of doing an in-depth story. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I should have been suspicious when the photographer showed up near the end of the process two weeks ago and asked me to take off my shirt and hold a shotgun. This is not something I normally do – I mean, walk half naked around my property holding a shotgun – but then, creative artwork often uses strange compositions to make a point. Of the thousands of photos taken, the one with me half naked, wearing sunglasses and caressing a shotgun, made the headline. Why choose that one? Well, it sells.

I could go on, and will at later point, but I need to tell my story. I will have to tell it in short increments because I have limited and intermittent access to a computer and the Internet. I am on the run, remember. Consider this introduction the first chapter.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. Stephan Avatar

    Well, put. I nominate Susan Lashbrook to serve as ignorant, incompitant co-counsel. Of course he’d be behind bars for certain. What he & his legal counsel discuss is a ridiculous question. The man has to get his side of the story out. Be it 100% factual or not, the other side has the media to serve as their messenger.

  2. Truth Is Always Found Avatar
    Truth Is Always Found

    Fascinating read. I’m officially interested.

  3. Truth Is Always Found Avatar
    Truth Is Always Found

    Lol…you’d know. Takes corruption to spot it many times. Nut.

  4. Tito Avatar

    Yeah, sure, sure.Don’t lie

  5. Tito Avatar

    We are all with you Mcafee. Don’t let catch you. Escape from those pirates and move somewhere else like in Linchstein.

  6. Mike Constant Avatar
    Mike Constant

    I heard you on the Joe Rogan podcast which brought me here. This is all so interesting and scary. It really sucks that people put you through this. People should be inspired by your success and happiness instead of being angered and jealous. It shows the true nature of a lot of people especially people in power like the government. There’s always someone who wants to put down on someone to make them feel better about themselves. No matter if you are broke and struggling or wealthy and living great people feel the need to bring you down. I’m young and struggling and it inspires me to see someone like you willing to go through this to fight for what you believe is right when you could easily leave and start over. I hope everyone joins together to fight for the right things in life. I wish you luck and will be following this.







  10. Sancho Avatar

    Yes there is imperical evidence for prayer. The catch is you must be aware of your true intentions. Prayer is not superstition. It is pure intention. Try it. You be your own imperical evidence. This is difficult work and it begins at the end of what you believe to be your life.

  11. davidd Avatar

    Rules within the USA: If it flies, fucks, or floats… lease it.

    Rules outside the USA: If it flies, fucks, floats, can’t be moved, can be burned down, can be stole, etc… lease it.

    Full mobility, without sitting targets, is the path of the sovereign individual. None of the 5 flags should be placed in concrete.

    You lost everything because you believed (naively) that your property rights were respected. Don’t hate the player… Hate the game.

  12. davidd Avatar
    davidd <- PR Firm.

    Why did the family hire a PR firm? Are the looking to do damage control before all the details become public?

    I am not blaming the victim, but shouldn't you have added his numerous arrests for violence? His anger issues? Alcohol problems?

    "And you know they say that you deserved it whenever you die with your eyes open" -JaRule

  13. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Hi Mr. Mcafee..I must say I enjoyed your Nov. 24th. “all my friends know” piece on your blog. Your writing is getting better and more interesting. I am not at all worried about you now, especially after reading about your experience in handling yourself down in the Belize area. I can see your humor coming through even in the midst of a tight situation. I can also see now why you like it there as it really looks like a paradise except in those terrible storms. I can see that you have never lived a humdrum kind of life.

  14. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    It was said that the housekeeper discovered the body of Gregory Faull, and that denotes a woman…then it was said that
    Mr. Faull did not have a housekeeper. So perhaps it was a woman that was a possible suspect in his death. Perhaps it was a woman who was enjoying the high-life as a companion, and then was scorned. A possible motive!

  15. mack Avatar

    it sounds like the invention of the ‘flux capacitor’

  16. mack Avatar

    there are a few ‘questionable’ peeps on this blog

    bruscolerismo was spying on John which he has admitted and even made fun of his disguise.

  17. mack Avatar

    how easy do you think it would be to place evidence?

  18. mack Avatar

    with the evidence coming forward, it sounds to me like a murder created by the authorities to incriminate McAfee, hence why he knows the outcome if he gives him self up.

  19. mack Avatar

    LOL, bruscolerismo is anything but sharp.

  20. mack Avatar

    if you don’t think that audio and video recordings are excellent evidence, than as McAfee said, there is no getting to you.

    I’m sure the fluff piece most of you ‘cut and pasters’ (journalist of 2012) write would be great evidence?

    Journalism is dead, as mentioned above, you can go to a multiple of newspaper websites and its the same story after another copied and pasted.

  21. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    What a horrific account of the U.S. Federal judicial system. It that is the way it is, I am glad I live where I do. Mr. Mcafee should get together online with Julian Assange and private Bradley Manning to try to figure out why men who tell the truth are so persecuted, but then it is the age old story. There seem to be two things that really get the ire of the local authorities, those telling the truth therefore showing the fraudulent deceitful and kickback artists, up. Secondly, they appear to be really pissed off when these men are adored by their own country women, but why wouldn’t they. It is refreshing to hear the truth, even when the truth sometimes hurts.

  22. Dan Wade Avatar
    Dan Wade

    Dear John,
    Sorry about your problems. If this can be any help listen carefully.

    The US Government will find you and when they do if you are in another country they will hire that Government to kidnap you back to the USA. See the case about Perry and Arthur March from Nashville Tennessee. They kidnapped them from Mexico and brought back to the USA. They convicted them on circumstantial evidence. Arthur March (78) died in prison in Fort Worth, Tx while in custody. Believe me when I say they will let you die.

    They will indict you on false evidence. They will use laws like the “The good Faith exception rule” the leon case and “Hearsey on Hearsey”. If you take them through a jury trial, they pull the jury of people from out of the Federal building from people who work within the building, threatening those people saying they will lose their jobs and freedom if they don’t return a conviction.

    If the states put you through a trial first and find you not guilty, then the Federal Government will re-indict you on the same charges and won’t make the mistakes the state courts made. This is very common in the Federal system. They will manipulate you into hiring an attorney that will be working with the Federal Government and will help them secure a conviction.

    There are some books you can get that will help you in your situation.

    1) Busted by the feds. By Larry Fassler
    2) The Citebook: by Tony Darwin (This is a great book to help you)
    3) The prisoners guide to survival: By L. Powell Belanger (This book is out of print but you can still pick up a copy through amazon or Ebay trust me when I say this is a book you need.

    The Federal Government will offer you a plea, which will be outrageous, if you take them to trial they will hit you with everything they can, just out of Spite for taking them to trial. But you can always plead Open which your lawyer will advise you not to do by saying lies to you that the district Judge can give you whatever Time they want to, but that’s all a lie the judge still has to follow the guideline chart laid out from the original guideline chart from the old sentencing guideline manual. See “Sentencing reform act of 1987” and get a copy of an old USSG “Federal sentencing guideline manual” they don’t care whether you are innocent or not. They have made a business out of locking people up and working with companies like:

    1) CCA: Corrections corporation of America based out of Nashville, Tennessee they buy and sell you on the stock market like you are cattle.
    2) Bob Barker company from the Price is right, all clothing, bedding, blankets, come from the bob barker company: See
    3) Keefe Corporation who sells all the commissary food accessories to inmates.

    Next to the DOD (Department of Defense), The BOP Bureau of Prisons is the Federal government’s 2nd largest money producer for the United States Government. Your life and freedom means nothing to them but headlines in the paper. They manipulate the press to make you always look like the bad guy. Even if they know you are innocent they don’t care they will convict you just so they can wrap up the case, finding the real criminal isn’t important to them. Also, if you start running your mouth after they have you in custody they will stick you on a bus and drive you from institution to institution every few days they will move around for months sometimes years just to mess with you and your head, this is called “Diesel therapy”. They say they don’t do that anymore but it’s a lie. They will violate every constitutional right you ever thought you had. Not until you are locked up in the system do you find out just how dirty our wonderful Government is.

  23. Tina Avatar

    If he did kill his neighbor,because,he killed John’s dogs..BRAVO JOHN.I would have done the same.No one, that kills gods innocent cretures,deserves to live.

  24. Tina Avatar

    This would make an awesome movie.You should come and live in the USA.They are after you,because, you are wealthy.keep safe,

  25. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Mr. Mcafee said, “Not in this world my freind. That is what the Government wants.”
    YOU ARE SO RIGHT and this is happening all over, and this is also why there is so much strife in the world. PEOPLE HAVE PAID OFF CRIMINALS, FRAUD ARTISTS, OTHER SMARMY PEOPLE, only to have them take, take, take. Thank heavens there are still people who WILL NOT SELL OUT. By the way “friend” is spelled with the i before the e.
    And that’s not so important either when you are on the run.

  26. summerthirdworld Avatar

    Dear John,

    This should be made into a movie!

  27. summerthirdworld Avatar


    This is just hilarious, exciting and intriguing all at once! Be smart and hire a lawyer or come to Africa and invest your billions:)

  28. Jerry Avatar

    Sure, pray. This guy is, however, a computer scientist. Is there any empirical evidence that praying works? What springs to mind for me is the concept of “praying for our troops.” That doesn’t seem to be working too well.

  29. Jean Avatar


    Before someone kill you, pay same investigators for resolved your case and go away Belize and maybe choice another country more better like I life now the Thailand, where you found more beautifully young girls, who love your money so much with big smile every days.

  30. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Here is a man who might help you Mr. Mcafee.
    Vinai K. Thummalapally is the U.S. Ambassador to Belize. He is the first Indian American ambassador in U.S. history.
    Early life

    Thummalapally is the son of T. Dharma Reddy, a retired scientist who worked for Andhra Pradesh Forensic Sciences Laboratory, and T. Padmaja.

    He came to America in 1974 and attended Occidental College in Los Angeles where he spent a summer as Barack Obama’s roommate.[1]

    Prior to his appointment as Ambassador Thummalapally was CEO of MAM-A Inc (formerly known as Mitsui Advanced Media). He has two patents in optical disc manufacturing design. Thummalapally has a B.S. degree from California State University and took graduate classes in business administration from both CSU and the University of Tennessee.[2]

  31. John McAfee Avatar

    Joshua Davis, like so many journalists before him, marketed his integrity at a higher price than it ended up being worth.

  32. nine lives Avatar
    nine lives


  33. mike ahuja Avatar

    seems to me like they can do their investigation without having to question you, they should move along with their investigation….of course you aren’t going to say anything incriminating so they need to move along…

  34. Kenneth Rinderhagen Avatar
    Kenneth Rinderhagen

    There is also a connection of the victims having daughters in the 23 year old age range

  35. Eugene Kaspersky Avatar

    Just Americans destroying the Queen’s English – I could care less.

  36. Kenneth Rinderhagen Avatar
    Kenneth Rinderhagen

    In reference to the article The San Pedro Sun ran last week entitled �Murder in Boca del Rio�, resident of Boca del Rio Alvaro Galvez was discovered lying face down on his bedroom floor lying in a pool of blood with apparent gun shot wounds. After an initial assessment of the crime scene, the body was removed and transported via motorboat to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where it awaited a post mortem examination.
    That same day, February 13th, between 2:43 p.m. and 3:45 p.m., Dr. Mario Estradaban conducted the post mortem examination on Galvez�s body where at the conclusion of the examination certified the cause of death as exsanguinations due to internal and external bleeding as a consequence of multiple gunshot wound to the pelvic, back and abdomen. The examination was inconclusive as to how many gunshots Galvez suffered from.

    According to reports, on February 13th, at about 7:45 a.m., police visited a two storey wooden building located on the Lagoon side of Boca Del Rio Area, where inside one of the rooms on the first floor, Alvaro Adolfo Galvez, 36 year Guatemalan construction worker of same address, was seen lying face down in a pool of blood with apparent gunshot wounds to the abdomen area.

    Officers on the scene were able to recover fifteen .9mm expended shells along with some slugs in the room. His employer, Mike Madrid was the first to encounter the horrific scene after Galvez failed to report to work for two consecutive days. The apartment was locked from the outside but the window from his apartment was open. Police filed numerous accounts from residents of the area which revealed that gunshots were heard around 4:00 a.m. on February 12th. San Pedro police had several people in for questioning but as of press time no arrests have been made and police investigation continues.

    Alvaro Adolfo Galvez was cremated but unconfirmed reports are that his ashes were spread in the sea. Alvaro Galvez has been a resident to San Pedro for twenty six years. He is survived by his separated common law wife, daughter from San Pedro, sister and mother that reside in Guatemala.

    I think your village has a serial killer

  37. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Strangely enough, I am writing a story about “Ambergris” and noted a place there in Belize known as “Ambergris Caye”
    I would like to incorporate that area, and now Mr. Mcafee’s desperate situation into my story. This is big time problem solving and is interesting as to how it will be resolved, keeping the Belize authorities reputation in tact, while keeping Mr. Mcafee alive in order to solve the mystery of the neighbor’s murder.

  38. Barbara Avatar

    I have also thought it could have been one of his young ladies.

  39. Tanya Avatar

    All journalists are not sensationalists. If you believe we are falsely telling your story or serving a selfish agenda (what have we to gain from it, really?), then you are not doing your own duty to set the record straight. I resent that fingers are pointed in the media’s direction. We tell the story with what we’ve got, and if the information we are given is not the full story… but the rest of the story is in hiding and refusing to be exposed (you), then how can you play the blame game? Your attempt to get your side of the story out via blog is admirable, but in all reality, will not help your case as much as you hope. I think, deep down, you know that. I pray you have other plans for back-up. And if you truly are innocent, despite your cowardice and bad light while in hiding, I hope you find justice. Lies will shake and shatter a community, but truth can spark change. Be the truth.

  40. FLA Avatar

    having never been targeted by a third world regime, i can only imagine how i might respond given similar circumstances, as should others who care to follow mr. m’s blog. many a projector espousing conjecture posting here. i am saddened by the circumstances resulting in this blog, and pray that those affected will find resolve, including mr. m. i was quite fearful while visiting belieze – machine gun checkpoints, gangsters murdering away, the poor in the streets, the poor drivers, etc….and think that mr.m. is legit in his concerns

  41. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Very good suggestion to get to the U.S. embassy in Belize.
    4 Floral Park Road
    Belmopan, Belize
    Telephone: (501) 822-4011
    Fax: (501) 822-4012

    Working Hours:
    Monday to Friday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Closed on U.S. and Belizean Holidays

  42. J.S.T. kidun Avatar
    J.S.T. kidun

    Don’t they have a U>S> Embassy in Belise?? With the amount of international attention this situation is getting, I can’t believe that the Belise authorities, corrupt or not, would have the balls to step out of line at this point. Go to the embassy; let them make their case; once proved innocent…… lust leave!

  43. Michelle Richmond Avatar

    Hi John,

    I’d like to talk to you about doing an interview with Erin Burnett on her CNN show (7-8pm ET weeknights). Is there a way we can connect off-line? Thank you!

  44. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Another reply to bruscolerismo. I have been doing some research on Wiki bio of Mcafee, a brilliant man who may have been targeted simply because his work is misunderstood, and his history is unknown. He has a right to be paranoid what with the flak he gets. the “gang suppression unit” which seems to have a strong mandate that seems to be out of hand noting the fellow that was beaten up during a funeral procession. Maybe they need to do some research before grabbing a baseball bat. A brilliant sensitive man misunderstood, appearing esoteric to the locals, is in a very dangerous situation. What do you suggest bruscolerismo?

  45. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    Leanne Jones on November 19, 2012 at 5:53 am said:

    I am a private investigator, drawn naturally to try and understand what and who caused the mysterious murder of your neighbor.
    Mr. Mcafee. What do you think the motivation for the murder might be? Do you have any suspicions about who could
    have done it?
    No trap at all, if there is serious corruption in Belize then there has to be a motive, and a suspicion. We know nothing of the victim. Perhaps it is as you say mistaken identity, and a hit in the wrong house. P.I.s are curious.

  46. Mark_13 Avatar

    Colin Hanes:
    I was going to refrain from posting here, but the smarminess, arrogance, and condescension of your post, coming as it does from an ostensible old friend and colleague of McAfee’s, as you claim to be, it just really annoyed me. You tactfully request John to consider the possibility he is suffering from dementia — that’s a new one. Maybe you sense the “drug-addled” label is losing traction. I watched a 25 minute youtube interview from the San Pedro paper in Belize — nothing about him sounds demented or drug-addled. Stubborn and idealistic maybe, and perhaps with a misguided agenda to bring down what he perceives as a corrupt strong-arm government that has taken over his adopted homeland. Your repeated sycophantic servile references to this regime as the “authorities” demonstrates that you have not even read the extensive background on them and numerous associated links that McAffee provided to begin this blog, and which he earnestly requested that we all read. Or perhaps you’re just dismissing it out of hand. In short you’re just ignorant of the whole situation, but want to come in and throw your ostensible weight around, with pompous summary judgments of “dementia”.

    On a different note, John, is there a possibility that one of those fiery gals that hang out at your place is responsible for this killing. Just a thought.

  47. The Truth Avatar
    The Truth


    It is good to hear your side of the story. All I had to go on was what the Media / joshua davis had to say – and to tell you the truth… joshua davis does not need anymore attention. Listening to him on the phone call with You, we’ll let’s just say that I am over his personal gain motives.

    Continue to explain your self… I am listening,

  48. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    Is it still available in Google’s cache?


    Aryeh Goretsky

  49. will Avatar

    John, you sound like a man who has intellectually painted himself into a corner. On one hand, you are determined to maintain your status of being one step ahead of humanity, and cursed, because by default, you will always be one step ahead of humanity.

    You will forever be a celebrity, and therefore always a target by people incapable of achieving what you have, but wanting it nonetheless. People who will exploit you for even a few brief seconds of fame.

    I have to be honest here, if I had a neighbor that let their dogs yap incessantly, I can guarantee you that demonic thoughts would have definitely filled my mind. Maybe I could have been pacified by simply firing little FiFi from a cannon through their front window, but once the ol’ blood is up, it’s pretty hard to maintain civility.

    It seems like you’re getting major press out of this, and I’ve lived long enough to know there are many sides to a story, so I reckon there’s many that are not being told. Yet. The beauty of living where money makes things go away, is having the money to make things go away. Oh, sure, there’ll be a brief hullaballoo, but something will happen in a day or two, and it will all become yesterday’s news.

    My guess is that John knows something that John shouldn’t know, and powers have unleashed their spin demons to take him down, so they can enjoy a simmering dish of McAfee prairie oysters. Go Johnny Go!

  50. Gigi Avatar


    It seems as though Mr. McAfee (“Mr. M” herein) is unaware of the public perception surrounding his circumstances. For example, as a stranger looking in, I am assuming one of several potential realities, based on his actions:
    1) Mr. M is guilty of murder and desperate to remain free for as long as possible before capture while diverting attention on the case to other media-candy (age differences, love affairs, lifestyle choices, etc.),
    2) Mr. M is innocent of murder but guilty of some other crime, and is desperately trying to plead a public case in order to draw attention away from any potential crimes he may have already committed,
    3) Mr. M is completely innocent of any criminal action, but due to his previous (and unfortunate) run-ins with the Prime Minister and local authorities – a bias (on behalf of authorities) may have ignited a perfectly rational fear of detainment. Perhaps a fear of being detained hurt or killed out of spite? It is not unheard of, for people to go “missing” when enveloped in foreign local criminal cases. Maybe there is an honest need to become visible? With the media casting a large enough “light” on Mr. M, there is a chance that any foul-play could be averted.

    Honestly, the 3rd seems most relevant.

    There are comments referring to Mr. M’s lack of humility in the face of such tragedy; and I would like to simply mention that anyone making such a reference – consider their own train of thought and actions in a similar situation. If it was definitive, that those responsible for clearing you of any wrong-doing were in-fact rearing at the opportunity to “throw the book at you” (as evidenced through a long line of proven false attacks, theft, slander and harassment), I’m sure your reaction would be cautionary at best. Personally, I would also go into hiding and attempt to reach as many friends, family, and media as possible… if I were afraid of potential indefinite detention without cause or trial (or more simply put – being accused, convicted, and sentenced for something you did not do in a foreign country with no means of defense).
    This ordeal has the makings of quite a deliciously mysterious storyline. I’d love to see a book, or independent film when it’s all over.


    P.S. Might I suggest a time line collection of photos and documentation with accompanying literature for events to-date, mailed to several trusted friends/family stateside? It would benefit your legal standing to have physical evidence of the events so far, building a case of sorts in your favor (defending your actions, fight or flight response, etc.). This would also help erode poor public opinion of your choice to hide, by highlighting a genuine need to do so.

  51. rob Avatar

    So what’s the deal? Yes it’s obvious you’re getting railroaded. But what do you expect living in a third world country. First rule of living in a dictatorship…don’t piss off the dictators. Now it’s time to cut your losses and get out. You can certainly take on the government for what reason I don’t know because there’s no chance in hell you’ll win. You’ll probably just get killed. An intelligent man like yourself shouldn’t be playing games with his life like this. Get out of that country and never look back.

  52. groundling1 Avatar

    You may have been framed and “they” could have just as easily killed you. I think “they” want you alive, taken into custody, share whatever information you have in your head and then “they” will dispose of you. I hope you beat them.

  53. bruscolerismo Avatar

    This must be his lawyer

  54. bruscolerismo Avatar

    Careful John! It’s a trap!

  55. Susan Lashbrook Avatar
    Susan Lashbrook

    Very scary a dishonest greedy corrupt government…I hope u make your way to a safe harbour…Good Luck Mr.McAfee!!!

  56. Anon Avatar

    I just want to know if you were involved in the murder, and why run if you are innocent? I am sure there are a couple of Jason Bourne types after you right now, good luck.

  57. john terry Avatar
    john terry

    make IP addresses public, expose agent provocateurs

  58. john terry Avatar
    john terry

    Yea they were obviously playing scrabble with her 93 year old grandmother and decorating fabrige eggs. The age of consent is like 15 in Norway, don’t mistake John for a rapist, but at the same time don’t paint him in the epitome of virginity.

  59. truebeliever Avatar

    Why would he need a lawyer with a sharp legal mind like yours analyzing the case?

  60. John McAfee Avatar

    Not in this world my freind. That is what the Government wants.

  61. Super Grover Avatar
    Super Grover

    Didn’t pay much attention to your story until I read a headline that said that you were blogging while on the run, I was very curious to read what you might have to say. Your blog will be my only source of info on you and your story, I shall read with an open mind and much curiosity.

  62. bruscolerismo Avatar

    you’re also supposed to shut the hell up if you’re innocent (assuming you have any sense)

  63. bruscolerismo Avatar

    you’re fascinated by anything

  64. bruscolerismo Avatar

    Do you not have a lawyer? And does he or she not advise you to shut the hell up? I think you’re guilty.

  65. Ikhlaq Hussain Avatar
    Ikhlaq Hussain

    I think the government and also the big drugs companies are after your secret libido increasing formula?

  66. Colin Haynes Avatar
    Colin Haynes

    I spent many hours with John McAfee when we worked together co-authoring the Computer Viruses, Worms & Data Diddlers book that played a key part in informing computer users about the threats to their data, while also leading to the success of his antivirus software company.

    I found him always a courteous, intelligent and honest man, so am totally mystified by the current media circus surrounding him. Having lived myself in Third World countries, I have no difficulty accepting the reality of the corruption and other practices that could cause John to justifiably fear for his life if he follows some of the ill-informed advice being given to him on this blog. But I am also confused why, having acquired so much wealth,and with his innate personal qualities, John has chosen his recent lifestyle when there are so many other options open to him.

    Maybe – and there is no discredit in this – John is a victim of the current global epidemic of dementia. Your age and reported behaviour would support this theory, John, and there are millions who, given the circumstances and environment in which you are living, would develop the fears that are at present influencing your behaviour.

    Get the hell out of there and return to the US, or the England of your birthplace, or come and stay with us in Ireland, where you will find sympathy and practical help.

    But we must all remember that there is a victim at the heart of this affair, and if you are innocent of any involvement in his murder, do stop providing the authorities with an excuse not to carry out a proper investigation.

    In any event, the best of luck and my thanks for fond memories of the many hours we spent together working on our book which provided the first detailed, practical information about computer malware. It, and your other achievements should be your legacy, not this sensational farce in Belize.

    All the best

    Colin Haynes

  67. KDB Avatar

    It’s “couldn’t care less,” not “could care less.” (re: your feelings about who sleeps with whom)

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    But do keep updating with your life on the run! It’s fascinating.

  68. Ateam Avatar

    If you did it, pray. If you did not do it, pray. Your spirituality and faith in a higher power to take care of those things you do not have the power to handle is something that just may get you through.

  69. Gigilovesshoes Avatar

    I don’t know if you did it or not, but I think that the media attention surrounding this is unfair. You’ve been labled a murderer and your only trial has been the court of public opinion. Nobody ever paid that much attention to Natalia Kaspersky!

    Still though, I wonder what outcome you could hope for by running? With your resources, I think you’d be better off to hire a team of lawyers (and maybe a PR person as well!) The publicity in this case won’t let you fall in to the obsure laws of a foreign country and your wealth will certainly help you find a favorable outcome I think.

    I kind of hope you didn’t do it. It would be a sad ending to a hell of a life. But if I had billions of dollars and I had just whacked my neighbor? Damn sure I’d be running too. So maybe the world should be a bit less judgemental. Murder = bad. Saving ones hiney = good. Both? Winds up being a grey area I guess and I think we all live in the greys myself.

    Good luck and god bless.

  70. TS Avatar

    John you have the right to remain silent !!! Preserve you rights !!!

  71. Sharon Avatar

    I met John back in the 70’s. A couple of years ago I spent some time with he . I personally know John does not use drugs, drink nor smoke. Thanks to he I quit smoking cigaretts . I have one of his Mother’s dessert recipes. One of the ingredients is Cherry Wine. He sais to me we cannot make the dessert because he could not eat it. WHY? Because of the alcohol in it. If anyone knows John personally — he is a very caring passionate loving gentle generous man. May God be with you & keep you safe .

  72. Tiger Avatar

    Just because he was living with her doesn’t mean he was screwing her. Doesn’t mean he even touched her!

  73. T Avatar

    When I first heard of this, I did not blame you for running. The police in other countries do not treat Americans very good but then when I read you were living with a 17 year old kid, I thought , I hope they find you!

  74. Svetlana Avatar

    OMG ! I’ve recently been introduced to this story on my fb page and when I started reading I could not stop. Unfortunately i have heard of stories like this in other countries and feel deeply for those people who have the courage to speak up and try to make a difference and the next thing you know they are TARGETS by the government and police. I am positive and always believe that the truth can only be hidden for a matter of time, and soon or later the truth will come out. To Samantha: you are an amazing young lady. And Chad good job keep up the good work….Good luck John

  75. varsha Avatar

    He clearly knows what he is doing, but improvises well with the circumstances..the incident has become international, and the paranoia a bit exaggerated…we will wait and see.

  76. ben Avatar

    absolutely amazing!

  77. Steffan Avatar

    John, I’ve missed your company all these many years. I’ve been trying to remember if you’ve ever been in a more difficult predicament than your current situation. I can’t think of one. I know you have people you love and want to take care of in Belize, but you’ve really got to take care of yourself. I know a nice little house nearby that you can rent.

  78. Wisdom Avatar

    John Mcaffe is a great character. Much respect for this man. Belize should honor such man with great multiple talents . Also Belize should be glad that such man like Mcaffe help upgrade Belize. Much respect to you John. I admire you for what you are , YOU don’t give up. !!!!! Although I am a Belizean I have much respect for you !!!! you deserve to be treated with much respect and love by the Belizean Government.

  79. Leanne Jones Avatar
    Leanne Jones

    I am a private investigator, drawn naturally to try and understand what and who caused the mysterious murder of your neighbor.
    Mr. Mcafee. What do you think the motivation for the murder might be? Do you have any suspicions about who could
    have done it?

  80. Krinderhagen Avatar



    On Sunday, the 11th of November 2012, at 8:00am acting upon information received, San Pedro Police visited 5¾ miles North of San Pedro Town. There they saw the motionless body of 52 year old U.S National, Gregory Viant FAULL, of the said address, lying face up in a pool of blood. He had an apparent gunshot wound on the upper rear part of his head. Initial investigations revealed that on the said date, at 7:20am, Laura TUN, 39 year old Belizean Housekeeper of Boca Del Rio Area – San Pedro Town, went to the house of Mr. FAULL to do her daily chores when she saw him laying inside of the hall motionless. FAULL was last seen alive around 10:00pm on the 10th of November 2012. No signs of forced entry was seen and (1) laptop computer and (1) I-Phone was noted to be missing. The body was found in the hall of the upper flat of the house. A single Luger brand 9mm expended shell was found at the first stairs leading up to the upper flat of the building. The body of Gregory Viant FAULL was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Morgue where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination. Police have not established a motive so far but are following several leads.

  81. H20 Avatar

    John, I have been following this from the start, and I actually understand everything and believe you.

    Do your thing! I support you on your quest!

    Kinda exciting 😀

  82. Krinderhagen Avatar

    When a murder is committed, it is everyone’s responsibility to share whatever information they have in order to help to solve the crime.

    Is stated in what book of law

  83. Krinderhagen Avatar

    They point that making poison that kills animals and possible humans does not seem to be a threat as opposed to the antiseptics which seem to scare the human (is not a surprise)

  84. Krinderhagen Avatar

    I think it was his ex-wife, or ex wife’s boy friend trying to collect alimony

  85. Krinderhagen Avatar

    Hey John
    You have good point and supporting viable means. Too top off the works I ask myself did the neighbor really get shot I think I need more evidence to that event, (it is not uncommon that creating a fallacy of incident to harasses red necks). Though no doubt many like yourself are tired of cutting the losses which is leading to the extremely extensive measures which result in further disappointments to reach common social styles amongst those of community. From what I have read they do not use the think first, insure the validity of conclusions which I don’t need to tell you this you are unseemly familiar as the antiseptic situation.
    I believe you are good man and have a lot good character and talents and prestige to offer!
    Presently I understand you did not know of the recent incident with your neighbor until the medical and police came which means if some remembrance of any activities they neighbor may have had such visitors daughter stalkers, or just common thieves you probable would not be much help in testimony.
    It sad to see the poor care and use and lack of euthenics there such better skills, progress and success that the newspaper entails
    Not that is not a drama land with some fair tails of new bright ideas like thou shall not covet the neighbor
    Looking to bright side hopefully your antiseptic will make good with a label I believe you have many more talents that could be great help such as your security specialties.
    My prayers to for your success in overcoming and the crowd founding out who did shot thie neighbor

  86. Tracker Avatar

    I also am following your story, and i’m in agreement with most of what you say.
    Belize is a wonderful place to live, the people are so friendly and welcoming, but the authorities are something else. They lack training and any form of common decency. I have lived here for 20+ years and have seen lots of strange things done by various governments. If you are wealthy and come to live in Belize you are expected to donate and help with various projects, if you dont rumors start to fly and Belize loves rumors, so much so that rumors have sent people to prison or worse. John, you have been a generous benefactor to many, yet still they hounded you. For those who do not live in Belize he’s an example of the mentality of the media in Belize, most of which are politically controlled, and i quote “The British Minister of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Latin America, Hugo Swire has concluded a two day visit to Belize.
    It is the first time that a UK Minister has visited Belize since 2008. Swire’s visit focused principally on security issues. He met with BATSUB, BDF, RESTORE Belize and the Prime Minister, Security Minister and Foreign Minister.

    According to an official release, he discussed the Belize/Guatemala dispute, and further assistance to the security forces.

    That came today with the donation of two Meilun motorbikes, assigned to Belmopan Police. And unless these are double-o-7 (007) models – we would hope the cycles are not the sum total of security assistance, considering the UK is a G-8 Nation. ” end quote. The news media was disapointed with the donation of 2 motorcycles, why? because the UK is a rich country and should have given more to Belize. This is the same situation that you ( John ) faced, and because you refused to donate to a political party they have hounded you. You have my full support. I live on San Pedro and if you need anything let me know. Keep safe John.

  87. Krinderhagen Avatar

    I agree though there is restriction to providing information under law and the point that he really might not have viable clue as to who was around is also possible

  88. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    I was wondering when someone would get around to the obvious question and start asking if you had written the posts on the Bluelight.Ru site, as opposed to just asking about manufacturing the drugs.

    Self-deception being a hypnotic…, well, you know the rest.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  89. Cherie Chenot-Rose Avatar

    Hi John,
    I hope this finds you safe. We know the injustice you are facing because as you know we too senseless suffered injustice in Belize. Accused of “feeding children to the crocs,” as I read you have been too, a whole Mayan village stormed our property, looted, and burnt everything we owned to the ground while the police, who knew they were headed to our property, stood back and did nothing. We have footage of them on our property and yet to date the government of Belize has refused to press charges on anyone. We lost over 1 million BZD in property.
    View Here on YouTube:
    We wish to thank you for all your support in donating your boats for croc rescues and we pray for Eddie’s release. You know, he had a rescued crocodile named after him because he got it so quickly to the mainland during the rescue. Unfortunately, “Fast Eddie” was killed during the riot and arson when the armed villagers stormed our property they also killed 14 other animals in their pens, some just babies. We still receive death threats by phone and police trace the call but arrest no one.
    We too, like you, stay because this is our home; but I do know many others that have fled this country for their life and left everything behind.
    Stay safe and GOD Bless,
    Cherie & Vince Rose
    CNN Link:

  90. don Avatar

    BINGO! I have lived in Central America and I am educated and surprised by the same behavior as described here every day I am there. I try to keep a low profile and sometimes think I am insane for staying in this snake pit. Good luck John and for the grace of God it is not me. Even though I tell all that I meet that I am poor and stupid I am still a target. Too bad.

  91. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    An elaborate prank if ever there was one 😉

    You are saying now that you are very anti-drug. May I ask then, how you knew about Bluelight and the legend of the mythic tan?

    And why you thought it was a good idea to hype it further, causing a few readers to launch into potentially hazardous experiments on themselves?

  92. Larry Avatar

    There may be a multitude of places and homes where John would be a welcome guest I would welcome him. Passage from that situation is a bit complicated but worth an effort. A route through Mexico comes to mind. Once in a safe location a new plan could occur. C’mon, it can be done…

  93. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    He’s playing a good game of Three Card Monty, but every now & then, the dealer gets “caught”.

  94. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    I do love your intelligence & ability to blur the lines between perception & reality, which may or may not be the same, depending on what you “see”, think you “see”, or decide to “see”. There is no “real” reality as long as human entities are separate. Two minds never perceive the “same” reality. It is impossible, but you can convince someone to see whatever you like. There are trillions of realities. Just take your pick.

  95. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    Also, you posted pics of several “bath salts” packages…did you purchase all those as part of the prank? 🙂

  96. StuffMongerFan Avatar


    The problem is most people will assume you are just trying to backtrack with these kinds of statements, due to your current predicament and the media spotlight.

    The fact that you had a lab with complex equipment, posted all those details about producing “sex powder”, and by your own admission have a pretty wild sexual life with multiple partners…it all fits together nicely.

    It is possible that the thread was just a prank, but good luck getting people to believe that, at this point…

  97. cocoa Avatar

    What I find interesting is that none of your former lovers/business partners/groupies here in the US have anything to say, much less anything good to say, about you and/or their intimate acquaintance with you…and that speaks volumes…

  98. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Hi John,

    I have been reading about your plight and asked Viktor if I could get your email address to try to give you my point of view. I lived in Belize for 12 years, full time, with no other gringos around, and built a resort on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean without much help, so maybe you should listen to some of my advice for you. First of all, you are misinterpreting Belize. Nobody wants to kill you. You are worth more to everyone alive than dead. Belizean politicians are all money hungry and that is what they want. You made a huge mistake when you came to Belize by not laying low and being very low key. You gave away a bunch of money to the Coast Guard, bought police supplies, etc. and that is translated into their language as a guilty person, probably a narcotrafficker, trying to buy them off. It would have been perfect if you were a narcotrafficker and they would have let you keep doing that if you were and they would even have helped you in any way that they could. But you confused the issue by NOT giving to the party in power and then opening up your lab in the jungle and hiring gangsters to give you security. That sent very conflicting signals to them. They saw you as a narcotrafficker who was setting up shop right in front of their eyes and who did not want to play by the rules. They had to nail you at that point because you had paid them off before but were no longer paying them off, and you were definitely looking very suspicious to them.

    Belizeans do not understand the concept of innocence. We are all guilty of something and they are less hypocritical about things than you are. They go straight to the heart of the matter and get down to business. If it walks like a duck and quacks like one, then it must be one. So you got the reputation right off the bat and then tried to pull a fast one in their mind by not paying off properly. In the US you had to pay off the IRS and lots of lawyers all the time just to stay safe. In Belize you will have to pay off two or three high ranking politicians and you can bargain with them. That is the beauty of Belize. If you come into the scene with lots of money and act rich, they will make you pay. What you actually should have done when you got to Belize is tell them that you wanted a bunch of government land titled over to you and also that you were going to be setting up a drug lab and that you needed protection. THEN hand over the money to them for their Coast Guard and police AFTER they give you something, Right off the bat they took you for a pendejo because you did not ask for anything in return. Then they figured that you got ballsy with them by setting things up on your own and not asking them for help and not paying them. That is the psychology of Belize, my friend.

    The other thing that I would like to point out is that 30-40% of Belizean males smoke marijuana regularly and possibly 5-10% smoke rock cocaine regularly. The system is in place so that the marijuana grows down in Punta Gorda area and comes in imported from Peten, Guatemala and the coke comes from Colombian boats passing product through Belize to Mexico. This system benefits the country tremendously because it brings lots of cash to the country that would otherwise not be there. The drugs corridor of Belize is untouchable by both political parties and big players work and live in Belize and are full blooded Belizeans. In a way, they are the folk heroes of Belize, who every Belizean looks up to and wants to be like. How could you have confused everything out of all proportion by going against the entire culture? You are a guest in their country, John, and you must be brought to your senses. They are not going to get a paycheck from you to not sell drugs or to not do shady deals all their lives. You will come and go like the wind, but the drugs corridor has been paying off for almost 40 years now. Stop acting like a deranged republican and get with the program.

    Lastly, your ways out are few now. I think your girlfriend hit the other gringo or, most likely, one of your bodyguards who was a gang banger probably did it thinking it would impress you and get you to pay him extra. That happened to me once out on the caye when we were building the resort. I had gotten into an argument with one of the workers and demoted him and he was going behind my back saying stupid things. So, while I was not on island, another worker decided to kill him, chop up his body with a machete, and burn the body to ashes. When I got back, I was told that he had gotten rid of the problem and I was showed the ashes. The dead worker was definitely dead and I was in a big problem because this guy was trying to extort me, saying that I had wanted it done. I got rid of him and kept to the shadows for a while and he eventually had to take off back to Honduras when the heat fell on him, but I will never forget his thought process and how much it resembles what may be happening to you.

    But to get to the point, your two ways out that I can see are: 1. I have a friend with an ultralight who would fly it to a bush runway for you and he might let you take off to Guatemala in it if you wished and if he were properly reimbursed (reasonable, nothing extravagent). 2. I have another friend who is the brother to the current Minister of National Security and who can talk to his brother about terms for you to surrender. They will want money and so will the prime minister but as long as it was done properly, they would put you under their protection and make sure that no harm came to you. Then it would just be a matter of getting you a good lawyer (I would recommend Barrow’s ex-wife who takes all the high profile cases) and you would be out fairly quickly. I do not know how much the main players want. It probably depends on if you set up offshore trusts in Belize or some offshore accounts there that could be traced back to you. If you did that, then you can be sure that Barrow knows about them and how much you have and that number will be the upper limit where they start their negotiations from. You can bargain from there, but they have all the advantages over you in that process.

    So, if you need any more advice or you actually do need some help in resolving your issues, feel free to contact me. I am not in any way associated with the Belizean government and I could not care less if they are all after you. It is a pirate’s game and you are in check right now and about to be checkmated. If you want to save your queen, then you need to shift your strategy. Reread The Art Of War and put things into the context of your current position. I do not mind being an ally in this, but I will want some publishing rights or something of that nature in the future if things work out for you in the future.

    Best wishes

  99. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    I’m the author of Whirlwind: The Butcher Banking Scandal. I’d love to write your story.

  100. admin Avatar

    Also, check your email sir if you would.

  101. admin Avatar

    John please call me as soon as possible. I’ve just received a call from Good Morning America.
    -Mr Chad

  102. Matt Avatar

    This Josh Davis guy seems like a real douche, and his voice / demeanor is annoying as hell. On one of your phone conversations with him, you said you considered him a friend. Over at wired he is now pushing an e-book for purchase on iPad.

  103. John McAfee Avatar

    The Bluelight thread was the result of a bet. The mythical drug “MDPV Tan” was all over Bluelight a few years ago and it was obvious that it was a made up story that had became an enduring myth. It was ripe for the plucking. I pretended to have re-discovered it and gave complex, bogus instructions for how to create it. Any chemist could have seen the hilarity of what I was doing. My bet was that I could create a thread with 1,000 posts, and I won the bet. It is a high point, at least for me, among my never ending practical jokes and complex bets.

  104. swattz101 Avatar

    Elizabeth never said she thought John was guilty, just that he seems to want everything to be about himself. From many articles about him, this seems to be true. We don’t know if he is guilty or not, just that the police want to question him. He was a neighbor to Gregory Faull, so why wouldn’t they want to question him? He may have seen something.

    As for the “innocent until proven guilty”, that is how it is supposed to work, but doesn’t seem to always work that way. Look at the Trayvon Martin case. In the court of Public Opinion, he was guilty from the start, but the actual case is still being tried. There are many similar cases going on all the time.

  105. swattz101 Avatar

    I believe Elizabeth, when saying “it’s all about you” (paraphrased) referring to the whole “on the lam” deal, not just the blog. Here a person is dead, the police want to question John as a neighbor to the dead guy and a person of interest. Instead of cooperating, John hides out on his compound and makes the story about himself instead of the poor dead guy.

  106. BandOnTheRun Avatar

    I’ve been following your adventures for some time now John, these are truly fascinating adventures. Our lives parallel in so many ways that I consider myself John McAfee lite.

    I even lived in Ambergris Caye for some years back in the early part of this decade. Would have loved to have met you down there but you arrived after I left.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say your holed up in New Mexico or Colorado right about now. My advice for you is to retain a lawyer and answer their questions via skype, phone, email or however you prefer but answer their questions and plan your next move from there.

    Keep the updates coming, your quickly becoming a legend.

  107. Daniel Keeney Avatar

    When a murder is committed, it is everyone’s responsibility to share whatever information they have in order to help to solve the crime. Clearly, authorities believe that Mr. McAfee has information that can help advance their investigation. By refusing to come forward, Mr. McAfee is holding the investigation back. On behalf of the family of Mr. Faull, I urge Mr. McAfee to come forward and share any information he has so authorities can bring the case to a speedy conclusion. In the meantime, I encourage everyone else who is following this case to remember the human toll this incident has taken. There is a child, parents and a sibling involved, all of whom loved Greg very much. Please remember there is a victim and this isn’t entertainment.

  108. Daniel Keeney Avatar
    Daniel Keeney

    Statement from the Family of Gregory Faull:

    – We are shocked and saddened by the murder of Gregory Faull, a loving father, son and brother who will be remembered as an independent, hard working man full of initiative and a love of adventure.

    Greg was proud to be an American. He served his country as a Navy Corpsman attached to the Marine Corps in Okinawa in the 1980s. He completed his service in the Navy/Marine Corps with an honorable discharge.

    Following his service, Greg settled in Orlando and started in the construction industry. He attended night school and attained his General Contractor’s license. He built a successful construction business, Gregory V. Faull, General Contractor Inc., working on projects at Disney World and other theme parks, as well as at commercial and residential buildings.

    Along the way, Greg lived an adventurous life. He raced motorcycles and loved the water, competing in and winning a number of deep-sea fishing contests. In 1999 he set a record at Port Canaveral when he caught a 110-pound bigeye tuna while trolling 110 miles offshore.

    In the mid-2000s, after more than 20 years in construction, Greg was ready for his next adventure. Working on a building that was part of an expansion of the University of Central Florida, he scouted a unique opportunity. After years of work, persuasion and negotiations with the administration of UCF, Greg completed Tailgaters Smokehouse & Spirits. It was the first on-campus restaurant to maintain a liquor license and continues to be a great success four years later.

    In recent months, Greg set sail for the Caribbean, intending to transition to more adventures based in Belize. Several years ago, he purchased a house on Ambergris Cay in Belize that had been badly damaged in a hurricane. Using his talent in construction and his experience as a contractor and restaurant owner, Greg worked part-time for the past three years to rebuild the home. He recently completed work and had the property ready to offer as a vacation rental when he was murdered.

    Losing Greg leaves a hole in our hearts and our lives. We urge law enforcement authorities in Belize and internationally to bring those responsible to justice quickly.

    We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to people throughout the community – especially the students and staff at the University of Central Florida whose lives touched Greg and vice versa – for their messages of support. We ask that the media respect our privacy.

    Editors: download photo of Greg Faull at

  109. Viv Berry Avatar
    Viv Berry

    I give him props. Whether he’s a murderer or not, at least he’s sharing a story. No one knows the truth at all. This is just gold.

  110. Goretsky Avatar


    An interesting read.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  111. susan Avatar

    Regarding your present situation, the ball is in your court as the saying goes, and you well know it. My friend has fled your compound and my concern is for her. There has been enough damage in her life. Whatever ‘hooks’ are in her psyche due to having met you, I hope will get finally released.

  112. SL Avatar

    I read Wired’s story and have read what Gizmodo has published. You are such n eloquent writer, it would be best to hear your side of the story from you.

    You have already admitted to being very paranoid by nature. You seem to be a living contradiction. I don’t know why Elizabeth, the commenter here, is so angry with you. Yes, this is your blog, your story, your life you feel is in danger … so ummm yeah it’s gonna be about you. I have no doubt you are also narcissistic, but that doesn’t make you a bad person. Nor really unusual among your peers.

    Take it from the top John….in your own words.

  113. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    Please read my post below. I did not say he was guilty of anything, but his actions & numerous interviews are stretching the boundaries of my imagination.

    He is a brilliant man with amazing creativity & charisma, but what is it that he wants? He says he will hide until they find the “true” murderer or when there is an international protest…..a protest for what? Does he want to leave Belize & return to the U.S? I doubt that. Does he want us or our government to tell the Belize government to go away & leave him alone using international pressure? Why would we…or they or anyone? He is not being persecuted. It makes no sense whatsoever & I feel as if he wants us to participate in a shared paranoia. They are NOT going to kill him, but they have every right to question him, just as they would here in America. After all, the Belizean court released a Slovakian wanted for the murder of a woman, her child, & a gangster in Slovakia. Just ignored the extradition. Wouldn’t have that opportunity in this country! And if the situation WAS that bad, then why in the hell did he stay there after the raid 6 months ago? He’s been living in a gangster’s paradise & loving every moment of it. C’est la vie.

    Pointless conversation. He’s playing a chess game & is very manipulative & persuasive, so who knows how it will end? This time he may have met his match.

  114. JZ Avatar

    “Bat-shit insane” is the phrase that got me to the blog just now. Personally, I call it “genius” – but haterz gonna hate, what can ya do? Loved reading your words John! Keep it up – it’s a mighty fine story. Makes me long for a balmy evening on tropical beach, a mix of good friends and others, a campfire, a good supply of juice and local rum, some ice would be nice, and maybe some acid. Why not? Rock’n’Roll, dude! Let the chickenshits smell their own fear… 🙂

  115. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    Poor John. It just seems that the whole world is out to get you. It is your very behavior that spawns these so -called “false reports”. How is it that your neighbors, friends, & other island residents have experienced the same “dark side”? I am not saying that you are a bad person, just someone who has gotten totally caught up in pleasure seeking & the constant need for attention & instant gratification. Hence the comment about you being a “media whore”, albeit an unfortunate choice of words.

    I guess I don’t understand what it is you are expecting or seeking at this point- the U.S. to invade Belize? The people of Belize to overtake the government? To become a martyr? If you did not murder Mr. Faull & if there is no evidence that you did, then what are you so afraid of? Answer their questions. Hell, do it by Scype. Sooner or later, you will have to face the music & you are making the situation so much worse by denigrating the country in which you live.

    I do wish you the best of luck, but attacking the journalists, the government, & anyone else that strikes your fancy, seems rather foolhardy. I used to live a crazy, fast-paced life from Jamaica to South Florida to Central America, Colorado & beyond, and am lucky I survived it. I hope you do, as well.

  116. jay Avatar

    What proof do you, or anyone else for that matter, have that makes him the murderer? Yes, a man is dead, but that doesn’t mean McAfee is the person who killed him.

    Don’t know how it works in Belize, but in the us, you’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Sadly, everyone is already declaring him guilty, without evidence or, anything really.

  117. admin Avatar

    Taken into consideration..

  118. Jpoulos Avatar

    I’m thinking allowing comments is a bad idea. Just saying.

  119. admin Avatar

    I won’t edit or discriminate, except for blatant spam, or things vile enough to actually make me use the ban hammer.
    Blog admin -Chad Essley

  120. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    Oh, & please make sure you don’t post my comment (as if you would). It was meant SPECIFICALLY just for you.

  121. Elizabeth Alexander Avatar
    Elizabeth Alexander

    My God (not you), do you EVER get sick & tired of YOU? You must have one of the most severe cases of narcissistic personality disorder that the world has yet seen.


    You are truly pitiful. Everything you do or say is dedicated to your own self-aggrandizement & I find you a selfish, self-centered degenerate with absolutely no soul, no humility. What have you EVER done for anyone that didn’t have you right smack dab in the middle & benefiting from it?

  122. F"emiftheycan'ttakeajoke Avatar

    Never mind the moderation, I can’t wait that long to be a star……..Must have something to do with that Mayan 2012 thing, there’s an angle for ya John

  123. Fukemiftheycan'ttakeajoke Avatar

    …………and I thought you were the ghost of Captain Wallace!

    Run bambi run!

  124. Fred Majestic Avatar
    Fred Majestic

    I hope you will continue doing this blog! I tip my hat to you, sir!

  125. Fluffhead Avatar

    Sir, you are my hero.

  126. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    I’m following this whole thing with great interest. The bluelight thread was fascinating. Great to see you are putting out your own side of the story. It would be good if you had a contact email to interact with readers. Drop me a line.

  127. Collegeboy Avatar

    I’m fascinated by your story. Please keep updating