Message to the Media

–edited by staff

Please respect John’s privacy this evening.

We have contacted Sam, and are putting her in touch with John.
Thanks everyone for your support.

Amy, if you see this, contact Chad Essley via email or phone as soon as possible.


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  1. Samantha vanegas Avatar
    Samantha vanegas

    Everyone, John has not been writing because he is very tired and needs to rest, but I spoke to him, and everyday he sounds sad tired. He last told me he can’t wait to write on the blog. If you all didn’t know: when we were together he constantly spoke of the great viewers you all are, and can’t wait to update more things. Please be compassionate with the poor guy! Sorry for the hold up, you all are the best people in other words… the booooooom! Love you all & I mean it! I have never seen anything like you all you have been to the very end. Don’t worry, when he writes back on the blog it will be worth the wait. Bye bye! Love, Sammy

  2. Samantha vanegas Avatar
    Samantha vanegas

    Thank you, how sweet! God bless.. and I’m fine!

  3. Sharleen Avatar

    I would like to say thanks to all of you who emailed the (given) email addresses of Belizean officials to protest the arrest and detention of those three employees employed by Mr. McAfee. I am glad that all three of those employees have now been set free — that is really great news. Their imprisonment, in this instance, was totally illegal and inappropriate.

  4. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Maybe was easier for you to request a visa for your girlfriend, because you were not married.
    In this case he is trying to get visas for two girls, Amy and Sam, makes it rather unconventional, plus he still married.
    What matters is that he is ok. and out of danger.
    I truly don’t believe any of he’s girlfriends are in danger, anybody can see they are just two girls that enjoyed the adventure, we also enjoyed reading the adventures of the scape, and even though he is safe now (we are glad about it), still fun to read peoples comments.

  5. Chad Essley Avatar

    You are exactly right. John has been in touch, is well, and traveling / figuring out some details at the moment. I think he will be checking in with a new post within the next few days, but I can’t be sure.

  6. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Please people don’t get offended if John is not writing. He has been through allot and is not trying to relax a bit. If he needs a few days to ge his mind off things I think he has ever right. This is actually what I wanted to see. I wanted to see him free and getting on with his life. Now he is free thank the lord and now he is trying to get on with his life. He is no longer in lockdown with all day on his hands to blog. And this blog is no as critical as it used to be because we all fought and he was released. Mission accomplished. I’m sure when he gets settled a bit he will stop back in and say hello. Until then he needs to do what he has been. and thats to get his head out of the computer and start focusing on the future. I would like to hear an update on how he is doing though as would everyone else. So chad or whomever the moderator is please give us an update on how things are going. I do understand the complants from people feeling like they have been here cheering him on this whole time and worrying and praying. We have invested a little piece of our heart to john so to not hear from him may feel like we are yesterdays news. I’m sure thats not the case but understand if people feel that way. Like I said he is probably very busy working out the next game plan. Anyways, john, God Speed Brotha

  7. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    “I respect your bravery to come forward to expose corruption in Belize, but at the same time, you revealed your own.”

    How true, and such a good comment. I said something similar early on in this tread but it was deleted. Let’s hope your comment stays, as you’re saying what many are feeling about John McAfee.

  8. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Okay Time Magazine just reported that Guerra called you paranoid atleast once.

  9. Philo Avatar

    If you did your homework you would notice a pattern with Mr. McAfee.He is a prankster, but his jokes are not always funny. They amuse him, but usually it is at some reporter/blogger/etc. expense. He isn’t mean spirited, just doing it to prove a point.
    I need to research who it is that started the whole Bath Salts thing. I believe it was Jeff Wise. He has been obsessed with Mr. McAfee for a while, and it is an obsession.
    I’m intuitive too. I don’t judge people based on things I have seen in the media, especially written by non-journalists who are clearly biased. Saying someone is evil without evidence is pretty harsh don’t you think?
    We have examples in human history of evil. Mr. McAfee doesn’t come close. He’s not even a suspect in the murder. If they had even circumstantial evidence they would have called for his arrest. Belize is a country that will hold you in prison just for suspicion of breaking a law, even minor laws.
    Use the Google, it’s your friend….

  10. candace Avatar

    I have followed your story faithfully from the beginning. Totally amazing! Your story has been emotional. Your creativity wild. I wished u happy Thanksgiving on fb. I kept you in my thoughts. I would love to meet you. I am close by in pembroke pines. I recently moved here from a small town and totally understand what you have went through. Best wishes and hey I just might see you! Will says hi and be glad to give u a haircut as we are both barbers and he has his own shop here in pines. Keep in touch. I watch for you all day long!

  11. s.p Avatar

    has this blog ended?

  12. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    Dear “onlooker”, please accept that whatever I say in this bog comes directly from personal experiences that I have had. In the past I personally went into a US Embassy Citizen Services Office (with no prior preparation or use of connections or political influence) and obtained a single entry tourist visa for my young girlfriend (that you would say is impossible to get). In Citizen Services, I clearly explained the situation and recited my unique legal rights in my special case. My request for visa was approved within thirty minutes and we picked up visa next day (a student visa would be easier for me to get). The girl I refer to is now a citizen of the United States. —I have experienced similar events, like the saga John is enduring. In a different instance, I requested a US Senator contact Citizen Services, because my life was in danger, and the result was, that a US Embassy Military Attaché saved my life. US Citizen Services does have the ability to assist John (& other US Citizens) when properly motivated. — I am not an “onlooker”, because I have “been there”.

  13. Cova Herrera Avatar
    Cova Herrera

    I don’t agree with John when he says “we are trying to live his life.”

    I didn’t know who he were till he was detained. I was interested in reading the whole story to guess who was telling the truth. When I saw John was telling the truth, I felt sympathy for him because he looked a very nice and brave guy and I didn’t want he ended in a Belize prison. So I wrote Obama and told him to take John to the U.S. I used the hashtags #FreeJohnMcafee and #FreeMcafee in Twitter for people to know of the problem. I like helping people who are in trouble and I do it happier when these people seem nice to me. That’s all. So I feel a bit bad about that comment. It would be nice to hear from John that he thanks all of us, for our support and that from now on he is going back to his common life. And end of the story.
    I hope John does not let us down, because that would mean that it’s not worth to help anybody.

  14. Chris Avatar

    I just saw a picture of Mr. McAfee buying a cell phone in Miami with a Windows 8 sign in the background. Do you like the Windows 8 phone compared to an iPhone?

  15. Philo Avatar

    They may be able to swing a tourist visa fairly quickly…1-2 weeks.
    Getting a visa to actually stay here long term? That may be a little trickier. Even to get a fiance’ visa requires medical exams, lots of legal paperwork and they don’t work quickly on them.
    The quickest way to get them out of the area would be to go to England since a tourist visa is not required for Belizean citizens there and John has dual citizenship. (allegedly though I thought naturalized citizens had to denounce their old country).
    One has to wonder why our superhero has not taken this route yet. If he is that worried about their safety, he would have them on the first plane to Heathrow and sort it all out later.
    Something else one wonders… why has John McAfee not posted here since his dramatic arrival in Miami?
    Why have we not heard from Chad?
    At the very least, why have there been no updates as posts?
    What is happening with Vice and their supposed awesome documentary?
    Why has Josh Davis been silent? Jeff Wise can always be counted on to not be silent 🙂
    What is happening with the investigation in Belize? i mean how long does it take to make a comparison between a 9mm slug(from Mr. Faull) and a .22 or .38 slug(from one of the dogs)? Mr McAfee carried a Smith&Wesson which I believe doesn’t even come in a 9mm.
    Serioulsy this is the most perplexing bit. I know real life is not like CSI, however, I also know that the first 48 hours of a murder investigation are critical.
    I also know that Mr.McAfee’s guns are all duly licensed. Maybe not always perfectly, but they have never found one unlicensed. After raiding his house many times since Nov. 11th, they have yet to recover any 9mm ammunition.

  16. the alias Avatar
    the alias

    excellent comment! If JM is not careful, he can be hauled in to jail – in the US courts, for statutory rape. One of his below-18 ex-girlfriends or their families can use this opportunity to make some serious bucks in a civil lawsuit as well. The long arm of the law is really long. I am sure that Florida defence attorney’s wife would have advised him so.

  17. the alias Avatar
    the alias

    little girls get pregnant with “trust me!” The only thing you can trust now is that JM will come up with one remarkable excuse for why he did not give any updates since Miami. The reporters are smarter than the ones reading this blog, I am sorry to say. No offense intended.

  18. the alias Avatar
    the alias

    what do you think? he played you! Now, this blog will also mysteriously get deleted! Now please get some V8 and hope that increases your IQ!

  19. the alias Avatar
    the alias

    what a fool you are! Change “bogus” to “true” – and you will be more right!

  20. Azure Avatar


    Did you read the blog post from Samantha? She has been learning english. You may say that the official language is English and the schools are excellent. In reality many of the native people do not speak fluent English and the parents cannot afford the uniforms and books for their children to go to school.
    American schools may not be the best, but we do provide education for all our children regardless of financial situation.
    There is not really a cash requirement for a child to go to school. Even the lunch programs are subsidized so that free or reduced lunches are available. I believe Mr. McAfee set up something like that for the students in Carmelita.
    And using the C word is very offensive. Just so you know.

  21. Chris Avatar

    John I noticed in a picture when you were being detained in Guatemala that you used an Apple computer. Do you prefer Apple over Windows? What do you think of the new Windows 8? Is it necessary to have antivirus software in today’s day and age?

  22. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Fiona, i do help people every time I can, I’mure many people do as well.

  23. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You should not kid around like that, the guy is dead!!
    Remember he’s family must be really sad about how he died.

  24. WEB Avatar

    Wow, that was uncalled for dude. Disagree if you want, but calling someone names like that shows your own ignorance more than anything. SMH

  25. WEB Avatar

    It’s really sad to see it end this way. Thought you had a lot more class, but I guess I was wrong. I’m happy you’re safe and sound in America, I never believed you were a murderer. But I never thought you were a total douche either. You could have taken a minute, even if it was total bullshit, to end this properly, and to acknowledge the support and belief you got here. Hopefully, you will never be in a similar situation again, needing the kindness of total strangers. I’m curious….do you intend on doing anything to further the cause of Belize, or is that yesterdays news like we are?
    Now we’ll see if you even post this. Good Luck John.

  26. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Well, I think we should support somebody in need, without expecting nothing in return.
    I personally sent emails and wrote in this blog, hopping that somehow was going to help, regardless of who he was, would have done it for anybody, ( I know people in simiral situation)
    We just should be glad he got out and now he can continue with his life.

  27. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    “you are useing them and they are useing you”….isnt that the definition of a healthy relationship?

  28. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    I don’t think a reality show will be intereting, will be boring, he is not running anymore.

  29. Lolita Avatar

    Then is ok., they are using each other, Mc is using his two girlfriends, and they are using him, even though they are young 20 & 17, they r not innocent.

  30. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    Obviously they didn’t teach you any respect for women. Such language. Shame on you!

  31. Sharleen Avatar

    Carlito – I’m surprised your mother didn’t teach you to be more respectful. as well as teaching you that to swear on the internet if quite rude. You are obviously a “HOT HEAD”. So I just sort of “assumed” from Samantha’s post that she wasn’t one of the privileged persons with weathly parents in Belize, due to her family situation, as to getting and completing one of the prime educational opportunities in Belize.
    I am quite aware of the differences in high school competencies in countries all over the world. And I realize, very much so, that in many countries the educational requirements are SO much MORE, than in the US at the high school level.
    And I only well too much know the quandry that so many families face, with an “exceptional child” and the heartbreak of the family not being able to fund, through b books and uniform charges, their ‘special child”.
    You are barking up the wrong tree here – you have NO IDEA how many kids that were deemed in the “exceptional” IQ area I have supported. Through the required uniforms, books, and so on.
    So I suggest you EXEMPT me from that “twat” or whatever extremely disrespectual way you addressed me as.
    I was only actually trying to give a possible way for Mr. MaCafee to get Samantha into the US quickly.. I meant no dispespect to Belize, or Samantha, or to Mr. McaFee.
    I just thought that my idea might be a short term solution to the problem.

  32. Fiona Avatar

    Couldn`t agree more!

    Those girls are just that: young girls. They probably need more of a mentor than a lover who’s half a century older than they.. They may be somewhat wise beyond their age and street smart – but they have to be considering where and how they grew up. Doesn’t strike me as proof of adulthood at all though. But to each his own.

  33. Fiona Avatar

    What do you find confusing about his comment? Look at you guys and some of the posts: Plenty of whining and anger and disappointment because you don’t get your daily fix of JM and because you feel that you are entitled to his attention and that he “owes” you!

    This guy does not NEED anyone here – get it? And he’s definitely a master at pulling people’s strings. I especially love how he makes reporters in interviews look like idiots LOL.. The questions they ask, the feedback they give him – I feel almost ashamed FOR them – their questions and comments seem so simplistic, naive, uninformed, without thought and without any interest to dig deeper! I have yet to see one that had the capacities to be his match. The difference in IQ definitely shows big time.

    Aren’t there any more intelligent and less narrow-minded reporters out there so we finally get to watch a really interesting and mind boggling interview? I mean they could get so much more out of an interview with JM, but they are barely scratching the surface of this guy. as well as the story itself.
    I find the JM saga to be a great distraction from other horrible news like school shootings, Middle East crap and so on. And it be better for some people here to feel the same way and not get riled up about a millionaire in distress – put stuff into context on a global level. I view this as Thanks for being so entertaining, John! And some of the posters here are very entertaining as well.

  34. Linda Dee Avatar
    Linda Dee

    Pathetic…..u know JM..could always just lie to he has done on several occasions in the past……no wonder Sam is jealous…you have your X hanging with her…you have pervs giving away “I feel sorry for u sex”…way to go dude

  35. Linda Dee Avatar
    Linda Dee

    @sk….at the very least JM could post..I have an atty..that way we all know why he’s not posting….and Chad….u have not heard from John as well???

  36. Cherry Avatar

    actually once i realized that all these “journalists” are twenty-something years old people with either no education or just a BA I stopped wondering.

  37. Nad Avatar

    haha, Tony, you are funny.
    If MJ said he has no money, he doesn’t have it.. It is just the paper and we all must help each other when needed… and even not needed too.
    McAfee is a living legend, and to help him is the honor.

  38. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Are you blogging again John? I am hoping that the authorities in Belize will meet with you in the states so that you do not have to go down there.

  39. iceesurfer Avatar

    Everything in life is an exchange of some sort. There is obviously some Care there. That, in itself points to the Triumph of Love. Whatever Degree it may be.
    Must be absurd for Our Man to be subject to such Judgement regarding His Personal Life, after being so Independent and untouchable for so long.

  40. SK Avatar

    Where is John today? I keep checking in to see if any updates happen.

    Looks like that shooting in CT took over all the spotlight from John’s ordeal.

    John can rest now.

  41. iceesurfer Avatar

    No need to be profane to get the point across. Not representing Belize very well.

  42. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Don’t listen to them. Keep the girls man. Yeah they may be with you now or just the beginning just for your money but at 60 something years old who cares as long as you don’t have to get on with other 60 something old people. Stay rich and keep your girlfriends young. Almost every woman in the world gravitate to a man that can take care of them. Don’t understand why the same people that tell their friends “Your boyfriend needs to get a damn job!” will end up saying something like oh she is just with him for the money. Since the caveman days woman have been attracted to hunters and providers. Its human nature. Keep the girls bud.

  43. Gart Avatar

    Rebecca must have been exhausted… 🙂

  44. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Do the correct thing and let the girls go. Pay their tuition to get a good education instead. Do yoi believe for one moment that would have a relationship with you if you was a poor man????? I respect your bravery to come forward to expose corruotion in Belize but at the same time, you revealed your own. Take care and stay safe!!!

  45. OriginalWoman Avatar

    You are much safer now John. I hope you are enjoying a much need peace and rest. On the girls, my advice is to leave them alone. They are truly girls and not women, yet. I am a,Belizean with dual citizenshio in Belize and the US, I know firsthand how many oeople gravitate to you in Belize if they think you have money. But that haooens everywhere in the world. In your heart, you must know somewhere deep, that your relationship with them is wrong. You are using them and they are using you!!!!

  46. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Any update on Sam and Amy? Hope its all going well. Glad your finally able to relax a bit. Since you have not posted on your blog in a while I am assuming your too busy having a good time and taking care of business. Good deal. Just dont forget your supporters. Many people like myself sent an email about once every hour for days to those email addresses defending you and asking to leave you be and let you come home. Not sure how much that played a role but I’m pretty sure they was getting sick of my emails lol. God Speed Brotha.

  47. Joe Avatar

    I like how people project their own ambitions onto this story. Marry? Did you read the whole blog? He mentions at least 3 women in the past half year. It doesn’t seem marriage would be on the radar. I expect a new Miami girlfriend next blog post or definitely early in 2013. Men who are that successful with women usually aren’t looking to be permanently attached to one.

  48. Gaby Avatar

    You were blogging in the jungle, on the run, from jail, and on the plane. Now that you are safe and in the US, I suppose you no longer need this vehicle. You have time to eat your suishi, buy sunglasses, shop, nightclub and give numerous interviews to the press. And your supporters, you seem to need no longer, you can’t find the time in your comfortable hotel room, with wifi, to post a few words on what is going on. These people have offered their homes, their money and their unconditional support to you. It is the least you can do to respond. No need to post this, this is a message to you.

  49. Carlito Avatar

    Sharleen you are ignorant and you should not open your mouth without knowing what you talk about. The British education is ranked sixth in the world and your american system is 17th. The British system has 12 years of education just like the US, however they can start earlier. The official language of Belize is English, no ESL classes are required. You are just a stupid cunt that wants to bash Belize when the shit hole you live in isn’t any better. The only problem with Belize education is that poorer families cannot afford the books required, since they are not provided by the school. There are several excellent private schools in Belize that I would put up against any American High School. Yes, the government of Belize can be corrupt, what government isn’t? Do not look down at your nose at Belize, inn a lot of ways we are better off than the U.S. shut your twat

  50. Cova Herrera Avatar
    Cova Herrera

    Please, John, write something here. Tell us something! Now you only talk to the media. What’s going on? We miss your comments!

  51. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    Lead, eat, sleep & move!

    I just read this article;

    “At one point Thursday, McAfee turned to the television cameras surrounding him and spoke directly to viewers.
    “You people at home, seriously what are you doing?” he asked. “You’re living your lives through other people, through me.””

    care to elaborate?

    I have been doing what you are since the 80’s, lived what I consider to be 8-9 Lives…Panama, Costa-Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Hawaii & The 10,000 Islands, Fl.

    Just offering help and supporting the cause. I find the comment confusing to say the least!

    Safety First!

    Best wishes,

  52. Greg Avatar

    John, strong work getting out of Belize and back to the United States, via Guatemala.
    If you would have submitted to questioning by Belise authorities I feel sure they would have apprehended you, charged you with a bogus charge (with a lack of proof) and lock you away somewhere.
    You must never go back to Belise, although I think you already know that.
    If you need any help from North Carolina, just email me.
    Take care man.

  53. The Alias Avatar
    The Alias

    Well, seems like the dude has finally consulted a lawyer and this is what is shutting him up. Good move, really, if one wants to stay out of prison.

  54. neighbor Avatar

    JM is smart and he will be fine. The blog has served his purposes to date. He may return if he needs more publicity to get the girls out. He has used this as a vehicle and has arrived at his destination. Although it would be nice to see some acknowledgement… More publicity can be attained in main street media.
    If you are feeling used – that was the point. If you thought he would continue here… well, he didn’t start the blog prior to any difficulties. The blog has served his need well. JM again shows that he can get what he wants and will use any means to attain it. Smart is an understatement.

  55. trader Avatar

    john is a hoax, Faull is alive hiding in the US virgin islands trying to eliminate his past…

  56. SFFan Avatar

    Keep up the fight John!! I am following your story! I hope you teach them a lesson for messing with you. Most people wouldn’t speak up like you, you are a good citizen. SF Fan!

  57. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    In “The Fabric of Self” published in 2001 by Woodland Publications, McAfee writes in the chapter titled Violence: “Violence is rooted in fear, and we are filled with fears and suspicions. We may not openly assault our neighbors or take out our frustrations on innocent bystanders, but our fears nevertheless mold our behavior, and in the heart of whatever we may muster lies the seed of violence.”

  58. SK Avatar

    What is John doing??

  59. KitinLolos Avatar

    Do any comments that are not complimentary of John get approved? Doesn’t seem so.

  60. KitinLolos Avatar

    I have been, and still am, in Johns corner all along, I’ve been reading this blog since word 1. I am also an addict, as John is – we are never cured. I find his current behavior to be that of a self centered addict (we all are.). He was blogging on the run but cannot blog from South Beach? He has got his way so it doesn’t matter anymore. Sam and the rest of his followers I a sorry to tell you but you have been duped – us addicts do it all the time. Enjoy your next party John, I am just up the beach in Sunny Isles if you wanna have coffee.

  61. Pedro Avatar

    John forget about staying in the US.. too many hungry vultures there, you will not have peace. Contact me and I will host you, Sam and Amy (You know they cannot get visas to the US) in Mombasa, Kenya. My home town. Just like belize without the bullshit. Email me.

  62. SK Avatar

    I want John to have his own reality show. I think he has enough drama & events going on in his life that it would be interesting enough to watch! He’s already cultivating his audience!

  63. fred Avatar

    According to Samantha’s facebook she went to new hope high school in Columbus Mississippi.

  64. Aha moment Avatar
    Aha moment

    I have been reading this blog steadily from the start, and although we’ve only perceived Sam through JDM’s eyes she does seem to have a rare spark that it would be wonderful to encourage. JDM’s comments about her have been uniquely honest and respectful of her personhood and intellect, and he’s not one to suffer fools and spinmeisters gladly. Sam seems like one of those rare young people who learns fast, works hard and has leadership ability too and it would be great to see what she can do, given the opportunity.

  65. Dawn Avatar

    Educate yourself on Bath salts

  66. Arball Avatar

    This blog has resembled the media in many ways. It seems like it was an avenue for JM to get his freedom like he was accustomed to. He has been on both sides of extremes just reading this website. He will say and do anything for attention. When he made it back to the US, he has taken to the news to get this attention that he desires. It is very sad that he came up with a great idea many years ago, but sounds like he has been bored for the previous few. I hope at 67 that you can find something that will interest you and stop being a media frenzy guru!! There are people in San Pedro that have much more money than you and haven’t attracted any negative attention. Is the media hyping this up or are you JM?????

  67. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    If Mc McAfee is fluid enough, or generous enough ….he might consider donating his River House in Orange walk to a non profit , charity and education entity.
    Perhaps a home for young Wayward Girls
    in need of education and skills. Spousal Abuse is ramped in Belize, empowering woman has proven to be good economic principle.If the woman controls the money, then her family is fed. Too often the Belizian husband drinks or carouses the money away. and has a direct result to the insidious child and spousal abuse. The Mayan woman have supported their families doing handicrafts and weaving for generations.
    Perhaps a cooperativo creating indigenous art in some form that can be marketed Internationally. A school offering English , money management, skills, arts and crafts, health , birth control and sex education
    A reputable International organization such as Heifer International, Woman Empowerment Loans, UNICEF, has experience working with the Powers that Be, in many cultures and have many eyes upon them.
    It would be harder for the Belizian Government to mess with. A cooperativo
    would be offering human services and education that the government is not . There is funding and teachers available from many sources for woman of all ages in Need
    “John McAfee’s home for Wayward Women on the Rio Dulce River .”
    I like the sound of it . A nice way of Giving back to the community .

    He already has 5,7,or more of his girlfriends
    (who he may, or may not be supporting) , that May be interested ?
    Just a thought

  68. onlooker Avatar

    SM……what the hell are you jabbering about? You obviously have no knowledge or experience with the administration or application processes involved in obtaining a student visa. One does simply NOT walk in to a US embassy and obtain a student visa, be it an F1 or an M1, Proof of acceptance and admission into an approved educational institution, in the form of an I-20, would be the first requirement, followed by an appointment and interview. Not something that can be done in a couple of days. And…….even if it was eventually approved, as soon as the student failed to show up for classes, the visa would be revoked, the student subject to deportation and 10-yr minimum loss of future admission to the US very likely.

  69. Petra Avatar

    Hi John, I’m really glad you made it back to the states safely. You’ve neglected those of us that have faithfully followed you from the start since you arrived back, so I hope you understand why you’ve become yesterday’s news. You’re safe now but we have a real tragedy on our hands now so I wish you the best in getting your life back together but it’s time for the rest of us to get on with more important things. Do keep us informed from time to time because we’ll always wonder how you’re doing.

  70. Margot, Munich 1977 Avatar
    Margot, Munich 1977

    OMG!! I’m SO glad you’re ‘home!’

    Hope Sam joins you soon and that you can get on with your life.

    Keep conversation going………

    Would love to see you again – one day. At your leisure.

    Coming to Vancouver anytime?

    All the best. A very Merry Christmas & the New Year is sure to bring you the best of everything!


  71. SK Avatar

    Where is John today?

  72. Jenny Avatar

    It’s going to take years! My mother is originally from Belize! It took her five years to finally get legal papers to come to the US from Belize. Now it takes longer!! John knows that. He knew exactly what he was doing when he moved to BELIZE!

  73. SL Avatar

    Yeah, out of that entire interview…it is sad that Gizmodo’s takeaway was the drug comment.
    Seriously, what will it take for them to STFU about the bath salts, John to pee in a cup? Even then they would say that…ohhh the tests are not sophisticated enough to detect this supposed “wunderdrug MDPV tan”.
    I really find it appalling, the state of our media. Do any of these people have degrees in journalism? Just because they can type words on a blog they call themselves journalists? it used to be such a noble profession.

  74. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    LOL @ Israeli security, they are taught at our schools. Same with the Brittish etc… 100% American security bar-none. Ready, willing & able. One call that’s all!

  75. Fiona Avatar

    If those two get a visa in a heartbeat than homeland security is definitely corrupt as well and lots of people who have been waiting for visa approval will be peed off majorly.

  76. Fiona Avatar

    Amazing how people here are willing to rush to the aid of a millionaire in distress. Just wondering, if you all are always this quick to jump and help a stranger in need? Do you offer money/food/shelter/rides to people who are TRULY in bad shape? Or is it only cause you want to be part of the circus and because he’s a well-known guy?

    The story IS good though. And John is great at keeping it going – checking into a place located at a hotspot, now the worries about Sam and Amy – there are surely more headlines to come.

    And Leisa, I don’t think it’s sick – it’s just a preference.

  77. truthseeker Avatar

    I want to say it has been fun this blog, John, even though it has been a roller coaster that was a bit too real. Also, WELCOME HOME from me and so glad you came back to US. Maybe hire some Israeli Bodyguards here. They are the best and sounds like a good idea. Please be careful. As far as the media, you spoke into words exactly what they do. Someone starts a lie or speculation, then they all like puppets repeat it like idiots, They should many of them be fired and people hired that will actually research the truth before spouting it out. LIKE READING THE ENTIRE BLOG BEFORE ASKING THE SAME STUPID QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER> He put the info in here folks from the media. Can you read? READ IT> Sorry. Just causing people to not watch your networks you know. John so happy you are here and will keep praying for your safety. You have a friend here in Tennessee.

  78. Sharleen Avatar

    aha says “Sam sounds like she should be fast-tracking through ESL and an undergraduate degree simultaneously with a law degree. Vocational schools? really?”

    I was assuming she does not yet have the equivalent of a US high school degree. Since Belize was formerly British Honduras, I assumed that the country has a system similar to the British school system, where students stop going to school at sixteen years old. I meant no disrespect to the young lady, obviously, if she has the equivalent of a US high school diploma, she could go directly into the University of Miami, providing her school transcripts are in place and her SAT scores were high. And would be able to get a student Visa within two weeks when classes start. And be in Florida within two weeks.
    I was only offering up information that I thought might be able to get her into Florida quickly and soon. And “aha” … I don’t ever remember seeing you post anything before.

  79. truthseeker Avatar

    Would be a good idea for them to go to school. Learn a skill and trade. Give them independance and self worth. Great idea!

  80. Leisa Avatar

    And now we have this horrifying tragedy in Conn., bad shit happens all the time to innocent people and children…and only money and connections can stop the bad shit from happening to those who have the means to save themselves… I hope that John will acknowledge this tragedy since he is now one of us again

  81. iceesurfer Avatar

    It is still prudent to surround Oneself with Others and Keep the Eyes-in-the-Back-of-the-Head Wide Open. One Bad Apple……

  82. iceesurfer Avatar

    Great Interciew, JM… Sheesh, How you keep your Cool with Those Media Clowns is admirable. Even I am tired of the Mundane – inflammatory questions…

  83. Leisa Avatar

    It is Friday late afternoon here in northern MI and as i read the blog I am a little disturbed by how everyone seems to think that John is reading these blogs.. maybe before but not now. Obviously he got what he wanted and now wants to bring two girls to the US ? Why? arent there any young chicks in Miami? Really, good luck with everything John, but personally, I have a full time job and a great cabin on the lake , I am a single attractive and fit woman…and I am still too old for someone who is the same age as my Dad!! Sick

  84. Avira user Avatar
    Avira user


    I´m very happy for you.

  85. ron Avatar

    Might be a bit naive on your part …

  86. Chris Avatar

    John McAfee is to Belize what Chuck Norris is to everyone else. John McAfee has won the PR war between him and Belize by showing the world that he cannot be shut up. He has also shown on this blog the corruption in Belize. He has told a believable story and it not shy of the media.

  87. Is all this real? Avatar
    Is all this real?

    I keep thinking of this situation over and over again. John’s been living in Belize for years now. How did 2012 go terribly wrong for him with all these raids…and then the murder of his neighbor & poisoning his dogs?

    We see his demeanor in interviews and he has also called himself a jokester. He says 1 thing and then admits it wasnt true.

    I really do believe that John was mixing with thugs there in Belize.

    I also believe that John must have walked around in Belize being himself the “practical jokester”. He’s admitted to posting “untruths” for fun on drug enthusiast websites… He must’ve did that in real life too in conversation with locals and all got totally out of hand. To the point where raids were occuring on his property and his dogs were being poisoned and killed. His “practical jokes” dont seem so funny anymore.

    News reports say that Greg Faull’s laptop & cell phone were missing. Looking over previous reports of crimes in Belize, it looks as though thats a common crime there. Laptops and Cell phones being stolen.

    If your a rich man living in the most expensive part of town with visible wealth displayed in a 3rd world country, I would imagine that you would be a target. Its no less different than being in a poor innercity neighborhood here in the USA and you live there too and keep showing off your nice new shiny stuff. Also, it is reported that Greg Faull was a drinker. Maybe he mixed with the wrong crowd at the bar that night and then was followed home.

    This is just a big mystery.

  88. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    John, If your notoriety/publicity is sufficient, then US State Department will immediately issue a single entry student visa to the girls. This would enable a reunion in Miami, and before the visas expire, you can take girls to another country. Also this would give time to apply for student visas which would be a productive way for them to stay in USA for a longer time.
    If you do get the tourist visas, then you should have the ability to cause a Federal Prosecuting Attorney to take an interest in your case, with results of revoking US Visas of corrupt Belize Government Officials. We shall see if the US Government will back up their words against corruption, with actions to enforce FCPA Federal Law against the “real criminals”?
    I hope the girls are with you in Miami this weekend, but if your visa requests are denied, then you might contact me to try on the other end, at US Embassies.

  89. Aha moment Avatar
    Aha moment

    Sam sounds like she should be fast-tracking through ESL and an undergraduate degree simultaneously with a law degree. Vocational schools? really?

  90. Glyn Avatar

    Glad you made it back to civilisation. If you feel like a shag I’ve sent my sister round to your hotel, she should be arriving any minute

  91. Anonymous Avatar

    Are you the one on drugs?

    JM has not used alcohol or drugs since 1983.

    What’s wrong with young girlfriends? The last time I checked that’s legal and it’s every man’s dream. LOL

    Many people think Hugh Hefner is cool… an 80+ year old man with 18 year old Playboy bunnies surrounding him. There’s no outrage in America over that.

  92. Anonymous Avatar

    Nah… Belize has nothing in their rigged deck of cards to play against JM.

    It’s all a psychological war.

    Belize screwed their own investigation by refusing to find the laptop and mobile phones that were stolen, thus the real killer got away.

    There’s no way the US would send him to Belize considering the sloppy police work that was done.

    Barrow prejudiced the entire country with his “bonkers” speech. That would taint a jury if it went to a jury trial.

    He would never get a fair trial.

  93. Anonymous Avatar

    After this has settled for a while and Belize ends their psychological war against Mr. McAfee, I hope JM writes a book and a film is made.

    I like films based on a true story and this is one excellent story because it turns out good in the end.

    I won’t be satisfied though until JM gets Sam in the states and they marry and live happily ever after. 🙂

    Good luck to you JM and God bless.

  94. Tony Avatar

    Do any of you really think John does not have his credit cards or any money… remember he had to pay people to get him out of the country he had to pay for the atty and for food sorry people wake up you dont go on the run with NO MONEY when you have millions in the bank….I think john will be fine…And for all you idiots offering money wake up the man does not need your money nor will he take it I bet LOL

  95. FF Avatar

    I don’t think that guy is really her uncle.

  96. BenBelize Avatar

    John, you are simply brilliant. I knew you were gonna get out of this. Finally someone stood up against a nation for himself. You realize this is gonna be a bad ass movie right? Spread the truth John, Belize is a horrible place, the police are more corrupt than criminals. We have a laywer (liar) as a leader, the people here doesnt know shit and depend on the news. You’re a fucking rockstar dude. Respect! i want ur autograph =] lol

  97. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Ok so amy just happen’s to be an x-girlfriend? unless John was misquoted and now she is 18 not 17. She just joined them recently .? per sam’s request? humm… Notice he did not direct any reporters to this blog yesterday . If by chance this blog is taken down soon i want to say ITS BEEN A HELL OF RIDE… It was nice to see real compassion and humanity at its best… Sending you all blessing’s from the heart… Merry Christmas or holidays and hope everyone has a great new year…

  98. Sharleen Avatar

    There is an English Language school right in South Beach and students in those types of schools are eligible for F-1 student visas, here is some more information. Student visas are issued QUICKLY.

    We can help you locate a school in the United States that can issue a Form I-20 (sample). Obtaining the form I-20 is the first step in the student visa application process. We have an extensive database of schools located throughout the United States, including ESL (English as a Second Language) schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities.

  99. Gab Avatar

    Hi, this is Gab.

    Be careful, Mr. Mcaffe, I’m guess they’re coming for you, right now. I’m afraid something’s gonna happen to you this weekend, beware.

    I hope Chad read it.

    Good wishes.

    See you.

  100. Sharleen Avatar

    I think it will take a long long time to get a visa for Sam – even what is called a ‘fiance visa’ takes up to a year. visits to her home country, medical appointments and so on. I really doubt she would be granted a political asylum type of visa. I’m wondering if the way to go for a quick visa is a Student Visa. She would obviously have to get enrolled in some kind of program, probably a private school would be the way to go.
    I’m unsure of the rules and regulations for visas regarding IT schools, or trade /vocational schools, or a business school. Or some local community college? The Spring 2013 semester will be beginning in about two weeks. Student visa’s can be gotten really fast, and classes would have to be on a full-time basis. Maybe a private Catholic high school for Amy?
    Just a thought…

  101. John Avatar

    You splash every little detail of your private life all over the internet – your drug-taking, your young girlfriends, etc., and then you ask for privacy!

  102. Gary Avatar

    I have read or John has commented that he did NOT have a heart attack.
    He was tired & hungry an run down, just had a dizzy spell.

  103. Russ Avatar

    Latest video:

    John McAfee: ‘I Will Not Be Charged With This’


  104. Sharleen Avatar

    nice pictures on this site – Sam looks very sad in the one photo of her. It seems like he is very busy!

  105. SK Avatar
  106. Adam Avatar

    McAfee has been on the run for several weeks and has just now found some peace and can move freely without fear of being arrested by corrupt officials and you people complain about a lack of updates?

    Some of you people are really creepy….

  107. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I think that the problem is that everyone thinks that Belize is this really cool trendy place so in their minds that means peaceniks and freedom…

  108. common sense Avatar
    common sense

    For those of you that feel John owes you some kind of communication…no he does not. You all came here to this blog of your own free will. He asked for support, and you gave it. When you give, you should not expect something back in return. I am sure, having read every single post and comment, he will be back. Think about it. He is acclimating to being back here in the U.S. He is trying to rest. He is trying to get Sam and Amy out. He has a lot to do behind the scenes. Just relax, and keep checking back. From all I have come to understand about Mr. MC Afee, he will be back.

  109. Yomama Avatar

    Sad everybody looking to make a $ off this mess.

  110. CSD Avatar

    This is a nice updated and knowing that Sam is safe is good to hear. I had to go to bed last night and couldn’t take any more trying to find out info… Watched all the Miami TV updates and some twitter feeds yesterday (Thurs) but never heard anything about Sam. Thanks!

  111. WEB Avatar

    I was relaxed just watching him, lol

  112. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    Every time I hear about the fact that you don’t drink it makes me smile. I am the same way, 1984 AA and then after NA and 28 years later no drink nor yayo. I don’t like being around it period. Rock on Rock Star!

    Best regards,

  113. truthseeker Avatar

    She was weeping over you. I felt His heart strongly, and so joined in reading the blog and responding. He really loves you John, Seek Her.

  114. Mikey Avatar

    John you’ve been quite through an ordeal. I wish you well and if you are still interested in the third world residency, I recommend Calabar in Nigeria

  115. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    I am having some thoughts. I am a harried single mom so I do not have a lot of time to write right now. 1. 67 years old is nothing to be ashamed of. I am 37 and I have white and thinning hair and I am not thrilled with it.

  116. Ann Ubis Avatar
    Ann Ubis

    JM – Your fans are loyal… Unfortunately, so are your critics. Relax now, if only for a short while. I hope you hear back from Sam soon… She looks so distraught.

  117. dave Avatar

    Can anyone say “Reality Show”? May as well cash in John… People are throwing it at you 🙂 I would think that could raise some real cash… FAST. 🙂

    This story has it all….

    Just sayin!

    Bye Bye Belize … KMA!

  118. AG Avatar

    The resemblance to Vincent van Gogh is uncanny on a number of fronts…

  119. Stuart Avatar

    that… did you fall asleep? 🙂

  120. Don Avatar

    Barrow needs to”man up” and go over and ask JM any questions that he may have.

  121. Chris Avatar

    Thanks for the link. McAfee definitely has an interesting life.

  122. Gaby Avatar

    He could have left it at that and everyone would have understood. However he had to tell the press mockingly that he faked the whole thing just to gain time.

  123. E. Avatar

    Great photos!!!!

  124. Gaby Avatar

    CNN reorted the fake heartattack Jessica because John told a reporter that he faked his illness to gain more time. Watch the interviews. He said it himself.

  125. jbk Avatar

    R u awake? Im on ocean drive 20 feet south of beacon. Have camera. Want to eat sandwicherie and tell some story?

  126. SK Avatar

    John should be on the tv reality show Survivor. I would luv to see him play that game.

  127. coconutz Avatar

    I really hope you’re joking.

  128. SK Avatar

    John says in this article that he has no future.. I think he should consider writing his memoirs. His story is gonna be legend.

  129. SK Avatar

    Thanks Connie for posting that video of him. He looks good. He’s wearing a different shirt and he has sunglasses around his neck. So he looks like his basic needs of food & clothing & water are being taken care of.

    He made the comment “Life is an uncertain affair”… that is soo true. I’m a former Army wife and I know all too well how life can change from 1 moment to the next. John is very lucky to have enough smarts to have gotten himself out of that situation that was about to occur to him. Some people wouldnt have known any better. If he didnt have his smarts (and luck!), he could have been in a Belize prison right now.

  130. Holly Avatar

    I suspected he was faking, especially when he “awoke” and calmly asked the hospital staff not to remove his clothes in front of the media lol. And good for him, it was a survival tactic that worked.

  131. AG Avatar

    Do you chase ambulances too? Amazing!

  132. CaLifeLover Avatar

    And most are U.S. Americans I think, Mentor. Many of us are pessimistic on our collective selves right now but I see exactly this selflessness and willingness every day. We are still the greatest country on earth. And we’re showing it here. Where did JM decide to go? Right choice John. With all our warts, this is still a wonderful and strong country.

  133. SK Avatar

    John, my roommate moves out next Friday. I have a bedroom with a comfy queen size bed, flat screen wall mounted tv, desk, 8 drawer dresser & closet available here in quiet & safe Central Pennsylvania… in a town dubbed “the sweetest place on earth”. You should consider it. I’m a gracious host.

  134. SK Avatar

    I read somewhere that his property manager in Belize will be flying to Miami with all of John’s financial documents & credit cards. Thats good.

  135. Jan Avatar

    I totally agree with Mentor. JM is a very blessed gentleman. It shows the world is full of good people. Glad I have been following this blog from the beginning.

  136. Dawn Avatar

    Stuart. I’ve had the same feeling about McAfee & his fiasco. This isn’t the 1st mess he’s ever dodged.

  137. SL Avatar

    John did not GIVE him the story, Jeff Wise had obtained it from a private site.
    Jeff Wise is the one who, pardon the expression, “really has a hard-on” for John. He has kinda dogged him through the blogosphere. He seems to have laid off lately and let someone else at Gizmodo do the latest story.
    Josh Davis has been kinda silent too.
    Concerning the whole bluelight/drugs thing. The lab was for his company Quorumex. I honestly do not think that John McAfee does any drugs, other than caffeine and smoking. Does anyone honestly believe that the Belizean GSU would send out a squad of 25 guys based on one thread on He never said anything about cooking meth either. Trust me, if he was cooking it, it would not be hard to find out. I believe that the chemicals used for the production of meth are heavily regulated in these countries where you have to import everything.
    What he did mention was MDPV which is legal to own in Belize. And there is absolutely no mention of drug use by John in this Gizmodo “story”.
    So where did the Meth Lab idea come from? Even when John was doing drugs, 30 years ago, he did Cocaine. Why on earth would he mess with Meth?
    If you are going to accuse someone of something, please present some evidence. Evidence beyond a single thread on a drug forum.
    I could be completely wrong about this, however, I have more evidence that he is not doing drugs than I have seen anyone present up that he is. Mainly, he had been in detention for nearly a week. Both Meth and MDPV are highly addictive. He would have had massive withdrawals within the first day. Especially given his past use.
    So can we finally drop the stupid Drug Fallacy now?

  138. Connie Avatar

    For those of us who’ve been wondering what John has been doing….

  139. truthseeker Avatar

    Maybe he is sleeping! People back off and get a life now.

  140. SK Avatar

    If John goes down to the local homeless shelter in Miami, I am very sure he can get essentials like a toothbrush & toothpaste. Clothing. A place to stay for free.

  141. SK Avatar

    What is John’s next step? Can he stay at the hotel forever? He is essentially homeless right now. He should find a friend to live with down there in Miami. But it is to John’s benefit that he stay at that same hotel so that he can still tell his story to the press. Somebody needs to get John a laptop with wifi & a built in webcam so then he can Skype. John also needs clothing. John must need a toothbrush & toothpaste. He is starting all over. Brand new. He needs everything!!!! He needs to tell us on this blog what he needs, because he does have people who want to help him.

  142. SL Avatar

    Mr. McAfee never said it was a heart attack. His lawyer jumped to that conclusion right away.
    John said he passed out. This is quite believable since he probably had not been eating well, was under diress, had been ingesting caffiene and chain smoking. The smoking and caffiene alone could have caused chest pains especially since he said he had not really smoked like that in years.
    My first thought was that he had gone into a meditative state that slowed down his heart rate and breathing so it would appear as though he was ill. He is a master at Yoga after all.
    Especially observational yoga (this was meant as a joke… Google it!)

  143. iceesurfer Avatar

    Agreed. Heartful, Empathic, Intelligent, Independent-thinking People. Impressive.
    Almost restored my Faith in Humanity.

  144. Alisha Avatar

    I am a little dissapointed I am finding updates by looking at other sites vs. you updating those who have been loyal and following you..whats the next step? Are you doing well? I read the stories on other websites and I feel like suddenly you forgot about us who followed your blog…hope you are well and hope Sam and Amy are as well. Welcome back 🙂

  145. Jenny Avatar

    John McAfee Is A Maverick and a free SPIRIT!! The World Is His Playground! He is Giving us a front row seat to his SHOW And we are Enjoying every ACT because most of us wish we could live & THINK outside The Box !! Thanks John! 🙂

  146. WEB Avatar

    It’s a shame that’s all you’ve been able to conclude from everything that’s been written here. With all the evidence presented, by John and others, there is no question that corruption exists. For me, that’s enough to warrant a closer look, with an open mind.

  147. Brian Avatar

    Here’s a little thing I’ve noticed when browsing around on Belize news sites this evening:

    Notice how the news about John stops the moment he’s deported to the US. If the press did not fear their government, they would be making a huge stink about John ‘getting away’. It’s not much at first glance, but think about how the press responds when it’s okay to speak out.

    If the situation were turned on its head, for example: Daniel, a wealthy retired multimillionaire from Belize was wanted in Florida by the local police for questioning and slipped away, the press here would be all over it– questioning the effectiveness of law enforcement officials and calling individuals out. You simply don’t see that here. You see front page headlines up until there’s something you aren’t supposed to see, then it’s on to the next story.

    Cheers all!

  148. bmag Avatar

    Welcome home J !

  149. Derriel McCorvey Avatar

    Call me to discuss the case.

  150. coconutz Avatar

    Off-shore, Swiss and other private banking accounts are AWESOME! or so I hear. Andorra is also lovely. Visit sometime.

  151. SK Avatar

    Him faking a heart attack was all too predictable. I only believe 5% that he was in fact having a heart attack.

  152. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Well, he’s been detained before, so he knew what it meant to be in a Belizian police station.
    Nobody should ever talk to police, a lawyer should do the talking.
    What the police really wanted was to get their hands on him, for obvious reasons.
    If Belizean authorities had proof John is guilty, they should have requested the Guatemala government for an extradition, but they didn’t, because they don’t have anything on him.
    John still can get extradited to Belize.

  153. connie Avatar

    The original was posted on Jeff Wise on Gizmodo around 11/13/12. Johnn had only given them part 1 I believe. I don’t think he knew that they were going to publish the story because he asked why wouldn’t they have given him some of the profits (since it was his story). Jeff Wise was the one that John falsely accused of having pictures of the married man with another woman. I don’t know why John gave him this story at all.

  154. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    She is not by herself, John’s lawyer is her uncle, so she’s been look after.

  155. Mentor Avatar

    What I find truly amazing is that; The loyal followers of this blog have been for the most part very supportive of Mr McAfee. Right up until the end of the South American saga. Many of us have offered in one way or another, our willingness to help in any way possible. Including sending cash when Mr McAfee needed it. Most offering to send money, probably not very well off and just getting by in today’s world. The selflessness to help a known rich guy whom was down on his luck for a minute. That to me is a true testament of character of those offering to help. I know JM will sit back when things settle down and appreciate it.

  156. Davey Osborne Avatar
    Davey Osborne

    This blog reads like the movie Cloak & Dagger.

  157. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Hey Bonnie:
    He’s lawyer clearly stated John had an anxiety attack, they can feel like a heart attack.
    You would do as well, if you were under the same set of circumstances.

  158. Gringo Avatar

    Agree Bonnie that I felt that way too when first viewing the video from ABC. But it’s probably best that John is answering questions 100% honestly since he has accomplished his goal of safe exit.
    The government of Guatemala was probably well aware and happy to have a reason NOT to be forced to turn John over to Belize and may have even suggested the option to his attorney. Once it was reported that the result was an automatic 30-day delay in deportation to BZ it was obviously a maneuver.
    I wouldn’t think Guatemala will have negative feeling about Sam. But we are all worried for her safety. 🙂

  159. WEB Avatar

    I’m jumpin’ on here (similar hubby story, Bonnie), as I too would like to hear something from John. It just feels wrong, like we’ve been cut off somehow. Talk about withdrawals LOL.

  160. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Generosity is always commendable, but common, a 20 year old receiving payments for the rest of her life as if she was some kind a paraplegic unable to work?
    Hey, what are you on about dude?
    You have to be a troller

  161. WEB Avatar

    yeah, looked for parts 2 & 3 myself…….

  162. Living in Belize Avatar
    Living in Belize

    I made a wire transfer of $10,000 today to your hotel.

  163. Diana Avatar

    So what if it is old news. It sheds a bright light as to what he is really about. Just go to the Bluelight forum and look for the posts written by stuffmonger. This is the real John McAfee and the reason why he was accused of running a meth lab resulting in his house raid in Belize.

  164. iceesurfer Avatar

    This tactic has been utilized before in Latin America. A simple google search shows that.

    Way to Work It, I say. No One else was playing particularly fair.

  165. WEB Avatar

    Excellent article, thanks.

  166. Gringo Avatar

    I don’t know why everyone is so concerned about John having no money. That had to be a very temporary situation because he went straight from detention onto a plane. Did he not just sign the right off for a movie deal a week ago to a media company in Canada? Wouldn’t this money go into an account not in Belize if assets were frozen in Belize? Whatever money he does have in Belize could be another issue altogether.

    Anyway, what a story. Should be a series, not a movie. Don’t want to be limited to a two hour format.

    Good Luck John!

  167. D M Robinson Avatar
    D M Robinson

    Chad Have you considered Canada’s immigrant investor program as a citizenship option for John in addition to UK and USA.

    Encourage John to investigate new Tabula/Intel rapidly reconfigurable programmable logic chip as exceptionally interesting platform for new security developments. Ping back for link to Tabula Spacetime technology whitepaper

  168. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    @SL & @SK i agree…. with both of your comments…I feel a little butt sore. Like WTH?? I have been right here from day one. Did my homework. plus put my husband threw grueling hours of reading all of it to him after work LOL… (give us (your public, the 1 you cultivated) some feedback Right?? and did he not in fact possibly just piss off anyone that could have or was willing to help sam ?He could have said “na it was nothing but a panic . anxiety attack Honestly he did not need to be so smug with the whole “yah i faked my heart attack” JM GIVE US A SHOUT OUT .

  169. common sense Avatar
    common sense

    Because he did fake it, and good for him! It kept him safe in Guatemala until his lawyer could submit the paperwork. JM also stated in the beginning of the blog, that he would fib if he had to, to remain free. Smart move.

  170. Scott Avatar

    if you need money, media support or simply prayers hit me back u got the e-mail.

  171. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Would not expect many updated from john here for the next few days. He is not locked up with his hands tied anymore. It is go time for him off the computer and get busy with what he needs to be doing. I have been keeping up with this blog since the beginning and will not be offended if he drops off the map for a while. We have all be rooting for him and hoping for the best so us not seeing an update is most likely a good thing. He is getting busy with the next step.

  172. Jacques Avatar

    John, I sympathise with you on your ordeal. Where is there peace in this world?

  173. tom phillips Avatar
    tom phillips

    taking over for you or from you in Belize. You are proof that computer catapulters are just smart enough to misinterpret locality. Riding through San Pedro in taxi the oldish Belizean driver says: you vacationing? No I am working, I am always working. That’s what we do he says. Imagine if you didn’t have to?

    You mean like John Mcafee? Look what you get into when you don’t need to work.
    He screwed up. Unless he apologizes he can’t come back and even then. No. He can’t come back.

    Outside you had the valiance of the Belizeans in your face. The simple laughter and folk art everywhere.

    Mcafee and his type are in to extrajudicial art.. alienated eradication of the simple.

  174. Gringo Avatar

    A medical issue like a heart attack starts a 30-day clock that avoids deportation for that amount of time. Not saying he did or did not fake it, but it would have been good advice from his attorney. I think they sent him back to the US because his attorney filed two or three items that would have kept him in the Guatemala spotlight for months without being deported. Looks like their is a report on this now.

  175. SL Avatar

    So, I feel a little duped now. I don’t think of myself as a sheep who believes everything I read, however, I trusted that you sir, were an honorable gentleman.
    I even defended your honor to a colleague at work. It was silly of me, but I was getting tired of all the misinformation about you. One thing I have been certain of, and still believe, is that you are not into drugs.
    I trust in that because of my experience with people who have been heavily into drugs then quit. I think you probably smoke too much, but hey you are 67… you are entitled to a vice or three.
    By the way, what I defended was that you treat your girlfriend well. I had not seen any evidence to the contrary in anything I have read.
    Even people who have written bad things about you have never said you were a mean person. Intense yes, but not mean.
    Once you get things a little more settled, it would be great if you could respond to those of us who have been loyal to you throughout your adventure.

  176. theodore kaczynski Avatar
    theodore kaczynski

    John, welcome to the good old USA!!! What a epic journey!!

  177. Scott Avatar

    We love u John be safe get in contact with Sam and push forward please, update us when u can.

  178. SL Avatar

    That is kinda old news now, and am I the only one that finds it odd that they didn’t publish the other 2 parts?
    Just like Josh Davis left us hanging with his story…

  179. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    And Mcafee deliveres a hard “blow” to the jaw of Belize. I believe he has rocked his opponent here in the early rounds. BAM!

  180. JC Stanton Avatar
    JC Stanton


    We maintain a large house in South Beach, that is entirely private, with privacy gate.

    You can be assured peace and quite.

    I would like to make it available to you, for as long as you require it.

    I have included a forwarding email address.

    Best Regards,

  181. SK Avatar

    John, go to a local library to get free computer / internet access and give us (your public, the 1 you cultivated) some feedback on what your doing.

  182. Jake Avatar

    What’s up with his money? Why could he not transfer his funds to a U.S. bank if he is not being charged with a crime in Belize? After all there are records that prove the money belongs to him.

  183. Sean Avatar

    And if you’re really broke… You have a hell of a brain in your head… Get it together, build a team and build something new… I have been in this sort of situation myself and it’s not the end of the world. It’s the start of a new one…. When you think things are going bad, just remember that there are many people in worse situations… Setup an account to accept donations while people are still interested… Use the donations to get setup in a nice apartment, breathe, relax and plan your next move in peace. You can do it.

  184. Sean Avatar

    And if you’re really broke… You have a hell of a brain in your head… Get it together, build a team and build something new… I have been in this sort of situation myself and it’s not the end of the world. It’s the start of a new one…. When you think things are going bad, just remember that there are many people in worse situations… Setup an account to accept donations while people are still interested… Use the donations to get setup in a nice apartment, breathe, relax and plan your next move in peace. You can do it.

  185. SK Avatar

    Are you giving the Belizean government your $20 million dollars in exchange for your freedom in USA?

  186. happer Avatar

    Hello John, I live in GT if you need help contacting anyone… more than glad to help in any way.

  187. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Why is right now reporting that you faked a heart attack in Guatamala?

  188. brobriobri Avatar

    Whatever you do, don’t come back to Colorado. It fking COLD here right now! lol..

  189. Lisa Anoni Avatar
    Lisa Anoni

    John – so glad that you are back and safe. Since you have indicated in your posts that you believe in the power of prayer and as we can see the Rosary Beads that Sam is wearing in her photo, I, for one, will be saying “Rosaries for Sam”. To all those who want to help John, I offer the suggestion that prayers are even more valuable than the offers of money and lodging right now. Please join me in this effort to ensure safety and strength for Sam as well. (Although all indications are that she might not need the strength part!)

  190. Sean Avatar

    Energy Vampires are Everywhere… You’re feeding the beast by feeding so much information to the public. I would lay low and be a bit more private at this point… Setup a donation account and people will donate if needed.

  191. trev Avatar

    according to the french newspaper “le figaro”
    You have the choice of the destination when you are expulsed from guatemala when they refuse the political refugee status ??!!!!

    “Mais selon la loi du Guatemala, un individu expulsé possède le choix de sa destination lorsqu’il se voit refuser une demande d’asile politique. “

  192. deratski Avatar

    I am worried about your safety in Miami. The Belize Big Shots have lots of contacts there & I’m sure they would love to shut you up!

  193. Bill Avatar

    Best comment yet is from Peter Norton about “crossing your arms”. He makes a good point wich is applicable to your personal life as well as safe computing.
    You have watch where you are stepping. Personally, I never have run ant-virus. I am just very careful about here I go on the net and e-mails that I open. I have only gotten zaped once (Website redirector which I fixed myself).
    John, I hope you can now put all this behind you and get back to applying your skills productively and be happy.

  194. SK Avatar

    Here is the latest press interview with John.

    John need some Aloe Vera for his face. His skin looks dry.

  195. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Well as they say in show biz “THAT A RAP” “Show is over folks” For me it was nice to see other kind compassionate spirits that cared for this man and Sam’s well being. Lets hope we get a nice shout out ehh??? kept me intrigued for 30 days and 30 nights. Over & out… Peace

  196. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Found out my own answer.. Nope he says to cnn he did not talk with any IRS agents… Is someone that is on this blog the one that had that stack of Five dollar bills dropped off ??? Totally awesome LOL . John seemed very very pleased… He caims U claim you faked your sickness. I get why but i still think you had a panic attack… Blog has not been posting for awhile… Sending best regards for a happy ending…

  197. Dionne Avatar

    We have two locations in south Mississippi just outside NOLA if you need to split FL. Both are secure low profile safe homes in quiet neighborhoods with low population densities. Nice way to go dark and still be able connect. Fatigue on the run is a drag. I’m offering these to you just to regroup with some R$R. I’ve had to run. I understand.

  198. Rick Allen Avatar
    Rick Allen

    Belize edges toward default with missed bond payment

    John they wanted you to pay there bond payment that is why they did all of this if you check the other multi rich of belize you will see that they all have had a visit from police in the last 30 days.
    we checked the police records and they have hunted them all down and squezed them all for cash.

  199. virtualDavis Avatar

    “This whole saga sounds like a movie unfolding. The plot thickens but the world is not only watching, we are also listening.” Yes, a movie unfolding. Or a really effective book launch… Guerrilla buzz machine!

  200. KMonet Avatar

    Men or Men glad you are in the USA from that horrible place – Belize! beautiful scenery but not home. John just say the word and we shall house you. No problem. All will be well. You have alot of support and will be okay.

  201. John Adams Avatar
    John Adams

    You need to get your money out of Belize and wired to a U.S. bank ASAP.

    Good luck, John.

  202. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    My son Ezra and I like to swim and fish too. I a have been partially willed a family camp in Peachum, Vermont that is historic and on a pond large enough to water ski on.

  203. Rebecca Avatar

    I’ve been following your story John, and I’m wondering why in the beginning, when everyone was accusing you of being high on whatever (bathsalts/METH/MDVP-sp?), that you didn’t just offer to take a drug test to clear your name? This may have squashed all of the “crazy” drug rumors don’t you think? I would had done it publicly, in a medical setting, or trusting witnesses to read the results. Also, you say your Bluelight discussions were just to joke around, however, your conversations are all a very serious, non-eventful, no joking, almost incredibly boring conversations. It just doesn’t seem like any sort of joking, teasing, messing was taking place during your Bluelight questions on the mixing and extraction techniques. Also, I don’t think you are an evil person who wants to harm others, if this was a joke, some less than chemist may (and I’m sure some have!) attempt to work with the very dangerous, potent chemicals you are working with, and around. I am extremely intuitive, and am known to be right uwhen asked my opinion of certain observations or situations regarding human relations and reactions. I can sense that with you, that

  204. Annie Avatar

    I don’t have much but if we all donate a little it could add up to a lot. If you have a paypal account I’d be happy to transfer some $$ to help John out.

  205. Julia Lee Avatar
    Julia Lee

    Saw you on tv, Sir McAfee. One word for you… HOT! Love the voice as well. Stay safe for those of us that care about you. Be well, my dear John. Julia Lee <3

  206. Indianladycn Avatar

    John you always have a place to live with my family. You are not Pennyless, family is the biggest asset one can have. You are part of my family and we love you. You know who I am, contact me via e-mail John.

  207. Topsy Avatar

    Dear John,

    Having gone through all these travails in recent past, why not surrender your life to Jesus completely.

    This is a great opportunity to make your ways right with God.
    He kept you through it all and has given you yet another chance.

    Jesus is all you need John!! John 3 vs.16; Mark 8 vs.37 says what can a man give in exchange for His soul?

    Lots of fun in Belize, lots of money to spend around, yet no peace. Jesus is the only source of peace and he is the prince of Peace. John think about this and make a decision to accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour today.

    God bless you and welcome back home.

  208. liz Avatar

    Welcome home, John! I’ve been following your story obsessively & am so glad you’re back safely in the US. Please update us on your status, as well as Sam’s, since last night!!!

  209. Scott Avatar

    Any updates on Sam?

  210. Stuart Avatar

    So, John has avoided the Belize Police interview for Mr Faull’s unfortunate end and created a mass hysteria around the events leading up to his exit of Belize. I can’t help thinking this move was a (brilliantly) masterminded ploy to get out of Belize and away from offering Mr Faull and his family the justice they deserve. At desperate times, people do desperate things – this is pretty desperate!

    Whether John was responsible for the death of Mr Faull or not, the police questioning could have prompted new details to help detain those responsible for the act. This whole episode leaves me feeling uneasy as we may all have witnessed a ‘great escape’ of a guilty man. Nothing is proven and so this is all speculation, but it’s not easy on the conscience.

    The whole episode is bizarre.

  211. AG Avatar

    “I have nothing now,” McAfee said. He claims he left everything behind in Belize, including $20 million in investments and about 15 properties.”

    Interesting since in 2009 you claimed you only had $4 million left…

    It’s hard to know what to believe….yeah, yeah, joke, strategy, yada, yada. Makes interesting reading but does not help your credibility going forward.

  212. FF Avatar

    You know what I think? There is no Amy. John forgot about Sam and left her in Guatemala to fend for herself. Prove that you really have contacted her. Prove that there is an Amy. I dare you John. You probably won’t publish this anyway.

  213. Connie Avatar

    Channel 5 Belize news reported
    “The investigating officer into the murder of Gregory Faull, Assistant Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura confirmed that McAfee remains a person of interest and no requests have been made to charge him in absentia or extradite him from the U.S. Segura says that McAfee is not a suspect in Faull’s murder and there is not sufficient enough evidence for a charge. “

  214. USweedhead Avatar

    Heyyy its my Birthday and im Homeless for the time being….if John wont accept the Funds I gladly will with the upmost appreciation! any how congrats…. its beautiful seeing someone overcome something

  215. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    ABC News reported recently that The United States State Department visited you several times during your detention in Belize.

  216. Jingo Avatar

    God Bless the US. Where police is still protecting the people.
    If you need money John , don’t hesitate to aks.

  217. Hoping Avatar

    and wishing you all a good day today.

  218. steve Avatar

    PS…sorry about the typos.I’m not an idiot…just in a hurry.

  219. steve Avatar

    They (Belezian authorities) got the money hey,ya know they got away…
    They’re livin’ down South and thet’re still stealin’ today!

    THEY won this round.They’ll impound his property and investments on trumped up charges.mcAfee’s looking at loads of legal fees,demands for bribes to accomplish his ends and an awful lot of time and obstructionist tactics here….If he’s truly broke then some eager media outlet needs to step forward with an offer…and a fat check.Also,let’s hear it,Belize? any prints? Matching ballistics? Following protocol on this ‘investigation’…or do you even know how?
    Mcafee’s beachfront mansion is probably already trashed …just like Africa was after the end of colonialism.

  220. smart move Avatar
    smart move

    H. Amsterdam; Netherlands says: Next step, get them both (your girls) on a plane to the UK where … you’ll be waiting for them. Then you’ll be able to arrange affairs to get you all back in the States (but that will need time and work, also working w/ USA immigration lawyers, etc.).

    This is the “smart move”. Sorry to say this, as it is cold in England now, and you all need a vacation in a peaceful tropical paradise!
    But best to play safe —

  221. Queratina Avatar

    Welcome home John!!!

  222. Dave Avatar

    Glad you made it safe John! Sorry to hear about Sam, but im pretty sure you will eventually get all of this beat.

    Hope you got some sleep, you must be wired! Chin up buddy~! Sounds to me like you have lots of people on this side of the world willing to help.

    The soldiers are alligned. The battlefield has been prepared. Lets kick some ass! Justice to Greg and freedom for all! The power is with the people.

  223. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    If Belize wants to question him they can send an American from The American Embassy in Belize to question him. John has been fine about talking openly he is just afraid of the police in Belize.

  224. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Guatamala deported him. He was free to leave. He is a 67 year old man with a well paid attorney. Let’s everyone be reasonable.

  225. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Oh wow. Okay so Belize is on a man hunt?

  226. Jessica Bernard Avatar
  227. Jessica Bernard Avatar

    Well, it is pretty clear that you are willing to talk to people. You have been doing it for weeks and you are in The United States now.

  228. Scott Avatar

    I wonder how many people are lined up to serve him papers for law suits? Damn keep your head up John fight through this better days will come.

  229. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Just watched the video clips & news interview and saw the pictures of John in south beach…. Looks great… He let people take pictures with him and i saw him thank some one for using their phone as he handed it back… Hopefully you were able to enjoy your dinner john . Is it true that the damn I.R.S interviewed you? Long Arms yes??? Geez’s. When you both get here to Portland Oregon sorry i will be one of those asking for a picture and autograph. (please).. Hoping to see Sam with you when you next blog or do an interview…

  230. Ruth in Canada Avatar
    Ruth in Canada

    John, do you need an assistant to stabilize all the craziness? Let me know. Also, do you have a book agent yet?

  231. Mike Avatar

    Peace and quite is the last thing that JM wants. He wants commotion and a circus environment. He is after all “Pig Pen”

  232. SK Avatar

    After John gets rest and finally feels safe, he needs to turn his attention on finding out who killed Gregory Faull. It really should be his mission, it’ll clear his name and credibility. He may have escaped Belize officials and having potentially lived the rest of his life in prison, but if he doesnt clear his name and figure out who really killed Greg Faull, he’ll live the rest of his life in that mysterious “did he or didnt he” shadow (besides the lung cancer coming his way from all those cigarettes).

  233. SK Avatar

    Somebody needs to get John a laptop with internet.

    John has created a public through the internet who is now enthralled with his plight.

    On 1 of the news reports, the reporter said she contacted a state department who said they would be contacting Belize officials. It looks like he will still face questioning. But at least he’s in a country that he trusts.

  234. Lorraine Hattingh-Spurgeon Avatar

    Dear John

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Remember the following when you feel alone and misunderstood. You consciously, deliberately, abandoned your previous career. Because you felt that something great was happening to you, and you put your trust in the thing which you felt to be more important than making money. You knew that it would fill your life, and for the sake of that goal you were ready to take any kind of risk.
    You did everything in your power to convey to your friends a new way of seeing things. You knew that if you did not succeed, you would be condemned to absolute isolation.
    Be strong.
    God bless you.

  235. DavidB Avatar


    Will you be catching the Heat game on Saturday?


  236. David Avatar

    Glad to see and hear that you finally made it safely back to the US mainland John. This is my first post; however, I have been following your harrowing plight since day one. I too am an expat currently residing in the western pacific. I can completely understand all of your concerns and desires to not only protect just your own self but also the ones you love. I also respect your desire to express yourself toward country that even though it has fallen into shambles with corrupt politics you still love the culture and the people…My hat is off in salute and respect to you sir. Keep up the good fight and hurry and get Sam back by your side. Cheers my friend!

  237. metalhead Avatar

    arent you full of surprises Mr. Jenkins. da hui? and international extraction? you sir seem very well connected. im just a punk kid, but i admire the know how. low places or high? it sounds like both. already a fan. you said some things before i could. your sharper than the street… professional?

  238. TVC15 Avatar

    It seems there is more to this story than he is letting on.

  239. TVC15 Avatar

    It seems there is more to this story than he is letting on.

  240. SK Avatar

    John says that he doesnt want to die in the hands of the Belize government for commiting a crime he did not do….

    But all that smoking he’s doing isnt helping extend his life either.

    We all make our own decisions.

  241. John Goetz Avatar
    John Goetz

    They can eat you, if they are on bath salts! Ask John, he said so himself a couple of days ago.

  242. John Goetz Avatar
    John Goetz

    Connie – you live in Miami?

  243. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Ok. the name of the movie should be, who frame John McAfee.
    By the way who is Amy?

  244. no Avatar

    The amount of people trying to get numbers in the comments is scary.

  245. KanoinPI Avatar

    It’s more fun in the Philippines!

  246. Delly Dell Avatar
    Delly Dell

    At least you will not be MIA in MIA! Glad you’re back!

  247. bob Avatar

    Welcome back, buddy…..and call me if you need anything

  248. Lolo Avatar

    You do not need Da Hui!
    Just more trouble…….
    No disrespect just don’t see the need,great water safety team at a surf meet .
    But not in Johns or the Hui’s best interest.

  249. Percy Avatar

    CHAD get me JM’s paypal account I will see to it he has spending money in the next ten minutes!

  250. Teddy Mare Avatar
    Teddy Mare

    Talk about an escape by the skin of your teeth. John I hope you truly change your life and beliefs now and get right with Jesus before it is too late.

  251. WEB Avatar

    oops…correction, they were at the airport. sorry.

  252. Percy Avatar

    John I can mobilze a security detail anywhere in the state of Arizona in minutes and on extremely short notice, I also have a safe house in rural southern Arizona if you find yourself in need of a roof over your head. If you need any money to pay your way until things are settled I am willing to pay what I can.

  253. WEB Avatar

    Washington Post has a couple of pictures of Sam. They are from yesterday at the detention center in Guatemala. My heart breaks just looking at how sad she is. How I hope for you two to be reunited asap. It’s obvious how much she loves you John, so hold on to that until you can hold on to her. Let me know if I can help you, up the coast to no-wheres-ville….nobody cares who you are.
    Thinking of you both.

  254. Pedro Avatar

    John wants fame! Plenty of Sam like 20 yr olds all over miami..and he ain’t broke! you so called fans worship john like a demigod..ur all dumb morons.

  255. Mike Avatar

    Ostensibly, if the world knows, so will his friends.

  256. Charles Avatar

    Let’s create an irrevocable trust for John and Sam. The man deserves some money for this experience. Who’s in? John we can setup a website and take donations.

    As long as you pay the gift tax on it and capital gains on the payments, then you shouldn’t have any financial issues. Bessemer should be able to manage the fund and when you die, Sam can receive payments for the rest of her life.

    Give the word John.

  257. Percy Avatar

    John Stay SAFE BROTHER!!

  258. Jeff Cooper Avatar
    Jeff Cooper

    John I’m so happy for you I’m glad you made it stateside. I hope u are reunited with Sam soon. Take care and I hope you can live in peace you’ve earned it!

  259. Bev Avatar

    I think your ordeal calls for an.extended break. Perhaps even a honeymoon. Research Vanuatu.

  260. Mike Avatar

    When I was in Portugal we bought prepaid phones and the numbers are so long I’ll be damned if I remember *any* of them. Speaking of which, you are dealing with who knows how many area codes and country codes. It sounds like JM just got off the plane, headed to the nearest hotel he knows of in Miami, and is playing it by ear. Which sometimes isn’t a bad idea. God bless him now he just has to get his wife and some sleep. Seriously. Stay in that room and don’t come out till tomorrow. He looks like hes aged 10 years since this happened.

  261. David Avatar

    Im in Guatemala…I can gladly call, giver her a ride, food, even a place to sleep..I just cant offer money though :(. Let me know if any of this helps. Regards.

  262. sysop Avatar

    Yes, I do believe they care… Belize has made it clear (by their actions) that this negative publicity is dis-concerning, as it should be. Belize is dependent on tourism but. not to the extent that John has stated. Although, it is certainly extensive enough to effect anger in the beneficiaries of the tourism revenues, especially when the decline is a result of the sedition of a single individual, i.e. John McAfee.
    I will follow-up with several posts outlining the true financial picture of tourism in Belize, how those numbers directly affect the government’s budgets, and a comparison of Belize’s balance sheet to my local school district’s balance sheet to illustrate just how small and fragile Belize’s economy truly is.

  263. Remy Avatar

    After following this all, with some interest, I do hope that origin of this journey is branded with real truth on John’s part.

    Other parts of the puzzle do make me question if the whole can be believed. When I know that I am being lied to in other accounts it makes it difficult to believe the larger, more poignant pieces. And the big piece is all that really maters in the end.

    I wish you luck, John, on clearing your name.

  264. TB Avatar

    Happy to know your safe in the states….anything you need, let us know. We’re all here for you!

  265. Tony R Avatar
    Tony R

    To Chad/ Mr. McAfee
    Do you need anyone to go to Ambergris Caye and care for the property or any pets? I spent three summers on the island as a teenager and know the owners of the San Pedro Inn. Email me if I can be of any help. Rest easy all will be well. You are all in my thoughts.

  266. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    John, I hope someone gets you a laptop and soon. Also, worried about this added stress for you, but got a feeling everything is gonna be fine. God Bless you John!

  267. Cova Herrera Avatar
    Cova Herrera

    John needs to eat something, sleep and rest and tomorrow he will see Sam’s issue different.
    What I don’t understand is why he wasn’t taking money, credit cards and a mobile with him.

  268. Mike Avatar


    Stand your ground and fight. That is all we can do in this world. They can kill you, but they cannot eat you.


  269. Brian Avatar

    This is great news. I missed out on the day’s events until just now (14 hrs @ the office). I hope you can get Sam back at your side soon. I can’t imagine the stress this must have caused for the both of you.

    Hit the address I’ve listed if you need any help from an old information security nerd in Atlanta. I’m not very useful outside of investigative, vehicular and caffeine related services due to some unfortunate events with my health– but definitely here if anything is needed.

    Get some rest!

  270. JW Avatar

    Welcome home John!!!

  271. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    Lead, eat, sleep & move!
    1hour DT. from 10,000 Islands, head W. get lost.
    You’ve got friends in low places!

    Best wishes,

  272. iceesurfer Avatar

    Oh, Man I’d avoid crowds.. Of any sort. Press- Related or otherwise. Any Miami B-Boy could be a problem.

  273. Peter Norton Avatar


  274. Steven Avatar

    You made it!

  275. iceesurfer Avatar

    To a certain extent, the attention at the Hotel is keeping John safe. Mr. Essley mentioned ‘help on the way,’ Let’s all breathe..

  276. SK Avatar

    Happy that you are back in the USA. Now lets get to the bottom of who killed Gregory Viant Faull?

  277. bv Avatar

    Belize, not Guatemala.

  278. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Da kind bruddah N. Shore, I’ll call “Da Hui” for da kine heads up, Eddie R. Has been there done that. The Belizeians will call the Columbians for reference (No j/k)! Island style…

    In espanol? Habla mi Senior porfavor?

    Understanding the threat, safety FIRST!

    Lead, eat, sleep & move!

    Best wishes Sam (poco-poco)!


  279. SK Avatar

    I have a PayPal Account. would you like to transfer money into it?

  280. Keith G Avatar
    Keith G

    John, from one “Maroon” to another, I have a cruiser boat in SC on the intercoastal. From Maine back to the “Keyes.” I can stock it and give you the keys. Need it?

  281. SK Avatar

    John made it out of prison to Miami in time for Art Basel.

  282. SK Avatar

    Buddy, I’ll take your Hilton points. I need a vacation.

  283. SK Avatar

    From what I know about John so far… if he says something… believe in the opposite because he’s a “practical joker”. John is probrably at another hotel watching the media at the hotel he mentioned from afar.

  284. SK Avatar

    I can give you a bank account that you can send funds into.

  285. Mr Mister Avatar
    Mr Mister

    Cool to see you’re in my city, Miami. It may not be Belize, but you should consider it as a place to retire. Or maybe a place to start up an IT company because I need a job.

    But it really is cool that you’re here after I’ve been following your story so far.

  286. OriginalWoman Avatar

    Wow, this story is so unbelievable, but I know it is true life unfolding and fetting scarier indeed. But remember the world is watching and listening. The girls cannot be harmed. They have not committed any,crrime either. Sam,s uncle has a great reputation as the best in his,field, in Guatemala. He got McAfee his freedom to come back to tbe US. His (John s) detention was even ruled illegal by a judge. This whole saga sounds like a movie unfolding. The plot thickens but the world is not only watching, we are also listening. All will be well. I hope you are staying in prayer John, because many prayers were sent up above from thousands of people and they were answered. You are free and safer. Stay positive, things will work out for you and the girls!!!!

  287. Jose Avatar

    AC, take a look at my previous post, he did speak to the media, waiting for the local evening news in South FL.

  288. Supermandoctor Avatar

    John I will gladly send you funds. Just shoot me an email. I can run out to Western Union or Money Gram.

  289. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Like we need him here! There goes the Neighborhood!

  290. Supermandoctor Avatar

    I can western unión you funds. Let me know ASAP.

  291. JB Avatar

    From Reuters…obviously the description of fello passengers indicates John looked depressed….no doubt because he was forciably seperated from Sam and is very concerned….for those that keep saying John’s paranoia is not justified, I am not exactly sure what story you have been following…..lets hope that Sam is ok and tht it will not be long for them to be back together. Whatever level of connectedness they had a month ago, I cannot imagine the deep bond that has been forged given all they have gone through – and remember she is only 20, how can a 20 year odl possibly fathom the past four weeks??

    McAfee, who was seated in the coach section and had a whole row to himself, was wearing a suit and was “very calm” during the flight, she added.

    “He looked very tired, he looked like a man who hadn’t slept in days. I’d say he even looked depressed,” said another passenger, Roberto Gilbert, a Guatemalan who lives in Miami.

  292. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    It’s so pleaseing to know that John was treated well by US Customs and other authorities upon his arival in Miami.

    Thank you to the ten US men who escorted John and helped him get settled in Miami. That’s so refreshing after all he’s been through.

    By the way, Belize Prime Minister, Dean Barrow (that rogue), is in Miami. His long time girlfriend, now wife, is in a Miami hospital; this according to a poster from Belize.

  293. AC Avatar

    JM is supposidly speaking to press outside Miami hotel.

  294. Jose Avatar

    Here is John’s picture outside the hotel in South Beach posted by the ABC guy..
    Seni Tienabeso Jr‏@SeniABC

    #McAfee steps out of south beach hotel and addresses media as tourist watch in bewilderment

  295. kyle Avatar

    im here and its a fuckin mob scene!

  296. Sema4beach Avatar

    Just another minor thing…U might want to erase the word ‘Belize’ from John’s profile on his twitter feed when u have a moment! …I mean…I don’t expect he will be visiting any time soon?..LOL.

  297. Noone Avatar

    Good luck Chad & John … RESPECT 😉

  298. Chad Essley Avatar

    Good lord. That should have also read: Please, reporters.. don’t call Chad and begin the phone call by saying “Don’t hang up!” .. No respect at all!

  299. Noone Avatar

    The hotel name is still apparent on the JMS !

  300. H. Amsterdam; Netherlands Avatar


    Have been following your comings and goings for more than a while now. Right to worry about Sam and Amy. It’s scary. Hopefully by this weekend you’d be able to arrange the minimum needed for your own personal financial affairs like banks’ cash advances, replacement credit cards, etc.

    Next step, get them both on a plane to the UK where … you’ll be waiting for them. Then you’ll be able to arrange affairs to get you all back in the States (but that will need time and work, also working w/ USA immigration lawyers, etc.).

    Sam & Amy: Aguanten chicas! Es bueno que vds esten juntas; dos cabezas piensan mejor que una, cuatro ojos ven mejor que dos. Esto bien podria haber terminado en Guatemala a Guatepeor. Cuidense!

    Lastly, got plenty of time in my hands and a fast internet connection. If you need anything, just ask. Best to all!

  301. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    12 hours Sam is sitting in your lap. 24 hrs she’s in the U.S. Easy button (that was easy)!

  302. SteveG Avatar

    Good luck John. I am on the other coast (SW FL) If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. It’s sleepy on our side so you may find privacy on our side of the state.

  303. metalhead Avatar

    forgive me, where im from we have no choice but to question everything. my apologies. you gotta understand, mcafee’s usualy six steps ahead…. that he seems panicd , this is realy bad. hes not a man prone to panic. my apologies chad, and john, just tryin to think to hard i geuss.

  304. Steven Avatar

    WHY would you announce your hotel location John? The media is going to surround that place and there are only two ways out. The back alley or the front door. It’s a small hotel, smack dab on Ocean Drive in the middle of the South Beach insanity. It’s almost like you wanted them to come. There are so many out of the way hotels off the ‘beaten path’ – Ocean Drive was the worst choice you could have made for peace and anonymity. If you should decide to relocate, go North up the beach , or at least over to the Mondrian South Beach over on West Avenue where there are no tourists. Wishing you well – stay safe

  305. Sema4beach Avatar

    Hey Chad!…understood!…Love the Snow Bunny!…Cheers

  306. Indianladycn Avatar

    Tell me where I can send some funds. I need an account # to wire it to or does the hotel have means of receiving it. Just let me know John. I can get on a plane tomorrow if you like. By the way, WELCOME HOME.

  307. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Somebody must be misinforming you!!!
    Is true that authorities in Guatemala are crooked, but they won’t just “collect” her.
    With her uncle Telesforo Guerra, a “high power attorney”, keeping an eye on her, that’s impossible.
    Where are you getting that information from?
    Sounds like somebody is trying to drive you crazy!!!
    Don’t listen to them, why don’t you rest a little?

  308. DB Avatar

    Thanks Chad for being there for John & Sam. I am sure you & John’s other friends will do all that can be done for him at this time. I truly hope nobody is seriously thinking of going to the hotel, that would be so damn rude and intrusive. Good vibes being sent to John and Sam, stay safe, stay smart & stay strong.

  309. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    I have Hilton points, enough to put him up for a week or so anyway. Keep checking my email NADA! (scratches head)…

  310. jo Avatar

    We are relieved to hear you are safe, Mom has been cheerleading here for you aswell and has set some of her old friends straight.
    Glad to hear also that Sam and Amy will be there soon also. Sam seems like a great gal!

  311. Jose Avatar

    Chad, if John needs to be driven anywhere in Miami, this is my hometown, I am available the rest of the week to help him in anyway I can, money is not an issue.

  312. Chad Essley Avatar

    Ah, for these links?
    These were just done over lunch for fun earlier in the day, nothing important!
    I was trying not to post images directly to twitter because I’m paranoid about changing terms of service..
    I think mobile safari doesn’t like direct links to images. Will revise tweet. Thanks for the heads up!

  313. Sema4beach Avatar

    Chad…Your twitter feed is bringing up ‘error 404’ (page does not exist) on the links!

  314. CaLifeLover Avatar

    My very capable son lives in Miami. If we can help in any way, we’d be happy to do so. Just let me know. I presume you can see my email address and contact me there.

  315. CSD Avatar

    Glad you removed the hotel name.

  316. Chris Kayler Avatar
    Chris Kayler

    couldn’t agree more

  317. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    OK my heart is racing right now… This better turn out alright cause i am a crier and i am already tearing up…..I dont like feeling/seeing that terror and helplessness in johns writing.. Plus i am a mother wife & grandmother and am feeling a little protective over Samantha even if i haven’t ever met her… Poor thing has been through hell and back already in her young life….. Uggggg

  318. Funfunfun Avatar

    Well looks like chads got your back always good to have good friends.

  319. Jose Avatar

    Sounds good, I even thought about going to MIA this evening, I am a big fan and a technolgist like John, so it would be a pleasure to assist.

  320. iceesurfer Avatar

    And JM needs a full meal.

  321. iceesurfer Avatar

    I think that the GOB is corrupt has already been established in the minds of anyone that scratches the surface at all and has a Brain,.

  322. metalhead Avatar

    thanks chad. someone owes you a bottle of something expensive. big time.

  323. metalhead Avatar

    corrupt as my left ass cheek (thats supposed to be realy bad)
    you speek truth sysop.
    do you think belize cares that we know they are wicked?

  324. Chad Essley Avatar

    Thanks Jose but please hold off everyone. No one go to the hotel it will be a mob scene. John needs his peace.
    We have help on the way.

  325. iceesurfer Avatar

    How awful…. I wouldn;t presume to give advice, from my Living Room. But, Damn…

  326. metalhead Avatar

    if thats the truth this is even scarier.

  327. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Mr. Chad … I have faith, do your magic and send in some help.

  328. AG Avatar

    Doesn’t John have Guerras business card on him or an official release paper with his phone number on it?

  329. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    Do Sam & Amy have their phones on them? If so is there away to get thru to them thru social networking like FB or Twitter? Just an idea, if numbers can not be located….If NOT, then ground communication maybe only alternative….Glad John is back on US soil….Im in Tx, email me here if there is anything I can do!!!

  330. Connie Avatar


    Let me know if you need my help. You have my email.

  331. Michiel Avatar

    Nice to hear your back in the States.
    Take care!

  332. Jose Avatar

    Chad, I am in Miami, it will take about 45 minutes to get to South Beach from my house, let me know if there is anything I can do.

  333. metalhead Avatar

    well said.

  334. sysop Avatar

    Collecting SAM would be a HUGE PR NIGHTMARE for Belize…. If they did that, it would clearly show the world that that they are corrupt.

  335. Chad Essley Avatar

    Nothing about this is tactics. John is only worried about Sam and Amy at this point. The blog was the only way to contact them.

  336. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    How can we help John?
    I am sure you can skype with her.
    Please let us know exactly what you need.

  337. metalhead Avatar

    he has a bank account. obviously your still supposed to call sam and amy, wether its honest or mildly tactical.

  338. Chad Essley Avatar

    That is kind, but our associates are getting John some cash. Thanks. -Chad

  339. iceesurfer Avatar


  340. Kathleen Carrera Avatar
    Kathleen Carrera

    How to help you John??? Can you access your personal email for contacts and info or can you email privately?

  341. metalhead Avatar

    its on you bro, theres high strangeness goin down .

  342. Chad Essley Avatar

    His throwaway phone was likely not an international phone, and John was traveling without any credit cards or cash. My number is not listed. I also assure you that John is very freaked out about what might happen to Sam and Amy at this point and could use good vibes rather than your skepticism! We are doing everything in our power.

  343. Jose Avatar

    I misspelled my first name, it’s Jose

  344. Jpse Avatar

    John, I am glad you are back in the US and welcome to Miami, be careful in South Beach, not the safest place in South FL.

    I am in NE Dade county, let me know if you need anything,

  345. Chad Essley Avatar

    Please don’t mob the hotel everyone. John will not speak to anyone right now. And there is little the public can do at the moment. John was forcibly separated from Sam in Guatemala, and made to get on a plane to Miami. It is believed that the Belize Govt is trying to take her. John is very upset. I am doing all I can to contact Sam or Amy at this time. -Chad

  346. metalhead Avatar

    somethings wierd…why would MR mcafee not be able to purchase a prepaid phone using an account from the u.s. , undoubtedly hes not poor. stranger still is that he has no ones number. not chad, not sam not anyone? and the brilliant mcafee himself couldnt find chads number in the yellow pages? somethings weird here.

  347. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Don’t worry so much, remember that her uncle is your attorney in Guatemala, so no harm will come to her.
    I am sure your lawyer in Guatemala have good contacts in Belize, since he is from that country.
    Hey, you need to rest!!

  348. Sema4beach Avatar

    Hey…Give me their details fone numbers and I will contact them and get back to u …if u need help!..happy to if u r stuk?

  349. deratski Avatar

    Hey John, do you have a PayPal account?

  350. Funfunfun Avatar

    Not in fl but nj I got a phone if I can help ya any how.

  351. Chris Kayler Avatar
    Chris Kayler

    need numbers

  352. Lenvandervelde Avatar

    Anyone in Guatemala or in Miami? Anything I can do for you from here in London?

  353. metalhead Avatar

    and chad, no lettin him down brah, its your turn this time.

  354. AG Avatar

    Is it a good idea to publcize your lcation? Send emails instead of posting on blog…

  355. metalhead Avatar

    bullshit! get her ass to the u.k. or some shit fast!

  356. bv Avatar

    Welcome Home, Sir!

  357. Gregory Avatar

    Watching this unfold in Ottawa, Canada. Wish I could help… All I could do is call her if I had her number.

  358. Paul Avatar

    Glad you are safe John …

  359. johan Avatar

    Gv me your account no.I will help

  360. Connie Avatar

    If you need help to get a room, I will pay for it.