How this began

In the pre-dawn hours of April 30th of this year I woke to the sound of a bullhorn yelling un-intelligible orders.  I ran naked outside and saw a military formation whose uniforms identified them as GSU, creeping slowly down my driveway.  I laid down the pistol that I keep for protection and, contrary to Josh Davis’ assertion that I said “Motherfuckers”, said nothing and went back inside.  I woke Amy, the 17 year old with whom I was living, and calmly told her to get dressed – that the GSU was invading the property.

Amy is a tough young woman.  She said nothing, got up, got dressed and sat calmly on the edge of the bed.

I put on a pair of shorts and went outside.  I was immediately grabbed and shoved up against the wall of the house.  A sheet of paper was produced stating that the GSU was looking for an illegal meth lab.  I did not have my glasses and could not read it so the officer explained it to me.

The remainder of that day was a nightmare of the highest order.  My hands were handcuffed behind my back and for 14 hours I sat in the sun without food or water while I watched my property being destroyed and taken away.  At around two in the afternoon I asked a nearby officer for water and food.  “Do I look like a chef to you?” was his reply. I was finally taken to Belize City and thrown in Jail.   Eight hours later I was released with no charges being filed.

A few days later I emailed the Prime Minister and asked for a public apology.  “Who does he think he is?” was his reply to a close associate.

I think I am an innocent person who was violated by the Belizean Government.  In polite society, apologies are in order.

This was the beginning of my antagonism with the Prime Minister and a few of his powerful associates.  I have been a vocal opponent of the PM ever since and I will not stop until I receive my apology.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona

Cassian  Chavarria

William Mulligan

 They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]
 [email protected]

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  1. adrei Avatar


    I send a email to all the address’s but this address [email protected] did not work….

    Wish you and your friends all the best

  2. JoJo Avatar

    I am just jealous because I am 55 yrs old and can’t compete! (smile)

  3. sparkzilla Avatar

    John McAfee wiki Timeline:

    Feel free to add more info and update news as it comes in…

  4. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Thanks for the tip Aryeh … the hosting company said they received a phone message from someone who said they were representing the company’s communications dept. and asked politely that it be removed. However, it appears to fall under fair use so I added a disclaimer as you mentioned.

    Thanks again

    And for John … great post about the bar girls story … very touching and sad that these girls end up being used by these vultures. Nice to see it added to your posts.

    Stay strong John

  5. NunyaBiz Avatar

    Yes, ‘cos I’m sure one of the richest, well-connected, and, albeit, smartest men on the planet can’t figure it out on his own? I’m sure he’s already got his people busy contacting attorneys for him. Hell, even if he didn’t want to, don’t you think every board member is sitting there at emergency meetings going, “oh shit, John went off the deep-end again, we need to do damage control. Someone better activate that lawyer retainer.”

    J.M. needs to quit being such a nut job and just handle this like an adult already. Ugh, what a disgrace to suits everywhere: running around blogging these crazy confidential matters regarding any liability and his sexual escapades with young girls. If I were his attorney, I’d have shut this man up so long ago.

    Seriously, this whole thing is both a legal and p.r. nightmare. I wonder how McAfee stocks are doing; maybe it’ll boost sales.

  6. NunyaBiz Avatar

    dude, literally, john mcafee could be her grandfather. straight up. dude is nearing full on chomo status. i’m sure he’d tap a 14 year old, even.

    what i don’t get is why j.m. even mentioned it. like “gross, bro, how is this even relevant other than to point out you’re a total perv?” so gross. want to puke.

  7. Marcia Quarle Avatar
    Marcia Quarle

    Subject: Legal Assistance for John McAfee
    I want to help John McAfee find a really good local attorney who can help him
    with his legal woes. I believe McAfee and he is innocent of these charges/allegations.

  8. Gaz Avatar

    A 17 year old in Belize has most likely been taking care of herself for many years already, and I assure you they are in no way a Child.

    It is a non issue she is of legal age no one is forcing her to stay with John it is her choice as a LEGAL adult and therefore its only your own view that is the issue.

    If they are happy together good luck to em.

  9. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    A 17 year old is a “child”? Who are you kidding?

  10. f0rTyLeGz Avatar

    They want your MONEY. All of it!

  11. Max Avatar

    Age of consent in Belize is 16 and as a matter of fact, age of consent in most U.S. states is 16. So if McAfee’s relationship with Amy is legal, how does that hurt his credibility?

  12. Marcy Avatar

    You are living with a 17 year old child? Yeah that really helps your credibility….

  13. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    It is probably not a good idea to use the McAfee antivirus logo on your web site, and you may wish to add a note that your site has nothing to do with them and is a private personal website.


    Aryeh Goretsky

  14. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    I think you have to let it go. Having lived in third world countries for decades…I can tell you they come with pros and cons. When a problem happens and it involves the authorities, you are never going to win. They have a lot more resources (personnel, financial, firepower etc) than you. It’s not worth it.

  15. Raj Avatar


    What do you think of getting help from the US Embassy in Belize?

    Emergency assistance from the U.S. Embassy is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), U.S. Citizens with emergencies may appear for assistance in person at the Embassy consular section or may call 822-4011. If you are an U.S. citizen with an after hours emergency, please call the duty officer at 610-5030.

    Embassy recommended legal service:

    You must have already thought of contacting the embassy, reminder doesn’t hurt.

  16. The John McAfee Story Avatar
    The John McAfee Story

    Hi John … just updated and added your reply about the bluelight thread being a bet. I thought is was only fitting to add your reply so you have a say on the matter. One other thing for the Admin here … go into widgets on this wordpress site and expand the Recent Posts to have more than 5 show up … John’s Introduction Post with 29 comments is not showing up.

    All the best

  17. Steve Avatar

    John, why deal with all these “professional” journalists?

    Let me know if you wanna break a story through an ordinary guy.
    Screw the reporters!

  18. John McAfee Avatar
    John McAfee

    Ask them. They never expalined it to me.

  19. John McAfee Avatar
    John McAfee

    Glad you could spot the made up parts. In my humble opinion, a reporter whose only objective is to smear ap person’s name, geerves no less than fabrication, concoction, dissimulation and myth.

  20. Steve Avatar

    To be more specific, your made up comments to the media crack me up.
    The rest of it is heavy stuff man…..I hope all works out well in the end.

  21. Steve Avatar

    John, I’ve been reading about your adventures, all this cracks me up man. Funny stuff.
    Anyway, I worked on your Colorado property a few years back. Is it still in foreclosure from that young trader that bought it at auction? If so, you should snap that up again.

  22. G Avatar

    So why did they accuse you of running a meth lab?

  23. Drixo Avatar

    Being familiar with that part of the world, I’m very interested in your story. Please don’t stop writing.

    You could’ve been a writer, by the way.

  24. hunter s thompson Avatar
    hunter s thompson

    you sound like maybe you should get a grip of your salts man !

  25. Mike Diamonds Avatar
    Mike Diamonds

    Amazing story – a true individual, we salute you from the UK sir!