Bloomberg: McAfee: “I’m Being Expelled From Guatemala”

Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) — Internet entrepreneur John McAfee speaks with Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson about his expulsion from Guatemala, his return to the United States and his apology to the President of Guatemala. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”



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  1. Theopholus Punnival Avatar
    Theopholus Punnival

    After reading all of this weirdness I have to wonder why it happened. I have a very good guess.

  2. steve Avatar

    Sorry,but the reason the feds met him at the airport was because he was expelled from Guatemala…It’s international law.The feds HAD to question him. Did he even carry a passport when he was picked upin Guatemala?He’ll be on the ‘puter in Guatemala for years as having been expelled due to illegal entry.IF they’re able to document it on his passport number…McAfee likely went to the US embassy in Guatemala City,claimed he’d ‘lost’ his passport,gave his social security number and other identifying bits of info,got a NEW passport and then the uS embassy contacted the Guatemalan govt’s foreign ministry to tell them ‘yes,he’s a US citizen.’ Then,the Belizeans had no claim on him.He could only be expelled and forced back to his country of citizenship (USA) under international law and treaty.In addition,since McAfee was picked up without a passport BUT got a new one at the US embassy AFTER the crime (illegal entry) had been committed…the new passport cannot be related to the original charge.The new passport allowed him to enter the USA legally.THAT is why he’s not sitting in some ICE lounge at MIA. And he didn’t widely publicize his flight.Just a quick note.

  3. metalhead Avatar

    mayhaps media coverage of his assasination will be added as file 7.

  4. re bell Avatar
    re bell

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro..

  5. Ray Avatar

    OMFG. You can’t write this shit!

  6. sysop Avatar

    It’s funny you say that… the plane flew right over Belize City…. I wonder if he flipped them off as he passed … What would they do anyways.. shoot the plane of out the sky? LOL

    We know that didn’t happen because the plane is on approach right now at 5:31pm central time.

  7. sysop Avatar

    I am wondering how you think sometimes John… You should have took the most obscure flight possible and not told anyone which airport you were flying into… and only hope that the US ICE has not flagged you for ANY reason at all. I am assuming the choices may be limited… but you flaunting your flight is definitely anti-paranoid! 🙂

  8. jj Avatar

    Not even a back water kagaroo court in any state town or city in the entire united states would ever take the words “been somewhat implicated” to be any sort of due process or would ever legally binding to mean jack squat.
    “some what ” implicated dont mean jack squat esp when nothing whats so ever implicates him or has implicated him in any way. Its not even an accusation they think he commuted a crime and even accusation by its self is not legally valid to arrest any one for any thing in the us. If Belize is going to try and pin it on him they must think the US is stupid and would just take there word that they think he might be “some what ” guilty of some thing. Some what is the complete opposite of beyond reason of doubt. Some what implicated thats goign t keep my laughing all day.. lol ha ha your honer we think this man is SOME what guilty of some thing but we dont quite know what yet but just give us some time to try to make some thing up. But if it would please the court could you please deny this man and any other person there rights on the good country of Belize scouts honer he did some thing but we cant tell you what its a secret. dont they know in belize only we get to do that crap to other countries. But they dont get to do it to us. Whats belize going to do if we wont violate a persons rights. put sanctions on us or threaten to bomd us? I’d love to seem them threaten that. Belize is an oil rich country, we would not stand for even a threat like that. they would go right on the list with iraq iran and syria and then they can be the ones blogging to to a world that isnt listing while our guys are down there murdering and raping there civilians. while making there bosses at the federal reserve and the bank of England richer then they already are.

  9. Chris Avatar

    Anybody know when McAfee’s flight lands in Miami?

  10. Chris Avatar

    No concern. Bows and arrows are harmless against 747’s.

  11. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Hey Danman:
    You definitely paranoid, haaaaaaahah, “American Airlines”, won’t stop in Belize, that tiny country can’t reach the sky.

  12. factchecker Avatar

    It was John who himself named his flight’s time of departure, the airline as well as the destination during his live interview on Bloomberg TV. (So anybody with a basic concept of “Googling” can easily get the flight number.)

  13. factchecker Avatar

    Indeed. However, according to, flight AAL2166 at this very moment is already half way between Belize City and Havana, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Arrival in MIA is scheduled for 7:10pm local time (EST == UTC -5 hrs).

  14. Litost Avatar

    It is very sad it has come to this. I was enthralled reading about the life of struggle lead by many women and families in Belize as well as the corrupt government, and no more will you be an inside source on these matters. I wish you and Sam luck in Miami and hope your situation will inspire others to pick up where you left off reporting on the corruption and status of women in Belize!

  15. NewMexicanFloridianDichotomy Avatar

    To avoid a crowded media frenzy in Miami come on over to St. Petersburg, Fl after you arrive and I’ll take you to get some of the best Sushi in the US.

  16. Josh McCormick Avatar
    Josh McCormick

    Here’s hoping that there isn’t any unwanted surprises waiting for you in Miami.

  17. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    doesn’t really matter … the media will be waiting for John when or wherever he lands.

  18. Danman Avatar

    Is it my paranoia or should there be concern that John’s flight apparently goes through Belizian airspace?

  19. Chris Avatar

    Just saw it. Great video. Welcome home to America John McAfee! Enjoy your flight to Miami.

  20. Smart Move Avatar
    Smart Move

    Live call interview —

    John should keep moving and leave USA, to a secret location, until all is organized to counter any made-up charge for arrest & extradition. Too many powerful corrupt individuals must silence John, or they will lose all —

  21. WEB Avatar

    For once I am hoping and praying the flight information released is totally false.
    *****Belize police spokesman Raphael Martinez said Belize would still want to question McAfee if he reached the United States.
    “He will be just under the good will of the United States of America. He is still is a person of interest, but a U.S. national has been killed and he has been somewhat implicated in that murder. People want him to answer some questions,” he said.
    “We have good relations with the United States of America and I am sure that we will get to the bottom of it.” *******

  22. WEB Avatar

    Why did they put your flight number and time in the article? WTF Can you get on another flight out of Miami without leaving the secured area?
    I don’t have a good feeling about this. Leave Miami right away. Please.

  23. grinch Avatar


  24. lanikino Avatar

    what I was wondering as well….

  25. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    What/who is waiting for you in Miami?

    Miles and miles to go before you’re free.

  26. WEB Avatar

    no link….will try to find it

  27. Chris Avatar

    I’m watching “Money Moves” now. When does McAfee get on there?

  28. Chris Avatar

    Where is the link?