Belize Death Squad – All Inclusive Vacations

Must Watch in order to understand Belize #1 death Squad


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  1. Henry Avatar

    A great place whit belize all inclusive vacations

  2. Matrical Avatar

    There are many places with the same “fight”…what can be done ? ..on the one side there are the street gangs etc and all the “culture” that goes along with that..then there are the “legal” gangs such as Mr Plod and Co that often cause more problems than they suppress but are supposedly doing so at the behest of the communities within the areas they police..then,most importantly,are the people that exist in between these sides..the innocents that just want to live is they who suffer the most and gain the least.

  3. Fran Avatar

    I think the deception was that it was great place to dive with friendly people…and I believe this to be true. What nobody mentioned was how evil the Police are. Now that we know I suspect most people will gravitate toward other locations as there are many.

  4. Fran Avatar

    Bringing machine guns to a debate…classy. I think I’ll stay clear of Belize. Obviously the Police aren’t interested in harmonious existence….they just like to cause harm.

  5. SPmQQse Avatar

    why would a tourist,retiree,investor,these­­­­­­­­­­ days, want to go to the 5th or 6th most dangerous country in the world… a despotic government/dictatorship a country where the ecology is being destroyed every build ugly condos… where crime and poverty is by by design. for foriegners profits .. it’s all there in belize….stabbings ,beatings ,robbery,thieft,breakins,murde­r….all of it. corrupt police… corrupt polititions…crooked land deals..phoney preachers..etc
    [ and yet…i’ts still my home ]

  6. Copperrein Avatar

    So much for that dive vacation.

  7. SL Avatar

    How do we change our special “avatars”?

  8. WEB Avatar

    How sad this continues. A possible tourist mecca, Belize is instead being slowly sold off, bulldozed, corrupted, and raped by the very people entrusted to make it flourish. It is apparent that until the masses rise up and say no, this will continue, further widening the socioeconomic gap, and taking innocent lives. They need a REAL Leader.

    On a happy note, the site looks great. Our special avatars add a nice little twist of humor, and I’m looking forward to what you have in store for us next. Thanks.

  9. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    the new look on the website looks great.