An apology to my readers

I must apologize for my recent testiness in answering some of your comment questions.  I have to read close to 50,000 words per day, many of them blatant spam or vicious, unprintable replies to other comenters.  I answer about 40 questions per day, some of them very involved, and have answered many of them a dozen times or more.  I got a bit testy.  I am sorry.  I hope this recent explaination (my reply to a commenter) will suffice for all:

I meant no offense. For over half of my exile I’ve been living in a f***ing tree. My cell phones all smell oddly of urine. I’m trying to type on a 13th century input device. The Beneficent Order of Mosquitos had awared me “Lifetime Blood Donor of the Century” status and my inflamed bumps now cover more body area than the remaining white skin. I sleep less than two hours a night. I have this blog in which people incessantly want me to do their work by them not reading and asking me to fill in the background (not intended for you alone, btw). I have been stung twice by two sociopathic scorpions (I did nothing to them) and became very sick both times. I have been eating raw iguana and fish for half of my diet. Sam is completely unafected by any of this and diss’s me constantly. I am 67 f***ing years old to boot. So please forgive my testiness at your questions.

(Postscript Edit:)
I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to Sam in this post. Her dissing me is largely in fun. I have asked her a dozen times why she still hangs with someone who (in this country) could be her great grandfather when every ripped-muscled, handsome young man in the world might cut off his foot to be with her – and in addition, as she knows, I would still take care of her financially if she ran off with one. Her answer is usually – “Maybe, but would they have the balls for *this*”. Her assessment of my “balls” is greatly exaggerated – it is only necessity that maintains me.

PPS – I am going to start posting my responses to questions that are asked dozens of time in the post in which the questions were asked.  Hopefully that will save me much work.

Here is my answer to the ubiquitous “Bluelight” question (paraphrased) – “Your months long Bluelight post could not have been a joke.  You were obviously manufacturing the drug.  Why don’t you tell the truth?”

My reply in this post:

OK. If I had really “rediscovered” the lost “Tan” formula I would seriously consider changing professions. I would have immediately flown to Germany, walked into Bayer Pharmaceutical’s offices, with the formula – and a sample – in hand, and asked for a check for a billion dollars. If you have read about the mythical “Tan mdpv” – the ultimate “marital aid enhancer”, then you would have no doubts that Bayer would have written the check and the president of Bayer would have presented it to me while on his knees with his head bowed, while muttering “The world is now ours”.  It is absurd!!! It was a f***ng joke. If not, what am I doing here?


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:




They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:

  [email protected]
  [email protected]
  [email protected]
  [email protected]
  [email protected]
  [email protected]
  [email protected]
  [email protected]



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  1. Pirateblood Avatar

    Ditto Rusty. Elizabeth: If you don’t believe Mr. McAfee is legitimately frightened for the safety of his life, then you probably haven’t done your Belize homework. There are executions in broad daylight with many witnesses that go unsolved. Killing is a fad. No regard for the living. Grenades are thrown into crowds that include children. A couple years ago someone gunned down a 9 yr old boy for yelling to warn those around of the approaching gunman. Someone would murder Mr McAfee just for simple bragging rights at this point. The gangs work for the Prime Minister. There is no difference between them & the Government. Regarding the poisoning of his dogs as a motive for murder…….People poison other peoples dogs every single day in Belize. Im sure John knows it could have been anyone. The first reason for a dog poisoning is someone is about to rob your house, next reason is revenge. Emotions are not easily controlled in the Belizean culture. Having your house burned down or dogs poisoned is the equivelant of someone writing an email complaint about you to your employer because you were rude. Good Luck McAfee. Rooting for you & Sam.

  2. John McAfee Avatar

    Over 20 million at last count.

  3. Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered

    Just curious, how many hits or viewers have you had on this site so far?

  4. Dish Avatar

    Prayers for you

  5. Anthony Avatar

    hey you know you have bills to pay so work on that for me

  6. Highrise Avatar


    what do you mean “appearance”, can you expand?

    Hope your well, can you put up some happy snaps of you around belize?


    Highrise. 🙂

  7. Chaud Caliente Avatar
    Chaud Caliente

    Dude. You so should have stayed in Colorado. You’d still have your sweet yoga gym and ultra-cool bedroom (yes, I have been in both and you seriously messed up leaving here).

  8. Attorney Hammond Avatar
    Attorney Hammond

    Anytime, Johnny. It is an honor to have your reply. I only wish that I could help you strategize your exit from this mess that you may well not have created. Simple minds are easily fooled by smoke, mirrors, and mindless sensationalism. Those who are schooled to know better have an unbiased eye for facts and truth, which I hope, ultimately, are on your side.

  9. Mark_13 Avatar

    I keep thinking of Ross Perot during his presidential run, when he backed out saying that Bush wanted to break up his daughter’s wedding, along with many other stories about people on his property and so forth. No one said he was on bath salts, and aside from his stories and his abortive presidential run, was pretty high functioning. But people did mock him for his paranoia. But sometimes the rich don’t need drugs to be paranoid. Just say all this as benefit of the doubt regarding the Don Morgan’s episode (the incident to which you allude) when McAfee was on the run at the time and in an unfamiliar place, although his comment at one point about his heart beating so fast it was like a constant hum, made me think of drugs. And yet, I don’t absolutely rule out that GSU operatives were actually there doing a number on him. Sort of been obsessively hitting this site, but I do sincerely hope and pray things work out for you, John.

  10. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you for your kind thoughts Hammy.

  11. Attorney Hammond Avatar
    Attorney Hammond

    Dear Johnny:

    I’ve been following this from the start as soon as Reuters picked up the story. It’s unfortunate that the Belize government and U.S. media have both sensationalized your tribulation. Being a lawyer, I easily spot fiction and sensationalism when both are used as centerpieces to advance or even exploit the otherwise mundane.

    You’ve been charged, tried, and hung by the media circus that is following this. Many reporters cannot even get simple facts straight, instead relying upon incorrect allegations they have simply read.

    There are still many missing pieces from the puzzle. Like other supportive readers, I am worried about your mental health while you are on the run. Particularly, I fear the repeated allegations of your drug abuse.

    What other explanation could exist when the realtor found you lying on his porch, soaked in urine — totally contradicting your 25-minute telephoned, harrowing version of the event? During your phone call, the two security guards in the background who you referred to as your only friends left, had no clue what you were talking about when you told them the GSU was staring at you on the porch for three hours, with the guy closest to you shifting back and forth on his feet, that being the only way you knew he was not a mannequin. Their words are somewhat inaudible, but it is clear to the listener that they are not convinced that GSU had surrounded you for several hours and had not spoken one word. The listener to your 25-minute phone call is sadly left with an impression of a drug-induced psychosis followed by extreme paranoia.

    Johnny, I will pray for your safety. I will continue to follow your posts to the end, whatever, wherever, and whenever that may be. Thank you for the transparency that you have given us to this delicate, tumultuous situation. I hope that whatever opacity remains that surrounds the murder will soon become transparent.

  12. Joe Avatar

    I wish you well in your journey and believe in what you’re doing. I’m sure you have already looked into trying to leave the country of Belize.
    This may sound far fetched but if a high-profile fake Hollywood production and exfiltration called ‘Argo’ was able to help 6 Americans escape from Iran then there’s hope for you.
    Did you read Argo? If so you will know what the agents expertise was. The movie didn’t really go indepth about his background.
    Maybe it’s worth contacting the CIA agent (or another similar outfit) to try to get you and Samantha out via unique means.
    I’d be happy to assist in trying to contact someone. I don’t know who is reading these comments so I don’t want to explain too much.
    Ciao for now. Joe

  13. Rusty Avatar

    I am someone who knows the reality of life in Belize. I know many expats there and many locals. The Belize government is a cesspool of corruption. The British left, and an illiterate government filled the gap.
    I have never met John, but I believe his story to be far more accurate than any other have heard about events in Belize. I have witnessed corrupt police harassing legit businesses. I have witnessed bribes being paid. I have seen law breakers get the police to harass the innocent. Belize is extremely corrupt and the legal system/ political system, is simply two gangs in competition. I for one, support Mr McAfee.

  14. Bruce Avatar

    This is SPARTA!

  15. DoctorSuperman Avatar

    Dear Mr. McaFee:

    Given your resources, both in currency and in knowledge, couldn’t you wait this out in a bordering Country?

    It would not be tantamount to “leaving” Belize (per say), but just taking a forced vacation”, until (if-when) something breaks.

    Cordially submitted,

  16. Highrise Avatar


    your happy to “pay” for others to have a lawyer but not yourself, what appearance to you really think this gives??

    To me it looks like a rich guy who wants to come across as the good Samaritan, either that or you looked up the definition of “selfless”.

    You would be better off and I think with quicker results if you hired a few forensic people, investigators and got to the bottom of your neighbour
    murder, that would clear the air in many respects.

    The government is what it is and no John McAfee or any other expat is going to change it. Oh you might change the people in government but you will never change the way the people govern.

    Cheers, I’m off to Singapore for a few days, now that is a well run machine, attracting the “right” type of expat.

    Check ya later.

    Have a nice day.

  17. John McAfee Avatar

    I already explained it – appearance.

  18. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    I don’t think you have anything to apologize for John. The pressure you are under must be overwhelming. As far as people commenting about the bath salts looking for answers to the stuffmonger postings … you have already said your reply to that situation. In reality, it does not matter whether you do or have experimented with drugs. It really has nothing to do with the murder of Gregory Faull.

    You need to stay out of custody for your own safety and well being. We need to hear what the Belize Police have to announce next, such as the ballistic testing they say they are working on.
    In other words … let them tell us where the case is heading … you are innocent until proven guilty. Even if they had of questioned you about the murder? I am sure all they would have is … you were at home with friends and did not hear or see anything.

    The Belize police need to move forward with the case and announce soon what direction they are going with this.

    Good Luck John

  19. karen Morris Avatar

    Sounds to Me that you Have Been framed . If I were you I would get some Lawyer . Also sounds Like drug running is going on around you. They dont want The small Peice of Proerty you Have for sale they want it all. If I were you I wouldnt Know who to trust either.

  20. karen Morris Avatar

    Looks Like your a Targted Individual

  21. Sully Avatar

    Im a pretty insightful guy….ive written, received replies, and been reading from the beginning…i dont think this is john mcafee anymore….not sure why not, or where you really are now…but somethings changed

  22. Highrise Avatar


    No lawyer for you as its would be superfluous but it’s not superfluous for your friends?????

    Ok, I give up, why is it so???



  23. John McAfee Avatar

    Not in the least.

  24. John McAfee Avatar

    My freinds are runni8ng scared as it is. I have no interest in substantiating further. Anyone who actually bothers to read the posts will see the absurdity.

  25. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    One more question. Who is this “friend” that you made your Bluelight wager with? Can he/she substantiate your claims? Your “hoax” equates to walking into an airport and yelling “BOMB”. If I were the police where you live…and I saw that you were posting images of lab tools and even indicated who you are at the end of the post…the FIRST THING I would do is obtain a warrant to search your lab. They would have justifiable cause to search your lab. You are on a website that many illegal conversations take place…you are making claims that you are involved in illegal activities…you even post your name!

  26. Nick D Avatar
    Nick D

    Did Mr. Faull ever make you “a bit testy”? As an outsider looking in…seems like you might have an anger issue. What would you do if you thought he poisoned 3 of your dogs? Killing those dogs must have made you pretty mad. You even admitted to being in tears. I’m sure it won’t take much of a cross-examination for your anger to show itself. It’s probably best you stay on the run. It is generous that you are offering $25,000 BZD to find the killer of a neighbor. Some might suspect that you are offering that amount because you’re not afraid of paying it…because you already know who the killer is. Might as well offer $25, 000 USD.

  27. G. Avatar

    Hahahahha, John, you really remind me a LOT of my own father.
    If you ever get out of this alive you guys should definitely meet. He’s 66 in January 🙂

  28. Andrew Sink Avatar

    Mr. McAfee –

    How long do you estimate you will be in hiding for?


  29. Taylor Haywood Avatar
    Taylor Haywood

    I seriously doubt that John was on MDPV and that he suddenly was able to get off it and create this blog. John is an old hand at practical joking, sleight of hand, deception, and staging things. He also knows himself and his limits. It is very doubtful that at 67 years old, he would get hooked on bath salts. It is also pretty obvious that his mental state is plenty of notches above that of a demented drug addict.

  30. Taylor Avatar

    I seriously doubt that John was on MDPV and that he suddenly was able to get off it and create this blog. John is an old hand at practical joking, sleight of hand, deception, and staging things. He also knows himself and his limits. It is very doubtful that at 67 years old, he would get hooked on bath salts. It is also pretty obvious that his mental state is plenty of notches above that of a demented drug addict.

  31. Kjell Avatar

    Hang in there John. The truth will prevail.

  32. LeBrown Avatar

    Stay away, very far away. Government is corrupt and will not hesitate to do away with a man of your stature.

  33. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    dont be so modest, you at one time had 100 million dollers…… few people will ever experience or accomplish even a fraction of what you have. im not kissing your ass but i find you and your story extremly fasinating and cant help but be somewhat disappointed that ill probably never meet you in person….the way your dealing with the media has been flawless…maybe you could email a rare pic or some kind of momento… a way your like a living legend and it would be extremly cool to have some personal thing from you to remember you by so feel free to email me something or if your so inclined, send me something cool….heres my address :4256 north st. apt 4. blasdell, ny 14219.

  34. Tod Avatar

    Scorpions. Corrupt governments. Devil mosquitos. No sleep.


    So, here’s an idea.. WHY DON’T YOU MOVE?!

  35. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    John, do you have any intresting information from working at lockheed? i mean something really earth shattering about the us government or aliens or something nobody knows…? tell me some secrets plz, email me some, i could pass on your secret to my kids and one day it might find light where it otherwise wouldnt. From what ive gathered you seemed to have left the us to avoid prosecution for some kind of crime….could you explain/clearify what was involved with that and if you were actually forced to resign from your own company? it didnt sound right when i read articles about you on cnn.

  36. John McAfee Avatar

    Most of my life has been a mental error. Thanks for your concern though.

  37. formerlytest Avatar

    Just because someone uses bathsalts doesn’t mean they can’t be highly functioning when they are not using.

    Clearly, the main theme of the bluelight thread was a joke/hoax. But that doesn’t explain the bathsalts picture John posted in that thread that shows them (in various packages) on the same wooden countertop as shown in the other pics of his home. They are sorted and held together with plastic bands. Are we to expect John went and purchased all these different brands, various amounts, sorted them, bundled them, but doesn’t use them? He did it just as part of his joke? Sorry, but I can’t accept that. I prefer to accept that his incidents of bizarre behavior are the results of the use (or overuse) of bathsalts. This is further supported by his realtor, who has posted a credible response (on the Belize forum) to John’s claim as to what happened when he found John on his balcony. His wife found the baggie with the grey powder later in the planter. I’m convinced John used bathsalts but I don’t really care (I don’t judge people for experimenting with drugs) and it certainly doesn’t make him a murderer.

  38. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    John talking about something MDPV is not the same as actually going through and manufacturing it.

    A lot of these readers are somewhat unaware o let me explain:

    Most USA colleges offer courses in inorganic and organic chemistry. That means most of the addictive drugs that are somewhat illegal most of the kids who took the course and understood them can make them or even talk about making them.

    BUT, the person that goes through the who process of actually making them has hidden ticks that they will not public freely disclose..if you will sort of a secret handshake.

    John is not in that club, and its somewhat obvious to some. Its something that a journalist only spending a few hours on a story will not pick up on..

    Yes, John likes to plat practical jokes on the forums run by those in the club..but that’s talk and its somewhat jokes that bear no relation to reality.

    John, I boiled it down as simple as I could get given your readership audience..alas I do not thin I was successful though..

  39. McAfee4President Avatar

    Joe Rogan and Alex Jones both have podcasts you can subscribe to from iTunes. They are both updated daily (usually)
    I would imagine both will be available by tonight.

  40. waverider77 Avatar

    As you are not sleeping, eating poorly and experiencing continual physical discomfort I would guess that it is not to long before you start making mental errors. Is there anyone down there to help? Why couldn’t the police submit a list of written questions to you? There is no doubt that this situation is giving Belize a black eye and I don’t think that you want that, nor is it helping your cause with the ‘players’ in the country. I sincerely wish you and Sam the best but I think that an attempt at third party dialog with your pursuers might lead to some progress. We both know that the cops could care less about the country’s international reputation. If your friends are released due to international pressure it will only bring additional hardship to you and Sam as we know how badly these people hate to lose. Especially from something you facilitated. They will punish you twice. Good luck, I hope this situation ends peacefully, positively and soon for you.

  41. John McAfee Avatar

    I have no lawyer. I have retained lawyers for my three feinds in prison (please do your “email” duty) – everyone. But I have no lawyer for me. In my circumtances, a lawyer is superfluous. There is no real law here. The lawyers I have hired for my friends are for show. Only you, all of you, can get them out through International pressure.

  42. Elizabeth Avatar

    Please can someone tell me if the 2 podcasts will be available afterwards. I cannot watch them this afternoon, so please let me know! Thank you.

  43. waverider77 Avatar

    Are you in contact with your local lawyers, if so what are they advising?

  44. Elizabeth Avatar

    Look, I went after him like this from my first post just like a banshee, & pretty quickly got “removed”. So I returned as a new person (sorry, John!) & continued, but I slowly started mellowing out, because you can accuse him & question him & scream at him (like I did), & it will get you nowhere. Believe me, I was the worst & posters were saying how happy they were that I was banned. Anyway, I did a lot of in-depth searches on John about things that most people wouldn’t think to look for & there’s just more to him, but you kind of have to dig deep to find it. Just nuances of who he “is”. Regardless of his truth or what he’s done, he’s walking on a tightrope here, & I’ve decided to give him some slack & lightly converse with him, which I’ve enjoyed. Something I’d never have considered before, because I was hell bent on “getting” him. And he’s changing as the days go by, so I’m willing to wait. I really don’t think he’s having an easy time right now & so I have toned down my hatefulness, but it took awhile.

  45. McAfee4President Avatar

    Wow… You took the time to come on here just to say that!? Are you 12?

  46. Elizabeth Avatar

    I mean the s**t is going to hit the fan. That’s why I’m posting questions now, cuz good luck from now on.
    P.S. I doubt that Belizeans can identify the components for MDPV, as it is not illegal & they would have no need to test for it. Plus, you can change it ever so slightly & it becomes once again, a substance that has no way of being identified by the labs. That’s why there is no way to test for it, because the Russians & Chinese are continually changing the formula to circumvent the “illegal status”. As soon as they remove the old bath salts & fake pot from all the stores & outlaw them in the U.S., a new form of MDPV is being imported & because one or two molecules have been changed, voila, a new “legal” drug. And it is a multi-billion dollar market, with high school kids selling franchises out of their parent’s homes… Cause it’s incense & bath salts. It’s so insane.

  47. Joe Avatar

    John, MDPV was patented in 1969. You yourself said all testing showed the “tan” as MDPV still. The effects profile did not. This is one reason why Bayer, or whomever, would not be interested, as no profit for a patented drug. Two, drugs with a ki value 20x the value of cocaine for DA and and IMMENSE recreational value and abuse potential would not make it through any of the phase trials. A schedule 2 drug for an aphrodisiac ? Not likely. And as for your final question, “if not, what am I still doing here?” answers itself. You are bugging your house for months, acting unusually eccentric, causing a furor on the island, and somehow either mixed up in a murder case or the victim of a crazy cover up. Sounds to me, a chemist with whom you discussed MDPV on bluelight with, exactly the effects of prolonged use of MDPV, tan or not. If you come clean on this a huge contingent of your followers will have an easier time believing the rest of the tale. Otherwise, what appears to be a clear lie, distancing oneself from your words and work and from the bath salts frenzy makes me, and others, dubious about the rest of this. MDPV is the glue that holds all this together, and fractures it apart if yoy will. I speak from experience, and have been here since almost day one. Just a thought. Talk to the RIGHT journalist. There is one. . . .

  48. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    I will see what I can do about the sponsership with Procter…good to know your sense of humor is still in tact. Again take care.

  49. SL Avatar

    To those of us who have done our homework, no. Many people who comment here seem to have lost the ability to find the dots to connect.

    MDPV, bath salts as it is known in the states, is a known compound. The BZ authorities confiscated stuff they found in your lab. From what I have read, they were unable to identify any of it.

    Once you have appeared today for your interviews, be prepared for the comment flood. Many of whom will not have done the homework.

  50. SL Avatar

    I hope all goes well for you in your interviews. Since I had never heard of either of the podcasters you have chosen, I listened to them last night. In my humble opinion…

    Joe Rogan has completely bought into the “bath salts”, sex with 17 year old,, wanted for murder, crazy old man description of you.

    Alex Jones, while being more of a news type format, seems to lean hard right, which may or may not be helpful to your cause depending upon how others view him.

    Side note: People should do their homework if they are going to ask you questions. I did not think you were being testy, you are frustrated. You are being very polite given the circumstances and some people’s silliness.

  51. John McAfee Avatar

    Sam (a practical girl to say the least) has been lathering me with Vicks. It helps. Someone please try and get sponsorship from the Proctor and Gamble folks. I coult possibly replace this seven by nine foot box I’m living in with a nice shipping container.

  52. John McAfee Avatar

    So I am not coming of as a paranoid madman? Good to know. So these bugbites might actually actually REAL? Thank the Lord. I’ll stop pinching myself to try and wake up.

  53. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    No need for an apology, you are on the run for life. I think Sam is great and glad you have her with you. Don’t know if you can get your hands on any but one of the best natural insect repellents is Vick’s Vaporub. Best of Luck! Please continue to keep us posted.

  54. Jimmy Hamborough Avatar
    Jimmy Hamborough

    MDPV is an extremely addictive drug. Most people who start it and like it, tend to use it regularly , and they cannot get off of it very easily. Especially someone like John, who is an admitted former drug addict and who sought AA treatment for it many years ago. Frankly, I cannot see how anyone on MDPV could function at the level John is functioning at right now. And I also do not see how a guy who has an addictive personality could do MDPV for several months and then suddenly stop without rehab and continue functioning like John has been. I would say we can sweep the MDPV-use accusations under the rug for now unless someone has a party video tape that shows it to the world. Then I will believe it.

  55. Highrise Avatar


    You should take some time to chill out, you have been at this blog without a break way too long, go chill out, we can wait.

    Take care.

    Highrise 🙂

  56. Glasses Required Avatar
    Glasses Required

    If you are 67 and living in a tree, how do you read the tiny print chosen for the new design layout?

    Old site > New site =)

  57. getrealeh Avatar

    I don’t think it really matters whether you were making MDPV or not. I understand it is not illegal in Belize. However, I think you need to understand that for many readers this is a diversion–entertainment; a kind of convoluted crime story. Some are emotionally invested in your story and others are not. You live what to many of us is a high risk lifestyle in an exotic culture. One of the themes of this docu-drama has been that appearances can be deceiving and that anything is possible. People tend to believe things that are familiar and proven. Most of what you have shared is very unfamiliar to most people and the evidence open to interpretation based on each reader’s experience and expertise. A DEA agent is not going to have the same perception of Belize as a cultural anthropologist. Skepticism is normal and healthy and should not be taken personally.

  58. Mark Stevens Avatar
    Mark Stevens

    John you seem pretty together for someone that puts bath salts up his ass.

  59. Elizabeth Avatar

    That’s just it. He is NOT wanted for murder, no charges have been filed, he is not a wanted man. Period. So as far as we know, there will be no trial. I think John has his ear to the ground & the coconut telegraph says, “no manhunt”. He could go home & tell the police that he has nothing to say & knows nothing about the murder. That is his right. BUT, for some reason, he thinks his life is in grave danger. I, for one, do not believe this & so, here we all are. But it’s kind of fun & exciting, weird & tragic, all rolled into one. The world’s first “live aventure mystery”. I swear, it’s like being in a dream, just totally surreal. And I cannot get any work done!!!

    P.S. I have a suggestion. Once someone replies to someone else’s comment, the Reply box disappears & anyone else who wants to leave a comment on the same topic, has to go to the bottom of the page. This causes comments to be out of order & to sometimes make no sense. Just a suggestion, but great job!!!!

  60. Ellen O'Rourke Avatar
    Ellen O’Rourke

    I believe you are innocent. Your postings are brilliant and educational. I got advice from a wise and well connected friend and it was to have U.S. Congressional pressure applied to bz. It worked once before with a Republican Congressman holding up aid to Ecuador until a certain criminal was released. On my own, I just wish you would get out of there. Changes to a place like that will take a long time. You would get a more fair trial probably anywhere else in the world. Great job with the blog!!! Prayers and best wishes.

  61. John McAfee Avatar

    OK. If I had really “rediscovered” the lost “Tan” formula I would seriously consider changing professions. I would have immediately flown to Germany, walked into Bayer Pharmaceutical’s offices, with the formula – and a sample – in hand, and asked for a check for a billion dollars. If you have read about the mythical “Tan mdpv” – the ultimate “marital aid enhancer”, then you would have no doubts that Bayer would have written the check and the president of Bayer would have presented it to me while on his knees with his head bowed, while muttering “The world is now ours”. It is absurd!!! It was a f***ng joke. If not, what am I doing here?

  62. Bruce Avatar

    Hope she isn’t using your paranoia to get her jollies too intentionally. Then again maybe you’re a masochist and you both win.

  63. McAfee4President Avatar

    That’s totally understandable. I can only imagine how many people ask the same question over and over again. Mostly all are questions they could answer themselves if they had just read the blog…

    The new blog layout looks great! Nice job!

  64. Joe Avatar

    Greatly enjoying this, and I understand the necessity of distancing yourself from “bath salts” drugs, etc, in such dire situations, like being hounded for murder and a clearly touchy relationship with the authorities. I’m carefully considering ALL scenarios, but really, you remove MDPV/tan from this equation and it all makes even less sense. Substantially. There is too much communication, too much talk in your locale, for this “tan” stuff to be all a hoax. You need to explain yourself to a willing and objective journalist made for the job. Vice comes to mind, but not everybody there., a specific reporter who could do this justice. Email me for more details. I had assumed you were guilty until reading more , now we just need more details to fill in the blanks. But without honing up to the MDPV escapades, this won’t stand. Think it might be amongst your best defenses (and not by reasons of insanity, much more to it than that)

    But Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted, good luck to you, and talk to the RIGHT reporter to get your story out, MDPV included. Too hard to just sweep it under the rug, and makes many of us want to discount the rest you say.

    Good luck John.