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  1. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Please everyone sign this petition and share this link on every social website you use Facebook, Twitter Etc. This is the type of thing that needs to be going viral rather than a video of a dog carrying a cat back inside the house for the owner….though that was hilarious.

  2. SL Avatar

    The White House does officially respond to all petitions with over 25K signatures. Notice the most recent one in the news was the one to have Piers Morgan deported.
    Their response was spot on. For all our Government’s faults, we have a solid constitution and for the most part, a pretty sane police/FBI/etc.
    In America the bodies would not have been treated so disrespectfully and if there was threat of a riot, the highly trained Riot Police would have been sent out to diffuse the situation. Certainly no live rounds would have been shot into a crowd of civilians.
    Yeah I know they get a bt over the top with the pepper spray and tazers, but that is not random shooting of bullets into a crowd.

  3. WEB Avatar

    must wake up before posting, lol.
    Signed 🙂

  4. WEB Avatar

    Great idea David. Does this help you?

  5. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    ok, the petition is created and can be found here

    150 Signatures makes it searchable on the White House website and 25,000 requires a official response from the White House.

    Lets get this link spread to as many location as we can quickly as we only have 30 days to receive the 25,000 signatures.

  6. John McAfee Avatar

    It certainly can’t hurt.

  7. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    We can always start a petition to request the white house respond to the need to investigate the Ricin situation. It would probably end up being ignored like the request for states to secede from the union but at least if it gets the number of signatures at least someone there would read it…the right person reading it is another story. Let me know if you would like me to handle that. I will start the petition if you think it would be a good idea. Will not do it without prior approval as I don’t know if you think this kind of attention is the best route. Considering you say they already know and obviously are doing nothing about it. But with a successful petition passing the threshold would at least tell us another 25,000 people have been made aware. Let me know.

  8. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Or he has been silenced….praying not the case….but things are getting crazy…and john did attach his name to Alex Jones Recently….which I pray does not happen but would not be surprised if one day we go to listen to Alex Jones live and there is nothing but dead air. Its all happening very quickly now and I fear 2013 will being going down in the history books….if they allow it to be printed at that point…………..

  9. M Avatar

    Where. Is. Sam.?

  10. Acapuclo Kev Avatar
    Acapuclo Kev

    [email protected] is my E-mail address. Feel free to drop me a line.

  11. a_nomad Avatar

    Well, if I was a profiler I’d say allowing all sorts of comments allows Mr. AcAfee having a legit scope into what goes through the audiancences mind? – for a perpuse. Allow all, make me look honest and legit.
    The gullible are predictable, the controversy is what drives the train. The gullible can’t see it through. I am bored. Life is stranger than fiction, I totally agree. If a report seems to be just that, the gulliblas swallow it like fresh cream and make their own conspiraqcy theories fill the void in their lives. Go Johnny go, haha. I run the governments of the world! hahahaha

    I am suspecting that all of this has been a promo for a weird movie and all the hard core supporters will feel like idiots at the end.
    If not, as I stated above, a fool parts with his… whatwer it was. It has all became very boring. It’;s still on my Firefox, clicking it again.. Damn.

  12. WEB Avatar

    c.b. Your post saddens me. Is it possible that native Belizeans can take this opportunity to do something positive for themselves and their Homeland? I’ve followed John’s blog since the beginning, and being a skeptic by birth, have done a lot of research about your country. His claims of corruption have been substantiated by other natives as well as the newspapers. The well documented crime rate is skyrocketing, and at last count you were up to 8 murders in the first 8 days of 2013. There is no doubt that John’s own actions rubbed some the wrong way, and I agree, he should have been more sensitive to your culture. With that said though, I do question how you can make him responsible for the despicable actions of your horrible police? Do you mean that if JM had not provided the police with supplies that none of what you described would have happened? Or is it more likely that they would have committed the same atrocities using weapons they already had, or obtained somewhere else? Please don’t get me wrong… what is happening in Belize needs to be stopped, and the actions you described above are criminal. Native Belizeans must take the lead, but you are not alone….there are people on this blog who are willing to help. People who don’t know you, but who believe that you deserve a life free of a government that abuses you in multiple ways. People who would not know of these deplorable acts were it not for John McAfee. Your comment indicates your knowledge ~ “your boat donated, we know what gets done with that”. I don’t, which leads me to believe you are fully aware of some sort of clandestine operations with said boat….a government boat. Please c.b., take this opportunity that has been presented and run with it. The world is still curious, and you would have great support in changing the status quo, and improving your lives. We are with you Belize. 🙂

  13. WEB Avatar

    very sad 🙁

  14. WEB Avatar

    Well said Schadenfreude. While I have concluded that John is not a murderer, and there are other un-disputable facts (information we were told by JM, which then in turn was reported elsewhere w/o him as a source), I too am waiting for more. Even though I have no relationship to Greg Faull, I want his murder to be solved. Both his family and JM deserve that. Regardless of how some may perceive it, I do care about John’s safety, though we will never meet. Most of us have compassion for our fellow man…. and no, it’s not because he is a celebrity, it’s because I’m human. Yes, we have been lied to, but having been told about it, we were allowed to make up our own minds regarding the effect to the overall story. Personally, I chalk a lot of it up to self preservation…sheer survival. As you said S, the info John gave us on the 3rd has neither been proven nor dis-proven. What I find odd is that it hasn’t been disputed either. This blog is not the only place the story has been reported, yet no one…no government, group, or person has come forward to say that JM is “crazy” on this too. The MSM was pretty quick to jump all over that in the beginning. Complete silence makes me curious as well. After all, the talking heads love to hear themselves speak and would probably jizz in their pants to have an exclusive like this.
    So please, @Robert, could we stop calling everyone who shows support for John “stupid and ignorant”, of which I am neither. Understand that there are people out there who do not rush to judgement, and require more facts to make an educated conclusion. I’m not offended, just tired of being called something I’m not. Thanks 🙂

  15. Acapuclo Kev Avatar
    Acapuclo Kev

    Oh but I do spell it this way. Do some homework. Good eyes though.

  16. Snowblind Avatar

    I saw a pi ture of him wrPped in white sheets and being loaded in the same truck bed

  17. Schadenfreude Avatar

    Life is cheap, (un)predictable, illusory, tragic, momentary, malevolent. Anyone thought its easier in Belize?

  18. Schadenfreude Avatar

    Understandable, Robert. Don’t apologize. But consider, why is it necessary to believe or disbelieve now? especially without enough information. Mcafee has enough foolhardy detractors already, and a few foolhardy admirers too. In actuality, the forces that be (big media) have remained neutral, waiting, hoping for a verifiable story and perhaps an exclusive. And why not? Has anyone proven him otherwise? Besides, there are many facets to this, beyond the question of belief or not, and those are some of the reasons (some) of us continue to follow…for now…neutrally…and in no rush for closure.

  19. kc_wantstoknow Avatar

    ok, let me get this straight. You wouldn’t pay a bribe to certain government officials in Belize. They got angry, illegally raided your home, shot your dog, and stole your stuff. You got angry and wanted revenge. So, You spied on them in a totally 21st century manner. Uncovered some scary stuff about Hezbollah in cahoots with the drug cartels producing ricin – all under the protection and guidance of the Belize Government? You further state that the U.S. Government is aware of this terrorist/ricin scheme to kill Americans.
    Someone murdered your neighbor and the Belize officials are saying you did it in an effort to silence you?
    I say to you: gather your aforementioned gleaned info, put it in a coherent expose’, release it to a “credible” source and John Q.Public. Make OUR Government answerable to these accusations by either affirming them or repudiating them.

  20. SL Avatar

    If you are going to pretend to be someone, at least spell his moniker correctly.
    The real AK still has a little hateful vendetta thing going for John. Not sure what his little deal is since he came a bit late to the party and just cannot get his facts straight at all.
    He claims to have inside info, yet his statements contradict things which are verifiable from many reputable sources.
    Perception is Reality and his reality is buried deep inside a cloud of venom and hate. So sad for him….

  21. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    It crossed my mind that John may indeed be very busy…talking with FBI, CIA, Homeland Security,etc. This information about Hezbollah and Ricin is serious, and surely the authorities will pay attention…I hope !

  22. Francisco Avatar

    John…You were right about the GSU now classified as Central America’s newest death squad . Four people were killed commando style with their troat slashed colombian neck tie sytle…

  23. Acapuclo Kev Avatar

    I’ve realized that I’m an idiot and think that bloggers on this site should forgive me for being such an idiot.
    Regards, AK

  24. WEB Avatar

    I’m glad that wasn’t filmed…..that would have been horrible for his family to see. Is that method of transport normal for impoverished &/or 3rd World countries? It just seemed so unkind and disrespectful the way the bodies were treated, but I suspect that may have been “personal” given the identities of the victims.

  25. Schadenfreude Avatar

    A. J. not poor, that’s for sure. But most of his audience is! and such ideological shows are widely considered to be irresponsible, opportunist, and -exploitative, -a true “schadenfreuder”. That’s being polite. But, Mr Mcafee handled it very well.

  26. Gaby Avatar

    By not commenting or giving any news, no matter how brief, you are losing the momentum on this blog and your letter writers will be dropping like flies as you lose credibility. There are so many subjectsthat you have just completely dropped that seemed so important to you at the time..and thus to your readers. Where are your body guards? What has happened to your property, your busineses,in Belize? The investigation of the death of Mr Faull? Sam, Amy? Silence is golden but also can turn against you. You jump from one thing to another. This blog started out to be how the corruption in Belize affected you. Now it is becoming a Tom Clancy novel.

  27. WEB Avatar

    Please Sir, can we have some more? lol
    Seriously though, John & Chad can you let us know you’re okay? No word from either of you for days tends to freak out a lot of us.
    On another note John, there are more news outlets picking up your story, and true to form, they have missed the boat. Of the three articles I just read; Huffington Post,, and The Register, each one detailed your findings by starting off with the sexual affairs you discovered and then the Hezbollah connection. It looks like they’re all cheating from the same kid’s paper. SMH.

  28. Gaby Avatar

    They transported Gregory Faull in the exact same manner, in the back of an open truck.

  29. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    also john drew a distinction between his ricin story and his past prank by saying his past practical jokes have never been “dangerous” but recommending bath salts as the best drug ever and even taking pictures of bath salts he purchased along with them in various forms of chemical reactions… extremly dangerous for obvious reasons. for all we know somebody killed themselves trying to create the mythical “tan” mkpv or entered into a serious addiction/ate someones face… sorry but in my life experience when i get the gut feeling things dont add up, they generally dont. again maybe im wrong but someone has to at least consider these things.

  30. Sandwillow Avatar

    What happened to the 23 young ladies and 6 young men who became involved with the Belizian officials. Are they exposed by this and how do they stay safe?
    Was their safety insured before the interview?
    AND, now I wonder what happens to the current girl/boy friends of these officials, they could be suspected of something they didn’t do, harmed or even killed for it.
    This all seems very interesting until I think about the fact that 1 man, at least, is dead, and there could be others.

  31. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    sry but i wasnt being negetive for the sake of being negetive, i just got bored of seeing the same posts over and over…..i mean lets be honest people, would you be so forthcoming with offers of help if john was an average person? and even the alex jones interview had all types of conflicting info…..i just started to feel like im part of a bizare practical joke rather then a part of any type of pursuit for social justice. look, if john can get this ricin story on a major news network ill change my tune but if their was a real story here someone besides alex jones would be reporting it. and when john said, every man woman and child in the world is in immediate danger of a ricin attack (or something to that effect), i couldnt help but think how rediculous that statement is for too many reasons for me to list here. maybe theres more to story that will clearify things but currently i dont find any of this believeable and that same disbelief is starting to question if anything john has said is true. obviously he gets a kick out of illustrating how ignorant and stupid people can be and its hard to trust someone who has admitted to lieing, decieveing, and manipulating people over and over again. im only stating my opinion, perhaps im wrong, i mean no offence to anyone.

  32. Eli Avatar

    O.k. finished watching. Is a good interview despite the idiot who ends with expressing doubts as to John’s credibility, quotes the Lord of the Rings, mixes Mordor and Matrix to prove his points. Poor guy, poor man.

  33. Eli Avatar

    Am watching…. Alex Jones is a TOTAL idiot. Didn’t do his homework in reading your situation, John. Otherwise he would have known you were met in Miami by American authorities to assist you (who obviously know perfectly well Belize is totally corrupt and that you are innocent). This guy is just dumb and his show is nothing more than a fantasy formula to sell water filters and such to “preppers”. A niche market. I bet next week he’s going to “prove” that the government is in league with the Nefelim to destroy white American males or sperm count or who knows what. Crap. Then he’ll sell you sperm protection pills or something. Would be a perfect mate for Anne Coulter if he had any couth but hasn’t an iota of class either. No brains, no education, no class. No looks either. What’s he got? A drawl, an appeal to the brain-dead paranoid and you, John, appeared on his show?

  34. Eli Avatar

    Very bad idea of yours, John, to talk on this disinformation show. The newscaster claims at about 05:20 that there is such a thing as “State-controlled” media in the U.S. “State-controlled” media my ass. Very poor judgment on your part, John.

  35. Don Avatar

    The Belize prime minister will meet with gang members, but he won’t meet with the entrepreneur John McAfee. I guess it takes a few million dollars in contributions for a rich American to get an appointment with the prime minister. Or correction is that a few million dollars of extortion? Anyways this is one of the hidden retirement costs of retiring to Belize. It doesn’t show up in any retirement spending calculators.

  36. Gaby Avatar

    This blog is alot more interesting when there are both postive and negative comments. I appreciate they they are allowing both.

  37. Lonerfirst Avatar

    u r last weeks tomatoes. The world has ceased to care about u.

  38. SL Avatar

    I watched the clip. How incredibly gruesome. Belize doesn’t have proper vehicles for putting bodies in? No medical examiner to show up and pre-examine the bodies and insure the integrity of the bodies as evidence? They were haphazardly, and poorly, wrapped in plain sheets. Some of their body parts were exposed which would compromise the evidence and the body.
    No wonder murders don’t get solved. I didn’t see any forensics experts either. Just the police, contaminating the scene and allowing the press to film it all.

  39. SL Avatar

    Did you see the same clips I did?
    He did a horrible job! The stuff they are all afraid of that he government wants to take the guns away so that we will be unarmed and they can take over…. Really?
    And just what the hell do these people think they can do against a tank? Seriously! Back in 1776, the British armiy’s arms were the same as the revolutionaries. Is Alex Jones really advocating fighting the government?
    That’s pretty much the definition of fringe right there. I’m glad John did not get sucked into agreeing with Alex Jones that this was all part of the US government trying to enslave us all.
    Alex Jones had his chance to rationally debate gun control with Piers Morgan, it appeared more like an unhinged lunatic. Now that the video is making the rounds, John being associated to Alex Jones will detract from his credibility and message. The time to act is soon, Mr McAfee dear sir. your opponents will circle their wagons and really have a field day with this.

  40. Belize Avatar

    Hey Check this out. News today in Belize.

  41. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    Good information, David. Thank you for sharing.

    In light of the potential risk of exposure to Risin, everyone should read this.

  42. WEB Avatar

    link for part 2 is on the page.

  43. Johnaut Avatar

    BTW : Not trying to get into it but , Chris , You said discussing gun control on Piers Morgan Show, Did we watch the same show , I didn’t see a discussion , I saw a one man tirade, I hope he doesn’t represent me and my peers to the UK and the rest of the civilized world…..the man was a raving imbecile, out of control.

  44. Johnaut Avatar

    I am probably a bit off the current subject , but , last night I watched/listened to the interview between John Mcaffee and Alex Jones , I may be be a little behind the parade but , I thought it went quite well and felt respect for them both .
    Tonight I back tracked again and watched/listened to the “Debate” between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones , I came away glad that Alex Jones does not represent me or my thoughts , What a F**King Buffoon , John , I think you need a more believable representative someone a little more mainstream , perhaps “Dateline” or “20/20” , but the likes of Alex Jones will get you nowhere , the man is too out there.
    I still wish you all the best ….Cheers ..

  45. Chris Avatar

    Just want to say that Alex Jones did an excellent job discussing gun control on the Piers Morgan show.

  46. DB Avatar

    Maybe John does not want to bring attention to them anymore than he has to at this point. You can be sure that some of the very people who are corrupt are following this blog. Or maybe there is nothing much to report. That John is seldom here may mean that there are things in the works that he is trying to get accomplished. He has stated that he has an overwhelming amount of documentation to go through, and making arrangements would also take some time. I guess we have to be patient and see what comes next.

  47. c.b. Avatar

    Mr. McAfee,

    You’ve gotten a lot of drama out of this. Now, we here in Belize are experiencing the consequences of this very unnecesary games.
    Our young sons are dying today on the south side and I hope you open your yap soon if you have anything to say. We where, around you, who you never even noticed us. 10 % of what you spent on women could have made 4 parks. You are free to spend your money any way you please, but heaven help the traveler that doesn’t know to soften his trail.

    Your boat donated, we know what gets done with that. Your batons broke our daughters scalp. Your gas cans got thrown into a building full of children who were practicing carnival. They panicked and came out to get sprayed by the pepper spray you supplied. Some parents got shocked by the guns you supplied.

    We are a peaceful people. Why don’t you take the two young girls you robbed from us and leave the rest of our family alone?

    You are a very smart sexually stinted person, but you don’t realize the depth of our love down here.

    That was your first trip up.

    It will follow you to the grave and I am so sorry for that.

  48. M Avatar

    where is sam?

  49. a_nomad Avatar

    I agree with Robert Gemerek. John was an expat in Belize, who thought he can tell the locals what to do because of the money he had. I could write an essay about it, but in short, if any foreigner came to the USA and started telling people how to live, planting key-loggers on laptops, that person would be accused of espionage and terrorism. Adding to that, now doing it out of revenge? Great motive, haha There are so many expats in Belize and other Central American countries, and their homes don’t get raided. I think John has been sticking his ego driven fingers in to not his business, and while there is a bunch of gullible people making him as a hero, the truth is this story became boring and the motives very questionable. Loosing the property in Belize? Tough luck, a price for messing around thinking being invincible. Then ‘lost everything’ while n ow enjoying cowboy life? Things don’t add up, looking at the timeline of events and facts. Anyway, one serious prank about super drug, perhaps now another prank, or dilution, about all the Belize wanting to go after oh so important to their country John. Also, I can’t imagine any country in the world wanting to welcome John on their soil now. No country wants a trouble maker. So, I think John should make the best out of his stay in the o’l abandoned before USA, because there will be no other land available to him out there.

  50. c.b. Avatar

    I know you got the last message. Answer yourself.



  51. SPmQQse Avatar

    i for one…am tired of waiting for the expose`..of the corupt individuals…police, polititions or whoever…gesz krice mon…i’m
    patients is not a virtue at all…!! too old for this waiting game…!!
    patients…is not, a virtue..!!
    it’s a pain in the ass…!!

    and my head hurts…[hopefully i’ll gain something about that ,in the forthcomming info page..!!]….like seriously… there might be hacking that reveales info pertaining to my situations.

  52. WEB Avatar

    yes, I know he wasn’t really a girl, lol

  53. WEB Avatar

    @John, glad to see you taking the next step to getting your money back. The lawyer and the prissy girl who wouldn’t pee outside deserve everything you can throw at them. Greedy bastards. Is there any way to add some sort of harassment or undo stress to this suit so you can really hit them where it hurts? Now that would be justice. The fact it was dismissed “with prejudice” provides you with an advantage when appearing before another court. Judges aren’t usually fans of attorneys who bring frivolous suits before them, and often react accordingly.
    I enjoyed the excerpt from ‘Round up at the Rodeo Cafe’…..good read with “more please” written all over it. 🙂

  54. deb d Avatar
    deb d

    dear Administrator: Why are so many (positive) comments rejected lately? I have been able to post numerous times since I have followed this blog from Day One, as have others. Also, I am disappointed by the fact that there has been no mention of Sam or explanation to why she cannot be mentioned.??? Speaking of John’s close friends, there was really nothing written or said about his three employees other than a “Thank you” and more than quite a few letters from people here were sent on behalf of their release from prison. Just wondering what is happening with what seems to be John’s disposable circle of friends and associates?

  55. schadenfreude Avatar

    Alex Jones’ shows & his other promo endeavors are primarily of the “entertainment” genre, or “reality-radio” if you will, with a niche audience. Thus, it is a questionable forum for serious issues of broad public concern. However, sometimes Jones’ sole focus and that of his guests overlap (however slightly) and the interview is of mutual benefit.

  56. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    “Lawsuits are the true corruption in the world”
    -John McAfee 12/12/12
    “I’m suing the bastard back!”

  57. Sky Gypsy Avatar

    Flying with John McAfee…

  58. Crazy Larry Avatar
    Crazy Larry

    Alex Jones thinks guns will be taken away from everyone. He said the world was going to end a year ago. Not much truth from him. Just saying.

  59. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Robert Gemerek’s Comment remains on the blog but my response to his post is rejected? Spent quite a bit of time typing all that out out lol. Chad or john or whomever rejected my response if you could please kindly email me with the reason it was rejected. Not sure where I went wrong. I’m sure it was something but just a bit of clarification would help me understand. Thank you — After reading this you can reject this one also as on this one I understand on the front end.

  60. Na Avatar

    Robert Gemerek, you know why people do not make love on the street? Because people like you will kill them with recommendations. If you do not like something, just go, do not spread negativity.

  61. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Your diminishing interest in the matter must have you paying attention to less detail. You say he could be using his mind and resources to do the world allot of good?….Not trying to start a argument here I just think you possibly missed the parts where john is outing people involved in producing a chemical weapon of mass destruction capable of killing millions of people. I think releasing knowledge to the people that may save millions of lives is a damn good use of his mind and resources. But he will be the first to tell you this whole time this whole thing has been about him flexing his muscles and getting revenge on people who did him wrong. And in the process of him getting his revenge he has stumbled on information that will take down many people who have done him wrong (bird one) and also save the lives of millions (bird two) As for it being a clumsy exit from belize I have no idea how you could think his plan and execution was anywhere close to clumsy…it was executed damn near perfectly using tactics even the CIA would be impressed with….I mean COME ON! The guy used his Doppelgänger he recruited many years ago juuuuust in case in order to throw off officials to push past checkpoints…With so many variables that could of prevented his exit and all those variables were thought out and assigned fail safes…His exit was not clumsy at all my friend. Also he did mention the reward on Alex Jones in the first interview…yes there were two interviews. oh and who would not be concerned about bangin thier woman….Sam is hot as hell. If I were john my priorities would be #1 “Bangin’” Sam then #2 Saving millions of lives by educating people of a possible Ricin toxin attack.

  62. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    John is taking a break for a moment after working on the Jan 3rd release and the Alex Jones etc. interviews and Chad is Busy working on The Graphic Novel and many many many other things right now. Chad is a very busy person and does post when he feels it is his place to state something. And John is of course busy and at this moment needs to be working on resting or going through his piles and piles of collected info in order to have more to say here rather than spending time responding to us thought we would love for him to spend more time chatting with us here in the blog. But I do make one request as many other have. We have not heard any updated on the girls. Chad or John next time you scroll through drop us a quick line to let us know at least if they are still safe and if you have any status updates on immigration proceedings.

  63. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    john mcafee is the antivirus in person? what does that even mean? this blog has become absurd,maybe its always been. i dont even know why i keep coming back….i thought you had some mind blowing info that was going to change the world because thats how you built it up…..instead it looks more like your trying to take attention away from the lawsuits against you, the still unsolved murder which you made no mention of on alex jones, u didnt even mention the reward. and then you continue to present this persona of someone who is always one step ahead of everyone and leaves nothing to chance but your clumsy exit from belize proves otherwise and its getting kind of old. you couldve used your resources and mind to do the world alot of good but it seems your more concerned with your ego and banging young woman. but hey nobodys perfect…

  64. WEB Avatar

    man these guys need to be stopped.

  65. Rob Avatar

    What can I say? John McAfee is the antivirus, in person! 🙂 Sell the right for a movie on this story for good money!!! I promise I will buy it original! 🙂

  66. connie Avatar

    Maybe John and Chad are missing from this board because they are making the movie…

  67. SPmQQse Avatar

    when my house was thieved ,a year ago…and the neighbourhood watch people in tres cocos recovered and handed in all of my recovered belongings to the police….for evidence…the san pedro police ”disposed” of it all within 4 days..fridge ,stove, sterio, ect.ect. .all if it…
    and then of course they deny any knowedge of the event…!!

  68. iceesurfer Avatar


  69. WEB Avatar

    Someone sold his stuff? That’s disgusting. I wonder if anyone took pictures of money changing hands, identifying the sellers…. hope so. smh
    John, glad you posted 🙂 Nice job on Alex Jones, he gave you ample time to speak, and your message came out clear and concise. Thankfully, I only counted once that AJ went all ‘conspiracy theory’ talking about the Governments ‘knowledge/participation’ ~ “…so they can come in and take all our weapons”, lol, and that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, I still can’t find any MSM outlet that’s picked up the story. Ars Technica has reported it as the most bizarre story of the week. Very skeptical author.

    On a funny note, on the 2013 Prediction List from Miami New Times/Riptide, you’re listed 2nd of 8 forecasts by the author.
    “• Wily multimillionaire John McAfee won’t have to go back to Belize to answer questions about his neighbor’s death. He will settle into a new mansion on Star Island and make himself our new local hero when he buys the Miami Marlins from Jeffrey Loria.”

    Stay safe 🙂

  70. David Snider Avatar
    David Snider

    Great information on Ricin Toxin here. There is no treatment or Cure but would not hurt for people to educate themselves on this toxin so they might know the symptoms so we might have an idea what is going on if an attack is made with this toxin. I guess at least if people you know and or yourself start having this symptoms you can let people know to break out their hazmat suit they was called crazy for buying.

  71. John McAfee Avatar

    He will be relieved of duty of the GSU momentarily. So he leaves the world of guns and power and takes a desk job

  72. onlooker Avatar

    Sources on Ambergris Caye tell me that last weekend, many of McAfee’s “things” were sold off yard-sale style in the Central Park.

  73. Waiting for the Belize Fall Avatar
    Waiting for the Belize Fall

    John did you see on the Belize news that GSU head Marco Vidal is now also head of Special Branch.
    Quite a promotion or reward I must say.
    I think we now know who murdered Mr. Faull.

  74. DB Avatar

    Great interview, Alex handled this one far better than the first, allowing you to get the story out there. Bravo! Glad to see your post. Your fans tend to get worried when we haven’t heard from you for a few days. We would appreciate an update on Sam, we remain concerned about her as well. Enjoy life & stay safe!