A respite from the wilderness

Today Sam and I were secreted into one of our close friend’s houses for a few hours where, for the first time in a while, Sam was able to cook us a meal and I was able to take a hot, hot bath – my new love in life.  Here is Sam, displaying her exuberance at the simple pleasures of a table:

And utensils:

As for me, after my bath I enjoyed the simple pleasures of a chair,an old TV and a hot cup of coffee.  Life is good.


Three of my friends are still being held in prison on trumped up charges.  They are:

Eddie Ancona:

Cassian  Chavarria:

William Mulligan:

They were charged and have been imprisoned because three legally licensed firearms were found in the incorrect rooms on my property (stretching the law to the extreme).  I would ask you to please email the following and demand their release:


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  1. Name ... Avatar
    Name …

    i dont know the whole story….. why do you have to hide in guatemala? what happened with the US Govt.??

  2. Ojo Avatar

    I hate to say it but that girl looks like a druggie or crackhead. sorry but this is my opinion.

  3. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. People – PLEASE send in your emails. It is the only power that we hqave at the moment. As I write this we are negotiating with Amnesty International about my three freinds who have been falsely imprisoned, and they may help. And readers of this blog now include every country in the world. We are working on a campaign to request every country to issue an “Extreme Travel Warning” for Belize. This will take weeks, however. In the meantime, the only pressure we can apply is email, Tweets, and phone calls.

  4. USweedhead Avatar

    Rodeo? Wheres that?

  5. USweedhead Avatar

    Yeah Dan is about action….i bet if everybody emailed these listed it will definetly cause awareness or at least put belize on the international radar as a fuckd up country

  6. Ole Avatar

    Well I spent a couple of years as a flight instructor on the field at his sky gypsy place in Rodeo and I learned not to believe anything John McAfee says.

  7. John McAfee Avatar

    Check your email….

  8. Eric Rodriguez Avatar
    Eric Rodriguez

    She is BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Nick Avatar

    Just sent in the emails- I hope that it can help

  10. European American Avatar
    European American

    Back in the mid ’80’s I stopped volunteering my hard earned (fiat) dollars to the “hit” men (IRS) of the mafia (Fed). Been on that path ever since. But that particular Ponzi scheme was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is “real” and what is not real. And, let me tell you, the deeper one goes, the lonelier it can become. Sadly, very few are willing to explore the depths of the rabbit hole. It’s not always a pretty site; what one discovers. But liberating, it is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the years I attempted to help others discover and explore the “real” world (of who runs the show). Brought David Icke over a few times and promoted “others”, to help inspire and inform those willing to listen. With that slight and insignificant introduction, whether Mr. Mcafee is guilty or innocent, that’s not relevant with my interest here. What sucks me into to this drama is how his journey seems to represent one that we are all on (whether we will admit it or not). What makes his so unique is his rather fearless approach to not submitting to the corruption, ironic as that may sound. In a world where very few have not given into the rampant epidemic of “taking” what isn’t there’s, he’s drawn a line and is willing to stick to his principles. A rare ability with all the temptations available on the landscape. However, can be very dangerous if one isn’t careful where one steps. I hope Mr. Mcafee stays centered and grounded in the Self and knows how to “consciously” discern in how to take the path of least resistance. If indeed he is innocent, and it seems HE could very well be (although I’m more concerned about one of his personal “associates” involvement) then if he listens to That which is the Supreme Guide capable of navigating him through the entropy, he could come out of this cluster fuck relatively unscathed, mas y menos. Whatever the case may be, we all get what we deserve, in the end.

    Truth alone Triumphs!

  11. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    John, damn it..all photos from cameras phones, etc have metadata in them that gives location gps coords..what the eff is wrong with you..

    Listen to Sam, she keep you alive

  12. Harlon Avatar

    Whatever you say bro. If you’re familiar with Chinese olympic teams, I don’t know if the consenting adult part can be assumed.

  13. USweedhead Avatar

    Wasup john glad that vicks is workin..i posted here before, been kinda glued in like all the others..i dont know or really care if you did it or not but this whole thing.is interesting….As I did my own bs google investigative thing lol I did find lots of corrupt shit with the same people u speak on..even put a face to the names…Ayy that Vidal dude aint cool…he beat woman n kids bro..HERES the article….


    And this came from the countries own newspaper…he obviously aint a upstanding morally driven citzen.

    Smh good luck bro ima blaze one for u!

  14. old IT dog Avatar
    old IT dog

    well sir, for one thing, everyone dresses like that here and it is not half clothed, this is a differnet culture, Why should a man not be allowed to live his life? Consenting adults. and it is good to have a friend in times of hardship, focus on the main point please

  15. Tim Avatar

    Sounds like Belize is “no country for old men”.
    I’ve moved this blog further down my favorites. Its now between “How to clean a tent with mildew on it” and “Fiery Grilled Shrimp Nachos Recipe”. (I only use South Carolina fresh shrimp)
    Nobody REALLY cares you know.

  16. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    It was passed down from my Grandmother, Mother, and now me. Mosquitoes are terrible here in Alabama during the Summer. I’m sorry, I’ve yet to figure out how to deal with the smell. Glad I could be of some help and happily accept my goddess position of the day! Again just like Sam practical is what we southern woman are all about. Stay safe.

  17. Sanpedrolover Avatar

    Hope you can wind this up soon, as I see you returning December 8th in the boat parade. Look at your beautiful Coastal boat decorated a few years ago. It would be just fitting for you to return in such a great manner – almost like Santa Claus at the end of Macy’s parade. Sure wish Eddie would be captaining that boat and I think most people would be most appreciative of his release. Hope you are home soon.

  18. Harlon Avatar

    If this is about corruption in Belize, why are we looking at photos of a half clothed young girl? Your lifestyle isn’t helping your cause, but maybe this is another massive spontaneous troll in the midst of real absurd events and it humors you to go out with an unconventional bang.

  19. old IT dog Avatar
    old IT dog

    john, email me

  20. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    getrealeh is right – the purse strings are attached to the nut sack.

    Ask these organizations if they’re aware of the rampant corruption in Belize and if so, what are they doing about it or what do they plan on doing about it.

    The World Justice Program – http://worldjusticeproject.org/

    Transparency International – http://www.transparency.org/getinvolved

    Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption – GOPAC – http://www.gopacnetwork.org/

    International Monetary Fund – IMF – http://www.imf.org/external/countrycontactus/contactus.aspx?CountryCode=BLZ

    Organization of American States – http://www.oas.org/juridico/english/blz.htm

    The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – OECD – http://www.oecd.org/

    The World Bank – Corruption Hotline – http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/EXTABOUTUS/ORGANIZATION/ORGUNITS/EXTDOII/0,,contentMDK:20659616~menuPK:1702202~pagePK:64168445~piPK:64168309~theSitePK:588921,00.html

    United Nations Global Compact – Anti-Corruption – http://www.unglobalcompact.org/AboutTheGC/TheTenPrinciples/anti-corruption.html

    It’s hard to say where an individual begins the fight against corruption but it probably makes sense to start with a small country like Belize and work towards the big fish first world.


  21. Addison Avatar

    Hey John, I saw your interviews on Joe Rogan and Alex Jones. Whoever advised these shows to you was smart. It was interesting to hear how different the story has been made, it is really all absurd.

    I’m sure if you decide to leave, which you don’t seem to want to do unless you already have you would probably be welcome here in Canada.

  22. StuffMongerFan Avatar

    Citronella essential oil works for me. Smells good. No eye watering.

  23. John McAfee Avatar

    This is a true story. I have documentation.

  24. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Just as an aside, I heard from several elderly village people while I lived in Belize, that the government in the early 70’s there sponsored a very curious program. Since Belize was being threatened by Guatemala and had about one thirtieth of their population, the government was trying to promote fertility and child birth. They wanted Belizean women to have lots of children to populate all of the raw land that Belize has. The problem was that the women in the countryside, although quite fertile, were not very spontaneous about seeking sex, and so the men would have to wait until their wives were ready or take them by force.
    So the Belizean Minister of Health (like the Surgeon General in the US) came up with a plan. He started going around to the outlying villages and telling the women that sperm was the most nutritional supplement they could possibly take. Since many villagers were slightly undernourished and sometimes ate poorly in between crop cycles, this was hailed as great news. In his huge public campaign, he told women that it was very good to consume sperm orally but that it also served well when taken the other way. It would make babies but it would nourish them at the same time.
    Knowing the ignorance of villagers in Belize, he had come up with the perfect strategy for getting them to ramp up their sex drives. And Belize’s population started to increase rapidly after that. Even today, there are pockets in Belize where this myth is hailed as true and the girls are very interested in the white milk that doesn’t come in a bottle.

  25. karen Morris Avatar

    I Hope you do Get home and your friends out of prison . I dont think Belize wants to Lose all their American tourist dollars .

  26. Connie Avatar

    If you have the balls, email me & i will helP u with this. If you don’t then i know u haven’t comprehended yhe word insanity yet

  27. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    Unless you are having a dialogue (not just a demand for an apology) with the government, then IMO you are not seriously doing anything to help your friends or yourself.

    YOU chose to live in that country. YOU knew quite well how the government operates and you decided to CONTINUE to live there despite those risks.

    Do you really imagine there’s some end-game scenario here that doesn’t involve you submitting to questioning from the police? Because there isn’t.

    People can send emails all they’d like to, but no one’s letting a person of interest in a murder walk because he’s too scared to talk to the police. So you’d better find the courage to do it eventually, because at some point, they will have you in a room answering their questions. That’s how this ends.

  28. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you. I hope I remain a gentleman.

  29. Margot Avatar

    Margot from Munich, 1977 again. I’m glad you remember.

    Your ‘followers’ may not appreciate or care about this post, but it’s the only way I know to let you know.

    It’s been a very long time but I’ve always wanted to thank you. ( Long before I realized you were ‘THAT’ John McAfee.)

    When we stayed with you, you were nothing but extremely kind and generous. You were also a perfect gentleman. That week was absolutely a highlight of my trip! So much fun.

    That being said, I really wish you the very, very best and that things work out for you SOON!

    Take good care, John!

  30. John McAfee Avatar

    Ah!!! You!!! You have made my life more enjotable thatn the invesntion f remote controls. Bless you!!! Bless you!!! If we could only do sometin about the smell, and myes contantly water now. Better than a farmers co-op of mosquities drilling wells on my body though. How did you find this out? Why doesn;t the world know? b bYou are my goddess for a day.

  31. Connie Avatar

    Are you listening to the theme??

  32. John McAfee Avatar

    What do you know of my freinds? I have hired lawyers for them all. I am publicising their plight in every single post. I am supporting their families. Who do you think you are? Have you no shame? Do you naievely think they will be released if I turn myself in? Are you 6 years old, or like the post from the Georgia schoolteacxher’s students – just tell tem you didn’t do it and they will let you go? If you want to be serious, send some f—ng emails and make yourself useful. pissing on a parade serves no one.

  33. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    I suggested the Vicks. (old Alabama remedy as well) Glad you gave into letting Sam lather you up. She is practical, smart and does have huge balls. Glad to see you had a bit of a break, best of luck. Continue to keep us posted…

  34. getrealeh Avatar

    Belize is a very poor country that is on the edge of bankruptcy. They rely heavily on tourism and foreign aid from the countries that most of the ex-pats come from. Losing business and being scrutinized for human and civil rights violations is not going to improve their economic situation. I think it is going to be all about the bottom line and they will do what is expedient. They will charge someone else with the murder and hope Mcafee goes away quietly. I doubt they will want to play with him anytime soon. There are far easier marks among the expat community. Some of those co-operate with shakedowns without making a fuss. It is the cost of doing business to some people. They are part of the problem.

    Also Belize does not have unlimited resources to pursue this clusterfuck . The police cannot even afford the gasoline it would take to patrol the highways in Belize. Instead they have checkpoints. A plane full of drugs landed on a major highway in Belize not that long ago. Nothing happened and the criminals were never apprehended. The locals were not amused but what can you do? That is Belize.

    Whether McAfee is having us on about the details of his particular situation I think is moot. This is about crime and corruption that needs to be outted to the world. They take money from the first world countries while tourists and expats from those countries are dying. That makes them accountable the way I see it. The best way to make them accountable is the publicize the situation there. People have a right to know what they are getting into.

  35. nigel Avatar

    I hope John realizes that the items (like the tortillas) gave away his general location. Almost every Belizean knows that certain items can only be purchased in certain parts of the country. John just take off the tin foil hat and go talk to the nice police officers. The whole damn country doesn’t even care about you or remember you anymore.

  36. Robert Gemerek Avatar
    Robert Gemerek

    hello john, just saying my daily hello and sending my best wishes. and to add my two cents….it does seem risky for you to post any pics even though id love to see more…..every picture could be taken out of context and used as evidence against you. if somehow your captured or even if you arnt, do you worry that youve already made enough enemies in belize to last a lifetime? and that reguardless of what happens that they could deport you/kill you? it just seems unlikely that theyre going to let you continue your life as it was…..but you never know….as always i wish you and samantha the best of luck, i can see why you wouldn’t want to leave her, she looks tough and sweet at the same time.

  37. Paul Anderson Avatar
    Paul Anderson

    There are things worse than death, Mr. McAfee. And many people would include abandoning their friends to a hellish prison as one of those things. Not you though, apparently.

    To me, you come off sounding like a petulant child. You knew that the fire was hot – you chose to play with it anyway, and now you’re whining and complaining because you got burned.

    You are a guest in that country, and I am ashamed at all of the “Ugly American” stereotypes you have become the living example of.

    I know for a fact that there is corruption in Belize, but none of that excuses your ridiculous behavior or your refusal to respect the laws of the country in which you are living.

  38. John McAfee Avatar

    I am not choosing death at all. Merely acknowledging danger. Now…. this is a blog about corruption in Belize. I amswered questions about Bluelight, Drugs, etc. out of politeness, not obligation. If you want to satrt a blog about my personality, be my guest, and, if I have time i might visit. If you want to talk about corruption here, then you are welcome. If not, you are in the wrong blog.

  39. John McAfee Avatar

    Yes. I will be home again at some point soon.

  40. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    One could only hope that John has significant dirt on the higher ups to make them come to an accommodation with him. Either that or he is using his being hard to capture as a negotiating tool to lower the amount they want for their extortion. One way or another, John is smart enough to know when he will be able to live in peace in Belize again.
    Belize seems like the kind of pirate haven where once you are accommodated, you are not going to be harmed anymore.

  41. godot Avatar

    No need to RTFM me, man; I’ve read the entire enchilada, and my comprehension and retention are excellent.
    When death lies behind one door and life behind another, and a person wishing to demonstrate his rationality to the world asserts that he chooses death over life, ‘there’s something wrong with this picture.’
    Knowing that you’ve survived 2 of the greatest killers the world currently has to offer, both ‘Fear and Loathing in the Drug Trade’, and ‘Fear and Loathing in Silicon Valley’, I’ll just watch quietly and hope you have more cards up your sleeve than it appears.
    I think you’re right to dance lightheartedly when captured; It’s probably the most likely way to avoid being shot on site.
    Please excuse me for showing concern for your safety.

  42. John McAfee Avatar

    I could be beaten to death by cellmates – not the government’s problem. I could hang myself in shame in the cell – not the governments problem — there are a hundred ways they could “conveniently” excuse themselves.

  43. Joe Avatar

    You are not some local gangster they can execute no questions . You have become an international celebrity and to kill you now would be the worst move they could make. Especially after all the press coverage with you claiming such. You are still an American citizen after all, right?

  44. Marc Avatar

    John think about this even if they find the murderer . Do you really think the police and government will not now take you in for Questioning for what you have said about them .You seem to have made a rod for your own back as we say in the uk your digging a big hole for yourself if you wanted to stay Belize . No matter what happens from now on how will you ever be able to relaxe in peace without keeping one eye open . Peace

  45. John McAfee Avatar

    Do you really believe that I do not understand my situation? You clearly have read very lttle of this blog. I am well aware that if I am captured I am a dead man. I state this clearly – and it has been used as evidence of my paranoia. I have full knowledge of this system, and at 67 I have a reasonable grasp of how people work. I suggest you read a bit more rather than make assumptions about what I do or do not understand.

  46. Dan Armeneau Avatar
    Dan Armeneau

    PM me. I may be able to assist in their release.


  47. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Money is a fabulous attractor. And there are plenty of girls in Belize that take to bars when their relationship doesn’t work out. They get into a common law marriage when they are 14-18 years old, have at least one child, usually more, and then are tossed out for some simple thing like not warming the supper enough or not ironing the clothes properly. They are on their own and take up with another man who eventually treats them similarly as well. Later they end up working bars and are very available. There are tons of girls like that, some of them still very attractive.
    Also, in Belize, it is very accepted that men will have several mistresses. That is part of the culture.Having sex with a woman in Belize is one thing and having her be your live in wife is completely another. Your mistresses can all be women who don’t cook or clean well or who are difficult to deal with, but your wife won’t be. That is why many smarter women in Belize tend to like the idea of being someone’s mistress rather than his wife. The wife and family eats tortilla with lime squeezed on top for many meals, but the mistress often eats well and gets some jewelry or other stuff too.

  48. godot Avatar

    A Parable:
    I have a close friend who thought he could improve the world. He is one of the Great Engineers. Naturally, he is a very logical person.
    He read about this bad cult. It had actually killed people. This was no secret. Pictures of their starved, dehydrated, and bug-eaten bodies were in the newspapers. I’ll call it the church of scatology.
    The cult of scatology brain-washed its members. Mr. Engineer thought this was their Achilles heel. Since no one left in the cult was capable of critical thinking, my friend thought he could be the catalyst which would cause the cult to self-destruct.
    The cult had about $6B. Mr. Engineer calculated how much they had to lose before the high-ups would abscond with the rest. He made that his goal. He began costing the cult money through bad PR. He created an on-line real-time soap opera — much like this one — to document his adventure, and to serve as a pipeline to the media. He played cops-n-robbers. He attracted followers. He was quite successful. For a while.
    But Mr. Engineer had overestimated the importance of intelligence, and underestimated the power of money. A couple of years into this adventure, my close friend found himself harassed with meaningless lawsuits. Eventually he found himself in a small-town courtroom in which the cult controlled the judge.
    No one was allowed to speak in my friend’s defense. He was convicted of terroristic threats (“terrorism”) for someone else’s remark. Some anon had posted after him in a blog something like, “nuke the bastards”, but the judge seemed to be unable to tell where one post ended and the next began. Opposing counsel convinced their judge that Mr. Engineer was capable of building a nuke to ‘make good’ on the threat (which wasn’t his.) He tried to explain, but the judge silenced him. He was not allowed to speak.
    Mr. Engineer’s adversaries let him know (in so many words) that they also controlled the local small-town jail where he would be sentenced to serve. They made it known that they had recently had an inmate killed in that jail (which he verified.) They reminded my friend that they knew the whereabouts of his family members (whom they already had a record of harassing.) They implied that they would harm my friend’s family, and have him killed while he was incarcerated in the small-town jail.
    Mr. Engineer fled to Canada prior to sentencing. He applied for political asylum. Being from the US, the Canadians thought it was a joke, but, under the circumstances, it was exactly correct. Not wanting to offend its US neighbor, Canada declined.
    Everyone lost track of Mr. Engineer while he was in hiding. Eventually he was captured, and served a few years of hard time. But not in the scatologically-controlled small town. He lived. And he’s finally back to being a Great Engineer designing solutions to the world’s biggest problems.
    John, my point is that you don’t just have opponents, you have enemies. Your enemies are capable of some degree of critical thought. And they have even more money than the cult of scatology.
    You can’t win. Unless you have an incurable disease and want to go out in a blaze of glory, you need an exit strategy.
    Good luck to you. I’ll be watching with bated breath.

  49. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Sorry meant “living” and not leaving

  50. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    Hey John … I am certainly pulling for you to get out of this alive … however posting pics of Sam like this is going to display a really sad picture of the young girl when things start to turn really bad.

    Good Luck … glad you are still safe.

  51. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Thats an invaluable advice Sir.
    Next time when I will be in Tropics or South America, and somebody wants to kill me, I will be safe in the knowledge that in fact he will kill me “manana”…and not there and then…

  52. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Money is a fabulous attractor. And there are plenty of girls in Belize that take to bars when their relationship doesn’t work out. They get into a common law marriage when they are 14-18 years old, have at least one child, usually more, and then are tossed out for some simple thing like not warming the supper enough or not ironing the clothes properly. They are on their own and take up with another man who eventually mistreats them as well. Eventually they end up working bars and are very available. There are tons of girls like that, some of them still very attractive.
    Also, in Belize, it is very accepted that men will have several mistresses. That is part of the culture. If you don’t like it, don’t get into a relationship with a Belizean man.

  53. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you very much David. The greatest injustice in all of this is the incarceration of Eddie – the gentlest and most compassionate soul that I know. I am working non=stop to gain his release.

  54. W.G.J Avatar

    I worked diving in Belize back in 1977.My,how things have changed.I am rethinking my retirement plans…Bummer 🙁

  55. W.G.J Avatar

    I worked in Belize for awhile(Diving) back in 1977..My,how things have changed 🙁 bummer! I am rethinking my retirement plans.

  56. SL Avatar

    John McAfee is only wanted for questioning. No arrest warrants have been issues. The gun charges are only there because they raided his place many times.

    John is not a fugitive. Therefore Sam has not broken any laws herself. I have no doubt that John has made arrangements for her well being should he be captured. He may have made some questionable choices in life, we all have, but he remains a gentleman.

    Along with your postss that were deleted, so to was my compliment to you that I find you charming and gentlemanly
    I was flattered you replied 🙂

  57. petdemon Avatar

    John, I’m one of those who has been following your story from the beginning of reports of the murder. I was fascinated by the events of the night in question, your personality, your misadventures present and past, the exotic locations you find yourself in, the drugs and sex, your “interesting” entourage. But sadly I must now conclude that you’ve eaten your tail.

    Aside from your cunning and genius, the major theme you’ve been repeatedly promoting to the world is your master magicianship – your ability to mislead, your expertise at the “long con”. You’ve obscured stories, photos, even significant events of your past, to the point that absolutely nothing in the last 15 years of your life can be real to anybody. Sure, the corruption and brutality you claim to have experienced in Belize is no doubt real, but seriously man – that’s all been said before. You’re (allegedly) living this big crazy adventure to shed light on injustice, but you’ve proven yourself untrustable so many times that your cause has become nothing but fiction. How can you expect anyone to believe a word you say?

    And seriously John, what are you getting out of all this? Do you honestly think any of these so-called “friends” who are supporting you here are truthful beyond their wanting a fictional character to succeed? You’ve fed so many lies, untruths and fabrications that not a single person here who has not met you personally is only following a conceived narrative.

    I’m only one person. I can tell you I will continue to follow this story with interest, just as I follow the story of a decent novel with interest. But John, you’re burned every shred of credibility you ever had on this one. You exposed yourself to be but a fictional character in everything you’ve been involved in over the last 15 years – truthful or no, just or unjust.

    I will continue to follow your story, but I will no longer hope you will succeed as the protagonist of this story. I will follow, and when you are caught, killed or escaped, I will be amused. But if the end leads to death for you, I will not feel sorry as if you are a real human being.

  58. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    So whats your take on the 7 girls that were leaving with John then?

  59. David Nisbet Avatar
    David Nisbet

    john, read todays san pedro daily..it speaks of local corruption on the island, I am Eddie’s good friend from Illinois and am praying that the truth be told and you and Sam be blessed

  60. GLK Avatar

    John the picture is still there !!!

    Essentials oils are fine too. Vicks may harm your skin too. “Google” “Vick’s Vapor Rub burning”… sometimes your friend sometimes not… feel free too delete 😉


  61. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    True , I havent

  62. Travis Holub Avatar
    Travis Holub

    Many people do not understand the culture of Belize and much of Central America. It is the norm in Belize for women to enter into common law marriage with a man as soon as they get out of high school at the age of 14 or 15. Girls are groomed for early marriage by their families, and are taught to cook, make tortillas, wash clothes, sew, and take care of their smaller brothers and sisters. By the time they are 14, they are already more mature than most American girls at 25. A country girl in Belize who is not married off by the time she is twenty is almost considered an old maid or someone who is not very desirable to many traditional Belizeans. She must have something wrong with her they say. She must be a shrew or too temperamental. Girls in the countryside of Belize and much of Central America are also expected to be virgins when they marry or enter into common law arrangements. If they are not virgins, they will generally already have at least a child or two since nobody in the countryside uses birth control. Due to the fact that much of Central America is underdeveloped, people tend to have plenty of kids. I met one lady who was 47 years old and who had 24 kids, 22 of whom lived. Having 12 or 13 kids in the country areas of Belize is normal. If you only have 5 or 6, people will wonder why.
    Now things are slowly starting to change with birth control becoming more available, but the families are generally still quite large in Belize and the girls are quite mature at a much younger age than in the US or Canada. Girls under 20 are pretty much the only sought after girls in Belize who are unmarried and available. The men in Belize rarely even consider a relationship with a woman over twenty, because they figure that she has some personality defect that has caused her to be left behind.
    Sorry to tell it like it is, but the info is for those who actually want to understand things in Belize.

  63. Matt Avatar

    This is the best thing going right now on the entire Internet… For whatever that’s worth.

  64. James Galt Avatar
    James Galt

    I completely believe that not only are they corrupt in Belize, but that the higher ups have a kind of pirate street smarts. They see John coming to Belize to admittedly shelter some of his wealth from lawsuits and taxes, and so they see a perfect extortion target. He leaves one set of problems for another, so to speak. They put a price on things, he doesn’t like it, and so they come at him without the kid gloves for the next round of negotiations. These people are quite incompetent at most things, but they have a great instinct for sniffing out where they might obtain money for themselves.

  65. Tallyman Avatar

    wink wink nudge nudge 😉

  66. Gaby Avatar

    He is on all over the news, Wired magazine article, and every copycat journalist, with no shirt and tatoos. We have all seen them,we all know what he looks like, blonde or brunette. For me, a picture of him will not endanger him. However, a picture of the background, someone who knows him or his friends, will certainly figure out where that is.

  67. godot Avatar

    AR, I can tell that you have never lived in the tropics, perhaps not even in the American South. It’s the laid-back “manana” of it all. No need to react to something right away, because it may be weeks, or even never, before they get around to actually doing anything. So you post lookouts and wait.

  68. Kim Avatar

    Reading this and trying to understand what’s going on? The story is interesting but can’t figure out how you are hiding? John, what’s with the super young women? How can an intelligent man find comfort other than sex with a girl so young? Is this fair to Sam? What will be her fate if you’re caught?
    I’m not judging, just wondering???

  69. John McAfee Avatar

    Obviously, people, I will obscure anything that might give my whereabouts away. I may even, from time time, lie to you about where I am hiding, because I know the police are reading this blog. If they are not, they should chose some other occupation, because they are ill-fitted for investigative work. I beg you to forgive such lies, because the motive is not deceive my readers, but to deceive my pursuers. If there are any readers who expect me to be fully honest about my whereabouts, then I apologize, but I must beg your indulgence as I cannot commit to it. On the plus side, I will just as often be entirely truthful in describing my whereabouts. If I always lied, then the police would always know where not to look for me. My job is to make it as confusing as possible for my pursuers. Apparently it’s working. A blurb from the ltest police press statement:

    “Coming back to whether or not he is on his compound, as was rightfully mentioned earlier, he has actually allegedly reportedly said a lot of things. We’re not really sure exactly how to take them, but police actually visited his compounds just to find a whole media circus waiting. I’m not really sure what his motive is, but we went there, we visited, we checked as soon as we get the tips but there’s only so much we can do when it comes to him reporting where he is. So we’re not sure exactly what to take as truth and what to take as fictitious.”

    A note to the Press – In the first paragraph are numerous statements that you may use out of context for your next “McAfee admits to being a Liar” headline.

  70. Refugee Avatar

    It’s all getting too complicated to keep up John – even for you. At the rate your story is evolving to cover itself you will need to start hiring shills to represent themselves as supporters here soon. Only the ignorant and naive are taking any of what you write seriously now.

    The sad thing is you are clearly Good People and all of what you say about Belize is obviously true. The game you are playing now though – while fascinating – is not as slick as you believe it to be. Not by a long shot. Unless of course the real game is to convince the world that you are in fact tweaked on peevee and later life piratical desperation.

    I don’t believe you killed anyone but don’t care much in any case. Hope you and Sam stay free and manage to get off the peevee – it’s certainly a bitch…

    Nothing Lasts! Good luck…..

  71. John McAfee Avatar

    Leave for where? I’m not running now because I fear they might come after me. I’m running because they are actually coming after me. Knowing that somethimng might happen usually makes people be on the lookout for it. I was on the lookout. It happened.

  72. Tallyman Avatar

    Nothing staged? muhahaha!! Sensationalism? Of course, our ADD society requires it. Otherwise this would be boring and forgotten like so many before him [McAfee]. Both the photos are censored to obscure info. A wall outlet with a certain plug configuration might suggest he is not in Belize. Product branding is specific to regions as well. You seem to be missing the point. I’m sure McAfee understands my rush after being acknowledged — he probably experienced the same feelings while posting on Bluelight. This might be a real situation but McAfee has chosen to go public with a mystery and it’s our job as readers to see the truth. Open your eyes Mia and enjoy the ride.

  73. Brannan Avatar

    The police in Belize are more corrupt than most US citizens can comprehend. Several years ago, I narrowly escaped rape by the one police office on Caye Caulker (who would have believed me?). I have heard tale after tale of police brutality and corruption in Belize. I believe they were trying to get McAfee last spring, to enrich their pockets. American Expatriots in Belize have told me to be careful to not let them have anything “on” you, or you will be extorted. At the same time, John has the disadvantage of a sorted life (past drug & alcohol, talking about bath salts etc) which decreases his believability in the US news, no matter how brutal the Belizean police force may be. It even puts doubt in people’s minds about whether or not he could have had his neighbor killed over a dog issue. So sad.

  74. godot Avatar

    Some of you (John) may have been around long enough to remember when Abbie Hoffman was on the run. He went to great lengths in his “underground” inverviews to describe the trouble he went to for his disguises. At the end of one particular TV interview, he reached up and “adjusted his nose.” [To this day, just remembering this makes me laugh!] Everyone was sure he had had plastic surgery while on the run, and what we saw on TV was silicone or silly-putty-style makeup made up to look like Abbie originally looked, so we would recognize him on TV, and so he wouldn’t give away anything about his “new” disguised look.
    The FBI couldn’t find him. They published collections of drawings of what they thought he might now look like, and told people to be on the lookout.
    Once the fiasco was over, it turned out Abbie had been hiding in plain sight, and had even had his picture and pseudonym in the newspaper for some eco-activism he had done while he was “underground.”
    It’s all about misdirection.
    “Steal This IP.”

  75. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    Yes, but something`s not adding up here. When you got the tapes, then your worst fears were materialized. Again why didn’t you leave there and then, but at least a month later???!!!

  76. Connie Avatar

    It’s not like we haven’t seen the tattoos many, many times before

  77. Connie Avatar

    If you don’t learn the lesson from your experience, then you must reexperience the lesson.

  78. John McAfee Avatar

    I saw the police coming for me (as they admitted).

    As to mosquitos – Vicks vaporub (and welcome rain). Sam slathers me with it since that recommended post a couple of days ago. She had been saying it all along (folk remedy) but it took a second opinion before I submitted (hate the smell) The mosquitos don’t come near me now.

  79. Heather Avatar

    Mr. McAfee,
    You are a intelligent and fascinating person. I applaud your stand against corruption. I understand why you do not want to leave your home. It is beautiful there. I have been following your story since it broke. You seem like a very honest person who is not afraid to admit you mistakes. Not mistakes but experiences. I don’t feel that anything is a mistake it is a learning experience. I think Sam is a beautiful strong person. I glad you have each other. I wish you and Sam the best. if there is anything you need in the states please let me know. I would be happy to help. I am using the links provided by you to write for your friends release. Stay safe.
    Health and happiness,

  80. Agron Reci Avatar
    Agron Reci

    You said that they didn’t want you dead when they threw you in the prison, and subsequently you thought a good idea to install cameras and listening devices everywhere. So you got out of the prison early May, and I guess you had everything installed , say mid May. (help me here if am not correct). And then two months after that you got A Rhaburn on the tape twice. By now I think it must have been September/early October.
    When you heard on these tapes, as to what was going to happen to you, why didn’t you leave straight away, instead, you left a day after Mr Faull was killed? Any person would make a run for it, somehow you didn’t, unless of course you were made aware of these recordings the day you killed the dogs, or the day Mr Faull was killed..but am sure you will appreciate that this is a long story…
    Would care to explain that.

    BTW, i saw your picture earlier, didn’t see any mosquito bites, or that you were malnourished at all. In fact if you had a grabbed a gun…you would have looked exactly like in the Wired magazine pictures…
    Meant as a compliment of course

  81. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    What a beautiful smile. Nice to see you have trusted friends to offer you some comforts. Having an attitude of gratitude will keep the soul going even if it is just a bath and a warm bit of food in the stomach. Wanted to give a shout out to your friend Chad. I see is is also from the northwest as are we. (Portland Oregon) I hope many have been trying to help your friends to be released. Keeping you both in our blessings.

  82. John McAfee Avatar

    A user wrote in a couple of days ago and suggested “Vicks”. Sam has been lathering me with it. After this is over I’m going to repackage it as the ultimate repellant. The rain helped too. Only a couple of bites were visible.

  83. Connie Avatar

    Glad you took it down because I was about to go postal on your a#@. I found it ironic that you put a picture of you shirtless and smiling on this blog but get mad about Josh putting one of you on his. Granted there was a gun involved, but none the less you did it.

  84. Mia Avatar

    Seems many ‘followers’ are not here as a sign of support but more to be part of the sensationalism. Why care about the background images or the product branding placement? The photos were spontaneous with nothing being staged. Give it a break. John, I wish you and Sam only the best outcome for this situation… and respect both of you for your decisions and the ultimate change that may occur for the country. And then, I just may plan a visit to experience it’s beauty for myself. Stay strong – and most importantly – smart (you know what I mean). M.

  85. Chris Avatar

    Also perhaps because there was no evidence of bug bites?

  86. John McAfee Avatar

    I had no choice but to listen to her. She’s scary when she’s angry.

  87. Chris Avatar

    I think it’s for identification purposes. Tattoos are used as identifying marks when apprehending a suspect by law enforcement.

  88. Ed Avatar

    Listen to her. You are making mistakes. I will not mention what I learned from the pix. Don’t get sloppy. That is how you will be caught. From one who has been on the run.

  89. Tallyman Avatar

    Yes, that could be important, but lets not forget everything else we haven’t talked about. WTF? John not sure your reply was for me. Will admit I did get an adrenaline rush just because you responded. This experiment is fascinating. Especially when Calvin Klein is involved. Cottontree Chris might be helpful.

  90. John McAfee Avatar

    My photo was removed because Sam got mad. Said it put me at risk.

  91. Tallyman Avatar

    Seems to me the Comment of the Year post was scrubbed because it digressed from the desired topic. Also does the first photo in this post have something blurred at the topp? Follow the vertical trim behind Sam. Wondering if it was an electric outlet that would indicate location… In addition the food products save the crema (creamer) are all rotated so as not to be able to see the branding…

  92. John McAfee Avatar

    Sam got angry about putting myself at risk. I emailed the pic to Chad, by the way, who incorrectly labelled it “John in disguise”. It was no disguise. Sam and I were playing and I wrapped her dress around my head to play “pirate”.

  93. nancy roberts Avatar
    nancy roberts

    a white girl would have been rescued by now

  94. jay Avatar

    why blur the tats. you have a generation-ago mindset, it seems. you’re not interested in growing?

  95. Ed Avatar

    John, per your requests, I emailed all the “Leaders” in Belize notifying them that I cancelled a trip I had planned with my family during the Christmas break because of the risk of getting arrested and held for little or no reason. Below is the response I received from the hotel. No response from the others as of yet.

    “Considering your rationale we certainly appreciate your decision and we should have no problem filling the space given your advanced notice. I believe a jolly happy Christmas is at hand!


    “Jim” James Scott, CHA

  96. Dylan Avatar

    What happened to the picture of you in the other post? I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to show….

  97. Chris Avatar

    I am starting to agree with you on that Lolo.

    If John is having everyone on in a big practical joke then hats off to him, he’s done an excellent job.

    If not then of course I wish him and Sam the best.

    But with all this bath salt nonsense, having read the Bluelight posts etc I have to say I think this all might be a big con….

  98. DB Avatar

    Glad to hear Sam & you had a respite for awhile. Sam looks like a kid at Christmas! Her grin is infectious! I am grinning as well! I know I would miss hot showers and coffee, it has to be be rough on you two to do without creature comforts most of the time.

  99. Robin Avatar

    Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do when they come for you.. Mcafee FTW!! spread the word.

  100. Lolo Avatar

    Where’s her necklace you made that is never
    been taken off for four months…must of been
    traded for ham, cheese and tortillas ..You surely look like its all taking a toll on Sam.
    Poor thing.

  101. Aryeh Goretsky Avatar


    May I suggest blurring the tattoos and re-uploading the images?


    Aryeh Goretsky

  102. Lolo Avatar

    We’ve been punked!