A note from John/Harold

Shorty after my detention, the Government of Belize lobbied Guatemala to have my access to the Internet cut off.  This would have crippled my ability to fight what was happening.  I had anticipated this and had a plan.

The Guatemalans, by the way, have been as nice to me as my own family.  The guards and orderlies have been supportive and have treated me with kindness.  The officials have been apologetic and pointed to the upcoming peace accord with Belize as a problem.  I understood and told them “no problem”

I arranged to surreptitiously access a tiny laptop.  On the second day a guard caught me and just smiled.  “Bien” he said.

Belize officials were reading my blog constantly so I could not post under my own name.  Hence, my friend Harold let me use his name.  Apparently it worked.

A couple of times I logged in as myself for a while just to confuse an already confused beaurocracy in Belize.  I would like to thank Harold for lending me his name by the way.

You guys have been great.

P.S. I told no-one the real reason for Harold’s existence until now.  Also, I apologize for all the comments I deleted from you clever folks who figured out that Harold was me.  I hope you are no longer offended.


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  1. Drew Avatar


    Keep up the good fight! You are such an inspiration to me I cant even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to see someone take control of their own destiny. I read these articles and it makes me sick; I mean is this the best we can come up with? Tattooed rich man with guns left the USA to live on his own and beat to his own drum. People tend to fear what they dont understand. Seems you are always one step ahead though John. I am sorry that you cant go back to the land that you call home. But you seem to always make it work. Hope you are reunited with Sam soon.

  2. Greg Jenkins Avatar
    Greg Jenkins

    Dear John,

    My post is gone, not sure what happened?

    Lead, eat, sleep and move!

    Did you get your Yahoo ID / email back yet?

    I am able to make this happen ASAP!

    If you have got it back disregard, if you still want it back just let me know and I will show you the not so simple “nearly impossible” process that works every time for the authentic account owner/originator.

    I most recently 07-15-2012 performed this for a premier (k-9 breeder) friend, that had it happen. I had it back within 24 hrs. of being informed, she was amazed as she had tried “everything”, to no avail. Imagine the “high profile client” personal (financial, etc…) info she had in that account.

    If you need reference just let me know. It is all documented and above board.

    SAFETY FIRST! (Including IT)

    Best regards,

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Shelly is either being stupid, is bent over the table for Mr. Barrow, or perhaps sarcastic. It is no laughing matter that teenagers roam around the streets of Belize with assault rifles ready to rob people, especially tourists in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  4. ShellyL Avatar

    That’s not Belize at all. Have you ever been there? The “bad” Belize that McAfee has invented does not exist. It’s a paradise, especially the island McAfee was fouling with his presence.

  5. John Michael Avatar
    John Michael

    Boston loves & with you 100% my friend! Even though you are safe on US soil.. some friends & I have cancelled ALL plans for our yearly trip to Belize & will NEVER go back! Their biggest mistake was screwing with you my friend… WE MUST draw the line & teach the corrupt officials of Belize to NEVER FUCK AROUND WITH USA! RICH OR POOR, KEEP THEIR FUCKING HANDS OUT OF OUR POCKETS!! John, you need anything my friend, you have my email! God bless you John! Welcome home my good man!

  6. SK Avatar

    My parents came from 1 of the most poorest country in the world as well. I’m the daughter of immigrants. Some 3rd world countries are more civilized than others. I would say a country where big huge machine guns on the hips of teenagers are a common sight … thats a shitty place to live.

  7. Lucinda Avatar

    My Best Wishes To You! Stay Safe! Sooo Happy To Hear You Are FREE! 🙂

  8. DB Avatar

    When it finally happened, it happened so quickly, wow! I hope all works out for you, glad you are headed anywhere but Belize. We will continue to be concerned about Sam until she reaches safety as well. All the best, my friend.

  9. SK Avatar

    Dude, I’m a former Army wife and I’ve lived everywhere. I’m also the daughter of immigrants from another country. I speak 3 languages. I know what I’m talking about. I have a good sense. I call it like how it is. I used to be kind hearted like John McAfee was to the people of Belize. When you get mixed in too deep with bad people, your gonna get burned.

  10. SK Avatar

    Let me just say that when I walk the streets in my neighborhood, the conversation between neighbors isnt about who was murdered down the street or who is going to kill who. Machine guns are not flashed on the streets I live on. Unlike all those photos on the web of John and his “security guards”. They all look like a bunch of thugs with bazookas.

  11. Manny Baez Avatar
    Manny Baez

    Congratulations John !!. I was afraid something funny could happen to you in Guate. Remember Facundo Cabral !!!

  12. richie b Avatar
    richie b

    books,movie deals and spokesman for violence and weapons advocate and so on MC AFEE go cash will keep building brother go get it now someone else will . good luck my friend

  13. michelle Avatar

    Except it wasn’t exactly hidden. Those you think were trying to be clever may have been just wondering why someone so careful would be so… stupid.

  14. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    You so full of yourself, where do you live?
    Mars is Civilized, haven’t you walk U.S. streets?

  15. Hallie Avatar

    Hi John, you can come to my apartment if you need a crash pad 🙂

  16. Hope for Belize Avatar
    Hope for Belize

    Most of us are here because we are interested in Belize cleaning up its act. This may be impossible but it would be great to have a retirement haven close to the US that speaks English AND is not so corrupt. There background is British Law. That has huge positive ramifications. Right now there is nothing. A few people speak Spanish so other countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama are good possibilities. But the vast majority of North Americans do not speak Spanish and to learn a new language in your 60’s is a daunting and frustrating task. So many of us are hoping that Belize will be transformed. If it was the value of property there would go up a LOT. It would be like the Caymen Islands of the mainland. Plus it has ground access to Chetumal, Mexico for supplies. Belize should be the #1 retirement haven for North Americans. But the corruption has ruined it. This can change. Hopefully people like McAfee can lead that change for all to benefit.

  17. Snohamster Avatar

    Hi John,

    Enjoy your freedom and good luck of future endeavors. I am curious. With you not returning to Belize, what will happen to all you properties and belongings? Will you be able to recoup on any of it? Maybe sell your compounds? And also, what about your businesses (Coastal Express, Toucan Fly, Sail Away Cafe, etc.) Will they continue to operate? Especially Coastal Express. I know that is well used.

    Well as I said earlier, good luck.

    Cheers, Hugh

  18. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    John to arrive in Miami Intl Airport at 7PM today Wednesday on American Airlines. I can’t imagine the press circus awaiting him.

  19. Craig Martin Avatar
    Craig Martin

    Damn, if Belizeans couldn’t figure out that Harold and you were the same person, they are real stupid, everybody knew that.

  20. Will Avatar

    John been pulling for you since the begaining let me know if you need anything in florida I am in Central.

  21. John Avatar

    I have been following this from the start. Have to say congratulations!!!! And about time.

  22. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    5 minutes ago: Probably why posted moderation has not occurred..McAfee said he would be heading to Florida.

    “I’ll be leaving at 3:30 (p.m.) to Miami,” he told Reuters by telephone, after which he left for the airport. “That was the only option I had. I can’t take a flight that stops in any other country and there are only two flights going to America today.”

  23. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    It’s not over for John yet; he’s not free. Miles and miles to go before he can rest.

  24. Doug Avatar

    Congratulations and good luck !

  25. Mike Avatar

    I’m glad you made it back 🙂

  26. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Yup, just wearing it would be a big statement that we have no tolerance for corruption at any level. Spread the word with John.

  27. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Officially I would like to know if the “deportation” is true. Usually the host country would have to provide costs, and Florida, being closest, would be cheapest. However, it was only 3 or so hours ago, so if they agreed to a private charter deportation, it would have taken a few hours for the plane to arrive. So, that is also a possibility, a mutual deportation at John’s expense. Once airborne, the charter could take him to an alternate destination in the Carib, the Jet set crowd is in full bloom wintering in the Antilles.

  28. FUNFUNFUN Avatar

    And if ya need anything email

  29. turtleman Avatar

    Another victim, who knows? May have the ring of truth. Jury is out, way out. Big money in oil.


  30. deratski Avatar

    John quote:
    “I’m being expelled, I will have to leave today” he told Bloomberg. “I’ll be leaving on the 3:40 flight for Miami on American Airlines, and I have no choice in the matter, however, I’m perfectly happy with the decision.”

  31. Danman Avatar

    John is the classic American anti-hero. He lives life on his own terms. Light needs to be shined on government corruption whenever possible.

  32. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Florida? I live in Florida. I have room, but the Boca Beach Club is a little nicer….

  33. Ed Avatar

    Hi John, you featured my offer in your Thank You Blog and called me a “friend” as I offered you a debit card in another name to help you…I also organized an email campaign for you and cancelled a large group I was taking vacationing to Belize over Christmas Holiday and cancelled the hotel and all other arrangements to show how they were treating you was impacting tourism…I also PLEADED with you not to post any pictures because I knew that was going to be the downfall…I too had lived on the run for 2 years because of an issue my dad had…no fun…God Bless you and Sam…take this outcome as a true GIFT from God and thank Him for it…I live in Tampa and own a company that could employ Sam if that would help…Let me know when you get to FL and let’s have coffee…pretty well connected here…Still Praying for you…you have my email address and ph number unless you need again…BEST!!

  34. deratski Avatar

    John is on his way to Florida!

  35. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    Wow Paul, then even more the power of his name recognition. It is unfortunate what they did to Johns creation if this is the case. I hope John is getting massive royalties then, for their new pig with lipstick is still a pig as they say. I never knew they butchered his product up like that.

  36. Danman Avatar

    The GOB has stated officially that he is not a suspect in the murder. He is a person of interest and wanted for questioning. They insist on questioning him in Belize though rather than anywhere else. In Belize he can be questioned without an attorney present. By now, it should be obvious, many picked up by the police in Belize for questioning die in custody. Belize has no criminal justice system and does not investigate nor solves crime. That is why over 95% of the murders go unsolved and it has the 6th highest murder rate in the world.

  37. Chris Avatar

    I remember reading a comment that said Harold M was John McAfee and I wondered “How does this person know that?” I didn’t believe him until now. Glad that you are doing good. Have you fixed your immigration status yet in Guatemala?

  38. lanikino Avatar

    Thought the ruling gave john 10 days to get his immigration status in order? If this is true and deportation is scheduled to happen right away , what happens to Sam?


    GUATEMALA CITY | Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:29pm EST

    (Reuters) – Guatemala will deport to the United States software pioneer John McAfee, who is wanted for questioning in Belize over the murder of a neighbor, a Guatemalan immigration official said on Wednesday.

    McAfee has been held for a week by immigration officials in Guatemala, where the 67-year-old American surfaced after evading officials in Belize for nearly a month. McAfee’s lawyers managed to block an attempt to deport him back to Belize.

    “Complying with migration law, Mr. John McAfee is to be deported to his country of origin,” said Fernando Lucero, a spokesman for Guatemala’s immigration office.

    Officials said they expected the deportation to begin right away, although McAfee was still at an immigration shelter where he has been held.

    Two police patrol cars arrived at the shelter, but it was not immediately clear to what location he will be deported in the United States.

    The eccentric tech pioneer, who made his fortune from the anti-virus software bearing his name, has been chronicling life on the run in a blog, http://www.whoismcafee.com.

    (Reporting by Sofia Menchu; Editing by Will Dunham)

  39. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Crap just heard he’s getting on a plane to Florida.. In a few hours. Guess He nor Sam had a choice … Well hope she is able to join him soon…. Safe Travels JM…. remember patience is a Virtue…

  40. FUNFUNFUN Avatar

    Always welcome in NJ and congrats on being released

  41. Cova Herrera Avatar
    Cova Herrera

    Are you free yet, John?
    Good luck! If you wanna come to Spain, it would be nice to meet you!

  42. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Avatar
    Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

    if this has not interest to you, then why hang around? they are others of us who find it fascinating for whatever the reason Why
    Que Pasa ? with Mr. McAfee.
    Has he left detention ? Where and when he lands nobody knows?

  43. buay res u self Avatar
    buay res u self

    well I am glad you are out my friend. My last words to you was take care of yourself, and u are doing exactly that. Call me whenever u can.

  44. Meza Avatar

    Dear John, I have been entranced by your adventure. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword and you have affected not only the government of Belieze but countless people around the world who have pioneered for your return to safer shores. Be well my friend and all the best to you and Sam. Mez from Australia

  45. E. Avatar

    It is hard to live outside of the country you grew up in, a tragedy really. But there can also be much to gain and Sam is young.

  46. Ron Z Avatar

    Now I will turn off warren zevon ,LAWYERS,GUNS ANDMONEY

  47. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    Hey on that one blog (john to be released ) yesterday their were over 300 comments and it looked as if you had commented back several times thanking people and it was posted by john mcafee ..I had not seen you reply like that even from the start of this blog so i was a bit suspicious it did Not appear in a black box… Was that a hacker??? or in fact you??? There was a comment about jealousy in which you replied … I wanted to say that i have been married for 14 years and a Scorpio and have always had jealousy run through my veins but opposite from my husband he is not.. It has never caused problems . It’s human nature in some… Shout out to Sam♥ I am sure she will have the answer as to weather you stay and wait or if you go and send for her later….Stay Safe.. P.s Chad should do a cartoon character of her showing those big balls of steel. Of course in a respectable way LOL Sending Peace, love & light…

  48. Sandra Lea Avatar
    Sandra Lea

    According to Reuters John is being deported to the US.

  49. Ivan Avatar

    Hi John,

    I had read about what you were doing in Belize some time ago, and saw that you were working on some products at http://quorumex.com/content/our-products

    I have always tried to use natural medecine for self healing and always seeked treatment from a herbal doctor located in Northern Belize, in San Joaquin Corozal. I had known this Doctor for quite some years until he passed away a couple months ago. His name was Dr. Ismael and he had originally come from Chetumal, Mexico and knew about alot of natural treatments. On one of his last visits to one of my sick cousins he stated that Helicobacter pylori bacteria was evolving and getting immune to most antibiotics and that is was appearing on patients and sick people all over belize and mexico in sickness ranging from stomach cancer to Cirrhosis. On the website it says that there would be a release of Ulcer-QX in the summer of 2012.

    I would just like to know where if possible this medicine could be obtained or if it will ever be for sale in Belize at all?

    I know the situation you are in but feel like there is a greater cause to you being in Belize. I feel the world should know that you were only trying to do good for Humanity and not what the media is portraying you as. I don’t believe enough has been covered about this part of your research and instead they are trying to portray you as insane. I don’t know why the government would raid your property but i feel like maybe there is another reason behind this whole thing and that you shouldn’t abandon this work because its for the benefit of all humanity.

  50. Bonnie Robison Avatar
    Bonnie Robison

    @Ron Piloter , Great Idea… LOL i would buy one and wear it…

  51. lanikino Avatar

    Well, sk, better get busy ridding the world of all those uncivilized heathens who have come out of their natural habitat into the civilized and superior white mans territory…..

    Requirement for Americans to have civility in Central PA or anywhere else?

    Hahahaha….ooohhh….hahahhaha. Just about the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

    Best of luck to you in the real word, sk.

  52. Jessica Avatar

    Dear Mr. McAfee, I am so genuinely happy for you! I am a Psychiatric RN I have been quite outspoken about your struggles, and my assessment of them and your mental state. I am extremely disheartened by the US media’s portrayal of you and your situation. They have shown you to be a psychotic and delusional man, and have completely neglected to address the corruption and oppression in Belize. It has been interesting though to see the reactions of my family, friends and co-workers when I challenged the media portrayal. I think you may be a lot of things, but I’ve not seen psychotic or delusional! I am very grateful for your safety, applaud you for exposing Belize, and am happy that you’ve been able to validate my awesome psych assessment skills! You and Sam are welcome to hang out in Omaha any time. Life is surprisingly good here. Best wishes to you!

  53. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    More important? Yes … more interesting? No 🙂

  54. James Avatar

    John, you are clearly a master of social media. Now that you have galvanized so many people with a common dislike of corruption, perhaps you should continue and expand your movement. Corruption is not limited to Belize or Central America, it is prevalent across the globe. It is my opinion that the biggest perpetrators of corruption are, in fact, considered to be the most “civilized” countries on the planet. A mighty hill to climb, I believe. You just may be the candidate to lead this “revolution”. Anything I can do in good, ole Canada let me know. Cheers and Via Con Dios!

  55. Lolo Avatar

    Happened to many….

  56. f0rTyLeGz Avatar

    I hope you are on an airplane right now, and headed back to the US!

  57. Thomas Avatar

    Hey John,
    Let me know if you’re in Miami.
    We can go shooting at a range in the Everglades. You’d have a blast.

  58. Paul Mullen Avatar

    Intel needed to change the McAfee name to distance themselves from the rubbish that the company has been producing ever since John (and their best programmers) left.
    The company even had to buy Dr Solomon’s AntiVirus, which they then branded as McAfee, after John’s team left. But then the Dr Solomon team jumped ship too, so ever since they have been producing second rate products and using John’s name to sell them.
    Well actually they have been so desperate for sales that they have been paying computer makers to install McAfee software on new computers, in the hope that they will pick up renewals. They also have been almost giving it away to Time Warner and Comcast, who provide it free to customers.
    Currently Webroot is by far the best anti-malware product out there.

  59. 10nClr Avatar

    I knew. Not offended. Take care. Happy Holidays. You should head to Hawaii for some R&R.

  60. max Avatar

    …just one question, as I dont understand: why so much hype about Mr McAfee ? Why is it so important what he is doing? Aren´t there much more interesting things happening in this world ?

  61. Paul Mullen Avatar

    I am so glad that you won’t be going back to Belize. Obviously Guatemala was too close – enabling the Belize government to pull strings to have you arrested (apparently illegally it now turns out) and then denied internet access.
    Like others I am worried that the Belize police may manufacture evidence to frame you for Faul’s murder, then request extradition from USA. There must be safer places to go to – most countries welcome wealthy immigrants!
    However don’t go to any country that is a member of the British Commonwealth – the Fugitive Offenders Treaty allows any Commonwealth member country to arrest you for a crime in any other Commonwealth country! Otherwise St Kitts and Nevis would be attractive.
    Best wishes, Paul

  62. Fred Grott Avatar
    Fred Grott

    It was somewhat obvious to anyone following the blog John.

  63. Miniver Avatar

    Congratulations, John. I’m glad to see that it all worked out well for you.

  64. Jesse Avatar

    I’m truly appalled by how every forgot that this man is a suspect in a MURDER. No trial? No questioning? This is a true failure of justice.

  65. redrider Avatar

    The first rule of fight club…

  66. The Devil's Advocate Avatar

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the Guatemalan authorities were counseled by the US State Dept-in ALL respects.

    The client here may have gotten a fairer trial for his innocence in Guatemala had is request for asylum been granted. I would be surprise if there was a really good defense in a corrupt Belizian government. But one thing Guatemalan may not have been the most ideal answer to run for asylum.

    But knowing how trust can be easily bought in those regions. The client if he had the money and knowing his imperfections well and most especially beforehand should have bartered out an offer of precondition under the moral assumption of money to fight corruption with authorities of whatever government that is friendly to an asylum request should one be need for himself.

  67. POS Avatar



  68. Danman Avatar

    Immigrants come to the US from all over the world, including third world countries, every day. Those people are not any more or less civilized than the people found all over the US. No wonder the world finds Americans to be full of themselves. I am an American living in a mid-sized city that has lots of immigrants from central and south America and I have found many of them to be more civilized than many “native born” Americans. Sam will fit in fine.

  69. USweedhead Avatar

    You did the impossible!!…i was the one who asked the “suicide” question…being you were in corrupted circumstances I thought it was needed to be heard from you yourself….glad u made a clear statement

  70. Scott Avatar

    LOL such a fox….much love from Canada.


  71. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    I saw a blurb on line the other day that was posted by an Intel source, meaning the chip maker, who owns McAfee Virus, that they were thinking of changing the McAfee name to distance themselves. Talk about a bunch of shit, that really really aggravated me, to see judge and jury corporate pussies even think this before ANY facts were laid out. What have we become? It hit me upside the head, I was thinking a marketing coup, and they were thinking shriveled revenue, should be their balls instead. Ugh ARRRGH.

  72. iceesurfer Avatar

    Except for the minute Fact tht THIS Is Real Life..

  73. iceesurfer Avatar

    People are snarky because they have Issues with Jealousy, and putting someone else down, puts them up – they think. This Blog was a gamble and had to be managed, I suppose. While it was a weapon, it was also a potential hazard to its’ Writer. Well-Managed, it appears to have worked out.

    Peace, JM… From the Redwoods, and Those that Inhabit Their Area. Still sending Energy Your Way..

  74. Kimberlee Nichols Avatar
    Kimberlee Nichols

    Best of luck John!

  75. Jennifer Avatar

    Dera John McAfee, you are a very interesting personality. U captured my attention in the last days with ur reality in Guatemalan detention. Congratulations for ur strength and dont give up.

  76. Kryme101 Avatar

    @DoPeGaMe101: @ottoperezmolina please keep Mr. Mcafee safe there in your country. Thank you #freemcafee #peace #safety #humanrights

    And I google translated it because I do not speak spanish

    @DoPeGaMe101: @ Ottoperezmolina ten Sr. Mcafee seguro allá en su país. Gracias #freemcafee #peace #humanrights

    I hope that came out right and that it helped. Glad your out and doing ok sir!

  77. SK Avatar

    By the way, I read up on the Prime Ministers son, the rapper Shyne Barrows. He was in prison for 10 years here in the USA for shooting people in a NYC club. These people just glorify guns instead of respecting the weapon. I’m a former Army wife who had a soldier husband who respected his weapon. Then I worked with inner city kids in group homes who glorified guns. It tore me up how much inner city kids glorified guns and had such lack of value for precious life.

  78. Michelle Avatar

    John wishing you the best and glad you are being released. For some reason I am drawn to your story and my heart says you are innocent. Take care

  79. SK Avatar

    John, in all seriousness. I keep thinking about Sam. She’s a village girl whose life you have now changed forever. You are a kind hearted man to have taken her under your wing, but the reason why those people in Belize may be in the position they are in, is because they are uncivilized. I saw an interview with Sam and you. She was practically screaming until you kissed her on the lips. Do you think she’ll be able to adjust to American life? In some parts of the USA we require our citizens to have civility (I know in Central PA, we do). Its taught to our school children in schools. Will same adjust to the USA? Can she fit in? Will she give away your location and help you to become a target again? Will she miss her family and then blame you for not being able to return to Belize?

    It seems to me, your taking somebody out of their natural habitat.

  80. SteveG Avatar

    Been following the story, and a fascinating one at that. Good luck to you John & Sam, I am glad you are free. If you ever get to Southwest Florida, lets go out for a soft drink(I do not drink either). Also plenty of cheap private land parcels for sale in this area.

  81. Ron Piloter Avatar
    Ron Piloter

    John when you are out of the woods, please send me some T-Shirts “I helped McAfee’ with art by cartoonist Chad Essley. Thanks! PS, make sure you autograph them! Thanks!! Large/Xtra Large.

  82. Nate Avatar

    Wait, so John is a figment of Harold’s imagination?

  83. getwellsoon114 Avatar

    Congrats John! Hope you and Sam get back to the States soon.

  84. Saul Martinez Avatar
    Saul Martinez

    Are you really being released?

  85. WEB Avatar

    you sound like an expat with an ax to grind. If you truly had incriminating evidence against John, you would have presented it to the GOB long before now…..or are you corrupt? Looking for a payout from John? Enjoy your blog. lmfao

  86. Warwoven Avatar

    Almost got trapped by you ‘freinds’, again! it was apparent from writing style and blunt dismissals, but it was a fun subterfuge while it went on.

  87. WEB Avatar

    Best news of the day. I think your friend, Smart Move made some of the best suggestions regarding your continued journey to freedom. It’s only good if you keep going until you are truly free. My concern comes from this: IF Belize files charges and you are in the USA at the time, the US is compelled to extradite you. Someone else mentioned Canada….Nope, Sam needs a Visa to enter legally, which must be obtained ahead of time. Please check out the countries on the list that SM provided…..there are lots of places to go and wait this out. I do wonder though, will you still be spearheading the campaign against corruption in Belize? Since your tale began, I have amassed a list of many leads and entities who would be good partners in that endeavor. I am also willing to continue with my research, as a volunteer, if it helps your cause. My heart is happy right now.

  88. lanikino Avatar

    It’s still hard to wrap my head around Belize exerting that much pressure to silence you from a jail cell in another country…..

    A give away in the first couple of posts tho, not because of the same spelling errors between both, black reply boxes or logon inconsistencies, but simply because it is very difficult for people to consistently write/respond about themselves in the third person.

  89. Human#4852374992 Avatar

    alternate contact email – other one was always pseudo

  90. Charlene Primeau Avatar
    Charlene Primeau

    So glad that they helped you!

  91. DiademS Avatar

    ^. ^

  92. Brad Avatar

    Rock out with your cock out brother!

  93. Saul Martinez Avatar
    Saul Martinez

    I thought you were going to be released already? Is everything ok? Have you talked to your lawyer yet? What’s the update.

  94. nh Avatar

    Chad’s use of the cat is appropriate. Let’s see: John McAfee, Stuffmonger, Harold M. … How many more lives left? Good luck with your freedom.

  95. BP Avatar

    Perhaps at some point you might wanto to talk to Ken Smith. He helped my friend Joe Bageant and has spoken of you in positive terms.



    He’s no expert but could probably give you sound advice.

  96. John McAfee Avatar

    Thank you for your silence.

  97. Mike Avatar

    JM, there is something about your personality that requires this commotion around you. You are like the Charlie Brown character “Pig Pen”. All around him is a swirl of dust and commotion.

    Can you live without the commotion?

  98. SL Avatar

    Some of us figured out Harold was you early on, but we were more clever and kept our mouths shut. This isn’t a game. Your very life is at stake.
    Why people are so eager to dox you just so they can appear clever is beyond me. Some of us are more like your partners in this, not your adversary.
    Safe travels, sir.

  99. bv Avatar

    : ) Was not fooled for a second because of writing style, even same mis-spelling,
    but knew you have to do what you got to do.

    Very happy for you, Sir. I do not have anything in common with you, but I am from a developing country which I now think is not as notoriously corrupt as Belize. And just the same I have seen how those in authorities can fabricate and/or cover up their misdeeds.

  100. Human#4852374992 Avatar

    if you want to kick back a few days on US soil, i’ll be in hawaii for xmas and new years – you have my email

  101. maclovechild Avatar

    As you are, by now, aware I have some reliable sources for information.
    I realise reading this stuff puts you in a clod sweat but, hey, thats life (or death in Greg’s case)
    So watching your next move whilst you wait for mine
    is kinda interesting.
    I want the evidence to be out there in the public domain and you don’t.
    As you won’t publish my posts on your own blog I am starting my own.
    It’s the stuff johnny would not put in his blog, kinda thing.
    I have a few other genuine subscribers and of course some fake stuff, just like yours, it’s true genius, a chip of the old block !
    To think there may even be a film so we can use some old cliches like ‘ you can run but you can’t hide ‘
    I suppose you also have to wonder who else is looking at this stuff. I mean it’s on the net so even though you decide to restrict content do you really think THEY are not watching.

  102. Human#4852374992 Avatar

    john, get your butt to the airport PRONTO and post a picture of some sort… with modified EXIF no doubt !

  103. Craig Avatar

    As stated in a different post “Thanks for all the updates from Harold M.. We are going to miss him as many have been sitting on the edge of our seats for the past weeks on a daily basis- Harold M. posts have kept us from falling off that preverbal seat and from going bonkers!” Our thoughts to you and Sam….Freedom!!!

  104. nobody Avatar

    Good luck man!

  105. Shanikwa Avatar

    You are very lucky!

  106. Craig Avatar

    Yes!!!!! Woooo hooooo.

  107. Cruel Avatar

    Make sure you have some bodyguards with you. You’ll never know.

  108. CheeCheeTx Avatar

    Walk Free & Hold your Head High! You & Sam are welcomed anytime at our ranchita here in Texas!So Happy for you!

  109. The John McAfee Story Avatar

    I had a feeling that Harold was you … but then thought, No chance … this is not James Bond.

    Looking forward to the next post … the real post when you are safe.

    Good Luck

  110. SK Avatar

    Hope you are safe. John has the LUCK OF THE IRISH

  111. Shanikwa Avatar

    You are very lucky!!!

  112. Len Avatar

    Update the blog when you relocate out of country. The story’s not over yet… God Speed. 🙂

  113. Emma Avatar

    Best wishes and stay safe. 🙂

  114. lenvandervelde Avatar

    You are genius John

  115. Gaby Avatar

    Will you have some secuity around you? You are still not safe.

  116. jj Avatar

    ata boy John. 🙂 One thing they must not of learned under the British in Belize. Is that its not so easy to keep a good determined Irish man down.

  117. swerd Avatar

    Yeah… Are you out?

  118. John McAfee Avatar

    In a few minutes I walk out.

  119. Ali Avatar

    This just gets more and more 007ish

  120. SL Avatar

    So this means you are now free?